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Refugee Week 2017

This year's Refugee Week will feature the 'Refugee Film Festival' and a 'Festival of Welcome' on Jun 24.

More from the Refugee Council of Australia: click here

[Jun 18]


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Recommended web pages

The Marist Committee for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) recommends the following web sites and pages, now accessible from our 'Links' page...

[Jun 09]


Latest 'Act Justly'

From the Justice & Peace Office of Sydney Archdiocese. Click here.

[Jun 01]


Referendum anniversary

May 27, 2017, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the historic referendum in 1967 changing articles in the Australian Constitution discriminating against Indigenous people and, 25 years later on Jun 03, the Mabo decision on land rights.

A special, limited-issue of Australia's 50 cent coin marks the anniversaries.

See also our 'Social Justice diary for 2017'

[May 27]


'Sad Irony'

Refugee Council of Australia CEO, Paul Power, comments on proposed changes to the citizenship process. Click here.

[May 10]


'A Matter of Spirit'

Something new: from the 'Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center', Seattle, USA,

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[Apr 24]


'Act Justly' for Apr-May

From the Justice & Peace Office of Sydney Archdiocese, click here

[Apr 13]


Fr Jim Carty  /  Port Moresby's Archbishop John Ribat MSC

Maria Tiimon Nauoko  /  Abp Mark Coleridge, Brisbane

Climate change no joke

Fr Jim Carty SM has joined the ranks of those calling for serious action on climate change.

As part of 'Pacific Climate Watch's' social media campaign towards a congregational voice on climate change and the Pacific Islands, Fr Jim braved Sydney's recent Big Wet to record his statement... soggy, but sincere.

He says: 'Climate change is on my mind, so I stood in yesterday's thunderstorm- the rain blurred the sign and soaked the holder. It reads: 'CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT A HOAX. ITS REAL. WE NEED ACTION NOW'.

[Mar 22]


From the Refugee Council of Australia, CEO, Paul Power, announces their comprehensive report on the current refugee situation, 'State of the Nation'. Click here

State of the Nation

RCOA report

[Feb 23]


Latest 'Act Justly'

From the Justice & Peace Office of Sydney Archdiocese, click here

[Feb 03]


BIMP director, Chit Min  / ... in his Bilin (Myanmar) BIMP office

'BIMP' - Bridge Program in Myanmar

2011-12 Bridge Program graduate and ethnic Karen, Saw Chit Min, is setting up a BP enterprise in his native Myanmar (Burma).

The 'Bridge Program in Myanmar Project' (BIMP) is being funded by Australia's Marist Mission Centre and will offer skills to Burmese young adults hoping to access tertiary education.

As BIMP director, Chit Min draws not only on his original BP training, but on subsequent studies at Australian Catholic University's online program (Maesot, Thailand) and experience in presenting teacher training throughout Myanmar.

BIMP will soon have its own pages on the Bridge Program web site: click here

[Feb 02]

Above:  Chit Min (third from right) at his ACU graduation in 2013  /  with fellow BP-ers and ACU's then online program director, Prof Duncan MacLaren  |  Chit Min interviewing a BIMP applicant  /  ... conducting teaching training in rural Myanmar  Below: BIMP applicants from Thaton, Myanmar, need to go to a mountain top to access Internet signals

'A dark moment in U.S. history'

The Archbishop of Chigago, Cardinal Blase Cupich, has made a powerful statement on the executive order on migfants and refugees.

In his Jan 29 statement Cardinal Cupich echoes the sentiments of Pope Francis, warning "The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us."

Full text: click here

[Jan 30]


'Put peace first' - UN's new leader

On his first day as the new secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres has urged people around the world to make their New Year's resolution "to put peace first".

Portuguese-born Mr Guterres made the appeal after taking over the reins of the UN from South Korean diplomat, Ban Ki-moon, whose second five-year term ended at midnight on December 31.

Click here for Mr Guterres' speech at the UN.

[Jan 04]