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Prof Henry Reynolds' endorsement of the 'Owning our History' initiative: I am delighted to see the 'Owning our History' team have completed their work on their new and exciting curriculum. I was most impressed when they first discussed the project with me. Impressed by the dedication and seriousness of their approach. Since then they have put in many hours of work to create what is truly a pioneering endeavour which will in the long run reshape the way Australian history is taught."

Owning our History

The 2015 seminar initiative of the combined Marist Family JPICC ('Both Ends of the Gun') promises to bear much fruit in Australia's growing awareness of its history.

Inspired by the writing of Professor Henry Reynolds, the conference set up the 'First Contact' committee, engaging researcher, Louise Smyth, to prepare teaching resources for Aboriginal studies in Australian schools.

Her expert work has begun and is accessed through the 'Owning our History' web site: click here

[Jul 11]


Images from 'First Footprints' and 'First Australians', among many resources from 'Owning our History' research | 'Both Ends of the Gun' flyer from 2015 (click here)

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