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Third Migrants & Refugees conference

Marist Brothers & Fathers represented in Melbounre... . read more

Tree of hope celebrates past, present and future

World AIDS Day 2012... . read more

Sydney Alliance City Assembly

Catholic, Marist groups well represented... . read more

Two SMs in East Timor

Fr Paul Mahony's discovery of Timor Leste... . read more

Today's persecuted Christians

NCR report on defence of Christians as a human rights struggle.... read more

Bishops' submission on asylum seekers

ACMRO advises expert panel.... read more

Siege of Kachin State

The Burmese government does not want the world to know.... read more

Abbott's evil policy work

Malcom Fraser on coalition;s asylum seeker policy... read more

Atrocities in Kachin Land

News video highlights plight of Kachin IDPs and military attacks... read more

Australian response to Kachin plight

Kachin Association president's address... read more

Aung San Suu Kyi visits Thailand

Marist-sponsored youth welcome democracy leader at Mae La camp... read more


Theology of Migration
Daniel Groody writes on a new method for understanding God on the move.... read more

Reconciliation in Myanmar
Former ambassador, Trevor Wilson, addresses "Building Bridges' seminar.... read more

Fewer asylum claims in Australia
ACMRO publishes UNHCR report.... read more

Monks pray for 'remaining prisoners'
Buddhists want peaceful release after 'amnesty'.... read more

Soldiers break up gathering
Burmese military raid Christian Chin community.... read more

The road of resistance
Four young Americans discover the plight of the Karens.... see the video

Ceasefire not enough
Aung San Suu Kyi speaks to Kachins.... read more

Bishops: humane approach for asylum seekers
Australian sense of justice and compassion.... read more

Transporting 60 people...
How some look at their environment.... see their poster

KNU, Burmese government reach historic agreement...
Saw Yan Naing writes for 'The Irrawaddy'..... read more

The vultures prey...
Fr Jim Carty SM reflects on the modern-day vultures of the economies of the poor..... read more

wob Justice for the Women of Burma
Women of Burma YouTube highlights rape and murder of womena nd girls in Shan, Kachin and Karen states..... see the YouTube clip


Violence against Kachins continues
YouTube captures plight of victims of Burmese military in Kachin State... see the YouTube clip

Bishops welcome onshore processing
Fr Maurizio Pettena speaks for Australian Bishops... read more

Peace walk at Paso Real
Fr Tony O'Connor recounts how peace-loving barrio dwellers address violence to their youth .... read more

Day of prayer for displaced Kachins
Bishop calls for prayer after Burmese military violence .... read more

Sydney Alliance launching assembly
'The way to have your say' - civic society claiming its voice.... read more

fr frank brennan No asylum for government on refugee processing
Fr Frank Brennan on the high court Malaysia ruling.... read more

Kabul's long 9/11 decade
Catherine James speaks to war-weary Afghans... read more

'Wind lens'
Japanese breakthrough will make wind power cheaper than nuclear... read more

tampa Ten years after Tampa
'The latest solution is no solution at all', writes Peter Mares in 'The Monthly', Aug 2011... read more

'One human family'
Pope Benedict XVI speaks for the 97th World Day of Migrants and Refugees... read more

Violence in Kachin State
An anonymous Kachin writes on the suffering and unwavering determination of his people... read more

malaysian swap Malaysian swap spells disaster
Greg Lopez writes on the Australia-Malaysia refugee swap deal -- and its perils... read more

Don't turn a blind eye to Sri Lanka's killing fields
Are Australians more concerned about cruelty to animals? Gordon Weiss writes... read more

kachins Kachins in Australia demand stop to war and abuse
Demonstrations call for response from China... read more

Religious leaders unite on climate change
Multi-faith group meets with PM... read more

'The gate stood on my foot'
Fr Jim Carty inroduces stark research on detention effects... read more

Refugee rage
Kerry Murphy in 'Eureka Street'... read more

carbon tax Carbon tax expalined
NSW CLRI takes on another pressing issue... read more

romero Archbishop Romero's 31st annivesary
Fr Michael Campbell-Johnston SJ... read more

Pacific or desert - solution still the same
Jenny Cullen interviews Fr Jim Carty... read more

Memories of SIEV X -- and the victims of SIEV 221
Fr Jim Carty's Christmas Island memories revisited... read more

state your case Religious leaders of NSW encourage action on prisons, housing and climate change... read more
kevin bates

Fr Kevin Bates's bulletin bits
Reflections from the parish bulletin on issues of social justice... read more

Christmas at Ranong
Burmese refugees' in Southern Thailand - their Christmas story... read more
susan connolly

West Papuan torture
Sr Susan Connolly RSJ... read more

joan chittester

The ticking bomb of lay involvement
Sr Joan Chittister OSB... read more

A senseless war begins its 10th year
...an address to the people of the U.S.A. from President Barack Obama as reported by Michael Moore.... read more

Communites confront flood fallout
Aid worker, Ben Fraser, recently returned from flood-devastated Pakistan... read more

Time for detention reform
Kerry Murphy... read more

U.S. havoc in Iraq
Adil Shamoo contrasts conditions in Iraq with the U.S. read more

Marist Mission Centre endorses Caritas appeal
MMC encourages donors to give directly to Caritas Australia to assist the Pakistan flood relief appeal. Caritas is well placed to provide rapid aid. Click here to check current projects of Marist Mission Centre Australia.

The often-overlooked facts about Boat People
YouTube 2.15 mins

Asylum seekers: Australia's invisible homeless

Greg Foyster in 'Eureka Street', Aug 2010 ... read more

I am every asylum seeker
Greg Foyster, 'Eureka Street', Jul 2010... read more

Gillard's unfair 'solution'
David Manne in 'The National Times'... read more

Unlocking sex trafficking
Somaly Mam in Sydney soon... read more

Self harm amongst asylum seekers
Fr Jim Carty quoted in 'Herald Sun'... read more

Curtin revisited
Fr Jim Carty's 2002 article, 'Locked in - locked out', on the Curtin Detention Centre takes on a new relevance... read more

Christmas Island ministry
Fr Jim Carty sets out to accompany asylum seekers... read more

A letter to Mr Rudd?
Leaders of Religious Orders in Australia encourage lobbying at top level on asylum seekers' issues... read more

The Darfur of S E Asia
Jim Pollard and the plight of Burmese refugees continuing to stream into Thailand... read more

Australians are xenophobic
Julian Burnside QC focuses on Australians' fear of the strange... read more

The pointed finger
Sister Brenda Herman reflects on the priesthood today... read more