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 Recommended web links
Global Catholic Climate Movement     |     Marist European JP blog     |     ACRATH - Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans     |     CLRI (NSW) Publications - 'Just in Time', 'Watermark'      |     Edmund Rice - Pacific Calling Partnership      |     Pacific Climate Watch      |     [Marist Family Justice & Peace group - 'Both Ends of the Gun' seminar]      |     Wilai Foundation


International blog launched

From Rome, the General Administration of the Marist Fathers has announced the launching of an international blog site for issues of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (Environment). Address of the Blog site is jpicblog.maristsm.org

Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, will supervise the Blog, which invites items and comments from Marists and others visiting the site and its weekly uploadings.

The first blog items focus on the Marian Ecological Centre in Suva, Fiji, an environmental initiative by Fr Donato Kivi SM.

The blog begins: Fr Donato Kivi sm, the Superior of Formation House, Marist College, has embarked on a mission to create a Marian-Ecological Centre and opening a door for people to learn that through a Marian spirituality, one can grow in awareness that our Marist Charism can provide an answer to our ecological crisis today.   For full text, click here     |     To go to the blog, click here and save the address ( https://jpicblog.maristsm.org )

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0119 blog Marian Eco Centre 1018 20119 blog Marian Eco Centre 1018 30119 blog Marian Eco Centre 1018
 0119 blog Eco mangrove project 1018 20119 blog Eco mangrove project 1018 3
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Living 'Laudato Si'

A Christmas/New Year environmental calendar has been produced by Global Catholic Climate Movement, offering a challenge to all Catholic s to embrace the Holy Father's message of 'Laudato Si'.

GCCM notes, 'Pope Francis urges the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and all people of good will to take urgent action against the injustice of climate change and the ecological crisis, to protect the poor and future generations. His encyclical letter Laudato Si’ is a compelling call to care for our common home, Earth, building on a long history of Catholic teaching. We are building a vibrant movement to respond to Pope Francis’ call.'

For the Christmas calendar click here.   For GCCM website, click here.

1218 Global Cath Climate 21218 Global Cath Climate 1
1218 Global Cath Climate 41218 Global Cath Climate 0

Maturing Remembrance Day

Fr Kevin Bates' Nov 11 reflection....  click here to download.               [Nov 09]

1118 KB Bates K 0116 fb1118 KB Bates Remembrance 2

Season of Creation

The international Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation commission of Superiors-General reports on the Season of Creation, scheduled for Sep 01 to Oct 04. 

Go to their website: click here  

0918 Season of Creation 1 logo0918 Season of Creation globe
0918 Season of Creation JPIC logo
0918 Season of Creation 20918 Season of Creation 3 ocean rubbish fb

Assistant-General meets with JPICC

On Jul 05, following the second session of the Marist Extraordinary Provincial Chapter, the province's Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation committee met with Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, who is currently in Australia for visitation of the province.

Discussion focussed on a proposed international survey of existing JPIC works throughout the Marist world, and the establishment of regular news and sharing facilities using electronic and social media.              [Jul 06]

0718 JPICC c Ben McKenna

Refugee Week

The Refugee Council of Australia advises:

Refugee Week is Australia’s peak annual activity to inform the public about refugees and celebrate positive contributions made by refugees in Australian society. Today more than ever, we need a global movement to demand the safety and rights of refugees are protected. This year, Refugee Week will run from Sunday 17th June to Saturday 23rd June with the theme #WithRefugees.

To celebrate, RCOA warmly invites you to attend our Refugee Week Launch Festival, Refugee Film Festival and other local community events. We also encourage you to spread the message of Refugee Week. Invite your friends, share our events amongst your network and let’s all get ready to discuss and share new ideas!

For RCOA's launch invitation click here

0618 Refugee week 3 logo0618 Refugee week 1
0618 Refugee week 2 Hope Road0618 Refugee week 4 invite

Josephites' call on live exports

From the Josephite Justice Network comes a challenging call on the issue of live animal exports. Click here               [May 11]

0518 Righting wrongs 30518 Righting wrongs 10518 Righting wrongs 2

Remembering patriots ?

Richard Flanagan's pre-Anzac Day Press Club speech on how Australia looks back on its history is 'fearlessly honest, compelling, incontrovertible...'.   Click here          [May 09]

0518 Flanagan art

Palm Sunday Rallies

The Australian Cathoilic Migrant and Refugee Office advises: 

Across Australia, on Sunday 25 March 2018, people from all faith groups, community groups, and organisations will join the Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees, bringing banners and other messages of support to express their concern about the treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum.

For details of nationwide rallies, click here   

0318 Palm Sunday rallies 10318 Palm Sunday rallies

Lenten Carbon Fast

CLRI (NSW) present their carbon fast calendar for 2018: Click here to download          [Feb 13]

0218 Lenten Calendar CLRI 0
0218 Lenten Calendar CLRI 10218 Lenten Calendar CLRI 20218 Lenten Calendar CLRI 3

Migration without Trafficking

ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) advises of the forthcoming day of prayer for victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.

'Migration without trafficking' is the theme for this year's commemoration on Feb 08, the feast of St Josephine Bakhita, who was kidnapped as a child in Sudan, and later freed, dedicating her life to address the horror of trafficking .  Go to ACRATH's web page        [Feb 02]

0218 Acrath 2a poster0218 Acrath 3
 0218 Acrath 4 notice0218 Acrath 1


Act Justly

Sydney Archdiocese's Justice & Peace Office reports on the Feb-Mar issue of Act Justly:

'There's a great variety of articles, beginning with an overview of the latest figures on the rate of Indigenous incarceration, and discover just how far we are from being even close to ‘Closing the Gap’. Then we have Pope Francis’s homily from his recent visit to Santiago, Chile. His message to Church leaders to make social justice a priority comes across passionately.
'There is also an update on the Archdiocese’s efforts to combat modern slavery and the planned celebrations for St Bakhita’s Feast Day. There is also good news from Ashfield parish about their efforts towards affordable housing in the Inner West.
'Lastly we have a very exciting invitation to you to be part of our innovative new project—‘Caring for Creation Through Solar’, a unique opportunity to access high-quality, low-cost solar alongside other Catholic communities.'           Click here for Act Justly     [Feb 02]

0118 ActJustly 1 logo
 0118 ActJustly 2 Pope

World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2018

For the full text of Pope Francis' message, click here.   For the Vatican News link, click here.




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