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Seven Fountains retreat for Fr Bob

Retiring Marist provincial, Fr Bob Barber SM, left Australia on Feb 15 for Thailand and a 30-day Ignatian retreat.

He will make his retreat at the Jesuit 'Seven Fountains' retreat centre at Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.  As his spiritual director, Fr Bob will have Fr David Townsend SJ, known to a number of Australian Marists through his ministry at St Beuno's, Wales.

Enjoy your retreat, Fr Bob.                   [Feb 15]

0219 Bob Barber 1ps0219 Bob Barber 3 leaving0219 Bob Barber 4
 Fr Bob leaving Villa Maria, Hunters Hill, for Seven Fountains Retreat Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
0219 Bob Barber 60219 Bob Barber 5

Bridging the gap

26 yr-old Karen refugee, Htoo Htoo (pron '2-2')  has spent eight years bridging a gap between Thai-Burma border refugee camp education and graduation at Bangkok's prestigious University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

In 2011 Htoo Htoo became a member of the pioneer Bridge Program, an online course developing skills to enhance prospects of tertiary education with Australian Catholic University. (In 2004, Marist Mission Centre Australia assisted ACU in setting up its own online program for young Burmese refugees, with a study centre at Mae Pa, Thailand.) 

With his BP experience, Htoo Htoo was accepted into ACU's Diploma of Liberal Studies program, graduating with five other BP-ers in 2013.

Htoo Htoo then accepted a scholarship with UTCC in Bangkok, culminating with his graduation ceremony in Bangkok on Feb 08 where he was awarded a Bachelorate in International Business Management.  Congratulations, Htoo Htoo !                   [Feb 10]

0219 HtooHtoo grad 00 20219 HtooHtoo grad 03 0512 BPers 1 grp in shirts0219 HtooHtoo grad 04a 0312 ACU exam day walking Mular0219 HtooHtoo grad 04b 0312 ACU exam day grp Dingo
 Above: Htoo Htoo on his graduation day at UTCC, Bangkok     |     ... (second from right, back row) with fellow BP-ers at Mae La refugee camp, Thailand, 2012   |    ... with BP-ers at Mae La for ACU entrance tests     |     ... with ACU's Maya Cranitch (centre) at Mae La.   Below: Htoo Htoo (front right) with BP-ers and ACU's Prof Duncan McLaren in Maesot, Thailand    |    ACU graduation at Maesot.
0219 HtooHtoo grad 05a 0912 ACU BPers 2011 2012 with ProfDuncan at ACU020219 HtooHtoo grad 05b 0114 ACU BP grad grp
 Bellow: Htoo Htoo on his UTCC graduation day with fellow BP-ers, James Brangnu and Dingo Keidar.   |    Building on skills developed in the Bridge Program and ACU, Htoo Htoo plans commercial photography as a career.
0219 HtooHtoo grad 06a 100219 HtooHtoo grad 06b0219 HtooHtoo grad 07 0618 Htoo Htoo 4a c camera

Fullness of Life workshops

From Western Australia, Fr Stephen Truscott SM PhD and colleague, Celia Joyce MPS, announce the 2019 program of workshops for the Fulness of Life Centre.

The Perth-based Centre provides a comprehensive range of workshops adapted to meet the specific needs of individuals and organisations and can deliver workshops in-person and through a secure, digital communication platform using encrypted video conferencing.

For details, click here.                    [Feb 08]

0219 Fullness of Life 20219 Fullness of Life 4 banner
0219 Fullness of Life 3 logo0219 Fullness of Life 1

International novitiate bulletin

From Davao, Philippines, comes the bulletin of the Marist International Novitiate, 16 pages of interest and colour, including a page with photos of each novice and staff member, and their country and province or district of origin.

In his editorial, Novice Master, Fr Fernando Ingente SM, says: 'The newsletter focuses on the two-month cultural orientation program of the novices before they formally began their novitiate formation. The program was designed that the novices to-be will have a good landing and adjustment to the new environment before the novitiate starts.'

Each of the ten novices has reflected on some or other aspect of the orientation experience in well-written and engaging articles. Fr Fernando's editorial is followed by a delightful piece from Socius and former Superior-General, Fr Joaquin Fernandez. Worthwhile Marist reading.

Download 4-page sections here:  pp cover-3   |   pp 4-7   |   pp 8-11   |   pp 12-15                        [Feb 05]

0219 Int Nov NL 10219 Int Nov NL 20219 Int Nov NL 30219 Int Nov NL 4

On the Mexican border...

The third in the weekly series of JPIC blogs from Rome feature's the ministry of Fr Tony O'Connor SM at Brownsville, Texas, USA, amongst Mexican immigrants. Go to the blog site: click here.                 [Feb 04]

0119 BLOG banner crp0219 Brownsville 002b Tony with Soup Kitchen Team a
0219 Brownsville 003a Young Detainees Posada 18 a0219 Brownsville 6dd
0219 Brownsville 001a Tony with Pastoral Team

Europe and USA bulletins

 Latest news from Marist provinces of Europe and USA.  For Euroinfo, click here.   |    For USA e-bulletin, click here   Also at Members page.                [Feb 03]

 0219 NLL Euroinfo 10219 NLL Euroinfo 20219 NLL e bulletin

Superior-General's reflection

This month's reflection from Fr John Larsen follows his 'Weaving life' experience in Guatemala with hundred of Marist youth. See Members page.                   [Feb 03]

0219 SG Reflection 10219 SG 0119 Guatemala 1a JL Oz

 Provincial installation

In a simple ceremony on Feb 01, retiring provincial of the Australian Marist province, Fr Bob Barber, passed the leadership role to his successor, Fr Tony Corcoran. A symbolic handing over of  Marist Constitutions and Provincial Statutes was witnessed by Sydney-based Marists, filling the chapel of Montbel, Hunters Hill.

The liturgy was followed by a celebratory dinner with words of appreciation and good wishes to both provincials and their vicar, Fr Peter McMurrich, continuing in his role for at least another year. 

[Feb 02]

0219 Prov handove 50219 Prov handove 10
0219 Prov handove 9pan
0219 Prov handove 3pan