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 Welcome to the web site of the Australian Marist Province

Updated: May 24, 2018


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0518 TKing farewell 2crp pm0518 TKing Tony 2 0417

Moving to Marsfield

Fr Tony King joins 'fastest growing community''  

May news

0518 CityFest 10518 CityFest Jono

CityFest 2018

Downtown event for youth and young adults  

May news

0518 PGlynn leaves 1c

Pilgrimage bound

Fr Paul Glynn to lead Japanese group in Europe

May news

 0518 AKL GHall Hayden 1  

Auckland catch-ups

Fr Gerard Hall in NZ

May news

0518 Mother of Church 1 0408 Buildings010

Mary, Mother of the Church

Whit Monday memorial of the Blessed Virgin

May news

0518 Champagnat 0715 Le Rozey 40518 Champagnat 0512 La Valla 5J ptg MC crp

St Marcellin's birthday

Marist Brothers' Founder

May news

0518 Rameau 0

'The Branch'

Young Africans' newsletter

May news

0518 StPats trailer 0

A taste of St Pat's

Video trailer released

May news

0518 Herston meeting

Brisbane meeting

Marists gather at Herston

May news

0518 Righting wrongs 30518 Righting wrongs 2

Josephites' call on live exports

Righting wrongs

May news and JPIC

 0518 St Dympna0518 St Dympna 0318 StPats ext 7ps  

St Dympna at St Patrick's

Timely initiative for the abused

May news 

 0518 0418 Dr Donato Kivi 2 grp c JLarsen

Doctor Donato

Fijian Marist and Pacific ecology

May news 

0518 Flanagan art

Remembering patriots ?

Richard Flanagan.. . ''fearlessly honest, compelling, incontrovertible.'

May news and JPIC

 0518 0418 Ord Cultural Dedication of Peter Puamae0518 0418 Ord Fr Mikaele Tuilau sm jim ross first Mass

Pacific ordinations

Colourful ceremonies In Solomons and Fiji

May news

0518 StPats 200th 30518 StPats 200th 14

200 years of the Blessed Sacrament

Celebration at St Patrick's

May news

 0518 Laudato Si

Social Justice diary

May's special days and anniversaries

May news and JPIC

 0518 Euroinfo 3  

Marist news from Europe

Camino ministry under way

May news

 0518 Prov circ logo  

Provincial Circular

May news or Members page

0418 Nod 0704 Tutu cross palms 4

The nod from Rome

Marist missions anniversary

April news

0418 SG reflection

Superior-General's reflection

The Camino and St Peter Chanel

April news and Members page

0715 Fourviere heart 01

St Peter Chanel feast

Oceania's first martyr and saint

April news

0418 Thai Reds 2 Woolwich

Thai Redemptorists visit

Hospitality reciprocated

April news

0418 Voc Sunday Pope Franci0418 Voc Sunday

Vocation Sunday

Pope Francis' message

April news

0418 SPC 0 St Peter Chanel

Chanel novena

Praying for Marist vocations

April news

0418 PDonoghue 2

Bishop Paul and 'a sea of possibilities'

Oceania bishops meet in PNG

April news

0418 Fiji gold medal 2

Fiji gold !

Marists enjoy Eileen's success

April news 

0418 Konzen 2 crozier

Bishop Joel Konzen ordination

Marist auxiliary in Atlanta, USA

April news 

0418 Jacket cover 2

'Reluctant Founder' coming soon

Jean-Claude Colin biography final preparations

April news 

 SJ Diary 01 Jan ML King0418 SJD 0200 4aiii  

Social Justice diary

Landmines and Martin Luther King 50th anniversary

April news or Social Justice Diary

 0418 Euroinfo 3  

Marist news from Europe

Euroinfo and new Camino ministry 

April news

0414 Good Fri VM 5ps

0318 SG 2

Superior-General's Good Friday reflection

Fr John Larsen on death and new life in a Marist province 


0318 Digos SMs cakecrp2

Celebrating priesthood

Simple message for Holy Thursday

March news

0318 Hayden co new shirts

Hi from Hayden

Easter greetings from over the Ditch

March news

0318 Hoppy 1

Fr Hoppy's Easter letter

Latest from Misioneros Maristas, Bolivia

March news

0318 Ironkids 2b

BP's Ironkids

Junior triathletes in Davao

March news

0318 Palm Sunday rallies

Palm Sunday rallies

Nationwide refugee support

March news or JPIC

0318 Kevin Head 1acrp

Messenger Marist

Fr Kevin Head en route for Marist studies 


0318 JLarsen Bville 2

General in Bougainville

Oceania visit resumes 


 0318 MMC NL 10318 e Bulletin0318 SM bulletin banner

Latest bulletins

MMC, USA e-Bulletin, SM Bulletin 


0318 0213 Montbel 04ps

St Joseph of Montbel

'Hidden and unknown' in the south of France 


0318 Our StPatrick 3c 1001 3 3 StPats boys sign

Our own St Patrick

Fr Pat Reynolds remembered 


0318 Prov Chapter 13a prayer

Successful Chapter closes

Tasks achieved 


0318 Prov Chap 3

Chapter under way

Australian Marists and future governance 


0318 CakesPlants 4a

Courtyard cakes

St Patrick's support for stateless children 


0318 BrEremodo 4 1212 SL final day 29crp

'Br Mondo' remembered at Villa

Passing of Fijian 'S&L' member 


 0318 BpPaulMartin ord 6 PPi

Father Paul with Bishop Paul

Christchurch ordination post script 


0318 Montbel music 2

Montbel music

Joeys' musicians entertain 


0318 SM Bulletin JLPM

SM Bulletin

Bishop Paul Martin ordination featured 


0318 PopePius VII GA docs 3


Mar 09 anniversary


0318 BpPaulMartin ord 2 crp PPidcock

Representing us

Fr Paul Pidcock at Christchurch event


0318 MCC 6b

Exploring charism and culture

Immersion experience for Marist schools staff


0318 StPats events 1 0513 St Patricks 3

The weekend at St Pat's

Downtown events for Marist Laity and stateless kids



0318 Hannah 0917 Hannah Bennett crp0318 Hannah Colin smiling GA 0417 1crp sepia

Hannah Bennett update

Worldwide prayers continue


 0318 BalayP Ironmen 6

Davao's Ironmen

Bikes for pint-sized triathletes?


0318 Prov Circ

Provincial Circular

March or Members page

0318 SAmerica website 1

South America Marist web site

Young Marists at work 


0318 SG

Superior-General's March reflection

Fr John Larsen from the Solomon Islands 


0318 SJ diary 0318 SJD 0714 Barbery fores

Social Justice diary

March news or Social Justice Diary

0318 Euroinfo 1


Latest Marist news from Europe 

February news

0218 ConstnAnniv 6 GA docs 90

'Approval at last !'

1873 telegram from Rome 

February news

0218 Rome snow 6

Roman snow

Cool theology 

February news



0218 Hoppy cty 1a

Thanks from Fr Hoppy

From Misioneros Maristas, Boliva

February news

0218 Charles ONeill bust 01acrp

Charles O'Neill bust

SVP founder honoured at St Patrick's

February news

0218 Theol NL 1


Newsletter from 'Casa di Maria', Rome

February news

0218 Pope Francis fake fast

'Fake fasting'

Pope Francis at St Martha's

February news

0715 Fourviere views 14

The Marist Vocation

Updates on the steps to Marist life

February news or Vocation

0218 MLA NL 1

Laity news

Latest from Marist Laity Australia

February news

 0218 Gita 5 damage

MMC's Cyclone Gita appeal

Devastation at Tonga's Marist college

February news

 0218 JLarsen BNE 2b

Superior-General's Pacific visit

Fr John Larsen en route

February news

0218 USA eBulletin crp

e-Bullletins from USA

On Members page... reflections from Down Under

February news

Turn away from sin, and be faithful to the Gospel....

0218 Ashes 3

Ash Wednesday 2018

0218 Lenten Calendar CLRI 1

Lenten Carbon Fast

CLRI's ecological calendar


0218 Sorry Day

National 'Sorry Day'

... and Social Justice Diary for February

Social Justice Diary

0218 Lent

'Repent, and believe the Gospel'

Lenten message from Archbishop Fisher

February news

0218 SL mugs 1012 09

New leader for Asia District

Fr Christopher Ganzon to succeed Fr Pat Devlin in July

February news

0218 JoelKonzen

New Marist bishop

Fr Joel Konzen SM, auxiliary in Atlanta, USA

February news

0218 Acrath 3

Migration without Trafficking

St Josephine Bakhita remembered


0218 Japan visitors 1a

Foreign Affairs visit

Japanese group at Villa Maria

February news

0218 SG reflectionLarsen John 1017

Celebrating our Marist vocation

Fr John Larsen's Presentation reflection

February news / Members

0118 ActJustly 2 Pope

Act Justly

Feb-Mar issue


0218 Euroinfo 1 RelLife

Consecrated Life Day

Marist European newsletter

February news

0118 DRevi 1a

Welcome, Fr Denis

Breather Down Under for Marist formator

January news


0118 Bunya cones 3b

Beware the bunyas !

Laundry hazard at Hunters Hill

January news

0118 PaulMartin 1 MexicanSisters

The long & the short of it

Rome farewells Bishop-elect, Paul Martin 

January new

0118 MCC mtg 2

Charism and Culture planning

Keeping the Marist spirit alive 

January news

0118 PSomers funeral 10

Farewell, Brother Peter

Br Peter Somers laid to rest in mission cemetery 

January news

0118 DVO professions 2


Five new Marists

International professions in Davao 

January news

0118 Oz web stats 2016 17

Fickle figures

Web statistics for 2017 

January news

0118 OMP sups wshop

Historic Pacific leaders' workshop

Local superiors gather in Suva 

January news

0118 JP Pope Refugees

World Day of Migrants & Refugees

Pope Francis' message 


0118 Somers 1 Somers P blr

Passing of Br Peter Somers

Peaceful death of Aussie missionary 

January news

0118 SrGrace 50 pa 3 cake cutting0118 SrGrace 50 pa 2 cake

Years of Grace

Sr Grace Ellul at Senegal gathering

January news

0118 Jan 10 0213 Marseille vieux port 1

Unknown and scary

1836: Marists and the missions 

January news

0118 Nicolas visitors 1

Fr Nicolas' visitors

Family connection in mission cemetery 

January news

0118 SM Bulletin banner

SM Bulletiins online

Members page

January news


0118 Pereira John 0118

Fr John Pereira's 90th birthday

Celebrations in Davao

January news

0118 MO Prov circ MO

Members only

New page for Province members

January news


0118 Helicopter 3arrow

Chopper in the paddock

Montbel hearts flutter

January news

0118 Euroinfo 1

Marist community for Camino

Download latest 'Euroinfo'

January news

1217 PGlynn Tsumarai 50th

Fr Paul Glynn back from Japan

Retreats, jubilees and catch-ups

January news


 0118 Montbel brothers 1 1217

Montbel brothers

Marist Brothers and Fathers celebrate together

January news

 0118 Rameau 1

'The Branch' from Africa

Young Marists' newsletter

January news



A New Year of Grace

Mary statue VM grounds 2 2 fade 0308

 Click for Jan 01 prayer of Mary, Mother of God