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The town of Le Puy: "they shall be known as 'Marists' "
Le Puy: site of the annual pilgrimage of a youthful Jean-Claude Courveille and the miraculous healing of his vision.
'I heard Mary speak to me', he later recounted, 'not with the ears of my body but of my soul:
"This is what I desire...a Society bearing my name... they shall be known as Marists
" '.
In the seminary at Lyon Jean-Claude Colin is inspired and his instinct for the Society of Mary confirmed: 'This sits well with me!'
Above: The cathedral of Le Puy visited to this day by pilgrims seeking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin.
Below: Marist and young lay pilgrims tracing the origins of the Marist call at Le Puy
Above:The cathedral sanctuary of Le Puy and its circle of lamps with their healing oil; image of the Black Madonna and Child.
Below: Lay Marists at prayer at Le Puy.
The village of St Bonnet-le-Troncy - boyhood home of Jean-Claude Colin
st bonnet le troncy St Bonnet-le-Troncy, Beaujolais district, Central France.
St Blaise's parish church of Jean-Claude Colin's boyhood years.
Below: a room in the Colin museum, former residence of the Colin family.
Below: Marist pilgrims at St Bonnet-le-Troncy
The Forest of Barbery - birthplace of Jean-Claude Colin

Excerpt from: The quiet boy from Beaujolais

The tiny hamlet of Barbery sits by a forest near the Beaujolais region of central France. Here on Aug 07, 1790 Jean-Claude Colin was born, happily unaware of the fierce Revolution raging about him. He was soon to be orphaned, not by violence but through the illness and early death of his mother then his father. Jean-Claude was not yet five years old. of story

In the Beaujolais region of central France lies the beautiful forest of Barbery -- birthplace of Jean-Claude Colin.
Below: On the site of the Colin home stands a simple cross honouring the Marist founder.

Barbery attracts Marists from all over the globe, remembering the origins of their Founder.
Australian students from Marist schools visit Barbery.