The Marist Family
jean marie chavoin
Jeanne Marie Chavoin

The Marist Sisters

Fr Jean-Claude Colin invited two young women to come to Cerdon in 1823 to establish the first community of Marist Sisters.  One of these was Jeanne Marie Chavoin who became the leader of the group.

Others joined them in Cerdon and the sisters took their first vows in 1826, the congregation receiving its offical approval from Rome in 1884.

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marcellin champagnat
St Marcellin Champagnat

The Marist Brothers

The first branch of the Marist Family began a little before this. Fr Marcellin Champagnat, a Marist priest, founded the brothers in Lavalla in France in 1817. They were known as the Little Brothers of Mary. The Marist Brothers received their formal approval in1863

Today we know them as the Marist teaching Brothers.

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francoise perroton
Francoise Perroton

The Marist Missionary Sisters

The Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary trace their origins to Francoise Perroton who, in 1834, read in the Annals of the Propagation of the Faith, a letter from the Christian women of Ouveau asking for women from Lyon to help in the education of women on the tiny Pacific island.

Evolving from this group of dedicated missionary laywomen the Marist Missionary Sisters received official approval as a religious congregation in 1931.

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laity tower
In this tower room near Fourviere, Lyons, the first Marist meeting was held

The Marist Laity

From the very beginnings of the Society of Mary the pioneer Marists envisaged awide family of laity who would share in the Marist vision.

Over the years each professed branch has developed its own group of lay Marists. In Australia they are united as 'Marist Laity Australia'.

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