March 2009 News

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SMSM leader visits

Congregational leader of the Marist Missionary Sisiters, Sister Georgeanne Marie Donovan SMSM, visits St Patrick's, Church Hill, Sydney, to be part of the forthcoming golden jubilee celebrations of St Pat's pastoral team member, Sr Judy De Montfort SMSM.

Pictured outside St Patrick's famous coffee shop are (left to right), Sr Jill De Montfort, Sr Jenny Clarke (provincial leader), Sr Georgeanne Marie and Sr Judy De Montfort.

Yoshitake moves ahead

Marist aspirant, Yoshitake Shiragami, takes another step on his journey towards Marist life and priesthood

After three months of English language study in Sydney Yoshi returns to his native Japan to live with the Marist community of Suzaku (Nara prefecture) until July when he will continue language studies in Auckland, NZ, as part of the Marist formation community.

At right, Yoshi is pictured at Sydney international airport with mentor, Br Charlie Randle SM, member of the Villa Maria community where Yoshi has taken part in all apsects of community living.


Lismore windows

Two stained glass windows with Marist significance have recently been put in place at St Carthage's cathedral, Lismore, NSW.

The windows were made by Sydney craftsman, Kevin Little, whose grandfather made and installed the cathedral's original stained glass windows.

The first window features St John the Evangelist, patron saint of nearby Woodlawn College. The college crest is flanked by NZ silver ferns, gum leaves and the waratah. An Irish shamrock acknowledges Margaret Buckley who donated the land on which the college was built. Also depicted is founding rector, Fr Thomas Segrief SM, and the college motto, 'Tenete Traditionies' ('hold fast to traditions').

The second window features St Peter Chanel SM beneath the Southern Cross, with Marist founder, Fr Jean-Claude Colin, and the shrine of Fourviere where the pioneer Marists pledged to form the Society of Mary.

Visit from Bolivia

Brisbane-born Marist missionary, Fr John Hopkinson SM, arrives in Sydney on leave from his mission in Tarija, Bolivia.

H.O.W. cleans up Australia

'Clean up Australia Day' saw some of the nation's newest arrivals contributing to the environmental welfare of Sydney.

A work force of people from a number of African and Middle-Eastern countries associated with the 'House of Welcome', Carramar, NSW, tidied the parks and gardens of the district.

Fr Jim Carty SM works with Marist Sisters and other volunteer staff of 'H.O.W.' to assist the resettlement of refugees and asylum seekers coming to our shores.


'Montbel' progress

Work continues on 'Montbel', the new retirement facility being constructed at Hunters Hill, NSW.


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