November 2008 News

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     Australia-Japan help for Burma

Veteran Marist missionaries, Frs Paul Glynn and John L Walsh, concelebrate Mass at Villa Maria, Hunters Hill, on Nov 23 to promote assistance for Burmese orphans.

The Mass was followed by a fund-raising barbecue-fete attended by hundreds of supporters from local parishes and Japanese and Vietnamese Catholic communities.


Barbecue in the grounds of Villa Maria church.....                            Fr Paul's books on sale

Fr Paul Glynn and fete organiser with a wartime Japanese flag
recently returned to its owner...


Marists leave
Brisbane parish

After over seventy years of service to the Catholic people of the area the Marist Fathers are leaving the parish of St John's Wood/The Gap, Brisbane, Qld.

At a ceremony at St Peter Chanel's church. The Gap, on Nov 16, Archbishop John Bathersby acknowledged the dedication of generations of Marists in the parish since 1937.

Parish Priest, Fr Ray Chapman SM, presided at the Eucharist accompanied by diocesan and Marist priests. He leaves the parish at the end of December.

Left: Fr Ray Chapman with Archbishop Bathersby and servers.
Right: Parishioner Mary Davidson with former pastor, Fr Pat McCabe SM


Scripture scholar visits

Turin-born, Fr Marcello Pregno SM, visits Sydney after teaching Old Testament studies to seminary students in New Zealand and PNG.

Fr Marcello is a delegate to the forthcoming European Marist Province Chapter and returns to Italy after eleven months at Good Shepherd Seminary (Auckland) and Holy Spirit Seminary (Bomana).



Before and after

External wall cleaning at Chanel House, Villa Maria, Hunters Hill.

Before ...                          ... and after

     Painting work on historic Villa Maria buildings.


Seminary leader for 2009

Australian, Fr Tony Kennedy SM, has been appointed acting-superior and acting-rector of the Marist formation community at Hopetoun St, Auckland, NZ, for 2009. Seminarians from the New Zealand and Oceania Marist provinces live in the community and study at nearby Good Shepherd seminary.

Present superior, Fr Kevin Conroy SM, will take sabbatical leave during the year.


Marist formation centre, Hopetoun St, Auckland.


Visitor from Japan

Fr Syd Nugent SM is in Australia on holidays from the Marist community in Nara Prefecture, Japan. Fr Syd is Director of the Santa Maria Nursing Home, Suzaku, as well as being a member of the Pastoral Team of the North Nara district.

Santa Maria's 90 residents and 250 home-based aged persons are served by a staff of 125, with over 200 volunteers and 25 minibuses. There is a waiting list of 500!

                          Santa Maria Home, Suzaku, Nara


Provincial retreat

Twenty-two priests and brothers gather at Villa Maria, Hunters Hill, NSW, for an annual retreat (Nov 02-07) led by Kiwi Marist, Fr Neil Vaney, who draws from themes in his book 'Christ in a Grain of Sand'.




'Montbel': work in progress

Ground work continues at the Hunters Hill site for the Marist aged care facility
due for completion in late 2009.


         Nov 25 

Nov 20                    

Nov 19

                                Nov 14

Nov 13

Nov 08                          


Excavations begin







                                 Nov 07

Nov 06
Left: Villa Maria monastery can be seen beyond the security fencing.                               
                                                              Right: Damaged fencing is quickly repaired and reinforced.

Nov 03
Heavy winds take toll of the security fencing within hours of being set up!

Wind damage at site
Nov 03
Road access from Mary St is no longer available to the 'Montbel' site.

Security fencing has been completed around the perimeter of the 'Montbel' site. Builders estimate 52 weeks construction time until completion of the facility to house ten aged Marists.

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