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Blessed Takayama Ukon

In a ceremony in the cathedral of Osaka, Japan, on Feb 07 one of Japan's heroes of faith will be beatified, Justo Takayama Ukon.

The 16-century Christian 'Daimyo' is well known to Marists who have worked in the Nara Prefecture, aware of Takayama's courageous stand against the rulers of his day.

Former pastors of Yagi church, Nara, Frs Michael Guinea and Paul Glynn, cultivated a relationship with a village high up in the hills behind where the castle belonging to Takayama's father resided. He was baptised as was his son.

For Fr Paul's article on Takayama Ukon and his impending beatification, click here

[Feb 06]


Sr Clare's 70 Marist years

In a simple celebration at Marian House, Woolwich, Sr Clare Francis SM, marked her seventieth anniversary of religious profession at Merrylands, NSW, on Feb 05, 1947.

Sydney-born, Sr Clare recalls the late Fr Robert Nolan SM encouraging her at St Patrick's, Church Hill, to be a 'teacher for God' and to consider joining the Marist Sisters.

Marist Fathers remember gratefully Sr Clare's service as registrar at Catholic Theological Union, Hunters Hill, in the mid 1970s. Congratulations, Sister Clare !

[Feb 05]

Above: Sr Clare Francis SM  /  ...with Marian House community leader, Sr Julie Brand.  Below: Sr Clare's community and other Marist Sisters gather to sing 'For she's a jolly good Marist!'  /... with Superior-General, Sr Grace Ellul, visiting from Rome.