February 2017
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Young Filipinos follow Founder

Each member of Davao's St Peter Chanel Marist formation community now has his own copy of the Australian-produced 'Colin Calendar' for 2017.

Full report: Click here

[Feb 26]


Vanuatu ordinations

From the Oceania Marist Province comes news of the ordinations of Frs Louis Maite and Paul Molbwet at Melsisi, Vanuatu.

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[Feb 26]


Latest Provincial Circular

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[Feb 24]


From the Refugee Council of Australia, CEO, Paul Power, announces their comprehensive report on the current refugee situation, 'State of the Nation'. Click here

State of the Nation

RCOA report

[Feb 23]


Nine-day option

After a 'test-run' in France last year by the Marist Charism & Culture group, a 20-page booklet is now available for Marist pilgrims worldwide.

The booklet, 'Pilgrimage of the Marist Places: Nine-day option', takes its place in the 'Options for Pilgrims' series and offers a practical (and proven!) itinerary.

All booklets are downloadable from the Colin web site / Resources / Pilgrimage to the Marist Places. 
For the 'nine-day option' click here

[Feb 22]


Above: Pages from 'Nine-day option' booklet  |   the 'Options for Pilgrims' series
Below: Australian Marist Charism & Culture pilgrims in France, Oct 2016  |   MCC Pilgrimage booklet  /  MCC logo


Fr Kevin Redmond at Villa Maria recently  /  La Neylière, France, venue for the CPR

'CPR' for Fr Kevin

Pastor of Star of the Sea parish, Gladstone, Qld, Fr Kevin Redmond SM, is preparing to leave Australia for France and the 'Colinian Period of Renewal' (CPR).

Commencing on Mar 01, the five-month program will be led by fellow-Australian, Fr Tony Kennedy,

Bon voyage, and happy 'CPR', Fr Kevin!

[Feb 20]


'Marist House Welcome'

An enterprising member of 'Bethany' Marist community, Paddington, Qld, has produced a brief and bouncy video, 'Marist House Welcome'.

23 yr old Brazilian, Paulo Rejende, currently residing at 'Bethany' compiled the 90-second clip with impressions of life with the newly-established community.

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[Feb 15]

Glimpses of 'Marist House Welcome', including, below right, producer Paulo Rejende.

Marist Way resource

Preparing for a Marist Laity gathering at Bexley, NSW, Fr Paul Mahony used one of the many resources available of the Colin web site: www.jeanclaudecolin.org.

He is pictured, left, folding copies of the 'Marist Way' leaflet, containing many of themes from Fr Colin compiled by Fr François Drouilly SM. The leaflet is available in five languages.

More on the Marist way, click here. To download the leaflet in English, click here

[Feb 12]


Pacific news

Latest from the Oceania Marist Province web site

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[Feb 10]


Educators at Currumbin

Members of the Marist education apostolate met at Currumbin, Qld, Feb 06-07 for an inservice led by Glenn Roff, former principal of St John's College, Lismore, and member of the Marist Charism & Culture leadership team.

Pictured, from left: Frs Pius Jones, Gerard Hall, Chris Ketsore, Paul Pidcock, Robert Taria and John Gillen, with Glenn Roff.

[Feb 09]


Ranong report

From Ranong, southern Thailand, comes a grateful word accompanying the annual report of 'Marist Asia Foundation':

'Thanks to all friends and supporters. We are delighted to share stories and photos with you. Your compassion has been turned into action here on the Thai Burma Border with Burmese Migrant Children and families. Thanks for your support in 2017.'

Download the 2016 Marist Asia Foundation annual report: click here

[Feb 07]


Blessed Takayama Ukon

In a ceremony in the cathedral of Osaka, Japan, on Feb 07 one of Japan's heroes of faith will be beatified, Justo Takayama Ukon.

The 16-century Christian 'Daimyo' is well known to Marists who have worked in the Nara Prefecture, aware of Takayama's courageous stand against the rulers of his day.

Former pastors of Yagi church, Nara, Frs Michael Guinea and Paul Glynn, cultivated a relationship with a village high up in the hills behind where the castle belonging to Takayama's father resided. He was baptised as was his son.

For Fr Paul's article on Takayama Ukon and his impending beatification, click here

[Feb 06]


Sr Clare's 70 Marist years

In a simple celebration at Marian House, Woolwich, Sr Clare Francis SM, marked her seventieth anniversary of religious profession at Merrylands, NSW, on Feb 05, 1947.

Sydney-born, Sr Clare recalls the late Fr Robert Nolan SM encouraging her at St Patrick's, Church Hill, to be a 'teacher for God' and to consider joining the Marist Sisters.

Marist Fathers remember gratefully Sr Clare's service as registrar at Catholic Theological Union, Hunters Hill, in the mid 1970s. Congratulations, Sister Clare !

[Feb 05]

Above: Sr Clare Francis SM  /  ...with Marian House community leader, Sr Julie Brand.  Below: Sr Clare's community and other Marist Sisters gather to sing 'For she's a jolly good Marist!'  /... with Superior-General, Sr Grace Ellul, visiting from Rome.

Latest 'Act Justly'

From the Justice & Peace Office of Sydney Archdiocese, click here

[Feb 03]


BIMP director, Chit Min  / ... in his Bilin (Myanmar) BIMP office

'BIMP' - Bridge Program in Myanmar

2011-12 Bridge Program graduate and ethnic Karen, Saw Chit Min, is setting up a BP enterprise in his native Myanmar (Burma).

The 'Bridge Program in Myanmar Project' (BIMP) is being funded by Australia's Marist Mission Centre and will offer skills to Burmese young adults hoping to access tertiary education.

As BIMP director, Chit Min draws not only on his original BP training, but on subsequent studies at Australian Catholic University's online program (Maesot, Thailand) and experience in presenting teacher training throughout Myanmar.

BIMP will soon have its own pages on the Bridge Program web site: click here

[Feb 02]

Above:  Chit Min (third from right) at his ACU graduation in 2013  /  with fellow BP-ers and ACU's then online program director, Prof Duncan MacLaren  |  Chit Min interviewing a BIMP applicant  /  ... conducting teaching training in rural Myanmar  Below: BIMP applicants from Thaton, Myanmar, need to go to a mountain top to access Internet signals

Marist news from Europe

Download latest 'Euroinfo'. Click here

[Feb 01]