October 2014

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Latest Provincial Circular

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[Posted Oct 31]


Oct 29 tradition continues

Brisbane Lay Marists, Kevin & Trish McGrory, visited Cerdon, France, during a pilgrimage in 1991. Since 2008 they have recalled their visit, inviting local Marists to join them in a celebratory dinner at their Stafford Heights home recalling the Oct 29 event of 1824.

It was then that Fr Etienne Déclas arrived at the Cerdon presbytery to form, with Frs Pierre and Jean-Claude Colin, the first community of the Society of Mary. Later that same day, Fr Pierre wrote to the bishop: 'Today the Society of Mary has begun'.

[Posted Oct 31]

Above: Oct 29 dinner at the McGrorys with Frs Aidan Carvill, John Begg, Seamus McMahon and Christopher Ketsore / commemorarive placemat for the occasion. Below: Views of Cerdon and the historic presbytery  |  Commemorative bookmarks - available in various languages from the J-C Colin web site.   Click here for English.

Last 'S&L' arrival

Marist Asia-Pacific's 'Spirituality & Lifestyle' program now has a full complement followiing the arrival in Sydney on Oct 24 of Fijian Marist, Fr Emeri Ratucoko SM.

Graduate of Pacific Regional Seminary, Suva, and ordained in 2010, Fr Emeri, 34, became pastor of the Marist parish of Sacred Heart, Levuka, after two years.

He is pictured, left, at Hunters Hill for the S&L program / and with parishioners at Levuka. Welcome, Fr Emeri!.

[Posted Oct 25]


The cover of Verguet's Sketchbook / an early Verguet drawing of St Patrick's, Church Hill

'Verguet's Sketchbook' launch

Authored by Marist historians, Frs Alois Greiler and Mervyn Duffy, the sketch book of early Marist missionary, Fr Leopold Verguet SM, will soon be launched by fellow-historian, Fr Peter McMurrich SM..

Described as 'one of the masterpieces of the archives of the Society in the General House in Rome', the sketchbook records the places, faces, birds, flowers, tattoos and artefacts of the Fr Verguet's Pacific experiences, especially in the Solomon Islands.

Included is a sketch of St Patrick's, Church Hill, Sydney, where the book will be launched in the church crypt at 1.30 pm Sun, Oct 26. Fr Peter McMurrich is a former parish priest of St Patrck's.

For more information, including how to get your copy: click here

[Posted Oct 23]

Above: Historian, Fr Peter McMurrich SM / Fr Leopold Verguet SM | Authors, Frs Alois Greiler SM / Mervyn Duffy SM
Other images: pages from the Verguet Sketchbook.

Faith in Action: 'Be the change'

Co-sponsored by Sydney Archdiocese's Justice & Peace office and Catholic Youtuh Services, this 'Social Justice Expo' will attract young adults to the Broadway, Sydney, campus of Notre Dame University over the weekend of Nov 03-05.

For details: click here

[Posted Oct 20]


Jubilarians honoured

Marists with round-figure anniversaries of priesthood and religious life were honoured at a Mass in Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hilll, NSW, on Oct 17, followed by dinner at Villa Maria monastery.

2014 ordination jubilarians are Frs Bernard McFadyen and Seamus McMahon (50 years), Paul Sullivan and John Worthington (40 years) and Robert Hollow (25 years).

Amongst those with jubilee anniversaries of relgious profession are two former superiors-general, Frs Bernard Ryan (70 years) and John Jago (50 years).

[Posted Oct 17]


Above: Celebratory Eucharist in Holy Name of Mary church  |  MC, Fr Paul Mahony / Fr Bill Ryder, toasting the jubilarians  |  Fr Paul Sullivan / Fr Bernard McFadyen responding.
Below: Other jubilarians, not present: Frs Seamus McMahon, John Worthington and Robert Hollow  |  Jubilarians' dinner at Villa Maria / Pre-prandials on the Villa Maria cloister.



New signage at Hunters Hill

The lower end of Mary Street, Hunters Hill, NSW, is now adorned with bright, new signs pointing to this or that Marist address.

Whilst local Marists enjoy greater confidence in getting themselves home, nevertheless, well-intentioned enquirers still manage to knock on the wrong door and ring the wrong bells despite the signs.

[Posted Oct 14]


Bishop Ghislain visits

Wallis-Futuna's Bishop Ghislain de Rhasilly SM has called on Asia-Pacific confrères during a brief visit to Sydney for health checks.

Bishop Ghislain is pictured, left, at Montbel, Hunters Hill, wiith Fr David Galvin (Sol Is) and Br Mika Cilicewa (Montbel) / Filipino S&L participants, Frs Gil Casio (Ranong, Thailand) and Lionel Mechavez (Davao, Philippines).

 [Posted Oct 12]


2014 ARC ends

With a Mass celebrated by Superior-General, Fr John Hannan SM, the 'Annual Review Consultation' for 2014 concluded on Oct 10 at the Society of Mary's General House, 'Monteverde', Rome.

Provincials and District Superiors are now returning to share with local Marists the fruits of another year's leadership review and planning.

 [Posted Oct 11]

Above: 2014 ARC participants. Australian provincial, Fr Bob Barber, at far left, next to fellow-Aussie, Fr Ben McKenna (Oceania provincial). There are three other Australians in the group: Frs Paul Cooney, Tony Corcoran and Michael Mullins.   Below: Image of the Blessed Virgin in the Monteverde chapel / NZ 'Mission' vineyard's contribution to the end-of-ARC celebrations  |  Australian, Fr Paul Cooney, at the final meal / participants relaxing

History walk for S&L group

Participants in this year's 'Spirituality & Lifestyle' program at Hunters Hill experienced the customary 'history walk', guided by archivist-historian, Fr Peter McMurrich, on Oct 08..

To the sound of Fr Peter's skilled commentary - and camera and mobile phone clicks - the three-hour walk covered the Villa Maria monastery precinct and the original 'Priory' site adjacent to Tarban Creek.

Participants' photos from the walk will be included below...

 [Posted Oct 08]


Pictured from left: Marist Family JPIC committee members, Sonia Zec, Frs Kevin Stewart, Kevin Bates and Jim Carty, Br Paul Hough, Sr Grace Ellul and Fr Paul Mahony.

Forgotten Wars remembered

The Marist Family 'Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation' committee met on Oct 07 at Hunters Hilll, NSW, to continue planning for its 2015 symposium..

Whilst Australia remembers the centenary of World War I and the Anzacs, the August symposium is likely to focus on the fuller story of the nation's involvement in wars, beginning with the 'forgotten wars' against indigenous peoples.

 [Posted Oct 08]


Fr Susitino Sionepoe (Vicar Provincial)

Fr Pio Fong (First Councillor)

Fr Setefano Mataele (councillor)

Oceania councillors re-elected

Provincial of the Oceania Marist Province, Fr Ben McKenna SM, has announced the re-election for three years of his councillors following a recent consultation across the Pacific.

We congratulate Fr Susitino Sionepoe who will continue as Vicar-Provincial, Fr Pio Fong as First Councillor and Fr Setefano Mataele as Councillor.

Each has been involved in the leadership of one of the MAP 'Spirituality & Lifestyle' programs conducted in Sydney, 2012-2014.

[Posted Oct 07]


Cultural symbols of S&L participants presented during the opening Eucharist / smiling participants and team, ready for action on their first day

Spirituality & Lifestyle program begins

Sponsored by the regions of Marist Asia-Pacific, the fourth 'S&L' course has begun at Hunters Hill, NSW, with an opening Mass at Holy Name of Mary church, on Oct 06.

Nine young Marists from five Pacific countries and the Philippines will enjoy a range of practical and reflective opportunities to set news goals in both lifestyle and spirituality choices.

Program coordinator, Fr Paul Sullivan SM, is assisted by the Vicar-Provincial of the Oceania Marist Province, Fr Susitino Sionepoe SM, in participation liaison.

 [Posted Oct 06]

Above: Former Superior-General, Fr Bern Ryan / part of the impressive one-day-old S&L choir  |  Frs Peter McMurrich (Vicar-Provincial, Australia), Susitino Sionepoe (Vicar-Provincial, Oceania, and S&L participant liaison), Paul Sullivan (S&L coordinator) / Confrères, other Marist Family members and friends at Holy Name of Mary church  |  Homilist, Fr Paul Sullivan / Fr Tomasi Sili
Below: More scenes at the Mass, opening session and morning tea
Above, from left: Frs Ashton Koleman (Bougainville), Eneriko Nacolarara (Fiji), Francis Takaku (Bougainville), Gil Casio (Philippines)
Below: Frs Jacob Aba (Solomon Is), Jean-Vianney Barang (Vanuatu), Lionel Mechavez (Philippines), Tomasi Sili (Tonga), Steven Lugabai (Bougainville).     Further below: Team members, Frs Susitino Sionepoe and Paul Sullivan

European provincial, Fr Hubert Bonnet-Eymard, presides at the opening Mass in the chapel of Monteverde.

ARC underway in Rome

The Society of Mary's 'Annual Review Consultation' has begun in Rome at the Marist General House, 'Monteverde'.

Superior-General, Fr John Hannan SM, welcomed the gathering bringing together the major superiors of the Marist Fathers with the General and the other members of his administration.

One participant reports: 'It was a very good start to the meeting in a lovely atmosphere of brotherhood, openness and trust. May the Lord bless our work for the good of the Society and the people of God the SM serves!'

 [Posted Oct 03]

Above: Fr John Hannan welcomes ARC participants / District of Asia superior, Fr Pat Devlin, reporting  |  Frs José-Maria da Silva (Brazil), Hubert Bonnet-Eymard (Europe) and Australians, Paul Cooney & Bob Barber / Frs Kevin Duffy & Lote Raiwalui (Gen Adm), Didier Hadonou (Africa), Pat Devlin (Asia) and Ted Keating (USA).
Below: Oceania's Fr Ben McKenna reporting / ARC members relaxing  |  Australian provincial, Fr Bob Barber / NZ's, Fr David Kennerley

Migrants and Refugee conference

Marists were amongst those gathered for the National conference on the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Refugees at ACU's North Sydney campus this week.

Topics included climate-induced migration, human trafficking, asylum seekers, international students and a range of other areas of pastoral concern.

 [Posted Oct 02]

Above: Prof Maya Cranich's presentation on ACU's online program on the Thai-Burma border  |  Maya Cranich and Immigration lawyer, David Manne         Below: Catholic Mission-sponsored Village Space drama  |  Fr Jim Carty SM / young author on Nauru detention, Mark Isaacs

Second retreat from Br Robert

Marist Brother, Robert O'Connor FMS, is again leading a retreat for members of the Australian Province of Marist Fathers (see September news).

The retreat is being held in the Maryvale/Montbel precinct at Hunters Hill, NSW, allowing participants reflective moments in the picturesque and historic grounds of Villa Maria monastery.

 [Posted Oct 01]


Social Justice Diary for October

This month's anniversaries include Uluru returned to traditional owners (1985); Bali bombings (2002)

Go to JPIC Diary

 [Posted Oct 01]