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Fr John Larsen new Superior-General

From Nemi, Italy, comes the news that Fr John Larsen SM has become the 14th Superior-General of the Society of Mary. After days of prayer and discernment, the Marist Fathers' General Chapter members cast their votes on Sep 30.

NZ-born Fr John (62) succeeds retiring Superior-General, Fr John Hannan, and brings extensive experience from mission work in Asia and recent leadership of the international theologate, Rome.

In coming days elections will continue to elect four assistants for the new General.

Congratulations, Fr John! Our prayers go with you. [For more details, see 'SM Bulletin', click here.]

[Sep 30]

Scenes at the General Chapter, immediately after Fr John's election, including the symbolic handing over of office
by retiring General, Fr John Hannan.


For Marist Laity Australia's invitation to their upcoming reflection day, click here.  

'Awaken' will be held at Sydney's city-centre church of St Patrick's on Oct 21.                  

[Sep 28]


News from Nemi

Daily bulletins from the Marist Fathers' General Chapter at Nemi, Italy, report steady progress and good spirits.

Invited to give brief summaries of their reports to the chapter, provincials were warned that microphones would be turned off after five minutes!

A day trip to Assisi provided a welcome relief to the constancy of chapter sessions.

The Chapter will shortly choose a new Superior-General and Council.                     [Sep 27]

Thank you to Fr Alejandro Munoz for images of the chapter.   Spot the Aussies.

Wilai walk continues

From his fourth week of 'Walking for Wilai', Fr Jim Carty sends blog images of his adventures in the south-west of France.

Click here for more about the 'Walk for Wilai', raising funds to support stateless children in south-east Asia.

[Sep 26]


181st anniversary

In the chapel of La Capucinière, Belley, France, on Sep 24, 1836, the pioneer members of the Society of Mary pronounced their vows of religion to become Marists, and elected Jean-Claude Colin as their first Superior-General.

In a few days' time in Nemi, Italy, today's Marist Fathers will elect a new Superior-General.

[Sep 24]


Are some lives worth more than others?

As Australia marks Social Justice Sunday (Sep 24), we present Fr Kevin Bates' recent reflection. Click here

[Sep 24]


Opening of General Chapter

After two days of orientation, the 2017 General Chapter of the Society of Mary was formally opened on Sep 20.

One of the key events of the eight-yearly Chapter will be the election of a new Superior-General and assistants, likely to happen in about ten days' time.

Most photos are courtesy of intrepid photographer and Assistant-General, Fr Alejandro Munoz. Muchas gracias, Padre!

[Sep 21]

Above: Australian Fr Tony Corcoran presides at the Chapter Mass  /    ...and at a morning session. (Note: Marist founders' banners replicate those designed for World Youth Day in Sydney, 2008)     Below:   Chapter members surround a world map  /   ...on which their names were placed geographically   |   Fr Michael Whelan with capitulants during the opening session     /     Fr Tony Corcoran with Superior-General, Fr John Hannan   |   Frs Tony Kennedy and Tony Corcoran during the Mass    |   Chapter table groups

Sisters' Plenary General Council

Australians are well represented at the Plenary General Council of the Marist Sisters currently in session at the Emmaus Centre, Dublin, Sep 15 to 30.

Congregational Leader, Sr Grace Ellul, and Secretary, Sr Vivienne Goldstein, are pictured left with other members of the international team. Australian Unit leader, Sr Cath Lacey, is also attending.

[Sep 20]


General Chapter under way

Gathering at the 'Centro Ad Gentes', Nemi, on the outskirts of Rome, Marists from all over the world have begun a two-day orientation for the 2017 General Chapter of the Society of Mary.

Australia is represented by Frs Bob Barber (provincial),Tony Kennedy and Michael Whelan, while fellow-Aussie, Fr Tony Corcoran is present as Secretary-General. Spot them below...

[Sep 19]


MAP support for finance workshop

Before leaving for the General Chapter, Marist Oceania provincial, Fr Ben McKenna, made special point of offering thanks to Marists in the Asia-Pacific (MAP) region for sponsorship of the recent Finance Workshop in Bomana, PNG.

For a report on the workshop, see Oceania Marist web site: click here

[Sep 19]


Novices at the Marist international novitiate, Davao

Novices' retreat sharing

From the Marist Youth International (MYI) blog: 'We end a journey of reflection on Youth and Vocation Ministries in the Society with a very timely contribution from our confreres at the International Novitiate of the Marist Fathers in Eden (Davao, Philippines) as they share their experience after the first week of Ignatian Exercises.

Jaime (Mexico), Iosefo (Fiji), Christian (Cameroon), Timothy (Solomon Island) and Carlos (Mexico) share interesting and important thoughts about prayer.To hear them, click here

[Sep 18]


Our Lady of Matti ?

From the Matti District Catholic Centre, Digos City, southern Philippines, Fr Chris Ganzon SM reports on the blessing of a new statue of Mary, modelled on that in the grounds of Villa Maria monastery, Hunters Hill.

Fr Chris admired the Sydney statue during his 'Spirituality & Lifestyle' program in 2012, and recently commissioned a replica (minus the crown) for the Matti mission.

[Sep 14]

Above:  The new statue of Mary at Matti  /  Villa Maria's statue  |  Fr Chris Ganzon    Below:   During a celebration for the Holy Name of Mary, the statue was blessed by Marist Asia district superior, Fr Pat Devlin  /  children placing flowers before the new statue  |    Flashback from 2012 when Fr Chris first looked closely at the statue during a history walk at Villa Maria.

Walking for Wilai, week 2

Fr Jim Carty is into the second week of his 'Camino Walk for Wilai' , raising funds to support stateless children in south-east Asia. With the latest photos, he reports:

'These were taken today our feast day, after a heavy slog up, the view of the town of Espional with this old and weathered statue of Mary overlooking it. And even heavier slog down.'

Click here for more about the 'Walk for Wilai'

[Sep 13]

Happy feast of the Holy Name of Mary !

Hoppy's Holy Name of Mary letter

Australian Marist missionary, Fr John ('Hoppy') Hopkinson SM, sends his latest update from the Misioneros Maristas, Tarija, Bolivia.

Click here for Fr Hoppy's letter, with special greetings for Our Lady's feast days around this time.

[Sep 12]


Blogster emeritus

Since Jan 2014, Fr Kevin Duffy SM has posted a weekly blog for the Marist City Centre Church ministry.

Retiring soon from his position as Assistant-General of the Society of Mary, Fr Kevin has faithfully followed a decision of the 2013 Council of the Society to provide a network forum for CCC Marists.

Click here for the multi-lingual blog and its final posting, number 186 ! Well done, Fr Kevin.

[Sep 11]

Above:  Blogster emeritus-extraordinaire, Fr Kevin Duffy  /   the city centre churches logo  Below:  St Patrick's, Sydney  /  ...and its Saturday morning breakfast for the homeless  |  London, UK  / Wellington, NZ  | Deventer, Netherlands  /  Toulon, France  |  San Francisco, USA  /  Passau, Germany   |  International CCC group in London 

New stone blessed

The patronal feast day of Holy Name of Mary parish, Hunters Hill, was celebrated on Sep 10 with an open-air Eucharist preceded by the blessing of a new memorial stone replacing that blessed 150 years ago.

The new stone, pictured left, was blessed by parish priest, Fr Kevin Bates SM.

[Sep 11]

Above: Parishioners gather in front of Holy Name of Mary church for the blessing of the new stone  /   ....and process to the grounds of Villa Maria monastery for Mass  Below: A memorial grove and marble plaque nearby marks the centenary of the original stone blessing in 1867. The plaque bears the names of pioneer Marists once buried in the grounds of St Charles' church, Ryde.

Equal and not the same

Hunters Hill parish priest, Fr Kevin Bates SM, writes a timely and thoughtful piece for this weekend's parish bulletin.

Click here

[Sep 08]


Vocation jamboree at Digos

“Share the gentle presence of God to the world, as Mary did” was the theme of the Marist Vocation Jamboree 2017 held in Matti District Catholic Centre, Digos City, Philippines, Sep 2-3.

The event was hosted by the Marist Fathers’ Community in Matti, Digos City headed by Fr Christopher Ganzon SMand with other Marist vocation directors.

[Sep 07]


Fr Arnold for Marymount program

Filipino Marist, Fr Arnold Garferio SM, has arrived in Australia for the 'New Life' program at 'Marymount', Castle Hill, NSW.

After the course Fr Arnold will return to the Marist apostolic centre at Digos, Mindanao, to engage in vocational promotion for the Marist Mission District of Asia..

Welcome Down Under, Fr Arnold !

[Sep 06]


Walk for Wilai begins

From the cathedral city of Le Puy, France, Fr Jim Carty begins his marathon 'Walk for Wilai' on Sep 05.

Fr Jim is pictured, left, near the chapel of St Michael, Le Puy, a traditional starting point for the 'Camino de Santiago'. His first day will be a 23 km climb into the mountains towards the Spanish border.

The 740km 'Walk for Wilai' is raising funds to support stateless children in south-east Asia. Click here

[Sep 05]

Below: Before leaving Le Puy, Fr Jim visited the chapel of St Michael (left) and the cathedral of Le Puy (right), where he paused for prayer near the statue of St James.

Mackillop pilgrimage

Aug 31-Sep 03 saw eight Japanese Catholics in Australia for a Mary Mackillop pilgrimage.

The pilgrims, from Nara Ken, Sendai City and Hokkaido, visited the North Sydney shrine of St Mary Mackillop and were hosted by Fr Paul Glynn SM at Villa Maria, Hunters Hill.

With their priest, Fr Takahashi, they are pictured, left, at Villa Maria with the statue of Our Lady of the Journey, gift ot the Nara Catholic community, and with Fr Paul Glynn (far right).

[Sep 04]


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[Sep 03]


Marist news from Europe

Click here for the latest Euroinfo.

[Sep 02]


Life took quite a shift!

American Marist and staff member of St Patrick's, Church Hill, Sydney, Fr Paul Hachey SM was recently featured on the Society of Mary's international City Centre Churches Network blog.

'My life took quite a shift', says, Fr Paul. For his story, click here

For the City Centre Churches Network current blog, click here

[Sep 01]


Marist Mission newsletter

For MMC's sping newsletter, click here

[Sep 01]


Social Justice diary for September

JPIC: click here

[Sep 01]