July 2017
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CPR participants and team at the tomb of Jean-Claude Colin with Superior-General, Fr John Hannan (third from right, back row) during the final days of the program. The group includes two Australian Marists, Frs Kevin Redmond and Tony Kennedy (CPR director).

CPR ends

At La Neylière, France, the 2017 Colinian Period of Renewal is drawing to a close (Jul 31).

Participants report: 'There have been many highlights. The opportunity to spend more time in prayer and reflection, visits to the Marist places of origin. Reading more of our Marist history and spirituality and sharing our reflections has helped us to be more in touch with our Marist ancestors.

'We are grateful for the opportunity we have been given and to the people who have helped, supported and prayed for us, especially the La Neylière Marist community and house who have cared for us so well and to Fr Tony Kennedy as director of the program.'

[Jul 29]


JPICC's international guests

Two overseas visitors were guests at the meeting on Jul 25 of the Marist Family Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Committee at the Marist Fathers' province centre, Hunters Hill.

Br Alvaro Sepulveda is from the Marist Brothers' Solidarity group in Rome, while Muriel Valles, a Bridge Program and ACU graduate, is presently on exchange studies at Wollongong University.

After hearing from their guests, the committee reviewed the year's Marist Family branch activities,and considered 2018 project options, including an international blog on Marist J&P activities.

[Jul 27]

Above: Br Alvaro Sepulveda FMS and Sr Margaret Tisch SMSM  /  Muriel Valles and Fr Jim Carty SM   Below: Combined Marist Family JPICC in session  /  Sr Noelene Simmons SM, Sr Margaret Tisch SMSM, Frs Paul Mahony SM and Jim Carty SM

Fourvière celebrations in Sydney

It was the turn of Marist Laity Australia to host the annual Fourvière celebrations in Sydney on Jul 23.

The whole Marist Family was well represented by the Marist Laity, Marist Sisters and Missionary Sisters, Marist Fathers and Brothers at Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill, NSW.

Groups from the Japaese and Kiribas communities added song, dance and colour to the celebration.

One highlight was the sharing by Maria Baden, former leader of Marist Laity Australia. Click here

[Jul 24]

Above: Br Peter Carroll FMS  /  Margaret Woods, MLA coordinator   |   Maria Baden  /  Sr Cath Lacey SM   |   Marist family pray the intercessions  Below: Frs Kevin Bates, Paul Mahony and Willy Melteras   |    Kiribas /  ...and Japanese groups   |     From Myanmar, 'Bridge Program', graduate, Muriel Valles with Fr Kevin Bates  / ..and Marist Laity members
Below: François and Josieanne Espinosa (Marist Latiy)   |    Party time at Villa Maria monastery

Preparing for Fourvière

Click below for two simple resources to help prepare for the celebrations of the Fourvère pledge on Jul 23, 1816, to form the Society of Mary.

'Fourvière and the Pledge...'       
Fr Gerard Hall's 'Paraliturgy honouring Our Lady of Fourvière...'

[Jul 21]


Fr Rob Galea at St Pat's

Singer-song writer and priest of Sandhurst (Vic) diocese, Fr Rob Galea, led a recent evening of prayer and praise at Sydney's downtown church of St Patrick's, Church Hill.

Benediction and extended time for Reconciliation were an important part of the evening, arranged by St Patrick's Young Adults group.

Moving to Australia from his native Malta, Fr Rob now has an international fan base. Apart from a series of recordings and CD releases, he has also written of songs for various campaigns and international conferences.

[Jul 18]


Above: Fr Rob Galea at St Patrick's  |  St Pat's Young Adult coordinator, Luke Formosa  /   Parish priest, Fr Michael Whelan  |  Fr Fred Kado gives Benediction to an appreciative group filling the historic downtown church   
Below: Conversations and dinner continue in the crypt of St Patrick's


St Peter Chanel anniversaries

Jul 15 and 16 are significant dates in the life of St Peter Chanel SM, proto-martyr of the Pacific and the first Marist to be canonised.

On Jul 16,1803, the infant Peter Chanel was baptised in the parish church of Montrevel, France. Twenty-four years later, almost to the day, he was ordained priest in the monastery church of Brou, Bourg-en-Bresse, on Jul 15, 1827

After several years in diocesan parish ministry, the young Fr Chanel followed a boyhood yearning to be a missionary -- and joined the Society of Mary.

[Jul 15]

Below: The baptismal font and church of Montrevel, near Cuet, France   |   The monastery church of Brou where Peter Chanel was ordained  | Click for the Life of St Peter Chanel

Fourvière reminder

Marist Laity Australia's invitation to this year's Sydney celebrations of the Fourvière promise: click here for details.

[Jul 15]


Welcome Down Under, Muriel !

Muriel in Australia

Karen Burmese refugee and 'Bridge Program' graduate, Muriel Valles (22), arrived in Sydney on Jul 12 to begin a 5-month exchange with the University of Wollngong.

Muriel (BP13) graduated from Australian Catholic University's Thai-Burma online program in 2015, and afterwards was awarded a scholarship to the Hong Kong Institute of Education.

In Wollongong she has chosen courses on communication, indigenous culture and politics. For Muriel's story, 'The journey began...' click here.

[Jul 13]

Below: Muriel checks Sydney's sites on a wet winter's morning!  |  At Villa Maria monastery

Prof Henry Reynolds' endorsement of the 'Owning our History' initiative: I am delighted to see the 'Owning our History' team have completed their work on their new and exciting curriculum. I was most impressed when they first discussed the project with me. Impressed by the dedication and seriousness of their approach. Since then they have put in many hours of work to create what is truly a pioneering endeavour which will in the long run reshape the way Australian history is taught."

Owning our History

The 2015 seminar initiative of the combined Marist Family JPICC ('Both Ends of the Gun') promises to bear much fruit in Australia's growing awareness of its history.

Inspired by the writing of Professor Henry Reynolds, the conference set up the 'First Contact' committee, engaging researcher, Louise Smyth, to prepare teaching resources for Aboriginal studies in Australian schools.

Her expert work has begun and is accessed through the 'Owning our History' web site: click here

[Jul 11]


Images from 'First Footprints' and 'First Australians', among many resources from 'Owning our History' research | 'Both Ends of the Gun' flyer from 2015 (click here)

Two SMH articles, recommended reading: David Stephens  |  Frances Letters


Celebrating achievement

Marist Mission Ranong's latest report features recent graduations and educational milestones.

Check the MMR web site: click here

Pictured, left: ACU graduations at Ranong  /  MMR staff

[Jul 07]


Cardinal Soane Patita Paini Mafi laying hands on Lutoviko at Pea, the first village in Tonga to receive the Catholic faith in 1842.

Pacific ordination

Oceania Marist provincial, Fr Ben McKenna, reports on the priestly ordination of Fr Lutoviko 'Olie, aged 28, on Jun 29 in Tonga:

'Lutoviko's ordination is tied in with the 175th Anniversary of the Catholic Church in Tonga. 

'Lutoviko entered Marist College Suva in 2008,  made his Novitiate in Tutu in 2010, and obtained his Diploma in Theology in 2011.  He attended Corpus Christi Teachers College in 2012 & 13, graduating with Diplomas in Relgious Education and Teaching. and in November last year graduated from Pacific Regional Seminary, with a Bachelor in Theology - Magna Cum Laude - accredited by the Urbanianum University, Rome. 

'This year he is a member of our Apifo'ou community, where he teaches at Apif'ou College.'      Congratulations, Fr Lutoviko !

[Jul 06]


MMC's Executive Officer, Fr Paul Sullivan SM, encourages MMC friends to 'like' the new page.

MMC on Facebook

Click here

[Jul 04]


Marist news from Europe

Latest 'Euroinfo' Click here

[Jul 03]



This year’s theme for NAIDOC Week (Jul 02-09) is the importance, resilience and richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the1920's which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Indigenous Australians.

For more, go to the NAIDOC web site: click here

[Jul 02]


Social Justice diary for July

JPIC: click here

[Jul 01]


Calendar bonus

For the second year in a row, users of the Colin calendar have been offered an extra day in the year.

This year's bonus day was in June, with Saturday, June 31, included. In 2016, users enjoyed thirty-one days in April - and in four languages.

The calendar is prepared in Australia by the pensioner-webmaster of the Colin web site. Complaints or compliments about the bonus day may be directed through 'Contact Us' on www.jeanclaudecolin.org.

[Jul 01]