November 2015

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Runamuck returns

Villa Maria monastery's historic grounds were once again covered in a sea of tents on Nov 28/29 for the second family camp-out by Villa Maria primary school, Hunters Hill.

'Camp Runamuck' enables parents to spend quality time with their children in the monastery's picturesque setting.

Campers enjoyed an outdoor Vigil Mass with parish priest, Fr Kevin Bates SM, followed by barbecue, songs and homespun entertainment.

[Nov 29]


'Daily Inspirations of Faith -
A Season of Prayer, Advent to Epiphany 2015/16'

Nick Chaplin with daughter, Heidi / ... and parishioner Nick Fearnley

Advent inspirations

Holy Name of Mary parishioner, Nick Chaplin, has prepared a series of 'Daily Inspirations of Faith' for use during the days of Advent.

Hunters Hill and Woolwich parishioners are being invited to use the small booklet for daily reflections on scripture in the context of the Advent to Epiphany season. Well done, Nick!

[Nov 28]


St Patrick's says thank you

The annual 'thank you' dinner for staff and volunteers of St Patrick's, Church Hill, was held on Nov 27 during which parish priest, Fr Ray Chapman SM, was farewelled as his six years of service comes to an end.

Fr Ray will take well-earned sabbatical leave in 2016 and will be succeeded by Aquinas Academy director, Fr Michael Whelan SM.

St Pat's is part of a world-wide network of Marist city-centre churches and ministers to a wide cross-section of people from across Sydney's metropolitan area.

[Nov 27]

Above: Fr Ray Chapman accepts an album of good wishes and memories... /... from the gathering of almost two hundred.   Below: Staff, ministers and volunteers gather in the courtyard of St Patrick's prior to the celebratory dinner  |  Fr Ray's farewell speech / St Pat's staff member, Fr Neville Byrne, speaking, before his move to 'Montbel' Hunters Hill in the NewYear.

Order your ACRATH calendar

Sr Noelene Simmons SM advises that 2016's ACRATH* calendar is now available.

Says Sr Noelene: 'Our hope is that the calendar will help to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern day slavery, raise some funds for ACRATH and also enable us to give some financial support to an NGO in south East Asia. The calendar would make a great Christmas gift for family and friends.'

* Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans

Check the order form: click here

[Nov 23]


Click here for the first Marist Laity International Network newsletter

Marist Laity International Network's first newsletter

From Auckland, NZ, Bev McDonald, Marist Laity coordinator (NZ) has launched the first newsletter of the International Network of Marist Laity. Well done, and thank you, Bev!

[Nov 23]

The 8-page newsletter features Marist Lay news from over ten countries, including testimonies from the recent International Conference in Madrid Bev McDonald (left) pictured with staff of the studio of St John the Baptist, Auckland, where the official icon of Jean-Claude Colin was written

Terror and Love

The Solemnity of Christ the King comes days after the terror attacks in Paris.

Fr Kevin Bates reflects on 'Terror and Love'. Go to JPIC.

[Nov 21]


5,000 'likes' for Fr Colin

The Facebook page of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin, has now attracted over 5,000 'likes'.

The page, managed from within the Australian Marist province, is accessed through the Colin web site. Click here then scroll down.

[Nov 20]


Fr John Hopkinson at Villa Maria in 2012.

Fr Hoppy's circular letter

Misioneros Maristas' 25th anniversary
calendar for 2016

Click here to download

Silver anniversary of Misioneros Maristas

On Nov 22 Australian Marist, Fr John ('Hoppy') Hopkinson, and his lay Marist team mark twenty-five years of the 'Misioneros Maristas' in Bolivia.

Fr Hoppy ('Padre Juan' to the locals) has spent most of his Marist life working amongst the poorest of the poor in Central and South Amercia.

Brisbane-born Fr Hoppy is now one of the region's top advisors on the life and development of Basic Christian Communities. Congratulations Misioneros Maristas!

[Nov 20]


Fr Frank Bird with ACU's online program director, Maya Cranitch

Ranong Marist visits ACU

Kiwi Marist, Fr Frank Bird, called in at Australian Catholic University's North Sydney campus this week en route to his native New Zealand for a well-earned break and family visit.

Fr Frank is involved with ACU's online program which has one its bases at the Marist Mission at Ranong in Southern Thailand.

We hope to see him on his return through Sydney before long.

[Nov 19]


Community of Marist College, Suva (Fr Tony Kennedy far left in middle row)

Salu Salu 2015

Edited by Australian Marist formator, Fr Tony Kennedy SM, this year's edition of 'Salu Salu' brings news and reflections from students and staff of Marist College, Suva, Fiji.

Click here.       

[Nov 18]


Marist newsletter from Africa

From Fr Emile Kouma SM comes the November issue of 'Maristes en Afrique', bilingual (French and English) bulletin with updates on the ministry of each Marist Family branch in the Mission District.

Merçi bien, Père Emile!     Click here.       

[Nov 18]


Farewell to Fr Fred

In simple but moving ceremonies on Nov 15/16, Fr Alfred Limeburner SM was farewelled by confrères, family and friends. [See also below, 'Passing of Fr Fred Limeburner']

An evening vigil at 'Montbel' on Nov 15 gave Fr Fred's confrères an opportunity to share memories and to pray, while Requiem Mass was celebrated in Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill, on Nov 16, before interment at Macquarie Park cemetery, North Ryde.

A Skype hook-up gave Fr Fred's nephews and nieces in Montreal, Canada, the chance to participate in the Requiem celebration and graveside ceremonies.        [Nov 16]

Above: Vigil ceremony in the chapel of 'Montbel'.  Below: Long-time friend, Jamie Ryan's, eulogy brought smiles and sighs.  |  Family members receive Communion, while Canadian relatives view the scene through Skype / Provincial, Fr Bob Barber, presiding at the Requiem Mass.  Further below: Fr Paul Mahony officiates at the Macquarie Park graveside farewell  /  Fr Garry Reynolds with the prayers of commendation.


Villa Maria in springtime


[Nov 16]


Founder's 140th anniversary

Nov 15, 2015, marks the 140th anniversary of the death of Jean-Claude Colin at La Neylière, France.

Alert until hours before his passing, Fr Colin was well prepared for his death, having received the sacraments of Anointing and Viaticum in previous days.

Almost exactly a year before he had received permission from his successor, Superior-General, Fr Julien Favre, to take a vow of stability in his beloved Society of Mary which he did on Nov 18, 1874.

[Nov 15]

Above: The grounds of La Neylière where Fr Colin was initially buried /  the room and bed in which he died on Nov 15, 1875.   Below: Second resting place of Fr Colin in the chapel constructed soon after his death / ... and finally in the Pentecost Chapel with its recently refurbished tombstone.  |  The crucifix said to have been held by Fr Colin when he died.
Further below: Fr Colin's frail signature on the document of his vow of stablility, taken on Nov 18, 1874, a year before his death  / La Neylière under snow.     See also Colin web site: click here

Montbel's 6th birthday

The Marist retirement facility of Maryvale/Montbel, Hunters Hill, NSW, celebrates six years since the opening and blessing of the Montbel annex on Nov 15, 2009.

Named after two earlier 'Montbel's, the present residence provides a comfortable living space for ten senior Marists of the Australian province, in addition to rooms in the Maryvale section.

Nov 15 was chosen as an opening date to recall the anniversary of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin, who died on this day at La Neylière, France, in 1875.     Happy birthday, Montbel!

[Nov 15]

Above: Today's community of Maryvale/Montbel with Sunday luncheon guests.
Below: Montbel's signature chapel / ... and adjacent grounds of Villa Maria.  |  Scenes from the opening and blessing on Nov 15, 2009

Fr Paul Cooney (at rear) with the street kids of Dakar / ... and Assistant-General, Fr Kevin Duffy SM

Aussie Marist with Dakar street kids

Fr Christian Abongbung SM reports on the visit of Bursar-General, Fr Paul Cooney, to the street kids in his care:

'A highlight of Fr Paul Cooney's working visit to Africa (Nov 06 to 12) was his visit to meet the street children who come every Wednesday to the Nazareth Centre for Street Kids in Dakar.

'It was a great moment of sharing and conviviality with the street kids. Fr Paul took part in serving the kids with their tea-and-bread breakfast. Most were very anxious to talk with him despite the French-English language barrier, and were very happy to have Paul with them.'

[Nov 12]


Fr Fred Limeburner / .. in 2014 with Maryvale's Mass stipend book cared for by him over many years

Passing of Fr Fred Limeburner

Marists of the Australian Province mourn the death of Fr Alfred ('Fred') Limeburner SM.

A long-time member of the Maryvale/Montbel community, Hunters Hill, Fr Fred had recently moved to St Catherine's Aged Care Facility, Eastwood, NSW. He died at Concord Repatriation Hospital on Nov 11, aged 89.

Fr Fred, an air force serviceman in World War II, was well known as master of novices in the 1960s, as well as teacher, seminary professor and provincial secretary-bursar.

Mass of Christian Burial for Fr Fred will take place in Holy Name of Mary Church (Villa Maria), Hunters Hill, on Mon, Nov 16, at 2 pm. followed by interment at Macquarie Park Cemetery, North Ryde.

May he rest in peace.     Click here for a profile of his life.

[Nov 11]


St Patrick's Christmas Carols Walk

An evening walk through the streets of Sydney from one great shrine to another: St Mary's Cathedral to St Patrick's, Church Hill.

Click here for details

[Nov 09]


Jade and the Junta

'Global Witness' 2 minute video on Myanmar's Nov 08 election -- and ongoing corruption of the Burmese military.

Click here (Facebook link only)

[Nov 07]


From left: Srs Petra, Titilia and Mariana

Marists at Marymount

Two Marist Sisters and one Marist Missionary Sister are amongst the participants of programs at Marymount Mercy Centre, Castle Hill, NSW.

Sr Mariana Tevurega SM and Sr Petra Mario SMSM are close to completing the 'New Life' renewal program, while Sr Titilia Tupou SM, in preparation for final vows, will graduate on Nov 29 from the program inspired by T.S. Eliot's 'Costing nothing less than everything'.

The three sisters, all Fijian, join a sucession of members of the Marist family who have enjoyed Marymount's programs.

[Nov 06]


'Mercy begins with me'

Marist Laity Australia announces a timely event at St Patrick's, Church Hill, Sydney, for Nov 28 to be led by Fr Ray Chapman.

From MLA's Maria Baden: 'On 8th Dec Pope Francis will declare the "Year of Mercy". So our theme will be "Mercy begins with me". ' hoping to see you at St Pat's on the day! May we all be "instruments of Divine Mercy" in our world.'

Click here for details

[Nov 05]


Out of the shadows...

Marist Mission Ranong's latest newsletter is now available. Click here.

MMR was established with help from the Marist Mission Centre and Australian donors.

[Nov 03]


All Souls prayer at Villa Maria

A small group of Marists from the Villa Maria, 'Montbel/Maryvale' and Oceania House communities gathered on Nov 02 for Evening Prayer for the Dead in the monastery grounds, Hunters Hill, NSW.

Villa Maria's historic cemetery and nearby grove of crosses recall the memory of pioneer missionary Marists and well as more recently-deceased confrères.

[Nov 02]


Fr Ben McKenna / sunset, Taveuni, Fiji

Language and Lived Experience

Oceania Marist provincial, Fr Ben McKenna SM, offers a reflection as All Saints solemnity is celebrated. He says: 'As we approach this feast we are reminded of the three dimensions of the Church: The Church Triumphant, the Church Suffering, and the Church Militant.

'Thinking of the Church Militant, one of the things we need to fight for is our language.'

For Fr Ben's reflection, 'Language and Lived Experience'. click here: English |  French

[Nov 01]


Latest Euroinfo

Click here for the Marist European Province newsletter

[Nov 01]


Social Justice and Marist Diary for November

This month's anniversaries include the massacre of Jesuits and co-workers in El Salvador (Nov 16, 1989) and death of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin (Nov 15, 1875)

Go to JPIC diary

 [Nov 01]