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Welcome to the website of the Australian Marist Province

Updated: Jan 24, 2019


0119 SM Srs prof annb

Sisters' jubilees

70 and 60 Marist years for Sr Margaret Purcell and Sr Marie Berise

January news



0119 Guatemala II YP 30119 Guatemala II 04 JL 23

Final Mass at Guatemala

Marist youth celebrate

January news



0119 BLOG banner crp0119 BLOG 1

International blog launched

Interactive JPIC site up-and-running 

January news or JPIC



0119 Novitiate starts 6a crp

Novitiate begins

In Davao, Philippines, international group prepares for Marist commitment 

January news



0119 Guatemala 1a JL Oz0119 Guatemala 1c HK

Weaving life

Marist youth in Guatemala

January news



0119 MFV Fbk video

Vocations video

Marists on Facebook

Vocations page or January news



0119 Chapman Ray 1116 camino 040119 Ray C 0615 LN Exterior 03

Fr Ray Chapman to lead Colinian course

2020 program at La Neylière

January news



0119 Oceania OK 0704 Tutu view 31 vg

Anniversary of mission entrustment

1836 event

January news



0119 Salusalu 4


Oceania seminarians' colourful newsletter

January news


0119 Euroinfo 1

Marist news from Europe

Community ideas for 2019

January news



0119 SG 3

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's New Year message

January news and members page



0119 Montbel event 7 pan

Montbel soirée

New Year balcony celebration

January news



0119 Prov vicar 1a

New leadership duo

Fr Tony Corcoran takes office; Fr Peter McMurrich continues

January news



0119 NY