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Welcome to the website of the Australian Marist Province

Updated: Oct 27, 2021     |     Colin Calendar 2021    |     Colin Calendar 2022 orders: click here

  Prayer during the pandemic:  'Come, Holy Spirit..... cleanse that which is unclean, water that which is dry, heal that which is wounded.'
'Veni, Sancte Spiritius... lava quod est sordidum, riga quod est aridum, sana quod est saucium'  (Sequence of the Holy Spirit)


1021 Prov Circ

Provincial Circular

October News  and Members'  Page

1021 Pandemic bk 31021 Pandemic bk 1 Gerry 0410

Pandemic and People

Fr Gerarld Arbuckle: Cultural Impacts and Pastoral Responses

October News

1021 Blog Earthshot

The Earthshot Prize

Awards for those caring for the earth

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1021 Joe Tora ord 1

Fiji ordination

Suva ceremony for Fr Joseph Tora SM

October News

1021 Nat Day Sorrow 1

National Day of Sorrow and Promise

Looking to a better, safer future

October News

1021 SMB Oct 22

SM Bulletin

Vocations novena, handover of Sacré-Coeur and Fr Gerry Arbuckle's book on the Pandemic.

October News and Members' Page

1021 NL Euroinfo 11021 NL Euroinfo 2


175 years of Marist education in Toulon and other news from Europe

October News and Members' Page

1021 Blog Dry wood

God needs dry wood

Fr Frank Bird and Marist Contemplative Living

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1021 SMB Oct 15a1021 SMB Oct 15b Cal

SM Bulletin

2022 Kalendarium now available

October News and Members' Page

1021 Powick ordination

Ordination of Fr Hayden Powick

Cardinal John Dew presides at Wellington ceremony

October News

1021 Blog support of the church

Mary, support of the Church

Fundamental Marist theme

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1021 SMB Oct 08

SM Bulletin

Final professions in Rome; Senegal visitation

October News and Members' Page

0921 KKerley 5 0514 Sir KKerley 5e1021 KKerley funeral 3a

Farewell, Fr Kevin

Missionary's funeral at Hunters Hill  

October News

1021 NL Familia Marista

Familia Marista

Fr Paddy O'Hare writes about Marists in Japan  

October News

1021 OMP 11021 OMP 21021 OMP 3   

Oceania newsletter

Pandemic in the Pacific and other news  

October News and Members' Page

1021 Blog I C marriage

Christian-Muslim marriage

Marist Inter-religious dialogue report

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1021 Final professions 121021 Final professions 16

Final professions

Roman ceremony livestreamed  

October News

1021 NL SG Larsen John 03191021 NL SG

Superior-General's reflection

Marists and religious community commitment  

October News and Superior-General's Page

0921 KKerley 8 Kerley K 3eee

Passing of Fr Kevin Kerley

Veteran missionary's Bougainville commitment remembered  

September News 

0921 Blog Del Rio

A can of worms

Fr Tony O'Connor on the plight of Haitian refugees at Del Rio

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0921 WDMR 1

Migrants & Refugees 2021

Pope Francis and Bishop Mark Speitz messages


0921 SMB Sep 24

SM Bulletin

Reports from Rome, Canada, Mexico and France

September News and Members' Page

0918 ann GA docs 02 Sep 24 1836 ps0918 ann Batch 2 Pic 2 Belley La Capuciniere 0213 13cps

First Marist professions

Sep 24 anniversary

September News

0921 Retreat TRyan 5a0921 Retreat TRyan 5bb

Montbel retreat

Fr Tom Ryan's morning talks

September News

0921 Blog Peace by piece


Catchy title for important education ministry

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0921 NL MMC

MMC Newsletter

Spring issue from Marist Mission Centre

September News and Members' Page

0921 Ormiston retreat Chas rainbow0921 Ormiston retreat 3e

Ormiston retreat

Brisbane Marists at St Teresa's Centre

September News

0921 SMB Sep 17

SM Bulletin

New theology students, Marist mission in Burundi and Australia

September News and Members' Page

0921 KMedilo HNM Rome 20921 KMedilo HNM Rome 1

Fr Kevin Medilo en route Down Under

Farewell and commissioning in Rome

September News

0921 NL Euroinfo 10921 NL Euroinfo 2


Latest news from Marist European province

September News and Members' Page

0921 MLA HNM Zoom 7

HNM Laity Zoom

International participation for Marist Patronal Feast

September News

0921 Blog Marist Buddhism

Buddhist retreat

Fr Kevin Duffy's Marist experience

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0921 SMB Sep 10

SM Bulletin

Final profession preparations, international novitiate venue, NZ Marist shrine

September News and Members' Page

0921 Safeguarding Sunday

Safeguarding Sunday

Resources for Sep 12

September News

0921 Season of Creation Rome 10921 Season of Creation Rome 2

Roman celebration

Aussie Marists and Season of Creation

September News

0921 MLA HNM Zoom ad

Laity's invitation for HNM

Holy Name of Mary Zooms: Marist Laity Australia and Marist Laity New Zealand

September News

0921 NL SG Larsen John 03190921 NL SG 3

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen as Holy Name of Mary approaches

September News and Superior-General's page

0921 Hoppy 1 Guarani children with Juan at the August 15th celebration in Yukumbia

Fr Hoppy's newsletter

Pandemic times at Misioneros Maristas, Bolivia 

September News

0921 Season of Creation 1

Season of Creation

Pope Francis' message as season begins 

September News and JPIC

HNM Mass 1HNM Paraliturgy 1

Holy Name of Mary resources

Prayers for Marist patronal feast, Sep 12

September News

0921 NL OMP 10921 NL OMP 2

Oceania News Bulletin

Marist news updates from the Pacific

September News and Members' Page

0821 Blog Chldren

Special Needs and Consolation

African project for children with special needs

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0819 JMC 1a 0213 Belley 8a Chavoin ptg crp ps

Chavoin remembered

Marist Sisters' Foundress anniversary

August News

0821 SJ statement 1

Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

Social Justice Sunday statement by Australian Bishops

JPIC and August News

0821 CRA Zoom for Myanmar 10821 CRA Zoom for Myanmar 4

Myanmar solidarity

Australian religious gather

 JPIC and August News

0821 Prov Circ banner

Provincial Circular

August News and Members' Page

0821 Blog Code Red

Code Red for Planet Home

Fr Peter Healy on UN climate report

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0821 MLA Assumption Zoom 4crp0821 MLA Assumption Zoom 10821 MLA Assumption Zoom 2

Assumption Zoom

Shape of things to come

August News

0821 Blog Kennerley David 10821 Blog Kennerley David 2

Marist Contemplative Living

Fr David Kennerley and Mary in the midst of the Church

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0821 MLA 3 inv0821 MLA 2 web

Marist Laity Australia

Assumption invitation and e-Bulletin

August News

0821 NL Euroinfo 10821 NL Euroinfo 2


La Neylière re-opens, Marist Camino planning, Laity events, Walsingham pilgrimage

August News and Members' Page

0821 Blog Arbuckle

Pandemic and People of God

Fr Gerald Arbuckle's forthcoming book

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1110 MMcK card
O God, source of all goodness, who have shown us in Saint Mary a woman of faith
living by the power of the Cross, teach us, we pray,
by her example to live the gospel in changing times
and to respect and defend the human dignity of all in our land.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever. Amen.

Collect of the Mass of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Aug 08.

0512 Barbery cross 8J only blue sky e0512 St Bonnet 7J thru trees

Founder's birthday

Jean-Claude Colin remembered

August News

0821 Laudato Si new name 10821 Laudato Si new name 3

Name change for GCCM

Ecology movement's new image

JPIC and August News

0721 JCC Gen House 110721 JCC Dicastery of Saints 2

Cause dossier in Rome

Abbé Peyret brings documents from Lyons

August News

0821 Blog Hemi

Living Cry of Hope

Hemi Ropata: 'I am the land, and the land is me'

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 0721 OMP 10721 OMP 2

Oceania News Bulletin

COVID in Fiji and Council of the Province updates  

August News and Members' Page

 0721 NL SMB Jul30 ...

SM Bulletin

Beatification Cause advances  

August News and Members' Page

0721 Marist Voices 1 0721 Marist Voices 20721 Marist Voices 30721 Marist Voices 4  

Marist Voices

International Laity bulletin  

July News

0721 Mika Cilicewa Br 0814 Mika10721 Mika farewell Montbel 0415 4

Farewell, Br Mika

Passing of Br Mikaele Cilicewa SM 

July News

0721 Fourviere events Zoom 100721 Fourviere events 3

Fourvière events

Marist Family involvement

July News

0721 Blog Japan

Dialogue in Japan

Fr Michael Jacques on inter-religious dialogue

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0721 NL SMB Jul23

SM Bulletin

Post-graduate studies in Rome; Marist Mission in Ranong 

July News and Members' Page

0721 Asia NL July0721 Asia NL July 20721 Asia NL July 3

Marist Asia Newsletter

Includes new Sydney mission report 

July News

0721 Fourviere0721 Fourviere JCC bio 0918 8crpps

Fourvière pledge remembered

Key moment in Marist Family history 

July News

0721 Bp Long0721 Bp Long cartoon

A Synodal Church

Bishop Vincent Long

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0721 NL SMB Jul16

SM Bulletin

Fourvière resources, Tongan award, Roman school closure 

July News and Members' Page

0512 Fourviere ext 3J

Fourvière in lockdown

Range of resources for preparations 

July News

0721 Sorgente 10721 Sorgente 20721 Sorgente 30721 Sorgente 4

La Sorgente

Marist Theologate news from Rome

July News

0718 SPC ann 1 0714 Cuet 09.10718 SPC ann 2 0715 La Potiere 3

Chanel anniversaries

July events for St Peter Chanel 

July News

0721 Ekuasi Manu 10721 Ekuasi Manu 2

Medal of Honour

Tongan award for educationalist, Fr Ekuasi Manu 

July News

0721 BLOG Contemplation

Marist contemplative living

Fr Paul Walsh continues the series

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 0721 NL Euroinfo 10721 NL Euroinfo 2


Graduations, pilgrims and intercessory prayer

July News and Members' Page

0721 NL SMB Jul090621 Ray Chapman 2 Aranc

SM Bulletin

Another report on Fr Ray Chapman's Bugey walk

July News and Members' Page

0721 Ranong 10721 Ranong 6

Ranong report

Good news from Burmese migrfants in Thailand

July News and JPIC

0721 Herston M Carroll H Moore 56oa

Herston celebrations

Party time in Brisbane

July News

0621 Ray Chapman 2 Aranc0621 Ray Chapman 3 cows Arandas

Camino in the making

Fr Ray Chapman on the hoof in the Bugey

July News

0721 Rome anniversaries 20721 Rome anniversaries 1

Anniversaries in Rome

Frs Pat Deviln and John Larsen honoured

July News

0721 BLOG Tutu

Tutu: providing a future

Values, economy and ecology combined in Fiji

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0721 naidoc 2021 poster0721 naidoc heal our country


First Australian's theme of 'Heal Country!'

July News and JPIC

 0721 SG 10521 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe

'Source and summit'

Fr John Larsen and the centrality of the Eucharist for Marists

July News and Superior-General's Page

0721 NL Sarnelli 10721 NL Sarnelli 30721 NL Sarnelli 2

Sarnelli newsletter

Inspiring stories of MMC-supported mission in Thailand

July News

0621 OMP 10621 OMP 2

Oceania News Bulletin

Marist news from the Pacific

June News and Members' Page

0618 4 0715 Jarnosse 04

Chavoin feast day

Marist Sisters remember their Foundress

June News

0621 Blog Share journey

Sharing the Journey

Marists, migrants and refugees

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0621 NL SMB Jun25

SM Bulletin

Reports include Mexico's Provincial Chapter, Professions in Cameroon and African Chapter outcomes.

June News and Members' Page

0621 Blog Peru prison

He comforts us...

Sr Carlotta Calle's prison ministry in Peru

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0621 Prov Circ0621 Prov Circ pix page rev

Provincial Circular

Latest issue

June News and Members' Page

0621 Professions Africa e0621 Professions Africa 2

New Marists

Profession of four young Africans

June News

0621 Refugee week0621 Refugee week 2

Refugee week 2021

Hunters Hill and JRS initiative

June News and JPIC

0621 NL SMB Jun18

SM Bulletin

Reports include African visits and new book on priestly formation.

June News and Members' Page

0621 Africa Chapter visit 8

African chapter concludes

Frs John Larsen and Ben McKenna visit

June News

0621 Blog RossFlint

Contemplation: renewing society

 Rev Ross Flint on the practical fruits of contemplation

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0621 NL SMB Jun110621 NL Euroinfo 10621 NL Euroinfo 2

European bulletins

Latest SM Bulletin and Euroinfo

June News and Members' Page

Sacred Heart plaque c text

Solemnity  of the Sacred Heart.     St Paul's prayer: click here

0621 NL MMC 10621 NL Familia Marista 1


Marist Mission Centre and Familia Marista

June News and Members' Page (MMC)

0621 Blog GHall

Interreligious dialogue: a Marist's journey

Fr Gerard Hall's presentation to international commission

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0714 LHermitage 020512 L Hermitage MC room 6J portrait

Champagnat day

Last days of St Marcellin

June News

0521 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0621 SG 1

Marists and education

Fr John Larsen's June reflection

June News or Superior-General's Page

Ryan T 1e0621 Handbook of Love cover

'Being Shore to the ocean'

Fr Tom Ryan's chapter in international handbook 

June News 

0521 OMP 10521 OMP 2

Oceania News Bulletin

Br Charlie Randle's 'Cycling for Children' project 

June News or Members' Page

0521 Blog NDame

Food insecurity awareness

Notre Dame students' program :

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0521 NL SMB May28

SM Bulletin

International Marist Youth website updated, Ginkgo planting at Villa Santa Maria

May News or Members' Page

 0521 IMY website 2

International Marist Youth

Website updated 

May News

0521 Gingko 1 Monteverde0521 VM Gingko 0617 12a PGlynn

Ginkgo plantings

Marist leaders united 

May News

0521 May 22 MLA Rosary 2p

Garden rosary

Marist Laity at prayer

May News

0521 Blog TOConnor

Connections - earth and poor

Fr Tony O'Connor at :Laudato Si anniversary

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0521 NL SMB May21

SM Bulletin

Asia District leadership renewed, Vocation Year, General House staff inservice

May News or Members' Page

0521 HQ staff

HQ staff enrichment

Marist history and spirituality for General House staff

May News

0521 Laudato Si week 10521 Laudato Si week 0

Laudato Si week

Ten-day program details


0621 Blog MWhelanjpg

Contemplative journey

Fr Michael Whelan's reflection

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0521 NL SMB May140521 Marist Family leaders

SM Bulletin

Marist leaders at Manziano

May News or Members' Page

0521 NL Euroinfo 10521 NL Euroinfo 2


Latest Marist news from Europe

May News or Members' Page

0521 Saliba 0313 Judy farewell 90521 Saliba 0313 Judy farewell 8

Passing of Judy Saliba

Former provincial secretary mourned by Marists

May News

0521 Blog FBird

Myanmar coup - a Marist view

Fr Frank Bird's moving acccount from Ranong, Thailand

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0521 NL SMB May07

SM Bulletin

Laudato Si in the Pacific, cenacle icon, Ghari people book

May News and Members' Page

0521 Balay P anniv 4

32 years of care for kids

Balay Pasilungan anniversary

May News

0521 Blog Healy Marian Ecol

Marian integral ecology

Fr Peter Healy on the work of Fr Donato Kivi

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC



0421 Mary statue VM grounds 2 0308wide e

May -- Mary's Month

Statue of Mary & Child in the grounds of Villa Maria monastery, Hunters Hill, NSW, Australia. Formerly at the Marist Novitiate, Mt St Mary's, Armidale, NSW.) 

0521 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0521 SG 1

Grace in the clouds

Fr John Larsen's May reflection

May News or Superior-General's Page

0421 Marists BNE SPC

Brisbane Chanel celebration

Provincial at Rosalie gathering

 April News

0421 OMP 10421 OMP 2

Oceania News Bulletin

Marist news from the Pacific

 April News or Members' Page

0421 OWDS Tutu view 0704 31 vg

On whatever distant shore

Anniversary of Rome's approval of the Society of Mary

 April News

0410 St Peter Chanel icon large1
St Peter Chanel SM

First martyr of Oceania.   Feast day, Apr 28

Icon written in 1991 to mark the 150th anniversary of his martyrdom on the island of Futuna, 1841.

For more on St Peter Chanel, go to April News

0421 Br Colin funeral 110421 Br Colin funeral 18

Farewell, Br Colin

Veteran missionary laid to rest in mission cemetery

 April News

0421 Prov Circ

Provincial Circular

Latest issue: news and photos

Members' Page

0421 Blog I R dialoguee Zoom

Marists and inter-religious dialogue

Fr John Larsen addresses International Commission

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0421 Anzac Rome 10421 Anzac Rome 2

Anzacs in Rome

Marists gather at Domus Australia

 April News

0421 SMB Apr 23

SM Bulletin

Marist news from Rome

 April News or Member's Page

0121 Bates Kevin 20420 Anzac SYD Jan 27 sunrise Anzac Br 0107

Remember and pray

Fr Kevin Bates' Anzac reflection

April News and JPIC

0421 Blog Contemplation

Marist Contemplative Living

Fr Ted Keating continues series

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0421 Casa di Maria cty 1

Hope for the future

Diverse group in formation

April News

0421 SPC novena cover

St Peter Chanel novena

Vocations prayer, Apr 19-27

April News

0421 Br Colin 0419 1e blr0421 Br Colin 0812 St Pats 22 Br Colin lady

Passing of Br Colin Campbell SM

Gentle missionary goes to God

April News

0421 P Pidcock Kerrie bdd 10421 Tony King 95th bd 6

Montbel celebrations

Party time

April News

0421 SMB Apr 16

SM Bulletin

Marist news from Brazil, Philippines and Italy

 April News or Member's Page

0421 Wilai Camino 20421 Wilai Camino 10421 Wilai Camino 3

Aussie camino for Wilai

Portland to Penola in September

April News and JPIC

0421 Kevin Redmond 1e

Fr Kevin Redmond returns

Preparing for Marayong international mission, via St Patrick's

April News

0421 NL Rameau 10421 NL Rameau 50421 NL Rameau 4

'The Branch'

Life at St Peter Chanel's, Yaoundé

April News and Members' Page

0421 NL Euroinfo 10421 NL Euroinfo 2


St Peter Chanel reflections

April News and Members' Page 

0421 Blog Marys Grove

Mary's Grove

Transformation of the shrine at Monte Alto, Brazil

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

0421 Alleluia x3 col 2

0421 SMB Apr 09

SM Bulletin

Appointment of Fr Christian Abongbung and visits of Fr Juan-Carlos Piña.

April News and Members' Page

0421 Chris Abongbung A G 10421 Chris Abongbung A G 2 1110

New Assistant-General

Fr Christian Abongbung   ñ

April News 

0421 NL MLA 1

Marist Laity e-Newsletter

Information, reflection and prayer

April News 

0421 Blog Easter

Deep Resurrection

... in space and time

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

0414 Good Fri VM 5ee

0421 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0421 SG 1

Love in action

Fr John Larsen's Easter reflection

April News  or Superior-General's Page

0321 Bobs ashes 100321 Bobs ashes 11

Fr Bob Barber's ashes interred

Mission cemetery ceremony

March news

0321 OMP 2 10321 OMP 2 2

Oceania Bulletin

News from Marists in the Pacific

March news and Members' Page

0321 Blog P Luigi

Laudato Si & Marists in Africa

Fr Luigi and food for the people

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

0321 SMB Mar 26

Let's pray for Myanmar

Marist connections; military violence

March news and Members' Page

0321 NL MMC 10321 NL MMC 20321 NL Cerdon Nov 10321 NL Cerdon Nov 2  

Mission bulletins

MMC and novitiate news

March news

0121 Bates Kevin 20321 K Bates Truth

What is Truth?

Fr Kevin Bates on Pilate's iconic question


0321 MICS 2a0321 Calendar cover for report

Calendars - at last

Victims of COVID

March news

0321 Marists Myanmar Fr Peter GA

Marists and Myanmar

Fr Peter's return to his people

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

0321 SMB Mar 19

SM Bulletin

Rome lock-down, new finance staff member, websites updates

March news or Members' Page

0321 Somare Mass Dylan 30321 Somare Mass Dylan 1  

Fr Dylan leads Somare memorial

Pacificans at Brisbane Cathedral Mass

March news

 0321 NL Familia Marista 10321 NL Familia Marista 20321 NL Familia Marista 3   

Familia Marista

Cause of Jean-Claude Colin and Spanish martyrs

March news

0321 Blog Contemplation 2 Fritz0321 Blog Contemplation 1

Marist Contemplative living

Fr Fritz Arnold and a way of Marist life

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

 0321 NL Euroinfo 10321 NL Euroinfo 2


Colin cause; Solidarity ministry; youth baptisms

March news and Members' Page

0321 SMB

SM Bulletin

Year of St Joseph; Australian Chapter 

March news and Members' Page

0321 Indig cross blessing 11e0321 Indig cross blessing 17

Indigenous cross blessed

Four seasons aboriginal art 

March news

0321 Pope Pius vii engraved0321 PopePius VII GA docs 3

A word of encouragement

Pope Pius VII's 1822 letter 

March news

0321 Blog Sick and care crp

'You took care...'

Marist European Solidarity reflection on care of sick and elderly

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

01 Prov Circ Feb 2021

Provincial Circular

First issue for 2021 

March news or Members' Page

0321 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0321 SG 1

St Joseph's four dreams

Fr John Larsen's monthly reflection

March News  or Superior-General's Page

0321 Bob Barber funeral 20p

Farewell to Fr Bob

Marist Family attend Requiem liturgy

March News

0321 Blog Healey

Laudato Si action plan

Follow up from Fr Peter Healy SM

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

0321 MLA 10321 OMP 1

Marist news: Laity and Oceania

Website updates;    Pacific news

March News

0321 ConstnAnniv 6 GA docs 90 bdr

The telegram from Rome

Constitutions approval recalled

March News


0221 Bob Barber me PDF cover0221 Bob Barber mem ARC 0914 BobBarber 2

Memories of Fr Bob Barber SM

For those who have sent condolences

February News

0221 VSL 1 cover0221 VSL 2 JTaylor

'Short life' published

Abridged version of Marist Founder's biography

February News

0221 SMB Feb 26

SM Bulletin

Fr Samuela's ordination, 'Short Life' of Jean-Claude Colin released and Marists and the pandemic

February News

0221 Prov chapter grp 5e

Chapter concludes

Reconfiguration and ministries

February News

Hopkinson J 1212Hoppy Lent letter 2

Fr Hoppy's Lenten letter

'Misioneros Maristas', Bolivia

February News

0221 7 year plan

Seven-year action platform

Follow on from Laudato Si webinar

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

0221 Sam Tukidia ord 2b Suva0221 Samu Tukidia Ord 1

Rome ordination

Fr Samuela Tukidia SM

February News

0221 Prov chapter 1 Lumix

Chapter begins

Australian Marists plan for future

February News 

0221 Colin Cause 1 Lyons grp0221 Colin PS rn 0418

Latest step in Colin Cause

Lyon process completed

February News 

0221 SMB Feb 19

SM Bulletin

Colin Cause latest step

February News or Members' Page

0221 LS webinar slide 10 20221 LS webinar 1a grp

Marist Laudato Si Webinar

Worldwide ecology network

February News and  JPIC

0221 LaudatoSi Lent 1a0221 GCCM logo Copy

Laudato Si Lent

Lenten ideas from GCCM


0221 Sorgente 10221 Sorgente 20221 Sorgente 3

'The Source'

Marist International Theologate bulletin

February News 

0221 NL Euroinfo 10221 NL Euroinfo 2


Marist news from Europe

February News or Members' Page

0221 Contemplation treasure the thought

Contemplative Marist Living

Fr Justin Taylor on the energy source of Marist mission

  0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

Barber Bob 0113 1

Passing of Fr Bob Barber

'a dear confrere and friend.....  generous Marist and faithful priest'

February News

0221 SMB Feb 12jpg

SM Bulletin

'Laudato Si webinar, Brazil ordination, new USA provincial

February News or Members' Page


0221 Card Bo 10221 Card Bo 2 ASSK crp

Myanmar's Cardinal speaks out

Cardinal Charles Bo's letter

February News and  JPIC

Br Charlie 2012 Cameron Mota bike 0221

Ride on, Br Charlie !

Cycling for Children in Brisbane and Rome

  February news and 0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC

0221 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe Copy0221 NL SG 1

Superior-General's reflection

Presentation feast and options for Marists

February news and Superior-General's Page

0221 Fullness of Life 10221 Fullness of Life 2

Fullness of Life workshops

Perth centre's 2021 program announced

February news

0221 Blog recycling

Border recycling

Fr Tony O'Connor, from Brownsville,  Texas

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC



 0121 OMP 10121 OMP 2

Oceania news

Two Marist professions and Fiji happenings

February news or Members' Page

0121 SMB Jan 29

SM Bulletin

NZ youth leadership, dental clinic for Filipino street boys, European publications

February news or Members' Page

0121 Bates Kevin 20121 Australia Day 0 0120

One and free

Fr Kevin Bates' Austraia Day reflection


0121 Ritual of Lament

Ritual of Lament

Tasmanian event rescheduled

January news

0121 Oliver Gardiner

Young Citizen of the Year

Holy Name of Mary parishioner selected

January news

0121 MMC 10121 MMC 2

Cycling for children

MMC's fundraiser, Brisbane and Rome

January news

0121 SMB Jan 22

SM Bulletin

Bishop Paul Martin's Wellington appointment; ministry review in Mexico

January news or Members' Page

0121 Refugees

Marists, refugees and migrants

Reflection from SM Solidarity, Europe

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC

20121 SMB 1

SM Bulletin

Ordinations, professions and new novices

January news or Members' Page

0121 Ranong KRedmond FBird et al0121 Ranong report

Ranong report

A challenging year

January news  and JPIC

0121 Professions

Two new Marists

Profession ceremony in Davao

January news

1120 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0121 SG 10121 SG 2 Sust Cov

Marists and sustainability

Superior-General and ecological conversion

January news, JPIC and Superior-General's Page

0121 La Balme ann 0213 La Balme 250121 La Balme ann 0220 Ondoua Declas 1ae snow

Pioneer mission anniversary

Up, up and away...

January news

0121 NL Euroinfo 10121 NL Euroinfo 2

First Euroinfo

Marist news from Europe

January news or Members' Page

0121 Ordination Stev 4e0121 Ordination Stev 5e

Senegal ordination

Fr Stev Youm SM ordained in Dakar

January news

0121 Contemplation

New Year contemplation

Fr Ben Kenna as 2021 begins

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0121 Abp Paul Martin 10121 Abp Paul Martin 2

Archbishop Paul Martin

Marist Coadjutor Archbishop of Wellington

January news

0121 GCCM calendar 1

GCCM calendar

Monthly environmental reminders

January news

0121 Aquinas Ac 10121 Aquinas Ac 2

Aquinas Academy courses

New and old for 2021

January news

1220 NL Asia 11220 NL Asia 41220 NL Asia 71220 NL Asia 9

Marist Asia news

Reports from Davao, Matti, Ranong

December news

1220 Ordinations 71220 Ordinations 1

Two Marist ordinations

Colourful ceremonies in Cameroon and Bougainville 

December news

1220 X Casa di Maria cty1220 X Asia District

Greetings from all over

Messages from Africa, Asia and Italy 

December news

1220 Xmas Vigil Mass 4

Christmas begins

COVID-safe Eucharists at Villa Maria 

December news

1220 NL OMP 1

Oceania news bulletin

Cyclone Yasa at Fiji, and the end of an era at Chanel College, Samoa

December news and Members' Page

1220 Abor Xmas

Dadirri - the deep spring

Indigenous listening for Christmas

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1220 NL SMB

Final SM Bulletin for 2020

Cameroon ordination and novitiate team plans 

December news

1220 MLA reflection 1

Who are the good angels?

Christmas reflection from Marist Laity Australia 

December news

1220 NL Prov Circ

Provincial Circular

Last issue for 2020 

December news or Members' Page

1220 FN 11220 FN 3 Greiler Alois 0714

Forum Novum

Marist journal's double volume 

December news

1220 NL Euro 11220 NL Euro 2


Marist news from Europe 

December news and Members' Page

1220 Laudato Si Mass

World, Church and Marists

Fr Ben McKenna at Laudato Si circle

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1220 NL SMB 1

SM Bulletin

News from Auckland, Fiji and Rome

December news and Members' Page

1220 NL CRA1220 NL CRA 2

CRA Bulletin

Last for 2020 from Catholic Religious Australia

December news 

1220 Ranong graduation 6 grp

Ranong graduations

Teacher training for immigrant youth

December news 

1120 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe1220 NL SG

Superior-General's Reflection

The earthiness of the crib

December news and Superior-General's Page

1220 NL MMC 11220 NL MMC 21220 NL MMC 31220 NL MMC 4 

MMC Newsletter

Children's projects in S-E Asia

December news and Members' Page

1120 Maori

Māori dialogue

Fr Phil Cody, Aotearoa

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1120 Ben DSouza ord 031120 Ben DSouza ord 09

Auckland ordination

Fr Ben D'Souza SM

November news

1120 NL SMB 2711

SM bulletin

Musical Marists and new deacons

November news and Members' Page

1120 Jubilarians 12

Jubilarians honoured

Celebrations at Hunters Hill

November news

1120 Tony OConnor team

Border update

Fr Tony O'Connor from Brownsville, Texas

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1120 Diaconate Rome 13b1120 Diaconate Rome 20

New Marist deacons

Charles Apeke and Hayden Powick ordained in Rome

November news

1120 NL SMB 2011

SM bulletin

Suva graduations, NZ provincial chapter, SMSM Jubilee Year

November news and Members' Page

1120 NL OMP 11120 NL OMP 2

Oceania bulletin

Province leaders reappointed

November news and Members' Page


1120 Balay P report 11120 Balay Pasil 5

Balay Pasilungan report

Street boys' shelter in COVID times

November news

1120 John Perreira Gil Casio Nov 15

Anniversaries with Fr John Pereira

Samoan Marist in Philippines

November news 

1120 Charlie Randle bd 4crp1120 Charlie Randle bd 11 0212 Charles riding 1

Br Charlie's 80th

Herston celebration for cycling veteran

November news 

1120 Perroton

Oceania legacy

Marist Missionary Sisters in the Pacific

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0615 LN grounds 15BWjpg1120 JCC state detail Rome 1e

Mission accomplished

Jean-Claude Colin anniversary

November news 

1120 NL SMB

SM Bulletin

Vocation Year announced

November news and Members' Page

1120 Tutu website 01120 Tutu website 6

Tutu online

Rural training centre website launched

November news and Links

1120 NL Euroinfo 11120 NL Euroinfo 2

Latest Euroinfo

Marist news from Europe

November news and Members' Page

1120 Joseph Rooney

Message from Fr Joe Rooney

Greetings from Dublin

November news 

1120 Atlanta garden

Laudato Si in action

Atlanta parish initiatives

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1120 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe1120 NL SG 0213 Tollet detail 06e

The grace of our Founder

Fr John Larsen's monthly reflection

November news and Superior-General's Page

1120 Novena booklet EN 11120 Novena booklet EN 3

Colin novena begins

The qualities of Jean-Claude Colin

November news

1120 Syd Nugents ashes 14p

Fr Syd's ashes interred

Mission cemetery ceremony

November news

1120 OLaurent dialogue

Fr Olivier's dialogue with Islam

More from Toulon

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1120 GA website 1 InPixio

New look for international website

maristsm.org refurbished

November news

1020 NL SMB 3010 11020 NL SMB 3010 2 decd

SM Bulletin

Deceased Marists, Colin novena, new SM website

October news and Members 

1020 Prov Circ 3

Provincial Circular

Latest issue at Members' Page

October news and Members 

1020 Declas leaflet1020 Declas 0213 La Balme 23

Apostle of the Bugey

Fr Etienne Déclas and Oct 29

October news

1020 Toulon ecoproject

Ecological education at Toulon

Junior Mediterranean environmentalists

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1020 Members docs SMBx31020 Members docs SG PCe

Members' Page

Update for Marists

October news

1020 Sorrow CRA logo1020 Sorrow bklt 1

Sorrow and Promise

National day for religious response to abuse

October news

1020 Aquinas Acad 2 Denis Minns1020 Aquinas Acad 1e

Final course for 2020

Fr Denis Minns OP: 'Christology - The Divine and the Divisive Christ'

October news

1020 Tutu ecol

Marist ecology at Tutu

Environmentally-friendly farming on Fiji 

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1020 MMcK ann 8 1110 MMcK card1020 MMcK ann 5 1010 Rome McK can 6a crowd

St Mary MacKillop 10th anniversary

Australian saint's first decade

October news

1020 Cook Is

Caring for the Cooks

Bishop Paul Donoghue and Laudato Si 

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0820 bushfires Bates Kevin

Sin is in the air

Fr Kevin Bates' perceptive reflection


1020 NL Euro 11020 NL OMP 1

Marist news from Europe and Oceania

Latest Euroinfo and Oceania Marist Bulletin

October news

1020 KMedilo monks

Peace through inter-religious encounter

Fr Kevin Medilo's dialogue experiences

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1020 Final profs 31020 Final profs 4  

Final professions

Rome ceremony for young Marists

October news

 1020 NL SG 21020 NL SG 1

The love of learning

Fr John Larsen's October message

October news or Superior-General's Page

1020 Chris Ngoura camino 51020 Chris Ngoura camino 4

Camino commitment

Young Marist's pilgrimage and renewal of vows

October news

1020 Assembly Brisbane 1

Brisbane assembly zoomed

Second pre-chapter gathering

October news

0920 KBates album 1a0920 KBates album 2a

'With our eyes' released

Fr Kevin Bates' latest album

September news

0920 Balay P pandemic

Street boys' pandemic studies

Balay Pasilungan in COVID times 

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0920 Assembly Sydney 1e

Sydney assembly begins

First of two Marist gatherings

September news

0920 Prof ann 0213 Belley La Capuciniere 01ps0920 Prof ann Colin smiling GA 0417

Pioneer professions recalled

First Marists at La Capucinière

September news

0920 I carry the word 10920 I carry the word 2

Aussie hymn in Maori

'I carry the Word' translated

September news

0920 SM Srs lockdown

Sisters' lockdown message

Marist Sisters join the feast day

September news

0920 second creation

A second creation

Fr 'Aisake Vaisima on Fr Colin and Marist education 

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0920 NL Africa nov 10920 NL Africa nov 20920 NL Africa nov 3  

African international novitiate news

First bulletin from Yaoundé

September news

0920 St Bonnet le Troncy museum 10920 St Bonnet 0512 St Bonnet 5J thru trees

Colin museum closes

Marist Founder's boyhood home

September news

0920 Gavin Foster citship 60920 Gavin Foster citship 2e

New Aussie Marist

Citizenship for Fr Gavin Foster

September news

0920 Pat Rowe 1

Remembering Pat Rowe

Anniversary memories from Fr Gerard Hall

September news

0920 Chris Skinner 1

Fr Chris' Sunday reflections

Words and music, and a new album

September news

0920 Hoppy masked

Pandemic in Bolivia

Fr John Hopkinson reflects

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0920 SM Sisters HNM

Celebrating in Sydney

Marist Sisters gather for Holy Name of Mary

September news

1111 JCC icon 3 Mb
'Under the name of Mary'

0920 HNM Mass preps 4p

Feast day Mass online

Holy Name of Mary preparations

September news

0920 KBates album 10920 KBates album 2

Coming soon

Fr Kevin Bates' latest album

September news

Sosaia Vaka 0920 20920 Sosaia Vaka 1

Prayers for Sosaia

Jean-Claude Colin's intercession sought for Marist seminarian

September news

0920 Senegal education

Marist education, 'a new creation'

Fr Colin's spirit in Senegal

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0920 NL Euro 10920 NL Euro 2

Marist news from Europe

Fr Paddy O'Hare features in latest Euroinfo

September news and Members' Page

0920 NL SG 20920 NL SG 1

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen n Marist life during the pandemic

September news and Superior-General's Page

0920 Popes video 5

Respect for the planet's resources

Short, powerful video from Pope Francis

September news and JPIC

0920 NL Novitiate 10920 NL Novitiate 20920 NL Novitiate 3

Novitiate news

Latest from Davao

September news

0920 Season of Creation banner

Season of Creation

Five-weeks begin

September news and JPIC

0820 Rodrigo

Hope, facing no hope

The story of Rodrigo, from Fr Tony O'Connor

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0820 Prov Circ

Provincial Circular 

Members Page

0820 FOLife 20820 FOLife 1

Know thyself  

Wisdom from Fullness of Life Centre

August news

0820 Dead as Dodo

Australia's dodos

Fr Jim Carty on loss of biodiversity

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 0820 OMP logo  

New masthead for Oceania  

Fresh look for new times

August news

0820 SM Bulletin

SM Bulletin returns  

Rome bulletin resumes after COVID updates

August news and Members Page

0820 Syd Nugent funeral 010820 Syd Nugent funeral 15 crematorium

Farewell to Fr Syd  

Requiem live-streamed to Japan

August news

0820 Sanitisers

COVID initiatives in Africa

Sanitizer, piglets and more

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0820 calendar 2

Calendar update  

Online with extra Marist anniversaries

August news 

0820 Give it a go

Give it a go

Fr Tony O'Connor and the pandemic on the USA-Mexico border

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0820 NL Euro 10820 NL OMP 1

Marist news from Europe and Oceania  

Latest bulletins

August news and Members' Page

0820 Syd Nugent Sid 1108e

Passing of Fr Syd Nugent  

Japanese missioner dies at 92

August news

1110 MMcK card

St Mary of the Cross, a prayer  

August news

0820 bushfires Bates Kevin0820 Fragile globe2

This Fragile Globe

After Beirut, Fr Kevin Bates reflects


0820 Colin life flkbk0820 Colin prayer DL 1

Fr Colin's birthday  

New helps to celebrate

August news

0820 Hopkinson John 0718 4

Leaving the normal behind  

Fr Hoppy's radio message from Bolivia for post-pandemic hope

August news

0720 Colin writings Colin smiling GA 0417 1crp sepia0720 Colin writings 1013 La Neyliere 05

Writings of Fr Colin  

Compilation of literature on Marist Founder

July news

0720 Hope Cathedral Interior08

From Hope Cathedral

Environmental reflection from Norway

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0720 NL Asia 10720 NL Asia 2

Marist Asia newsletter  

A challenging half-year

July news

0720 Cause Thomasset Bernard 01130720 Cause Schianchi 0513 0213 C MSchianchi 30720 Cause 1

Colin Cause advances  

Historical report completed

July news

0720 Fourv Day 0714 Fourviere int 150720 Fourv Day 0715 Fourviere ext 14crp

Fourvière Day  

Remembering the promise

July news

0720 C Ngoura Fourviere 3ec0720 C Ngoura Fourviere 2

Young Marist at Fourvière  

Christian Ngoura's reflection

July news

0720 Three Aussie

Aussies in Rome  

Convivial catch-up

July news

0720 Tutu RTC2

Tutu's tradition

Empowering young farmers and families

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0720 Sr Mariana 1

Sr Mariana's Pacific missions role  

Marist Sister as new PMS leader

July news

0720 CLOC 1

CLOCs begin  

Marist leaders meet online

July news

0720 Fourviere ext 0512 9J from distance crp

Preparing for Fourvière  

Resources for Jul 23

July news

0720 NL Covid 0409 Rome 13c Monteverde0720 NL Covid 7 1

COVID updates  

... and a Catholic choir from Moscow

July news

0720 Rosalie Larissa 1

Larissa's election  

Brisbane Marists welcome Brazilian catechumen

July news

0720 NL OMP0720 NL CDM0720 NL Eurinfo

Three Marist bulletins  

Colourful and informative, Marist Oceania Province, Casa di Maria, Rome, and Marist European Province

July news

0720 Black lives matter A P

Black lives matter: Australia-Pacific

From Marist Associate, Rev Ross Flint

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070 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0720 NL SG 1

Superior-General's message  

Fresh from Fourvière

July news or S-G page


0720 Marist Voices 10720 Marist Voices 20720 Marist Voices 30720 Marist Voices 4

Marist Voices  

Online bulletin from International Marist Laity. Several languages. Informative and colourful

July news

0720 La Neyliere ending 3

Colinian program ends  

Fr Ray Chapman reports from La Neylière

July news

0620 Prov Circ e

Provincial circular  

Latest issue at Members' Page

Members' Page

0617 JMC ann 1 0213 Belley 0617 JMC ann 2b 0715 Jarnos

Chavoin anniversary  

Marist Sisters' foundress remembered

June news

0620 NL Tutu 1

Tutu bulletin  

A 'first' from TRTC, Taveuni

June news

0620 Senegal street kids

Senegal's street kids

Fr Roger Kasiama reports from Dakar

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0620 Hoppy 20620 Hoppy 1

Fr Hoppy's 75th  

Joys and sorrows during pandemic in Bolivia

June news

0620 A Murray 2ee0620 A Murray 3

Pacific library uploaded  

Marist and Pacific history from Fr Andrew Murray

June news

0620 NDF Sandwiches

Saturday sandwiches

Homeless outreach in London, Fridays too 

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0620 NL Africa 10620 NL Africa 20620 NL Africa 30620 NL Africa 4

Marist news from Africa  

Bi-lingual bulletin

June news or Members' Page

0620 Refugee Week 2

Refugee Week

Year of Welcome events 


0620 P Callaghan anniv 30620 P Callaghan anniv 5 PhilCall

Missionary's 15th anniversary  

Fr Philip Callaghan remembered in Philippines

June news

0620 VM parish Mass 0408 Buildings0300620 VM parish Mass 01e

Mass in the making  

Weekly preparations for video Eucharist

June news

0620 Donato Kivi

Home ecology

Environmental formation in the Pacific 

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0620 Rosemary 20620 Rosemary 4

Rosemary's Way

Maria Baden in Sydney Film Festival documentary 


0620 Bates Kevin 2

A few steps forward  

Fr Kevin Bates' reflection for the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

June news

0620 NL GA Covid 10620 NL GA Covid 20620 NL GA Covid 3

COVID-19 news from Marists  

Italy, Thailand, NZ

June news

0620 StPats 0318 ext 4e0620 St Patricks revised

St Patrick's schedule revised  

COVID practicalities addressed.

June news

0620 NL Euroinfo 10620 NL Euroinfo 2


Marist news from Europe

June news or Members' Page

0520 VM stonework 40520 VM stonework 7 0620

Stonework repaired 

Masons in Mary Street

June news 

0620 Bethany Pentecost 2

Bethany guests 

Pentecost dinner at House of Welcome

June news

0620 Peru prison Covid

Prison and COVID

Sr Carlotta SMSM reports from Peru 

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0620 StPats 0318 ext 4e

St Patrick's re-opens 

Mass and Reconciliation at inner-city shrine

June news

0620 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0620 NL SG 1

Superior-General's message 

Opportunities in extraordinary times

June news or S-G page

0620 Joeys staff tour 5 stitch

A touch of history 

Joeys' staff at Villa Maria

June news

0620 NL MMC 10620 NL Ranong 10620 NL Ranong 9a


Mission reports 

MMC and Marist Asia Foundation, Ranong

June news

0620 Rameau 10620 Rameau 20620 Rameau 30620 Rameau 4   

Le Rameau 

News from African Marist scholasticate

June news 

0620 Statistics 2

Visits and hits 

Website statistics: realistic, encouraging and quaint

June news 

0620 Minneapolis burns

Reconciliation, a common need

Fr Jim Carty on Australia's and USA's common need 

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0520 GA COVID news3 a0520 GA COVID news3 c   

Latest COVID-19 news from Marists 

Superior-General and three reports

May news 

0520 Laudato Si plans0520 Laudato Si plans 2

Laudato Si and the 8-year plan

Post-anniversary practical planning 

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0520 Sorry Day 10520 Sorry Day 2

Reconciliation Week, 2020 

National Sorry Day, then Reconciliation Week

May news and JPIC

0520 GAA Pandemic art 10520 GAA Pandemic art 2 0410

Pandemic's enduring human costs 

Fr Gerry Arbuckle's CHA article

May news

0520 Prayer Day May 24 2

Global Prayer at noon 

Laudato Si week ends with midday prayer

May news and JPIC

0529 SrViv Zoom0520 SrViv Zoom 0615 LN Exterior 16

Sr Viv zooms to La Neylière 

Jean-Claude Colin and the Marist Sisters

May news

0520 Champagnat 0715 Le Rozey 40520 Champagnat 0512 La Valla 5J ptg MC crp

St Marcellin Champagnat anniversary 

Founders' birthday

May news

0520 MSeifert 20520 MSeifert

A story I don't want to tell

Mike Seifert from the Texas border 


0520 Laudato Si week

Practical ideas for Laudato Si week

From London, Sr Catherine Jones SMSM 

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0520 GA COVID news2 0

More COVID-19 news from Marists 

Cameroon and La Neylière, France

May news

0520 Laudato Si week 40520 Laudato Si week 2

Laudato Si week

Pope Francis' invitation


0520 Faith bigger than fear Tony OC0520 Faith bigger than fear Tony OC 2

Faith bigger than fear

Facebook and foodbank during COVID times

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0520 Tree fell 01a0520 Tree fell 35c stump

Ancient pine felled 

Monastery grounds fragrant

May news

0517 OLJ VM 3 crp flip
Mothers' Day blessings

0520 NL Euroinfo 10520 NL Euroinfo 2


Latest news from Marist European province

May news or Members' Page

0520 GA COVID news 10520 GA COVID news 2  

COVID-19 news from Marists 

Worldwide reports on the pandemic

May news or Members' Page

 0520 Adam Gudalefsky 50520 Adam Gudalefsky 6

A letter to Fr Adam 

Fr Jim Carty's posthumous message to Maryknoll missioner

May news

0520 S Truscott 2a0520 S Truscott 4

Digital direction 

Fr Stephen Truscott's lock-down services

May news

0520 COVID Ross Flint

Post-COVID, a new normal?

Rev Ross Flint ponders after the pandemic

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0520 Paul Loubaresse 10520 Paul Loubaresse 6

Passing of Fr Paul Loubaresse 

COVID-19 victim from La Neylière

May news

0520 SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0520 SG message 1

Superior-General's message 

Marist community life in lockdown

May news or S-G page

0420 Approb SM 0512 Propaganda Greg XVI bust 2J crp0420 Approb SM 1 OWDS cover

Anniversary of Marist approval 

Green light from Rome

April news

0420 SPC chapel feast 130420 SPC chapel feast 3ce

Spring clean for historic chapel 

Fr Pio's feast day preps

April news

0210 SPC Coburn painting 1 crpredbdr
St Peter Chanel SM, first martyr of Oceania, Apr 28, 1841

0420 Hunger Yemeni chn

A hunger pandemic

On top of COVID-19.

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0420 BrColin98 0812 St Pats 22 Br Colin lady

Our Brother Colin, 98 

Flashbacks of senior Marist

April news

0420 Prov Circ e

Provincial Circular

Latest issue at Members' Page

Members' Page

0420 Anzac SYD Jan 27 sunrise Anzac Br 0107
We will remember them...
Anzac Day 2020   

0420 Casa di Maria lockdown 20420 Casa di Maria lockdown 6

Easter at Casa di Maria

Students' liturgy in lockdown

April news

0420 Pope Francis Earth Day 50th0420 Pope Francis Earth Day 50th 3

Earth Day's 50th anniversary

Pope Francis' Wednesday address

April news and JPIC

0420 COVID Pope Francis

Pope's pandemic commission

Vatican dicasteries to collaborate.

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC

0420 La Neyliere lockdown 20420 La Neyliere lockdown 3

La Neylière in lockdown 

Colinian Renewal resumes

April news

0420 SPC medal blurred 1e0420 SPC novena

St Peter Chanel novena 

Praying for vocations

April news

0420 Hannah B update 10420 Hannah B update 2

Update from Hannah 

More on 'seeking graces' 

April news

0420 Cyclone Harold 30420 Cyclone Harold 4

Cyclone Harold 

Fr François Grossin's report from Vanuatu

April news

0420 Triduum Mex border

Border Triduum

Fr Tony O'Connor's Easter on the USA/Mexican border.

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC

0420 Lockdown Easter 70420 Lockdown Easter 5

Spaced out at Easter 

Monastery in lockdown

April news

0414 Good Fri VM 7

0420 Parishes on YouTube 1a0420 Parishes on YouTube 2a

Easter on YouTube

St Patrick's and Holy Name of Mary links

April news

0420 Euroinfo 10420 Hoppy 10420 Familia Marista 10420 Formation 10420 OMP 1

Marist news from all over

Five bulletins for lock-down enjoyment

April news

0420 Blog BalayPasilungan

Street kids' response

COVID-19 and Balay Pasilungan

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC



0420 VM Mass 5 0408 Buildings0300420 VM Mass Palm Sunday 0

HNOM on YouTube

Easy access to Villa Maria weekly Mass

April news

0420 SG reflection

Monthly message from S-G

Fr John Larsen on 'stability' in lock-down times

April news and Superior-General's reflections

0420 VM chapel Palm Sunday 3e

0420 VM monastery p0420 VM chapel icon 1

Icon for Monastery chapel

COVID-19 novena continues

April news

0320 Pope Francis

Pope Francis prays for the world

'Urbi et Orbi' message in the face of COVID-19

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0320 COVID VM Mass 5th Sunday of Lent

Mass for 5th Sunday of Lent

YouTube link from Holy Name of Mary church

March news

0320 Pope Francis 10320 Pope Francis 3a

'Urbi et Orbi'

Blessing in the rain

March news

0320 Jaime Perez eejpg0320 Jaime Perez 5

Jaime's rooftop garden

Young Marist's death-to-life reflections in COVID-stricken Rome

March news and JPIC

0320 Bp Henk 5 0606 Buka 14 airport rn Bp Henk0320 Bp Henk 2 0799 3l

Missionary bishop's passing

Netherlands death of Bishop Henk Kronenberg SM

March news

0320 SGGs Mar 25 letter

Four Generals' letter

Annunciation message to Marist Family

March news

0320 COVID Maori stones

Corona and climate

Fr Peter Healy and the Maori experience

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC

0320 VM tree felling 5 0320 VM tree felling 3

Chipping away

Cemetery serenity suffers

March news

0320 COVID VM Mass

Parish Mass on video

Fourth Sunday of Lent at home 

March news

0320 COVID Poem0320 COVID Ungar0320 COVID Pandemic prayer 1

Pandemic - poems and prayers

Good things spreading, too 

March news and JPIC

0320 COVID novena Rome

Novena begins in Rome

Marist pandemic prayer 

March news

0320 COVID 0318 StPats ext 7ps0320 COVID 0408 Buildings030

Marist parish messages

Crisis letters from pastors 

March news

0320 JLarsen MMC 0319 11vcrp0320 JLarsen 1111 JCC icon 3 Mb

Call to prayer

Fr John Larsen and the pandemic 

March news

0320 Rome lockdown 1 0320 Rome lockdown 6

Locked down in Rome

Barbies on the roof 

March news

0320 St Patrick 2
St Patrick's Day blessings !

0320 Seeking graces 30320 Seeking graces 1

Seeking graces

New page on Colin website 

March news

0320 Wash hands 2

Message from above

Sydneysiders, be advised 

March news

0320 Carbon calendar 1

Lenten carbon fast

CRI calendar 

March news and JPIC

0320 Blog coronavirus

Coronavirus - a faith response

Fr Ben McKenna from Rome 

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0320 Pius VII GA docs 3 03170320 Pius vii engraved 0317

Words of encouragement

Pope Pius VII's 'Brief of Praise' 

March news

0320 NL Euroinfo 10320 NL Euroinfo 2


Marist news from Europe 

March news and Members' Page

0320 JPICC mtg 1

JPICC meets

Marist Family review and planning 

March news and JPIC

0320 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0320 Nl SG 2

March message

Fr John Larsen on Marist community and mission 

March news or Superior-General's reflections

0320 Restructure Montbel mtg 10320 Restructure Montbel mtg 2

Restructuring meetings begin

Colourful voting 

March news

0320 NL OMP 10320 NL OMP 2

Pacific news

Marist Oceania bulletin 

March news and Members' Page

0320 Aust ecol JCarty

Down Under under attack

Fr Jim Carty on Australia's grim ecology 

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC

0220 Street library 10220 Street library 3

Br Terry's street library

Books on the block 

March news

0220 constns 20220 constns 1bdr0220 constns 0512 La Neyl JCC rooms 2J desk  

1873: You're official

Constitutions anniversary

February news

0220 Novitiate 10220 Novitiate 20220 Novitiate 4

News from Eden

Marist International Novitiate bulletin

February news

0220 Bethany visitors GibsonClan 0220 Bethany visitors JoshuaToUni

Bethany guests

House of Welcome's busy month

February news

0220 Paul Murphy chn

Br Paul's letter from Thailand

Undocumented children

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC

0220 Prov Circ 1

Latest Provincial Circular

Members' Page

0220 TRyan book 3 Ryan T 1e0220 TRyan book 2

New book from Fr Tom Ryan

A Journey with Mary

February news

0220 bushfires e0220 bushfires Bates Kevin 2

After the fires

Fr Kevin Bates

February news and JPIC

0220 NL CdM 10220 NL CdM 3

The Source

Marist International Theologate newsletter

February news

0220 Mens Shed beehives 90220 Mens Shed beehives 1

Busy bees

Men's Shed helps apiarists

February news 

0220 Home 2019 2a0220 Home 2019 1ee

All is not lost

Last year's news

February news 

0220 Blog Amazon e

Beloved Amazon

Pope Francis' post-synodal exhortation

0119 BLOG banner crp    JPIC

0220 Novices DVO 2

Novices at the market

Street kids' Charity Bake

February news 

0220 BP20 5 0120 BP20 SVC 10220 BP20 2

BP20 under way

Online learning for young Burmese

February news and JPIC

0220 VM fallen tree 60220 VM fallen tree 5

Tree fall

Tumbling near historic path

February news 

0220 Blog interfaith


Inter-faith harmony, coming soon

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0220 Euroinfo 30220 Euroinfo 1

New look Euroinfo

From Marist Europe

February news and Members' Page

0220 Kevin Redmond DVO 20220 Kevin Redmond DVO 1 MICs

Welcome to Asia

Fr Kevin Redmond in Davao

February news

0220 Monteverde trees 10220 Monteverde trees 9 0610 Rome 5b Gen House from roof 0519

Caring for the green mountain

Tree-lopping at Montverde

February news and JPIC

0220 Blog Africa well 1

Fr Luigi's well

Water in Cameroon

0119 BLOG banner crp JPIC

0220 Kevin Redmond 10220 Kevin Redmond 2

Cross-cultural experience 

Fr Kevin Redmond preparing for international mission

February news

0220 SG Refln 10220 SG Refln 2

Superior-General's reflection 

Fr John :Larsen's February message

February news

0120 OMP 10120 OMP 2

Pacific news 

Marist Oceania Bulletin

January news or Members' Page

0120 Blog Brownsville

Unusual kindness

Fr Tony O'Connor on the US-Mexican border

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0120 La Neyliere 0 0512 La Neyl dist 3J0120 La Neyliere 6

CPR begins 

Australians at renewal program

January news

0120 Australia Day 4 0806 Uluru sunset 140120 Australia Day 0b 0116 Aust Day 3 lunch

Beauty rich and rare 

Our land abounds with nature's gifts. Happy Australia Day!

January news

0120 Peter McM testimonial 130120 Peter McM testimonial 18

Testimonial for Fr Peter McMurrich 

Long-serving vicar honoured

January news

0120 VM orienteering 1e0120 VM orienteering 5pe

Monastery runaround 

Orienteering at Villa Maria

January news

0120 Aged Care bklt 10120 Aged Care bklt 2

Aged Care booklet online

Marists' tablet resource

January news and Members' Page

0120 Blog SMFamily

Laudato Si and the Marist Family

Planning in Rome for 2020 events

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0210 S G page Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0210 S G page 2

New page for Superior-General

Fr John Larsen's monthly reflections

January news

0120 Jan10 anniv 0918 JCC bio 8crpps0120 Jan10 anniv 0407 Tutu sunset 1 ps

The Breakthrough

Mission anniversary

January news

0210 Profession 1

Five new Marists

Profession ceremony in Davao

January news

0120 Euro 10120 Euro 2

Marist news from Europe

Euroinfo to look to future events

January news and Members' Page

0120 Marsfield JE WR TK Ben McK 70120 Marsfield JE WR TK Ben McK 4

Fr Jim's 'new evangelisation'

Ministry by the aged

January news

0120 SG 1a

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's monthly message: 'a different way'

January news and Members' Page

0120 Timo 06 1204 TOH MMoo group with Hostel grp 10120 Timo 01 1219 Timo citizenship 1

Timo's story

MMC's seeds of hope

January news and JPIC










Website of the Australian Marist Province

Home Page for 2019 (links deactivated)



1219 Montbel 1009 CR0041219 Montbel Xmas PMahony 7

Montbel farewell

Sabbatical break for Fr Paul Mahony

December news



1219 VM Xmas Vigil Mass 11219 VM Xmas Vigil Mass 3

Vigil at Villa Maria

Joseph and Mary in attendance

December news



1219 Light amid doom blog

Light amid gloom

Fr Jim Carty's reflection on the 'chiaroscuro' of Christmas

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1219 OMP NL 11219 OMP NL 2

Pacific news

Final Oceania Bulletin for 2019

December news



1219 Africa 2 ord JL

African ordination

Congratulations, Fr Kenneth

December news



1219 Centro Hispano Marista

Formula for hope

Atlanta Marists' Centre for Hispanics

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1219 Nov Bulletin 11219 Nov Bulletin 3

Novices' news

Marist International Novitiate, Davao

December news



1219 Hoppy 1 calendar

Fr Hoppy's Christmas package

Calendar, card and circular

December news



1219 Prov circular

Provincial Circular

Last issue for 2019

December news and Members page



1219 Pope Mary

The way of peace

Pope Francis: Mary

0119 BLOG banner crp




1219 NL SG1219 NL JLarsen 1019 Final professions 7

Advent reflection

Fr John Larsen's December message

December news and Members page



1219 NL Euroinfo 11219 NL Euroinfo 2

Marist news from Europe

Latest Euroinfo

December news


1219 Prison Digos

Gemma and the Digos prison

Lay Marist's music ministry

0119 BLOG banner crp




1219 Montbel music 1p

Montbel wiggles

Entertainment for senior Marists

December news



1219 StPats Carol Walk ad1219 StPats Carol Walk 2018

Rain, hail or shine

Carols walk on soon

December news



1219 Nara group 41219 Nara group 7

Nara group's pilgrimage

Fr Tony Glynn's 25th anniversary

December news



1219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 31219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 2

Camp Runamuck

Sixth sleep-out for Villa Maria families

December news




1119 Brazilians retreat 2 video

Brazilians' retreat

Spirited song and dance at Bringelly

November news



1119 Champagnat grp ee1119 Champagnat 0512 La Valla 5J ptg MC crp

Champagnat group meets

Association of St Marcellin at St Joseph's College

November news



1119 NL II e Bulletin1119 NL Todays Marist1119 NL II OMP Nov1119 NL II MMC 11119 NL II MMC 2

Latest bulletins

Marist news from USA, Oceania and MMC Australia

November news



1119 Blog Reach for Excellence1119 Reach for Exc 3 0219

Excellence for Brandon

Marist Atlanta's program success

0119 BLOG banner crp




1119 Ranong AIDS

HIV care - Marists at Ranong

Fr Gil Casio with Thailand's migrant workers

0119 BLOG banner crp




1119 Hoppy 0718 41119 Hoppy 0919 1

Letter from Bolivia

Fr Hoppy writes after government overthrow




1119 Gladstone Fri event 4

Marists farewelled at Gladstone

Over a century of service at Star of the Sea

November news



1119 La Neyliere snow 4

Different weather

Fr Ray Chapman at La Neylière under snow

November news 



1119 Montbel 10th anniv 00p1119 Montbel 10th anniv 1b

Montbel's ten years

Anniversary celebrations

November news 



1119 jcc ann 1a Colin smiling GA 0417 1crp sepia1119 jcc ann 3a 0213 La Neyliere 1

Founder's anniversary

Jean-Claude Colin's death in 1875

November news



1119 Sat sandwich 11119 Sat sandwich 3

Saturday sandwich

Downtown ministry to London's homeless

0119 BLOG banner crp




1119 Diaconate 1

Seven Marist deacons

... from as many countries

November news



0919 VM tree felling 8e

Now you see it...

... and now you don't. Monastery tree maintenance

November news



1119 Sr Grace Ellul visit

Sr Grace Ellul's visit

Marist Sisters gather

November news



1119 SMs at cemeteries 11119 SMs at cemeteries 2  

Confreres remember

Cemetery visits

November news



1019 SMNZ

Marists and our common home

Draft Sustainability Policy launched

0119 BLOG banner crp




1119 SG SMB1119 SG SMB 1019 ARC I 41119 SG SMB 2

From Rome

Something every week

November news and Members



1119 NL Euroinfo 11119 NL Euroinfo 21119 NL OMP 11119 NL OMP 2

Europe and Pacific news

Latest bulletins

November news



1119 Nov 02 prayer 21119 Nov 02 prayer 3

Holy Souls prayer

Leaflet for Nov 02

November news



1119 Prov Circ2

Provincial Circular

At Members' page




1019 Oct 29 BNE 3p

Brisbane celebration

Cerdon event recalled

October news



0718 Francis Hsa Ku 1 familye0919 Eh Ta Tu grp 0919 19e

Francis and the Catholic Dormitory of Ee Tu Hta

Internally Displaced youngsters

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1019 Oct 29 0714 Cerdon 651019 Oct 29 0714 Cerdon 44

'SM has begun!'

Cerdon anniversary

October news



1019 ARC V

Consultation concludes

Annual Marist review ends in Rome 

October news



1019 Cristian 21019 Cristian 1

Border birth

Cristian and the bridge

0119 BLOG banner crp




1019 ARC IV 31019 ARC IV 4

Session on Founder's Cause

ARC members updated 

October news



1019 ARC III 111019 ARC III 161019 ARC III 5

Reports from all over

ARC concludes first week 

October news



1019 Final professions 7

Final professions

Seven young Marists from five countries 

October news



1019 Marian Procession 2

Fatima procession to St Pat's

Five young adult groups combine 

October news



1019 ARC II 1b1019 ARC II 1a

ARC workshop at Nemi

Four-day focus 

October news



1019 NL Africa 11019 NL Africa 2

Africa newsletter

Updates on Marists in Cameroon and Senegal 

October news



1019 Yaounde SPC 2

Maison Saint Pierre Chanel

New students for Marist formation in Cameroon 

October news



1019 ARC I 11019 ARC I 4

ARC underway

Annual Review begins in Rome 

October news



0919 One flag missing OCEAN 1 0919 One flag missing OCEAN 3

One flag missing

Wilai and the plight of the stateless

0119 BLOG banner crp




1019 MCC pilg 10b 0512 Fourviere ext 3J1019 MCC pilg 10 Fourviere stairs

MCC pilgrims in France

Charism and Culture group exploring Marist origins

October news



1019 Web of life Kivi0819 D Kivi J Carty

Web of life

Fr Donato on environmental care across all boundaries

0119 BLOG banner crp




1019 Arbuckle book 11019 Arbuckle book 2 0517 Arbuckle launch award 2

New Arbuckle book

Refounding after abuse

October news



1019 Three OMP provs in Rome

Oceania provincial trio

Past and present leaders in Rome

October news



1019 NLL e bulletin1019 NLL Familia Marista1019 NLL SG

Marist news from all over

Bullletins from abroad

October news



1019 USA new website 1

New website for US Marists

A year in the making, launched Oct 07

October news



1019 MCC pilgrims Aus SM Pilgrims to SM Places 190929e1019 MCC 0409 Rome 13b Monteverde


Aussie pilgrims in Rome

School leaders visit Marists

October news



0919 Bugey Brazil 1 0919 Bugey Brazil 5

Bugey in Brazil

Marists in Bahia

0119 BLOG banner crp




1019 Euroinfo 11019 Euroinfo 2

Marist news from Europe

Latest Euroinfo

October news and Members



0919 Paddington Sep 24 3crp2 0919 Paddington Sep 24 8

Rome via Brisbane

Hayden Powick returns for studies

September news



0919 Jubilarian event 6


Brothers specially honoured at annual celebration

September news



0919 Prov retreat 10919 Prov retreat 2

Provincial retreat

Fr Brendan Byrne at Montbel

September news



0919 Ranong chn

Crack-down at Ranong

Critical times for Marist mission

0119 BLOG banner crp




0919 Hoppy NL 7 0919 Hoppy NL 6

Fr Hoppy's latest

Letter from Bolivia

September news



0919 Sep 24 Chapelle Capuciniere a0919 Sep 24 1836e

First Marist professions

1836 anniversary

September news



0919 Ukulele grp 5b

Massed ukuleles

Fr Aliki's groups combine

September news



0919 MLA meeting 5crp 0919 MLA meeting 6

Laity report from Dublin

Local Marist Laity addressed

September news



0919 Messenger NZ 3 0318 Kevin Head 1acrp0919 Messenger NZ 20919 Messenger NZ 1b

Messenger awards

NZ Marist magazine's ACPA success

September news



0919 Caring 0 cttee 0618 JPICC 2 stitch0919 Caring 5 sweepers

Beginning at home

Ideas for caring for our planet

0119 BLOG banner crp




0919 MMC NL 10919 MMC NL 20919 MMC NL 30919 MMC NL 4

MMC spring newsletter

Marist mission projects in Asia-Pacific

September news



0919 Adrian Drane 1 0115 MCC 10919 Adrian Drane 4 0919 MCC pilg Kim Evans 1

Passing of Adrian Drane

Marist Regional College principal and Marist Charism and Cullture leader.

September news



0919 HNM event Montbel 6

Montbel soirée for HNM

Marist Family's veranda celebration

September news



 0919 HNM icon 1111 JCC icon 3 Mb crp

Feast day greetings  -  the Most Holy Name of Mary



0919 Season of Creation prayer

Creation prayer

JPIC blog from Rome

0119 BLOG banner crp




0919 Montbel singalong 1p

Mozart and melodies

Gordon from Gladesville at Montbel

September news



0919 Bougainville retreat 50919 Bougainville retreat 1

Retreat at Hahela

PNG & Bougainvillean Marists with Fr Andrew Murray

September news



0919 Sr Philo 70th pa 20919 Sr Philo 70th pa 3

Sr Philo's seventy years

Marist Sister's celebration

September news



0319 JLarsen MMC 5crpe0919 SG reflection 1

Superior-General's reflection

Monthly message from Fr John Larsen

Members' Page



0919 HNM Mass 3 cover0919 HNM Paraliturgy 3 cover

Preparing for Holy Name of Mary

Resources for Marist patronal feast

September news



0919 Ray Chapman 10919 Ray Chapman 4 0512 La Neyl dist 7J

Aussie joins La Neylière team

Fr Ray Chapman in France

September news



0919 Formators Rome

Formators' gathering

Rome meeting concludes

September news



0919 Season of Creation

Season of Creation, ctd

JPIC blog from Rome

0119 BLOG banner crp




0919 Season of Creation 4 0919 Season of Creation 3  

Season of Creation

Responsibility for our planet

JPIC and September news



0819 Euroinfo 10819 OMP NL 1  

Marist news from Europe and the Pacific

Latest bulletins

September news



0819 Economy or people 0819 Economy or people 1

Economy or people?

Australia's Pacific shame

0119 BLOG banner crp




0819 JMC 1a 0213 Belley 8a Chavoin ptg crp ps0819 JMC 2a 0714 Coutouvre Mass 17

Happy feast day, Sisters

Jeanne-Marie Chavoin anniversary

August news



0819 Prov Circ

Provincial Circular

Latest issue

Members page



0819 Sr Teri OBrien 10819 Sr Teri OBrien 2

Welcome, Sister Teri!

Canadian Marist en route to NZ

August news



0819 William AWS 6 0819 AWSe0819 William AWS 11pdf

Loss for Karen people

Passing of William Aung Win Shwe

August news



0819 Paul Cooney Headstone0819 Paul Cooney headstone 2

Headstone blessed

Fr Paul Cooney's first anniversary

August news



0819 Bp Unabali 1crpe

Passing of Bishop Unabali

Bougainville's bishop dies in Philippines

August news



0819 T Kennedy leaving0819 D Kivi J Carty

All roads...

En route to Rome

August news



0819 JCC new site 1

New site for Fr Colin

www.jeanclaudecolin.org updated

August news



0819 Colin liturgy 1

Birthday preps

Liturgy and leaflet for Fr Colin

August news



0819 JThornhill farewell 20819 JThornhill farewell 8  

Farewell to Fr John Thornhill

Message from Australian bishops

August news



0819 Eco retreat 10819 Eco retreat 2

Fr Ben's eco-retreat

Green experience on the Emerald Isle

0119 BLOG banner crp




0819 Euoinfo 10819 Euoinfo 2

Marist news from Europe

Latest Euroinfo

August news and Members



0719 Thornhill John 12ee

Passing of Fr John Thornhill

Marists mourn theologian and confrere

July news



0719 Int Nov NL 10719 Int Nov NL 20719 Int Nov NL 3

International novitiate newsletter

Reflections from Davao community

July news



0719 Paul Murphy

Saint of Talad Thai

Dora in the markets of Pathumthani

0119 BLOG banner crp




0719 Sr Margaret Purcell 1bdre 04190719 Sr Margaret Purcell 4 0619 SM Sisters jubilees 9

Passing of Sr Margaret Purcell SM

Former Superior-General of Marist Sisters

July news



0512 Fourviere int 2J
'... for the greater glory of God and the honour of Mary the mother of the Lord Jesus,
we make known our sincere intention and firm will of consecrating ourselves, as soon as ever it is opportune,
to founding the most holy congregation of Mariists.'
(from the Pledge of Fourvière, Jul 23, 1816)



0719 Fourviere event 10

Fourvière Pledge remembered

Marist Family gathers

July news



0719 Dylan H PMahony 1

Fr Dylan's visit

Oceanian educationalist in Sydney

July news



0719 Chris Ketsore farewell 40719 Chris Ketsore farewell 9

Farewell, Fr Chris

Bougainvillean Marist's Brisbane experience

July news



0719 Fourviere A5 cover0719 Fourviere bookmarks 2bdr

Fourvière preps

Getting ready for Jul 23 anniversary

July news



0719 Mexican border 10719 Mexican border 2

The plot thickens

Fr Tony O'Connor from the Mexican border

0119 BLOG banner crp




0719 Ben McKenna Coolock JHannan JoeR

Dublin sighting

Fr Ben McKenna visiting

July news



0719 NL OMP 30719 NL OMP 40719 NL USA 3


Pacific, USA Marist news

Latest bulletins

July news



0719 Steve Morelli0719 Steve Morelli 0413 Macksville incl JHannan 02

Congrats, Br Steve

National award for indigenous language work

July news and JPIC



0719 Ranong dialogue 3

Commitment to dialogue

Marist inter-religious exchange

0119 BLOG banner crp




0719 Todays Marist 10719 Todays Marist 2

Today's Marist

Spring edition from USA

July news and Members' Page



0719 CDM NL 10719 CDM NL 20719 CDM NL 4

Theologate news

Life at Casa Di Maria

July news



0719 SG reflection 2 05140719 SG reflection 1

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's thoughts for July

July news and Members' Page



0719 Tony Kennedy DC10719 Tony Kennedy DC30719 Tony Kennedy DC4

Interesting discoveries

Fr Tony Kennedy in Washington

July news



0719 Donato aquac 2

A new way of fishing

Aquaculture in Fiji

0119 BLOG banner crp




0719 Ed Keel 10719 Ed Keel book

Passing of Fr Ed Keel

American Marist, historian, teacher and pastor

July news



0719 Fourviere ad

Fourvière invitation

Marist pledge commemoration

July news



0719 NL Euro 10719 NL FamMarista 10719 NL MMC 10719 NL OMP 10719 NL OMP Salu 10719 NL SMB0719 NL USA 1

News from all over

Latest Marist bulletins

July news



0619 Prov Circ banner

Provincial Circular

Latest issue ay Members Page

June news



0619 Digos prison

'I was in prison...'

Marists' gaol ministry in Digos

0119 BLOG banner crp




0619 Chris Ganzon 1 c JCC e0619 Chris Ganzon 2 c Gavin Foster e

Fr Chris in Sydney

Asia District leader visits

June news



0619 GH refugees 1

Refugees at General House

Young Syrians welcomed at Monteverde

0119 BLOG banner crp




0619 Refugee Day 30619 Refugee Day 1e

World Refugee Day

Pope Francis' 4-minute message




0619 MAP Samoa 2

MAP in Samoa

Marist Asia-Pacific leaders meet

June news



0619 AMS 10th anniv 7pe2

AMS 10th anniversary

Marist Brothers celebrate

June news


0619 Chris G Lauro BNE 1

Apia bound

Asia Marists en route for MAP meeting

June news



0619 Marist Lay event 2

Marist Lay commitment

Brisbane ceremony

June news



0619 Colours 1 0619 VM SPChapel 20619 Colours 2 0619 VM sky

Late autumn

Colours in the backyard

June news



0619 Refugee week 2

Refugee Week 2019

Share a meal invitation

June news or JPIC



0619 Tanna 30619 Tanna 5

Beneath Mt Yasur

Tanna Marists on Vanuatu

0119 BLOG banner crp




0619 SM Sisters jubilees 99 0619 VM 130619 SM Sisters jubilees 4

Sisters' Jubilees

Three hundred years celebrated

June news



0619 Davao workshop 1

Davao workshop

Marists funding inservice in Philippines

June news



0619 VN blog e IMG 4806e0619 VN blog e IMG 4899e

Quan Khue remembers

Surprise email to Fr Jim Carty.

0119 BLOG banner crp




0619 SG reflection0619 NLL Euroinfo 10619 NLL OMP0619 NLL SM Bulletin

Latest bulletins

Marist news from all over

June news



0619 MMC Report 1

Mission Centre annual report

MMC 'sustaining hope' in 2018

June news



0619 Terry Heinrich memorial 4

Br Terry Heinrich remembered

Moving ceremony in Cambodia

June news



0519 MLA Rosalie 1ee

Marist Laity events

Coming soon in Brisbane

May news



Living Water Br Paul Students aMind body 2

Different Marist styles

Education initiatives in Thailand and USA.

0119 BLOG banner crp




0519 ACU grad BP ers 3

Graduations in Thailand

Fruits of the Bridge Program and Marist Mission

May news



0519 Chris Austin passingebdr

Passing of Fr Chris Austin

'Gentle, good-humoured and uncomplaining' Marist goes to God

May news



0519 Ormiston retreat 0a0519 Ormiston retreat 7b

Ormiston retreat

Picturesque prayer

May news



0519 ACU grad BP ers 4b grp x40519 ACU grad invitation e

BP-ers' invitation

ACU graduation on Thai-Myanmar border

May news and JPIC



0519 NL African 10519 NL USA

Marist news from Africa and USA

Latest Marist newsletters

May news and Members



0519 JThornhill 90th

Fr John Thornhill's 90th

Theologian celebrates

May news



0519 Monteverde trees 70519 Monteverde trees 9 0610 Rome 5b Gen House from roof

The greening of Rome

Monteverde's community initiative

May news and JPIC



0519 Longs visit 04 0519 11b0519 Longs visit 04 0519 5

Fr Long Down Under

Filipino Marist's Sydney visit

May news



0519 Centro Hispana 1

Second chance for education

Also St Patrick's breakfast for the homeless.0119 BLOG banner crp




0519 SG 20319 JLarsen MMC 11vcrp0519 SG 1

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's thoughts for May

Members' Page



0519 MMC 70th 5

70 years of MMC

Mission Centre celebrates 'a trinity of parts'

May news



0519 Prov circ2

Provincial Circular

Latest issue at Members' Page



0419 Euroinfo 10419 Euroinfo 2

Euroinfo for April

Marist news from Europe

April news and Members page



0404 Tutu sunset 1 red22

On whatever distant shore...

Anniversary of Marist approval

April news



0419 SPC novena cover

St Peter Chanel

Feast Day of 'the man with the good heart'.  New: 'Short prayer service'

April news




0419 Br Colin 1e0419 Br Colin 2e

Happy 97th, Br Colin!

Province's oldest Marist celebrates

April news



0419 Ranong dialogue 3

Dialogue at Ranong

Marists, Buddhists and Muslims

April news



0419 JPIC Healy b2ap3 large whatever it takes common dreams 19041 20190418 153101 10119 Pete Healy blog 1

Ecological conversion

Fr Peter Healy on serious world decisions0119 BLOG banner crp




0419 Hopkinson J 1212

Fr Hoppy's Easter letter

Update from Bolivia

April news



0419 Anzac 01 Fr Lionel in his cap0419 Anzac 08 OTR066

A taste of Anzac

Marist wartime memories

April news



0419 Jack Soulsby cd 2

Passing of Fr Jack Soulsby

Charismatic Marist missioner in ninely countries

April news


0613 Winter solstice sunset Childers


0419 Stations of Cross 10419 Stations of Cross 8

Way of the Cross

Combined churches' walk to Villa Maria

April news



0419 St Dympna 0518 St Dympna0419 St Dympna 0518 St Dympna 0318 StPats ext 7ps

St Dympna, for victims of abuse

Downtown pastoral initiative0119 BLOG banner crp




0419 Novena 0410 SPC medal blur 110419 Novena SPC 1

St Peter Chanel novena

Nine days of prayer for vocations

April news



0419 VM tree gone a1 0119 1 stitchcrp Copy0419 VM tree gone a2 1

Now you see it...

... and now you don't. Monastery eucalypt gone.

April news



0419 Easter eggs 50419 Easter eggs 2

Shopping for good

Getting the right Easter eggs

April news or JPIC




0419 NL OMP0419 NL USA0419 NL USA 2

Pacific and USA bulletins

Latest Marist newsletters

April news



0419 SJC Philippines 2

Joeys' boys in Davao

Philippines immersion experience

April news



0419 VM chapel palms e2 



0419 Sattahip 5

Our Living Water at Sattahip

Br Paul Murphy's work with Burmese migrant children0119 BLOG banner crp




0419 Bp Tino ord 2

Bishop Tino

New bishop of Wallis-Futuna

April news



0419 PPP blog 4 People planet peace prosperity

Peace, people, planet...

Pope Francis addresses international gathering0119 BLOG banner crp




0319 JLarsen MMC 5crpe0319 JLarsen refl 0419

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen: our Holy Saturday experiences

April news and members page



0319 Fullness of Life 1 banner

Fullness of Life

Website redeveloped for Perth agency

March news



0319 Dakar street kids 6

New life for Dakar's street boys

Fr Christian Abongbung's ministry in Senegal0119 BLOG banner crp




0319 MMC NL 20319 OMP NL0319 SMBulletin

Newsletters & bulletins

Local and international Marist updates

March news



0319 SM Srs Woolwich event 30319 SM Srs Woolwich event 11

Woolwich Marist Sisters honoured

110 years of educational service

March news



0319 JLarsen MMC 100319 JLarsen MMC 12v

Superior-General at Mission Centre

70th anniversary preps.

March news



0319 JPIC BP 001c 0916 MAQ grp 11 x7 jumping

The BP story

Higher education for young refugees0119 BLOG banner crp




0319 TKennedy Yaounde 1

Fr Tony Kennedy in Cameroon

Theologate rector visits Africa District

March news



0319 Familia Marista 10319 Familia Marista 20319 Familia Marista 3

'To the ends of the world'

Pacific featured in Spanish Marist publication

March news



0319 Africa eco 70319 Africa eco 5

Veggies in the forest

Cameroon Marists' eco project0119 BLOG banner crp




0319 NLL US 10319 NLL US 2

e-Bulletins USA

Vocations Week and World Youth Day

March news



0319 MCC 1pan

Marist Charism & Culture

Latest immersion experience

March news



 0319 SG reflection

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's Lenten message

March news and members page



0319 Prov Circ No 1

Provincial Circular

Latest issue

March news and members page



0319 Lent meat cattle 03190319 Lent Graph

Lent, meat and our planet

How eating meat affects the planet0119 BLOG banner crp




0218 ConstnAnniv 6 GA docs 90

The telegram from Rome

Advise La Neylière immediately!

March news



0219 Paddington 1

Paddington update

New faces at 'House of Welcome'

February news



0219 Brophy bees 4 Bees 20219 Brophy bees 1 1109 Vocations dinner 10b Pat Brophy

Beekeeping and our Common Home

Fr Pat Brophy and latest Blog from Rome 0119 BLOG banner crp




0219 Ukuleles 240219 Ukuleles 5

Fr Aliki's ukuleles

Tongan strumming at Villa Maria

February news



0219 CDM NL 10219 CDM NL 50219 CDM NL 40219 CDM NL 3

'The Source'

Casa di Maria newsletter

February news



0219 Reach for Exc 4b0219 Reach for Exc 2

Reaching for Excellence

Initiative for Atlanta's Marist students

0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC



0219 OMP NL 1

Oceania news

Latest bulletin from Pacific Marists

February news and Members



0219 Bob Barber 3 leaving0219 Bob Barber 4

Seven Fountains retreat for Fr Bob

30-day exercises at Chiang Mai

February news



0219 JPICBLOG Raising Awareness about human trafficking and slavery ps

ACRATH in action

Sr Noelene Simmons and latest JPIC blog from Rome

0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC



0219 HtooHtoo grad 04a 0312 ACU exam day walking Mular0219 HtooHtoo grad 06b

Bridging the gap

Htoo Htoo's journey to graduation

February news and JPIC



0219 Fullness of Life 20219 Fullness of Life 1

Fullness of Life workshops

Perth Centre's 2019 program

February news



0219 Int Nov NL 1

International novitiate bulletin

Novices' experiences in Davao

February news



0219 Brownsville 003a Young Detainees Posada 18 a

On the Mexican border

Latest JPIC blog from Rome

0119 BLOG banner crpFebruary news and JPIC



0219 NLL Euroinfo 10219 NLL e bulletin

Europe & USA bulletins

Marist international news

February news and members page



 0219 SG Reflection 10219 SG 0119 Guatemala 1a JL Oz

Superior-General's reflection

Guatemala experience of Marist youth

February news and members page



0219 Prov handove 50219 Prov handove 10

Provincial installation

Packed chapel at Montbel ceremony 

February news



0119 Hoppy 30119 Hoppy 1

Bolivia bound

Fr Hoppy's mini-sabbatical ends 

January news



0119 Pete Healy blog c20119 Pete Healy blog 1

'Blessed unrest'

This week's JPIC blog: Fr Peter Healy on 'Ecological conversion' 

0119 BLOG banner crpJanuary news or JPIC



0119 VM Fallen ttee 70119 VM Fallen ttee 3pan0119 VM Fallen ttee 8

Crash !

Trespassers, beware

January news



0119 OAM 1 Pidcock Paul0119 OAM 3 0514 Sir KKerley 60119 OAM 2 Bates Kevin 2

Two Marists OAM

Australia Day awards to Frs Paul Pidcock and Kevin Bates

January news



0119 Rameau page 10119 Rameau page 20119 Rameau page 8

Le Rameau

Seminarians' colourful newsletter from Africa

January news



0119 SM Srs prof annb

Sisters' jubilees

70 and 60 Marist years for Sr Margaret Purcell and Sr Marie Berise

January news



0119 Guatemala II YP 30119 Guatemala II 04 JL 23

Final Mass at Guatemala

Marist youth celebrate

January news



0119 BLOG banner crp0119 BLOG 1

International blog launched

Interactive JPIC site up-and-running 

January news or JPIC



0119 Novitiate starts 6a crp

Novitiate begins

In Davao, Philippines, international group prepares for Marist commitment 

January news



0119 Guatemala 1a JL Oz0119 Guatemala 1c HK

Weaving life

Marist youth in Guatemala

January news



0119 MFV Fbk video

Vocations video

Marists on Facebook

Vocations page or January news



0119 Chapman Ray 1116 camino 040119 Ray C 0615 LN Exterior 03

Fr Ray Chapman to lead Colinian course

2020 program at La Neylière

January news



0119 Oceania OK 0704 Tutu view 31 vg

Anniversary of mission entrustment

1836 event

January news



0119 Salusalu 4


Oceania seminarians' colourful newsletter

January news


0119 Euroinfo 1

Marist news from Europe

Community ideas for 2019

January news



0119 SG 3

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's New Year message

January news and members page



0119 Montbel event 7 pan

Montbel soirée

New Year balcony celebration

January news



0119 Prov vicar 1a

New leadership duo

Fr Tony Corcoran takes office; Fr Peter McMurrich continues

January news



0119 NY