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Welcome to our website

Jan 30, 2023


0123 Green Lies

Sacrifice Zones and Green Lies

Fr Peter Healy's sobering comment on contemporary ecology

0119 BLOG banner crp   JPIC

0123 NL SMB Jan 27

SM Bulletin

Latest news from Rome

January News and Members' Page

0123 La Neyliere grp

Colinian Renewal begins

Fr Ray Chapman leading five-month program at La Neylière

January News

0123 Tom Ryan book 0123 Tom Ryan T 1  

Conscience, Virtue and Worship

Fr Tom Ryan's latest book

January News

0123 Blog Biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity

Good news from COP 15

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0123 NL SMB Jan 20

SM Bulletin

Latest news from Rome

January News and Members' Page

0123 Kiade Rayalu 2e0123 OMP Prov 3

New provincial for Oceania

Pacific leadership for Fr Milikiade Rayalu

January News

0123 OMP Chapter 2 SGb0123 Asia Chapter 6

Chapter groups

From Fiji and Philippines

January News

0123 Blog Ben XVI

Benedict XVI: Social Teaching

Encyclicals summarised by Fr Vincent Anes CMF

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0123 NL SMB Jan 13

SM Bulletin

Professions, diaconate and Chapters

January News and Members' Page

0123 Lou Molloy ashes 4

Fr Lou Molloy's ashes interred

Ceremony at East Ballina

January News

0123 Euroinfo 10123 Euroinfo 2


Marist news from the province of Europe

January News and Members' Page

0123 OMP Chapter

Oceania Chapter underway

Jan 10 anniversary remembered

January News

0123 La Balme 0213 050123 La Balme 0220 Ondoua Declas 1ae snow

Bugey mission anniversary

Society of Mary's first ministry

January News

 0123 Blog JCarty

Child labour: now and then

Fr Jim Carty: modern links with an age-old crime

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0123 Asia Chapter 3

Asia District Chapter begins

Fr Ben McKenna leads opening days

January News

0123 Africa voc 2a0123 Africa voc 2b

Vocations news from Africa

Bulletins update District initiatives

January News

0123 Diac Chris Ngoura 50123 Diac Chris Ngoura 8

Christian Ngoura, deacon

Cameroonian Marist ordained in Rome

January News

0122 NL SG Larsen John 03190123 SG 0e inPixio

'On the shifting sands'

Fr John Larsen's monthly reflection

January News or Superior-General's Page

0123 Professions Italy 2

Six new Marists

Professions in Tuscany

January News

0123 Montbel NY event 4

New Year at Montbel

Marist Family gathers

January News 

0123 Darkness Light JCarty

In darkness, a light

Christmas/New Year message from JPIC Blog editors

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1222 Blog Xmas

Blest and joy-filled

Christmas message for Blog visitors

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1222 VM Xmas Eve Mass 2

Christmas at Villa Maria

Papal blessing presented during evening liturgy

December News

1222 Blog Lampudesa

Remembering Lampedusa

European youth and refugee care

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1222 NL SMB Dec 16

SM Bulletin

Superior-General in French-speaking Oceania; International Novitiate news

December News and Members' Page

1222 Brazil NL 11222 Brazil NL 2

News from Brazil

St Peter Chanel formation community newsletter

December News

1222 Hoppy1222 Hoppy Christmas card

From Fr Hoppy

Christmas reading from Bolivia

December News

1222 CCN Colin PS rn 04181222 CCN Zoom 1

Colin Network meets

Beatification Cause: review and planning

December News

1222 Shed shop 11222 Shed shop 3

Shed shop opens

Christmas gifts in monastery grounds

December News

1222 John Guo

Fr John Guo thesis defence

Asia District Marist and sustainable human development 

December News

1222 Womens dinner 5  

Parish Women's dinner

Advent meal for one hundred and sixty in monastery grounds

December News

 1222 MLA Advent prayer 1

Laity Advent prayer

Marist Family pray online

December News

1222 Euroinfo 11222 Euroinfo 2


La Neylière ministry and remembering Lampedusa

December News and Members' Page

1222 SM Srs jubliees 3

Sisters' jubilees

Two centuries of Marist religious life

December News

1222 NL SMB Dec 09

SM Bulletin

GA movements, Africa ordination, new communities n USA and Canada

December News and Members' Page

1222 FMS new province 121222 FMS new province 14

Star of the Sea Province inagurated

Marist Brothers' Asia-Pacific restructure

December News

1222 Allan Connors funeral 10

Farewell to Fr Allan Connors

Christian growth founder laid to rest

December News

1222 MLA e NL

Marist Laity news

Coordinator changes for MLA

December News

1222 Blog peace making

Marist charism and peacemaking

Marist Family presentations

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0922 NL SG Larsen John 03191222 NL SG

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen: a mission in Turkey?   Young Marists gathered

December News and Superior-General's Page

1122 Hoppy 32nd MM anniv 2

Bolivia celebration

Thirty years of Misioneros Maristas  

December News

1122 District Circ banner

District Circular

November issue on Member's Page

Members' Page

1122 Connors Allan e

Passing of Fr Allan Connors

Missioner, city pastor and Aquinas Academy director mourned after seventy years as a Marist priest 

December News