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Brisbane Chanel celebration

Marist provincial, Fr Tony Corcoran SM, present in Brisbane at the time of St Peter Chanel's feast day, presided at Mass in the chapel of the Marist Brothers' community, Rosalie, on Apr 28.

Local Marist Fathers, Brothers and friends (pictured below) joined the celebration.                              [Apr 30]

0421 Marists BNE SPC

Oceania News Bulletin

From Suva, Fiji, this month's Oceania News Bulletin includes a report on Earthbag Building Technology at the Marist Eco-Centre, Dawasamu.  Click here or go to Members' Page.                               [Apr 29] 

0421 OMP 10421 OMP 2

On whatever distant shore...

On Apr 29, 1836, a parchment document was signed in Rome giving official approval to the Society of Mary. Three weeks later, in Belley, France, a delighted Jean-Claude Colin with his pioneer Marist confrères received the letter with due ceremony and great joy.

Not long before, when the suggestion was made that the fledgeling group should undertake the missions of the south-west Pacific, Fr Colin had responded 'We will work on whatever distant shore.''  (Click here for leaflet)

The document meant that the Marists were now official. It was signed on behalf of Pope Gregory XVI, who, as Prefect of the Congregation 'Propaganda Fide' (then Cardinal Mauro Cappellari) had shown himself a vigorous promoter of the missions. Marists today offer Mass for God's blessing on the Society of Mary.                           [Apr 29]        

 0421 OWDS Tutu view 0704 31 vg

0410 St Peter Chanel icon large1
St Peter Chanel SM

First martyr of Oceania     Feast Day Apr 28

Icon written in 1991 to mark the 150th anniversary of his martyrdom on the island of Futuna, 1981.

For more on his life, click here.  For a short paraliturgy, click here.                                [Apr 28]

Farewell, Br Colin

Veteran Marist missionary, Br Colin Campbell SM, was farewelled with a vigil ceremony at Montbel on Apr 25 and Requiem Mass in Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill, on Apr 26 followed by burial in the mission cemetery of Villa Maria monastery -  on the eve of his 99th birthday.

Br Colin's vigil and funeral (scenes pictured below) were attended by family and friends, RSL representatives and members of branches of the Marist Family. Provincial, Fr Tony Corcoran, presided at the Requiem Eucharist and a piper with bagpipes accompaned Br Colin's last journey acknowledging his much-loved Scottish heritage. Montbel's community leader, Fr Paul Mahony, led the graveside ceremony.

For more on the  life and passing of Br Colin, click here.  Rest in well-deserved peace, Brother.                                 [Apr 27] .  

0421 Br Colin 0419 1e blr0421 Br Colin Campbell vigil 1
 0421 Br Colin funeral 20421 Br Colin funeral 6
0421 Br Colin funeral 110421 Br Colin funeral 14 0421 Br Colin funeral 15
 0421 Br Colin funeral 160421 Br Colin funeral 18

Provincial Circular

Latest issue at Members' Page.                                [Apr 27]

0421 Prov Circ

Anzacs in Rome

Marist Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, was present at an Anzac memorial in Rome on Apr 25 with fellow-Australian, Fr Tony Kennedy (Casa di Maria community) and Kiwi, Fr Pat Devlin (Secretary-General). Anzacs gathered at Domus Australia in Via Cernaia, Rome, former international scholasticate of the Society of Mary. 

They are pictured below, from left, Frs Tony Kennedy, Ben McKenna, Pat Devlin.                          [Apr 26]

0421 Anzac Rome 10421 Anzac Rome 2

SM Bulletin

From Rome, this week's SM Bulletin advises of the appointment of Fr David Sanchez SM to lead the next Marist International Novitiate. Other items include visitation of the Casa di Maria formayion community and the ongoing Zoom sessions of Unit leaders with the General Administration.     Click here or go to Members' Page.                            [Apr 24]

0421 SMB Apr 23

Remember and pray

For Fr Kevin Bates' Anzac reflection, click here.                          [Apr 23]

0121 Bates Kevin 2
0420 Anzac SYD Jan 27 sunrise Anzac Br 0107

Hope for the future

A recent photo of students and formators at Casa di Maria, Rome, promises hope for the future of Marist life. The community of the Marist International Theologate, led by Australian Marist, Fr Tony Kennedy, reflects the diversity of the Society of Mary's mission worldwide.                                [Apr 19]

Pictured below, standing, from left: Frs Larry Duffy and Ben McKenna [Assistant-General], Jaime Perez [Mexico], Fr Tony Kennedy, Yves Beranger [Cameroon], Fr Xavier Sariman, Deacon Charles Mbara [Cameroun], Clinton Kube [Cameroun], Deacon Hayden Powick (NZ).   Front: Iosefo Amuri [Fiji], Carlos Oliverez [Mexico], Christian Ngoura [Cameroun], Cameron Mota [Bougainville]

0421 Casa di Maria cty 1

St Peter Chanel novena

Leading up to Apr 28 feast day of St Peter Chanel, the annual novena for vocations through his intercession begins on Apr 19, concluding on the eve of the feast, Apr 27.

To download a novena booklet for printing, click here.  For scrolling/reading, click here.                              [Apr 18]

0421 SPC novena cover

Passing of Br Colin Campbell SM

The oldest member of the Australian Province of the Society of Mary, Br Colin Campbell SM, died peacefully at Southern Cross Aged Care, Marsfield, NSW, on Apr18, aged 98, a week before his 99th birthday.

Br Colin had served in Bougainville in World War II, returning to the Pacific as a Marist missionary for almost forty years. His latter years were spent in retirement at Hunters Hill as a much-loved member of the Maryvale/Montbel community. May he rest in well-deserved peace.

For more on Br Colin's life, click here.                                  [Apr 18]

0421 Br Colin 0419 1e blr0421 Br Colin 0812 St Pats 22 Br Colin lady0421 BrColin98 Campbell Br C 0711
Above:  Br Colin Campbell in 2019.     |     Coffee shop ministry at St Patrick's..    |     ... and a certificate of appreciation of ten years' ministry, 2011.   Below:  Br Colin as an honoured Anzac, 2015.   |    Enjoying a cool one at Villa Maria, 2007.    |   Recent times, Br Colin, Jan 2021.
0421 BrColin98 0415 Anzac Day Br Colin 2crp0421 BrColin98 0414 Anzac BrColin 1 0421 BrColin98 Campbell C 20421 Br Colin Campbel 20421 Br Colin Campbel 1

Montbel celebrations

Celebrations were held recently at Montbel, Hunters Hill, to mark the birthdays of senior Marists and one other: Fr Tony King (95), Fr Paul Pidcock (90) and Montbel's manager, Kerrie Sanders.                                   [Apr 17]

0421 Tony King 95th bd 60421 Tony King 95th bd 10421 Tony King 95th bd 7
Above: Provincial, Fr Anthony Corcoran, spoke appreciatively of the contribution Fr Tony King had made to international formation.   |    Confreres gathered in the Montbel dining room.   |    Cake-cutting, assisted by Montbel's community leader, Fr Paul MahonyBelow: Fr Paul Pidock (at left) with Sydney-based Marists at Montbel.   |   Toast from Fr John Worthington.   |    Kerrie Sanders cuts her cake.
0421 P Pidcock Kerrie bdd 10421 P Pidcock Kerrie bdd 3a Wortho0421 P Pidcock Kerrie bdd2b Kerrie

SM Bulletin

This week's SM Bulletin reports on the shrine developments at Monte Alto, Brazil, the refurbishment of internatonal novitiate faciltiies in Davao, Philippines and on Italian Marist, Fr Faustino Ferrari's book 'To taste God, in the footsteps of the mystics'. Click here or go to Members' Page                           [Apr 16] 

0421 SMB Apr 16

Aussie camino for Wilai

The Wilai Foundation announces its Australian Camino, Walk for Wilai 2021, from Portland, Vic, to Penola, S.A. in September.  In 2017 Fr Jim Carty SM (then 78 years of age) walked a rugged 740 km camino through the south-west of France to raise funds for the Foundation and its work on behalf of stateless children in S-E Asia. At 82, he plans to be part of the 200km-plus Australian camino. 

For details of the walk: click here                                [Apr 16]  

0421 Wilai Camino 20421 Wilai Camino 10421 Wilai Camino 3

Fr Kevin Redmond returns

After a sabbatical break in 2020 broken by the pandemic, Fr Kevin Redmond SM has returned to Australia to take up an appointment on the staff of the inner-city shrine of St Patrick's, Church Hill. Fr Kevin spent two weeks of quarantine in a Sydney hotel before several days with the Villa Maria community, Hunters Hill, en route to St Patrick's.  

Fr Kevin will be part of the international Marist group planned for Marayong in Sydney's outer-west in 2022. Other members are likely to include Fr Kevin Medilo (Philippines) and newly-ordained Fr Floyd Gatana (Bougainville). Welcome back, Fr Kevin !                               [Apr 14]

0421 Kevin Redmond 1e

The Branch

From Yaoundé, Cameroon comes the colourful newsletter, 'Rameau' ('Branch'), 16 pages of bi-lingual (English-French) news and pictures about life at St Peter Chanel's scholasticate. This issue includes an article from Fr Christian Abongbung on the Beatification Cause of Ven Jean-Claude Colin as well as reflections on the late Fr Bob Barber, well remembered from his work in Cameroon.   Click here.or go to Members' Page

'Rameau' is Inspired by the biblical text, 'A branch wll come forth from the stock of Jesse' (Isaiah 11:1).                                  [Apr 13]

0421 NL Rameau 10421 NL Rameau 20421 NL Rameau 50421 NL Rameau 4


This month's news bulletin from the Marist European province features personal reflections on St Peter Chanel whose feast day is celebrated on Apr 28. Good reading! Click here or go to Members' Page.                                   [Apr 13]

0421 NL Euroinfo 10421 NL Euroinfo 2

SM Bulletin

In this week's SM Bulletin from Rome is the announcement of Fr Christian Abongbung's appointment as Assistant-General (see below) and the visit of Fr Juan-Carlos Piña to the Marist formation communities in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Click here or go to Members' Page.                               [Apr 10]

0421 SMB Apr 09

New Assistant-General

The Superior General, Fr John Larsen SM, has appointed Fr Christian Abongbung, of the District of Africa, as the new Assistant-General on the General Council. He replaces Fr. Albert Kabala who holds the position of Major Superior of the Africa District.

Fr Christian will continue as rector of the Marist seminary in Yaoundé, Cameroon, participating in General Council meetings from there unless his actual presence is required in Rome, or elsewhere,from time to time. .

After seminary formation in Oceania, Fr Christian studied at the Gregorian University in Rome, then worked in pastoral ministry in Cameroon and in Senegal, especially in the shelter for street children in Dakar.

In welcoming Fr.Christian to the team, Fr John paid special tribute to Fr.Albert's outstanding service to the Council and to the whole Society of Mary..                              [Apr 09].

Below: Fr Christian with Fr Albert Kabala     |     In Sydney, 2010, with Frs Jim Esler, Gil Casio and the late Fr Bob Barber.

0421 Chris Abongbung A G 10421 Chris Abongbung A G 2 1110

Marist Laity e-Newsletter

In its e-Newsletter of Apr 05 Marist Laity Australia links to its website and a range of topical issues for information, reflection and prayer.  Click here.                         [Apr 02] 

0421 NL MLA 0
0421 NL MLA 10421 NL MLA 2

 Love in action

In his monthly reflection Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, invites Marists to accept Easter's call to love-in-action. For the reflection: click here or go to Superior-General's Page.                                 [Apr 01]

0321 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe 0421 SG 1