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Last newsletters for 2018

The Marist Province of Oceania and the Marist Mission District of Africa have sent their final newsletters for the year.

For the Oceania Marist Bulletin, click here (1 p).  For the District of Africa newsletter, click here (4 pp).

 1218 OMP NL1218 Africa NL 11218 Africa NL 2

Living 'Laudato Si'

A Christmas/New Year environmental calendar has been produced by Global Catholic Climate Movement, offering a challenge to all Catholic s to embrace the Holy Father's message of 'Laudato Si'.

GCCM notes, 'Pope Francis urges the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and all people of good will to take urgent action against the injustice of climate change and the ecological crisis, to protect the poor and future generations. His encyclical letter Laudato Si’ is a compelling call to care for our common home, Earth, building on a long history of Catholic teaching. We are building a vibrant movement to respond to Pope Francis’ call.'

For the Christmas calendar click here.   For GCCM website, click here.

1218 Global Cath Climate 21218 Global Cath Climate 1

Congratulations, Bishop Tino

His Holiness, Pope Francis, has announced the appointment of Fr Susitino Sionepoe SM, as the new bishop of Wallis-Futuna, following the resignation on Dec 24 of Bishop Ghislain de Rasilly SM.

A native of Wallis-Futuna, Fr Tino (53) recently completed a term as vicar-provincial of the Marist Oceania Province. He participated in the 'Spiritualtiy and Lifestyle' program held at Hunters Hill, NSW, in 2014 and is pictured, below, along with Bishop Ghislain who visited at that time.

Congratulations and every blessing Bishop Tino. Bishop Ghislain, enjoy a well-earned retirement.              [Dec 26]

1218 Bp Tino 1014 SL mugs Tino 11218 Bp Tino 1014 Bp Ghislain 3 solo

Unto us a Child is born...

Christmas has arrived... and welcomed prayerfully and colourfully by parishioners of Holy Name of Mary parish, Hunters Hill
An open-air Vigil liturgy in the grounds of Villa Maria monastery led by parish priest, Fr Kevin Bates, was replete with angels, shepherds and their flock, wise men and, of course, Jesus, Mary and Joseph... and Fr Aliki's ukuleles.               [Dec 25]
 1218 VM Xmas Vigil 11218 VM Xmas Vigil 6pan
 Scenes from the Vigil Eucharist at Villa Maria. Assistant pastor, Fr Aliki Langi is pictured further below in the midst of his newly-established and popular ukulele ensemble.
 1218 VM Xmas Vigil 21pan
1218 VM Xmas Vigil 41218 VM Xmas Vigil 17 1218 VM Xmas Vigil 18
 1218 VM Xmas Vigil 71218 VM Xmas Vigil 15

Singing in the rain

Undaunted by foul weather, members of Sydney City youth and St Patrick's Young Adults were joined by random Sydneysiders recently on their annual Christmas carol walk from St Mary's Cathedral to St Patrick's church at the Rocks.

The carollers witnessed to the coming of Christ along the newly-laid light rail tracks and in the shelter of the Sydney Post Office collonade in Martin Place.                  [Dec 23]

1218 Xmas carols walk 51218 Xmas carols walk 11218 Xmas carols walk 21218 Xmas carols walk 4

Two Christmas messages

Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, and Australian Marist missionary in Bolivia, Fr John Hopkinson, have each sent Christmas messages to their confreres.

For their messages, click here: Fr John Larsen   |   Fr John Hopkinson                     [Dec 22]

1218 Xmas JLarsen1218 SG reflection 1 Larsen John 1017
1218 Xmas JHoppy0718 Hoppy 2crp

Latest Provincial Circular

At Members page

 1218 Prov Circ banner

Passing of Fr Jan Snijders

Marists throughout the world mourn the passing of Dutch Marist, philosopher and writer, Fr Jan Snijders SM, aged  90.  He was a Marist for 70 years and priest for 65 years at the time of his death in Hulst, The Netherlands, on Dec 13.

Fr Jan had held leadership positions in the Dutch Marist Province and as Assistant-General of the Society of Mary.  Of recent years he contributed to the history of a critical period of the pioneer Marist missions of the Pacific in his work 'A mission too far ... Pacific commitment and the Marist Missions, 1835-1841'.  May he rest in well-deserved peace.               [Dec 15]

1218 Snijders Jan blr1218 Snijders Jan cover

Farewell to Woolwich

Dec 13 saw the end of a 110-year history of the Marist Sisters' presence at Woolwich, NSW, as the community departed from their Marian House residence. The property will be used as part of the adjacent school complex. 

Generations of Sisters have staffed the girls' high school (Marist College Woolwich) since the Marists arrived in 1908.

In more recent years Marian House has been home for senior Sisters and their carers, whilst the cottage 'No 64' was until recent times the base for Sisters active in a variety of ministries in the Sydney area.

The Sisters have kindly made available the words of their Dec 08 farewell liturgy. Click the following for 'Our Farewell to Woolwich' and 'Invitation to Quiet Time'

Farewell, dear Sisters.. and thank you for your century of service and gentle presence.               [Dec 13]

1218 Marian House 1118 6panb
Above: Marian House's 'million dollar view' of the Lane Cove River and environs.  Below: Smiling, though sad, the departing community near their statue of 'Our Lady of the Smile', from left, Srs Carmel Murray, Julie Brand, Ruth Davis, Patricia Bartley and Elizabeth McTaggart. The Sisters are moving to the Marist residence at Haberfield, while the historic statue will be kept in Villa Maria monastery's Chanel House.. 
1218 Marian House Cty OLSmile 4
 Below: Marian House chapel motif for Australia Day   |    The chapel's Stations of the Cross will soon find a new home in the Pacific.    |   
School, residence and guest cottage each shares Woolwich's 'million dollar view'
1218 Marian House Oz Day 0118 11218 Marian House Station 61218 Marian House views 9pano

Glimmers launched

As reported in October News, more than ten years of the weekly reflections of pastor of Holy Name of Mary parish, Fr Kevin Bates SM, have now been published. 

The compilation, 'Glimmers of Grace', was officially launched at a recent function at the Hunters Hill Club.

The book's initial print run of 750 is now almost exhausted and a further 1,000 copies are expected to be available before long. 

To read more and reserve a copy, click here                [Dec 12]

1218 Bates booklaunch 11218 Bates booklaunch 21218 Bates booklaunch 3
 Scenes from the Nov 27 launch at the Hunters Hill Club, including (top right) Fr Kevin with artist, Daniel Dominquez, and editor, Juliette O'Brien
 1218 Bates booklaunch 41218 Bates booklaunch 51218 Bates booklaunch 6

Marist newsletters

Recent Marist newsletters from USA, Europe and the Pacific are now available. Click below or go to 'Members' page

[Dec 11]

1218 NLL 5 USA1218 NLL 4 USA1218 NLL 1 Euroinfo1218 NLL 3 omp

Joubert Jubilee

Celebrating twenty-five years of choral presence in the Hunters Hill area, the Joubert Singers held their Silver Jubilee Concert in Holy Name of Mary church on Dec 09.

Led by conductor, Rachelle Elliott, the choir's anniversary repertoire included Mozart's Vesperae Solemnes de Confessore K339, a cappella works from Nordic Countries and Australian Christmas songs.

Happy anniversary, Singers!              [Dec 09]

1218 Joubert Singers 81218 Joubert Singers 3
1218 Joubert Singers 11218 Joubert Singers 9
 1218 Joubert Singers 7

'Sorrow and Promise'

In a simple service in the chapel of 'Montbel', Hunters Hill, on Dec 08 senior Marists participated in the 'Sorrow and Promise' liturgy prepared by CRA (Catholic Religious Australia), acknowledging the tragedy and sadness of abuse of minors and vulnerable persons in the Church.

A time of prayerful reflection was followed by community discussion.

For the CRA liturgy booklet, click here.            [Dec 08]

1218 Montbel Sorry liturgy 51218 Montbel Sorry liturgy 11218 Montbel Sorry liturgy 15
1218 Montbel Sorry liturgy 712 stitch

Rocky Brazilians farewell Fr Paul

Brazilian Catholics in Rockhampton, Qld, recently gave Fr Paul Mahony a touching farewell as he concluded a 12-year, monthly ministry amongst them.

Having worked in the Marist Mission District of Brazil for twenty years and with fluency in Portuguese language, Fr Paul has become a valuable guide to Brazilians in Queensland and New South Wales.  He is presently leader of the 'Montbel' Marist Aged Care residence at Hunters Hill. 

Muito obrigado, Padre Paulo!            [Dec 07]

1218 PMahony Brazilians Rocky

Tomigaoka's 50th 

Fr Paul Glynn was an honoured guest at the anniversary Mass and dinner marking the 50th anniversary of the Tomigaoka parish church in Nara prefecture, Japan.

On land originally acquired by Fr Syd Nugent, the initial building was a  two-story kindergarten opened in 1968 and also used as a Mass centre until a proper church could be constructed. Later, Fr Paul's brother, Fr Tony Glynn, took responsibility for Tomigaoka and built the present church in 1973.

With Tomigaoka friends, Fr Paul offered Mass at the cemetery where Fr Tony's ashes are interred.

1218 Tomig 1118 Tomi. anniv 7 Tomigaoka golden jubilee mass 2
Above:  Fr Paul Glynn (front, second from right) with Kyoto's Bishop Otsuka and some of the large congregation attending the anniversary Mass. (Another similar photo shows the other half of the congregation!)   Below: Scenes from the Mass and dinner.  Further below: Memorial Mass at Fr Tony Glynn's grave.
1218 Tomig 1118 Tomi. anniv 1 Fr.Paul greeting ation.the party1218 Tomig 1118 Tomi. anniv 6 Tomigaoka golden jubilee mass with kyoto bishop Otsuka.F1218 Tomig 1118 Tomi. anniv 2 Fr.Paul with sr.Endo. of Notre DAM missonary from Fukushima
1218 Tomig 1118 Tomi. anniv 4 Marist cemetery for Fr. Tony 1218 Tomig 1118 Tomi. anniv 5 Memorial mass for Fr. Tony

Celebration and memories

Leader of the Marist District of Asia, District, Fr Christopher Ganzon SM, recently celebrated another year of priesthood, recalling memories of his first overseas mission experience in 2002.

Within weeks of his ordination in November 2002, the young Fr Chris embarked on the Marist Mission Centre' s 'The Other Half' experience to countries on mainland Asia. He was soon to remark, 'I have spent most of my priesthood overseas!'

Fr Chris' newly-ordained adventure took him to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand and jungle refugee camps of the Thai -Burma border.

In 2018 he was appointed to lead the Marist Mission District of Asia.                        [Dec 04]

1218 Ganzon 17 1218 CGanzon anniv 11218 Ganzon 18 1218 CGanzon anniv 2
 Above: Fr Chris (third from left) celebrating sixteen years of priesthood, with family and friends. 
Below: With confreres working in the Marist District of Asia (Fr Chris: middle row, second from left)
 1218 Ganzon 10 1118 Asia SMs
 1218 Ganzon 12 1202 5j ps1218 Ganzon 4 0103 5 d ps1218 Ganzon 2 0103 4 d ps
  Flashback to Fr Chris' TOH adventure of 2002-03. Above: Christmas Mass at Maera Moo refugee camp, Thai-Burma border    |    With students on Don Bosco Hostel, Dhaka City, Bangladesh   |    MMC Leadership and management training, Dhaka.   Below:  Crushing sugar cane, Battambang, Cambodia   |    With youngsters, rural Camboida     |   Relaxing with fellow Marist TOH-ers, Maesariang, Thailand.
 1218 Ganzon 6 0203 3f ps1218 Ganzon 8 0203 4c ps1218 Ganzon 14 1202 9 h ps

Superior-General's reflection

Following recent visits to Toulon and Dakar, Fr John Larsen reflects on Christmas images and the Marist spirit in education.

See Members' Page                 [Dec 02]

 1218 SG reflection 31218 SG reflection 1 Larsen John 10171218 SG reflection 2

Happy New Year of Grace

Welcome to Advent!              [Dec 02]

1218 Advent 1210 Jamberoo church 3 advent wreath copyxx

St Thérèse and Fourvière

On Dec 01, 1887, Thérèse Martin ended her journey from Normandy to the city of Lyons, France, by climbing the steep steps to the shrine of Our Lady of Fourvière. It was a few weeks before her fifteenth birthday. 

Later known as The Little Flower, Thérèse followed the centuries-old tradition of seeking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin for her future. Seventy years earlier, twelve Marist aspirants had climbed the same steps to pledge their commitment to form the Society of Mary.

At the time of Thérèse's visit to Fourvière, the giant basilica has just been completed (1884), adjoining the ancient chapel of the Blessed Virgin. A plaque in the chapel remembers Thérèse's visit. She entered Carmel a few months later, in April 1888.                    [Dec 01]

 1218 StTherese Therese aged 151218 StTherese 0715 Fourviere ext 09
 Above: Fifteen-year-old Thérèse Martin  |  Fourvière today, with the ancient chapel now topped by a statue of Mary and dwarfed by the basilica.
Below: The steps to Fourvière   |   Inside the ancient chapel   |   The plaque recalling Thérèse's visit
 1218 StTherese 0714 Fourviere steps 21218 StTherese 0213 Fourviere 31218 StTherese 0715 Fourviere plaque T Martin pscrp


Villa Maria monastery's Advent calendar has appeared on the wall of the dining room, marking the countdown of days to Christmas.

The calendar is the handiwork of women and girls from the Sarnelli House outreach program in northern Thailand, supported by the Marist Mission Centre. It is a gift from the Thai Redemptorists who conduct the program.

Villa Maria community members take one of the felt crib images and place it on the calendar each day until Christmas when the Christ-Child figure is put in place.                  [Dec 01]

 1218 Advent cal 21218 Advent cal 1crp



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