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 Recommended web links
Marist JPIC International Blog     |     Global Catholic Climate Movement     |     Marist European JP blog     |     ACRATH - Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans     |     CLRI (NSW) Publications - 'Just in Time', 'Watermark'      |     Edmund Rice - Pacific Calling Partnership      |     Pacific Climate Watch      |     [Marist Family Justice & Peace group - 'Both Ends of the Gun' seminar]      |     Wilai Foundation

1119 Caring planet   'Caring for our planet'  click here 


Light amid gloom

This week's Monday JPIC Blog is Fr Jim Carty's reflection on the 'chiaroscuro' of Christmas today. Go to the Blog: click here                   [Dec 24]

1219 Light amid doom blog0119 BLOG banner crp

Formula for hope

From Atlanta, USA, ths week's Monday JPIC Blog features the Centro Hispano Marista and its formula for hope.. Go to the Blog: click here                [Dec 16]

1219 Centro Hispano Marista0119 BLOG banner crp

The way to peace

This week's Monday JPIC Blog from Rome features Pope Francis' recent address, identifying Mary as the 'way to peace amongst cultures'. Go to the Blog: click here                 [Dec 09]

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Gemma and the Digos prison

This week's JPIC Blog from Rome features Lay Marist, Gemma Ando, and her ministry to the prisoners of Digos, Philippines. Go to the Blog: click here.                 [Dec 02]

1219 Prison Digos0119 BLOG banner crp

Excellence for Brandon

This week's JPIC Blog from Rome highlights a success story of the 'Reaching for Excellence' program of Marist College, Atlanta, USA. .  Go to the Blog: click here.  See also an earlier Blog on the program: click here.                  [Nov 26]

1119 Blog Reach for Excellence1119 Reach for Exc 3 02190119 BLOG banner crp

HIV care - Marists at Ranong

Last Monday's JPIC blog came from Fr Gil Casio SM, ministering to the victims of HIV-AIDS in Thailand's fishing port city of Ranong. Go to the blog: click here                    [Nov 25]

1119 Ranong AIDS0119 BLOG banner crp

Letter from Bolivia

Australian missionary, Fr John Hopkisnon SM, writes a short but poignant note from Bolivia following the recent overthrow of the legitimate government by a right-wing minority with outside support. Click here

Fr 'Hoppy' is pictured below in Sydney in 2018 and with Catholics in Bolivia cared for by the Misioneros Maristas.                  [Nov 25]

1119 Hoppy 0718 41119 Hoppy 0919 1
1119 Hoppy 0919 10

Saturday sandwich

Today's Monday JPIC Blog from Rome features the Saturday ministry to the homeless at the Marist's downtown church in London. Go to the Blog: click here                 [Nov 11]

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Marists and our common home

Today's Monday JPIC Blog from Rome features a Draft Sustainability Policy on which Fr Peter Healy sm, a member of the Society of Mary's international Ecology Commission, has been working in dialogue with the NZ Marist Provincial Administration. Fr Peter is pictured below (right) with Fr Phil Cody.  Go to the blog: click here                    [Nov 04] 

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Francis and the Catholic Dormitory of Ee Tu Hta

Thie week's Monday JPIC blog is about Francis Hsa Ku and a handful of IDP youngsters at Ee Tu Hta. Click here.                  [Oct 30] 

0718 Francis Hsa Ku 1 familye0919 Eh Ta Tu grp 0919 19e 0119 BLOG banner crp

Border birth

Cristian was born by a bridge near the US/Mexican border, In this week's JPIC Blog Fr Tony O'Connor tells his story. Click here.                    [Oct 26]

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One flag missing

In this Monday's JPIC blog from Rome, Fr Jim Carty SM shares on the plight of Wilai and the stateless children of the world. For the blog, click here.                   [Oct 14]

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Web of life

In this week's JPIC blog from Rome Marist formator and environmentalist, Fr Donato Kivi, emphasises that caring for our planet cuts across all boundaries.  For the blog, click here.                   [Oct 11] 

1019 Web of life Kivi0819 D Kivi J Carty 0119 BLOG banner crp

Bugey in Brazil

This week's JPIC Monday blog from Rome features Fr Paddy O'Neil's report on the Marists in Bahia, Brazil, inspired by the Society of Mary's pioneer missions in the Bugey mountains of France. For the blog, click here.  That's Fr Paddy, below, in the red shirt.                    [Oct 01]

0919 Bugey Brazil 1 0919 Bugey Brazil 5 0119 BLOG banner crp

Crack-down at Ranong

In this week's JPIC Monday blog from Rome Fr Frank Bird describes the critical situation in Ranong, Thailand, where the government moves have prompted closing the mission schools.  For the blog, click here.                    [Sep 24] 

0919 Ranong chn0119 BLOG banner crp

Beginning at home

This week's JPIC from Rome features an initiative of the Australian Marist Family JPIC committee.and its list of suggestions for caring for our planet beginning a home.  Click here for the Blog                    [Sep 20]

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0919 Caring 4c clothes0919 Caring 4d clothes0919 Caring 2a flush 1tick0919 Caring 3a water 10919 Caring 3b water 2

Creation prayer

From Rome, this week's JPIC blog offers a prayer for the Season of Creation. Go to the blog:  click here.               [Sep 11]

0919 Season of Creation prayer0119 BLOG banner crp

Season of Creation, ctd.

This week's JPIC blog from Rome also features the Season of Creation. Go to the blog, click here.                   [Sep 04]

0919 Season of Creation0119 BLOG banner crp

Season of Creation

Inspired by Pope Francis' pressing letter on the environment, 'Laudato Si', Christian groups throughout the world have dedicated the first five weeks of spring (in the Southern Hemisphere!) as the 'Season of Creation'

A wealth of practical aids is available to inspire and facilitate practical intitiaves in taking fuller responsibility for the planet on which we live.

Principal resource is the Season of Creation website and its Celebration Guide and One-page overview. A major contributor to the Season of  Creation is the Global Catholic Climate Movement.  See also in our recommended websites (above) Pacific Calling Partnership and Pacific Climate Watch.                       [Sep 02]

0919 Season of Creation 1  0919 Season of Creation 3
0919 Season of Creation 4 0919 Season of Creation 2

Economy or people?

From Rome this week's JPIC Blog features a comment by Ross Flint, Anglican priest and Marist Associate, Launceston, Tas, on the Australian PM's recent, lamentable visit to Pacific leaders. Go to the blog: click here. .                      [Aug 30]

0819 Economy or people 0819 Economy or people 10119 BLOG banner crp

Fr Ben's eco-retreat

From Ireland, Fr Ben McKenna reports on his experience of an eco-retreat, in this week's JPIC blog. Click here.                  [Aug 01]

0819 Eco retreat 10819 Eco retreat 20119 BLOG banner crp

Saint of Talad Thai

From Pathumthani, Thailand, Br Paul Murphy FMS recounts the story of Burmese migrant worker, Dora, and her family. This week's Monday blog from Rome.   Click here.                  [Jul 23]

0719 Paul Murphy0119 BLOG banner crp

The plot thickens

Featured in this week's Monday JPIC Blog is a graphic report from the USA-Mexican border by Kiwi Marist Fr Tony O'Connor SM, describing the plight of migrants and the poor of Central America. Go to the blog:  click here 

PS: For a practical piece from CathNews NZ, 'Kids in cages. You can help', click here.                     [Jul 19]

0719 Mexican border 10719 Mexican border 20119 BLOG banner crp

Congrats, Br Steve

Christian Brother, Steve Morelli, is one of two teachers of Australian Indigenous languages who are joint winners of the Patji-Dawes Award, the nation's premier award for achievement in teaching languages other than English.

Br Steve is well known to Australian Marists through his collaboration with the Aborignal Catholic Ministry in the Macksville-Bowraville-Kemspey region.

In recent years he compiled a dictionary and grammar of Gumbaynggirr, co-developed courses up to Certificate III level, and co-edited the Gumbaynggirr Yuludarla Jandaygam Gumbaynggirr Dreaming Story Collection.  Yes, Congrats, Br Steve!                     [Jul 11]

Below: Br Steve Morelli    |   Flashback: In 2013, Br Steve with indigenous friends at Macksville and co-worker, Br Mika Cilicewa SM (second from left)   |    ... with the late Fr Bern Ryan SM, former Marist superior-general and member of the ACM team with Br Steve.

0719 Steve Morelli0719 Steve Morelli 0413 Macksville incl JHannan 020719 Steve Morelli 0413 Macksville incl JHannan 12

Commitment to dialogue

This week's JPIC blog from Rome features Fr Larry Sabud's thoughtful reflection on Marist commitment to inter-religious dialogue. Go to the blog: click here                    [Jul 10]

0719 Ranong dialogue 30719 Ranong dialogue 50119 BLOG banner crp

Another way of fishing 

Monday's JPIC blog from Rome feature's Fr Donato Kivi's latest initiative in Fiji: aquaculture and a new way of fishing. Go to the blog: click here                    [Jul 04]

0719 Donato aquac 10719 Donato aquac 20119 BLOG banner crp

'I was in prison... '

This week's JPIC blog from Rome reports on the prison ministry of Marists in Digos, Mindanao, Philippines.  Click here                      [Jun 26]

0619 Digos prison0119 BLOG banner crp

Refugees at General House

Leading from the top, the community of Monteverde, the Society of Mary's General House in Rome, has welcomed two Syrian refugees into the household. The two young men are already showing their own example of commitment to the needy. See last Monday's JPIC blog from Rome: click here                   [Jun 22}

0619 GH refugees 10619 GH refugees 3jpg0619 GH refugees 2jpg0119 BLOG banner crp

World Refugee Day

Designated by the United Nations, Thu, June 20, is World Refugee Day,  In anticipation of this day, Pope Francis has released a 4-minute video clip, well-worth watching and sharing.   Click here                    [Jun 20]

0619 Refugee Day 20619 Refugee Day 30619 Refugee Day 1e

Refugee Week 2019

The Refugee Council of Australia is again promoting Refugee Week, Jun 16-22,  Thu, Jun 20 is World Refugee Day.

For details click here or go to the RCOA website.                    [Jun 14]

0619 Refugee week 10619 Refugee week 20619 Refugee week 3

Beneath Mt Yasur

This week's JPIC blog from Rome features the work of Marists at Tanna, Vanuatu, beneath Mt Yasur, still active..  Click here.                    [Jun 11]

0619 Tanna 30619 Tanna 50119 BLOG banner crp
0619 Tanna 10619 Tanna 4
0619 Tanna 2

Quan Khue remembers

This week's JPIC blog from Rome follows a surprise email to Australian Fr Jim Carty from the once-young Vietnamese interpreter with whom he worked amongst refugees almost forty years ago.  Click here                           [Jun 06]

Below: Fr Jim Carty   |   ....with Vietnamese refugees at Gose; Fr Jim is near the left; Quan Khue is at the far right.

0619 VN blog Carty Jim 0518 Toby Ranong crp0619 VN blog e IMG 4899e0619 VN blog e IMG 4804e
0119 BLOG banner crp0619 VN blog e IMG 4805e0619 VN blog e IMG 4813e0619 VN blog e IMG 4806e

Different Marist styles

From Rome recent 'Monday blogs' have featured two imaginative but different Marist educational initiatives: Australian Br Paul Murphy's Living Water' project in Thailand and 'Mind and Body Wellness' at Pontiac, Michigan, USA.

For Living Water; blog,  click here     |    For 'Mind and Body Wellness' blog, click here.                   [May 26]

Living Water Br Paul Students aMind body 2

BP-ers' invitation

In an email from the Thai-Myanmar border, former Bridge Program student, Thae Thae (pictured below, 2nd from right) writes: 'This is to invite you to the coming ACU graduation ceremony which will be held on 18th May. I am very grateful for what the Bridge Program has done for us. Without BP, we won't be where we are today. Thank you for helping us grow stronger.'

Established in 2011 for young Burmese refugees, the Bridge Program is now coordinated by BP and ACU graduate, Muriel Valles, under the auspices of the Marist Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation committee.

For your invitation, click here.  See also 'The Bridge Program Story'. and 'Bridging the Gap'   

Below: ACU's graduating BP-ers, from left: Thoo Lei (BP16) and Ei Ei, Thae Thae and Zayar Min (BP16-17).                     [May 16]

0519 ACU grad BP ers 4b grp x40519 ACU grad invitation e

The Greening of Rome

From the Eternal City, Australian Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna SM, reports on an environmental initiative from the Marist General House.

In the grounds of 'Monteverde', the Marist international headquarters in Rome, community members and staff engaged in tree-planting on Apr 28, combining the Feast of St Peter Chanel, Divine Mercy and Earth Day.... fine ecological leadership.                    [May 12]

 0519 Monteverde trees 70519 Monteverde trees 30519 Monteverde trees 8 0409 Rome 13b Monteverde
0519 Monteverde trees 10519 Monteverde trees 40519 Monteverde trees 60519 Monteverde trees 2 
 0519 Monteverde trees 9 0610 Rome 5b Gen House from roof0519 Monteverde trees 10 0610 Rome 5f Gen House from roof 

Latest blogs

From Rome the last two 'Monday blogs' have featured Marist initiatives in USA and Australia.

For Marist Atlanta's 'Centro Hispana Marista - helping adults with a second chance at education', click here     |    For St Patrick's 'Breakfast for the homeless', click here.                   [May 08]

0519 Centro Hispana 10519 St Pats brekky0119 BLOG banner crp

Ecological conversion 

Kiwi Marist, Fr Peter Healy SM, writes on the serious ecological decisions facing the world. See this week's JPIC blog from Rome: click here.                      [Apr 26] 

0419 JPIC Healy b2ap3 large pope francis greta thunberg climate change rome0419 JPIC Healy b2ap3 large whatever it takes common dreams 19041 20190418 153101 10119 BLOG banner crp
0419 JPIC Healy b2ap3 medium Temperatures Land Ocean 201 20190418 152831 10419 JPIC Healy b2ap3 thumbnail Climate Pilgrims Vatican Ded 180119 Pete Healy blog 1


St Dympna, for victims of abuse

This week's JPIC Blog from Rome features the pastoral initiative of St Patrick's, Church Hill, Sydney, for victims of abuse.

For the full story go to the blog site: click here.                  [Apr 19]

0419 St Dympna 0518 St Dympna0419 St Dympna 0518 St Dympna 0318 StPats ext 7ps0119 BLOG banner crp

Shopping for good

From Sydney Archdiocese's Justice & Peace Office, comes this reminder:

It's time to start thinking about where to source your ethical Easter eggs for 2019!

Fortunately, there are a bunch of different options fair trade options which means they are made without modern slavery in their supply chains. For example, the Moser Roth mini Easter eggs (available from ALDI) are fair trade. Alternatively Oxfam stocks fair trade Easter eggs as well as a range of fair trade chocolate products. The Fairtrade website has a list of several brands that sell certified fair trade chocolate available from a range of online and in-store retailers—however pay attention while buying as not necessarily all products from the listed brands are fair trade. To be sure look for the fair trade mark! For more ways that you can shop ethically visit the Sydney Archdiocese Anti-Slavery Taskforce’s “Shop for Good” website. You can also check out our printable poster here.

Please spread the word about purchasing ethical Easter eggs among your family, friends, parish and community.                    [Apr 17]

0419 Easter eggs 50419 Easter eggs 20419 Easter eggs 30419 Easter eggs 40419 Easter eggs 1 jplogo

Our Living Water at Sattahip

This Monday's JPIC Blog from Rome is from the pen of Australian Marist Brother Paul Murphy working with Burmese migrant children at Sattahip, Thailand. 

For the full story go to the blog site: click here.                   

Br Paul is a member of the Australian Marist Family Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation committee, pictured below. (Br Paul second from left).                         [Apr 09] 

0419 Sattahip 10419 Sattahip 40119 BLOG banner crp
0419 Sattahip 0618 JPICC 2 stitcha0419 Sattahip 5

 Peace, people, planet, partnership, prosperity

Pope Francis addresses International Conference..... this week's JPIC Blog from Rome .

For the full story go to the blog site: click here.                  [Apr 04]

0419 PPP blog 4 People planet peace prosperity0419 PPP blog 2 b2ap3 large pope and inter religious dialogue
0419 PPP blog 1 b2ap3 large Indigenous Peoples GEF0419 PPP blog 3 b2ap3 large Pope Indigenous Peoples0119 BLOG banner crp

 New life for Dakar's street boys

From Senegal, Fr Christian Abongbung SM, recounts the story of Dakar's street kids.... in this week's JPIC Blog from Rome .

For the full story go to the blog site: click here.                  [Mar 26]

0319 Dakar street kids 60319 Dakar street kids 20319 Dakar street kids 3
 0119 BLOG banner crp0319 Dakar street kids 50319 Dakar street kids 7

The BP story

This Monday's JPIC Blog from Rome tells the story of the Bridge Program: young Burmese refugees taking their future education seriously.

For the full story go to the blog site: click here.    For the story in French, go to the blog site or click here,                [Mar 20]

0319 JPIC BP 0000 0317 BP ers x55 2011 2016 170319 JPIC BP 001c 0916 MAQ grp 11 x7 jumping
0319 JPIC BP 001a 0217 GSVC 20319 JPIC BP 001c 0813 BP ers ML in shirts 05b bridge0319 JPIC BP 002 ACU 0417 ACU tests 2
0319 JPIC BP 006 0319 Dingo UTCC comp0119 BLOG banner crp
0319 JPIC BP 005 0817 Muriel ACU 40319 JPIC BP 006 0119 Maera Moo visit of Dingo James 2

Veggies in the forest

Latest 'Monday Blog' from Rome describes a healthy initiative by African Marists in the Cameroon. More food for thought...

For the full story go to the blog site: click here.                    [Mar 11]

0319 Africa eco 70319 Africa eco 100319 Africa eco 5
0319 Africa eco 40319 Africa eco 30319 Africa eco 6
0319 Africa eco 20319 Africa eco 10119 BLOG banner crp

Lent, meat and our planet

This week's 'Monday Blog' from Rome suggests a Lenten reflection on how what we eat affects our planet. Something to chew on...

For the full piece, go to the blog site: click here.                    [Mar 04]
0319 Lent meat cattle 03190319 Lent Graph0319 Lent meat VM cty meal rn 0219 crp0119 BLOG banner crp

Beekeeping and our Common Home

In this week's JPIC Blog from Rome, Kiwi Fr Pat Brophy SM, locates beekeeping not only as a hobby but related to faith and Church. 

For the full story, go to the blog site: click here.                    [Feb 25]

0219 Brophy bees 4 Bees 20219 Brophy bees 2 Bees St Peters Roma0219 Brophy bees 1 1109 Vocations dinner 10b Pat Brophy0119 BLOG banner crp

 Reaching for Excellence

Week Five of the JPIC Blog from Rome presents the 'Reach for Excellence' program the educational initiative of Marist College, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

For the full story, go to the blog site: click here.                    [Feb 19]

0219 Reach for Exc 10219 Reach for Exc 2
0219 Reach for Exc 4a0219 Reach for Exc 4b
0219 Reach for Exc 3
0119 BLOG banner crp

 ACRATH in action

Fourth in the weekly series of JPIC blogs from Rome features the ministry of Sr Noelene Simmons SM and awareness-raising of human trafficking in Australia and beyond. 

For the full story, go to the blog site: click here.                      [Feb 12]

0219 JPICBLOG Noelene Simmons at launch of Catholic Social Justice Paper on Human Trafficking crp0219 JPICBLOG Raising Awareness about human trafficking and slavery ps

0219 JPICBLOG 2018 ACRATH0219 JPICBLOG ACSJCl publication on Human Trafficking crp0119 BLOG banner crp

Bridging the gap

26 yr-old Karen refugee, Htoo Htoo (pron '2-2')  has spent eight years bridging a gap between Thai-Burma border refugee camp education and graduation at Bangkok's prestigious University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

In 2011 Htoo Htoo became a member of the pioneer Bridge Program, an online course developing skills to enhance prospects of tertiary education with Australian Catholic University. (In 2004, Marist Mission Centre Australia assisted ACU in setting up its own online program for young Burmese refugees, with a study centre at Mae Pa, Thailand.) 

With his BP experience, Htoo Htoo was accepted into ACU's Diploma of Liberal Studies program, graduating with five other BP-ers in 2013.

Htoo Htoo then accepted a scholarship with UTCC in Bangkok, culminating with his graduation ceremony in Bangkok on Feb 08 where he was awarded a Bachelorate in International Business Management.  Congratulations, Htoo Htoo !                   [Feb 10]

0219 HtooHtoo grad 00 20219 HtooHtoo grad 03 0512 BPers 1 grp in shirts0219 HtooHtoo grad 04a 0312 ACU exam day walking Mular0219 HtooHtoo grad 04b 0312 ACU exam day grp Dingo
 Above: Htoo Htoo on his graduation day at UTCC, Bangkok     |     ... (second from right, back row) with fellow BP-ers at Mae La refugee camp, Thailand, 2012   |    ... with BP-ers at Mae La for ACU entrance tests     |     ... with ACU's Maya Cranitch (centre) at Mae La.   Below: Htoo Htoo (front right) with BP-ers and ACU's Prof Duncan McLaren in Maesot, Thailand    |    ACU graduation at Maesot.
0219 HtooHtoo grad 05a 0912 ACU BPers 2011 2012 with ProfDuncan at ACU020219 HtooHtoo grad 05b 0114 ACU BP grad grp
 Bellow: Htoo Htoo on his UTCC graduation day with fellow BP-ers, James Brangnu and Dingo Keidar.   |    Building on skills developed in the Bridge Program and ACU, Htoo Htoo plans commercial photography as a career.
0219 HtooHtoo grad 06a 100219 HtooHtoo grad 06b0219 HtooHtoo grad 07 0618 Htoo Htoo 4a c camera

On the Mexican border...

The third in the weekly series of JPIC blogs from Rome features the ministry of Fr Tony O'Connor SM at Brownsville, Texas, USA, amongst Mexican immigrants. 

For the full story, go to the blog site: click here.                 [Feb 04]

0119 BLOG banner crp0219 Brownsville 002b Tony with Soup Kitchen Team a
0219 Brownsville 003a Young Detainees Posada 18 a0219 Brownsville 6dd
0219 Brownsville 001a Tony with Pastoral Team

'Blessed unrest'

The second in the weekly series of JPIC blogs from Rome feature's New Zealand Marist, Fr Peter Healy's, reflections on 'Ecological Conversion: low carbon lives'.

For the full story, go to the blog site: click here.                 [Jan 28]

0119 BLOG banner crp0119 Pete Healy blog c20119 Pete Healy blog 1

International blog launched

From Rome, the General Administration of the Marist Fathers has announced the launching of an international blog site for issues of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (Environment). Address of the Blog site is jpicblog.maristsm.org

Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, will supervise the Blog, which invites items and comments from Marists and others visiting the site and its weekly uploadings.

The first blog items focus on the Marian Ecological Centre in Suva, Fiji, an environmental initiative by Fr Donato Kivi SM.

The blog begins: Fr Donato Kivi sm, the Superior of Formation House, Marist College, has embarked on a mission to create a Marian-Ecological Centre and opening a door for people to learn that through a Marian spirituality, one can grow in awareness that our Marist Charism can provide an answer to our ecological crisis today.   For full text, click here     |     To go to the blog, click here and save the address ( https://jpicblog.maristsm.org )                     [Jan 21]

0119 BLOG banner crp0119 BLOG 1
0119 blog Marian Eco Centre 1018 20119 blog Marian Eco Centre 1018 30119 blog Marian Eco Centre 1018
 0119 blog Eco mangrove project 1018 20119 blog Eco mangrove project 1018 3
0119 blog Eco mangrove project 1018 10119 blog Marian Eco Centre 1018 4grp

Living 'Laudato Si'

A Christmas/New Year environmental calendar has been produced by Global Catholic Climate Movement, offering a challenge to all Catholic s to embrace the Holy Father's message of 'Laudato Si'.

GCCM notes, 'Pope Francis urges the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and all people of good will to take urgent action against the injustice of climate change and the ecological crisis, to protect the poor and future generations. His encyclical letter Laudato Si’ is a compelling call to care for our common home, Earth, building on a long history of Catholic teaching. We are building a vibrant movement to respond to Pope Francis’ call.'

For the Christmas calendar click here.   For GCCM website, click here.

1218 Global Cath Climate 21218 Global Cath Climate 1
1218 Global Cath Climate 41218 Global Cath Climate 0

Maturing Remembrance Day

Fr Kevin Bates' Nov 11 reflection....  click here to download.               [Nov 09]

1118 KB Bates K 0116 fb1118 KB Bates Remembrance 2

Season of Creation

The international Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation commission of Superiors-General reports on the Season of Creation, scheduled for Sep 01 to Oct 04. 

Go to their website: click here  

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Assistant-General meets with JPICC

On Jul 05, following the second session of the Marist Extraordinary Provincial Chapter, the province's Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation committee met with Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, who is currently in Australia for visitation of the province.

Discussion focussed on a proposed international survey of existing JPIC works throughout the Marist world, and the establishment of regular news and sharing facilities using electronic and social media.              [Jul 06]

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Refugee Week

The Refugee Council of Australia advises:

Refugee Week is Australia’s peak annual activity to inform the public about refugees and celebrate positive contributions made by refugees in Australian society. Today more than ever, we need a global movement to demand the safety and rights of refugees are protected. This year, Refugee Week will run from Sunday 17th June to Saturday 23rd June with the theme #WithRefugees.

To celebrate, RCOA warmly invites you to attend our Refugee Week Launch Festival, Refugee Film Festival and other local community events. We also encourage you to spread the message of Refugee Week. Invite your friends, share our events amongst your network and let’s all get ready to discuss and share new ideas!

For RCOA's launch invitation click here

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Josephites' call on live exports

From the Josephite Justice Network comes a challenging call on the issue of live animal exports. Click here               [May 11]

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Remembering patriots ?

Richard Flanagan's pre-Anzac Day Press Club speech on how Australia looks back on its history is 'fearlessly honest, compelling, incontrovertible...'.   Click here          [May 09]

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Palm Sunday Rallies

The Australian Cathoilic Migrant and Refugee Office advises: 

Across Australia, on Sunday 25 March 2018, people from all faith groups, community groups, and organisations will join the Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees, bringing banners and other messages of support to express their concern about the treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum.

For details of nationwide rallies, click here   

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Lenten Carbon Fast

CLRI (NSW) present their carbon fast calendar for 2018: Click here to download          [Feb 13]

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Migration without Trafficking

ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) advises of the forthcoming day of prayer for victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.

'Migration without trafficking' is the theme for this year's commemoration on Feb 08, the feast of St Josephine Bakhita, who was kidnapped as a child in Sudan, and later freed, dedicating her life to address the horror of trafficking .  Go to ACRATH's web page        [Feb 02]

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Act Justly

Sydney Archdiocese's Justice & Peace Office reports on the Feb-Mar issue of Act Justly:

'There's a great variety of articles, beginning with an overview of the latest figures on the rate of Indigenous incarceration, and discover just how far we are from being even close to ‘Closing the Gap’. Then we have Pope Francis’s homily from his recent visit to Santiago, Chile. His message to Church leaders to make social justice a priority comes across passionately.
'There is also an update on the Archdiocese’s efforts to combat modern slavery and the planned celebrations for St Bakhita’s Feast Day. There is also good news from Ashfield parish about their efforts towards affordable housing in the Inner West.
'Lastly we have a very exciting invitation to you to be part of our innovative new project—‘Caring for Creation Through Solar’, a unique opportunity to access high-quality, low-cost solar alongside other Catholic communities.'           Click here for Act Justly     [Feb 02]

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World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2018

For the full text of Pope Francis' message, click here.   For the Vatican News link, click here.




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