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SM Bulletin

This week's SM Bulletin reports on movements of the General Council members, including Fr John Larsen in Fiji, Fr Ben McKenna in Thailand and Fr Juan Carlos Pina in Portugal, and on the Asia District Chapter. To download, click here or go to Members' Page.                        [Jan 28]

0123 NL SMB Jan 27

Colinian Renewal begins

On Jan 20 an international group of seven Marists gathered at La Neylière, France, to begin the latest Colinian Renewal program. Led by Australian, Fr Ray Chapman, and Fr Donato Kivi (Fiji), the five-month course will include lectures on Marist themes with opportunities for prayer and contemplation and visits to the places of Marist origins. An Ignatian-style retreat at Nemi, Italy, will precede a ‘Bugey camino’ at the end of the renewal period.

From La Neylière comes the request: 'All those who are participating in the program would be very grateful for your prayers!'                              [Jan 25]

0123 La Neyliere grp0123 La Neyliere Lauro farewell
Above: The Colinian Renewal group in the snow at La Neylière, resting place of Marist Founder, Ven Jean-Claude Colin. Fr Ray Chapman is pictured far left and fellow Australian, Fr Michael Carroll, third from right.   |   Program participant, Fr Lauro Arcede, being farewelled from Davao recently (pictured far right in La Neylière group).

Conscience, Virtue and Worship

In his latest book, Conscience, Virtue and Worship, Fr Tom Ryan SM explores theological perspectives based on the conviction that 'conscience does not stand alone: it needs to be nourished and guided by virtues and strengthened by prayer together with worship in a faith community.'  For more on Conscience, Virtue and Worship, go to the Generis website: click here.                            [Jan 24]

0123 Tom Ryan T 10123 Tom Ryan book

SM Bulletin

The latest SM Bulletin reports on the start of the Colinian Renewal Program in France, Oceania's new provincial and the outcomes of its recent Provincial Chapter. To download click here or go to Members' Page.                              [Jan 24]

0123 NL SMB Jan 20

New provincial for Oceania

As the provincial chapter of the Marist Oceania Province neared its end, Fr Milikiade Rayalu was elected to replace Fr Setefano Mataele as provincial superior. Fr Kiade has held the post of vicar-provincial whilst Fr Sete has recently become an assistant-general and part of the Marist international leadership team in Rome. We wish Frs Kiade and Sete well in their new apppointments.                              [Jan 18]

Below: Frs Milikide Rayalu and Setefano Mataele.   |   With Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, at the conclusion of the provincial chapter in Suva.

0123_Kiade_Rayalu_2e.jpg0123 OMP Prov 1022 Setefano Mataele crpjpg0123 OMP Prov 3

Chapter groups

From Fiji and the Philippines, Chapter delegates from the Province of Oceania and the District of Asia have sent an interesting contrast in group photos. A member of the General Administration has been present with each group: Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, in Suva (seated, middle row) and  Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, with the Davao group (back row, second from right) .                                 [Jan 16]

0123 OMP Chapter 2 SGb0123 Asia Chapter 6

SM Bulletin

From Rome, the first SM Bulletin for 2023 reports on the religious profession of six new Marists, Christian Ngoura's diaconate ordination and the Chapters of the Province of Oceania and the District of Asia. To download click here or go to Members' Page.                              [Jan 13]

0123 NL SMB Jan 13

Fr Lou Molloy's ashes interred

Following a memorial Eucharist at St John's College, Woodlawn, on Jan 06, the ashes of Fr Lou Molloy were interred in the cemetery of East Ballina, NSW. Longtime friend and confrere, Fr Gerard Hall SM, presided at the Mass and later with family members at a simple ceremony at the grave of Fr Lou's parents, Patrick and Nellie Molloy.

Fr Lou, who died at Ballina on Nov 09, was a former rector of St John's College. May he rest in peace.                           [Jan 13]  

Molloy Lou 1117 1e 10123 Lou Molloy ashes 40123 Lou Molloy ashes 1


From Paris, in addition to the provincial's regular message, this month's Euroinfo reports on the Olivos community in Madrid, volunteer awards in London, Epiphany traditions and the province's new communication commission.  To download, click here or go to Members' Page.                               [Jan 13] 

0123 Euroinfo 10123 Euroinfo 2

Oceania Chapter underway

The Provincial Chapter of the Oceania Marist Province has begun in Fiji. One of its early sessions coincides with the Jan 10 anniversary of the entrustment in 1836 of the missions of the southwest Pacific to the Society of Mary by the mission-minded Pope Gregory XVI. The first Marist missionaries left for Oceania on Dec 24 of that same year.

The anniversary is marked by Marists throughout the world who offer Mass for the Society of Mary on this day, especially for the work of the Oceania missions. For the leaflet, 'On Whatever Distant Shore', click here.                                    [Jan 10]

0123 OMP Chapter
0119 Oceania OK 0512 Propaganda Greg XVI bust 2J crp0119 Oceania OK 0704 Tutu view 31 vg

Bugey missions anniversary 

Jan 09 marks the anniversary of the first parish mission endeavour by the pioneer Marist Fathers when Frs Jean-Claude Colin and Etienne Déclas strode from the presbytery of Cerdon high in the Bugey mountains of eastern France to climb to the village of La Balme. This was to be the first renewal mission to be preached by the infant Society of Mary.

The La Balme mission, from Jan 09 to 25, 1825, was preached in the depths of a Bugey winter and followed by many more in subsequent decades as the Catholic Church recovered from the assaults of the French Revolution.

Marist historian and biographer, Fr Justin Taylor SM, describes the beginning of the mission in chapter 7 of 'Jean-Claude Colin, Reluctant Founder'click here  For a brief a summary of the mission venture: click here and for images of the Bugey iin winter (from the 2021 Colin calendar) click here.                                    [Jan 09]     

 Below:  St Amand's church, La Balme, little changed since the 1825 mission.     |     Young artist's impression of Frs Colin and Déclas clmbing from Cerdon.

0123 La Balme 0213 050123 La Balme 0213 080123 La Balme 0213 09
0123 La Balme 0213 210123 La Balme 0220 Ondoua Declas 1ae snow

Asia District Chapter begins 
Members of the Marist Mission District of Asia assembled on Jan 07 in Davao, Philippines, to begin their District Chapter. Led by General-Assistant, Fr Ben McKenna SM, two days of prayerful reflection have preceded the main Chapter sessions which will conclude on Jan 13. Blessings on this important gathering!                             [Jan 09]
0123 Asia Chapter 0jpg
Above, members of the District Chapter, standing, from left: Frs John Guo Wang, Arnold Garferio, Kevin Medilo, Gil Casio and Roque Rebito. Seated: Frs Pat Muckian, Ricardo Navarette Gutiérrez, Christopher Ganzon (District Superior), Lauro Arcede (Vicar) and Hermes Larry Sabud.  
0123 Asia Chapter 20123 Asia Chapter 3

0123 Asia Chapter 50123 Asia Chapter 4

Vocations news from Africa

Fr Guy Roger Assogoma SM has sent updates on the vocations ministry in the Marist District of Africa. Newsletters in English and French tell the story of current initiatives throughout the District.   Click for Echo de l'Anneé des Vocations Maristes (EN & FR) and December Bulletin (EN).                       [Jan 08] 

0123 Africa voc 2a0123 Africa voc 2b0123 Africa voc 2c0123 Africa voc 1a0123 Africa voc 1b

Christian Ngoura, deacon

In a Jan 07 ceremony at the Marianist General House, Rome, Cameroonian Marist, Christian Ngoura, was ordained deacon by Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria, Prefect of the Discastery of the Doctrine of Faith. A second ordinand was Marianist, Luis Gonzalez.

Scenes from the event are pictured below, including Marist International Theologate rector, Fr Tony Kennedy, calling the candidates forward (below, left) and after the ceremony (bottom, right). Congratulations, Reverend Chris and Luis!                              [Photos, Clinton Kube SM]     [Jan 08]

0123 Diac Chris Ngoura 10123 Diac Chris Ngoura 4
0123 Diac Chris Ngoura 50123 Diac Chris Ngoura 70123 Diac Chris Ngoura 8a0123 Diac Chris Ngoura 8


In the first of his monthly reflections for 2023, Superior-General, Fr John Larsen SM, looks back on his recent visits to Marists in the Pacific, pondering what the pioneer missionaries might have thought and how modern Marists 'on the shifting sands of our own times' might view their mission. For the reflection click here or go to Superior-General's page.                              [Jan 07]

0122 NL SG Larsen John 03190123 SG 1

Six new Marists

In a ceremony on Jan 05 at the shrine of Our Lady of Grace in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany, Italy, six young men made their first vows as members of the Society of Mary in the presence of many members of the Marist Family. Congratulations to Hansford Mane (Solomon Is), Manuele Botabua (Fiji), Zulu Serop (Bougainville) David Vences and Eduardo Gutierrez (Mexico) and Joseph Mijares (NZ)..

Novice master of the Marist International Novitiate, Fr David Sanchez, presided at the profession Eucharist with Fr Larry Duffy delivering the homily. Pictured below are scenes frlom the profession ceremony which was livestreamed to all parts of the Marist world. To view, click here.                             [Jan 06]
0123 Professions Italy 20123 Professions Italy 1
0123 Professions Italy 30123 Professions Italy 40123 Professions Italy 60123 Professions Italy 70123 Professions Italy 270123 Professions Italy 24
0123 Professions Italy 100123 Professions Italy 140123 Professions Italy 11
Pictured above pronouncing their vows, from left, Hansford Mane, Eduardo Gutierrez and Manuele Botabua, and, below, Zulu Serop, David Vences and Joseph Mijares.  The vows of the newly-professed Marists were received by Vicar-General, Fr John Harhager, on behalf of Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, presently visiting Pacific countries. Also witnessing the vows was Fr Paddy O'Hare who accompanied the young men throughout their novitiate experience. 
0123 Professions Italy 120123 Professions Italy 130123 Professions Italy 15
Below:: The newly-professed Marists sgning documents of profession.    |    Music from the students of Casa di Maria theologate community, Rome, to be joined now by the six new Marists. 
0123 Professions Italy 160123 Professions Italy 26

New Year at Montbel

For the first time since Covid-19 restrictions, the community of Montbel welcomed members of the Marist Family's professed branches to a New Year celebration on Jan 05.

Fr Paul Mahony SM welcomed Marist Sisters, Missionary Sisters and Marist Brothers to the Hunters Hill event, pictured below.                                  [Jan 06}

0123 Montbel 0214 Ibis Montbel 2crpps10180123 Montbel NY event 3
0123 Montbel NY event 10123 Montbel NY event 20123 Montbel NY event 5

0123 Montbel NY event 4