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Brazilians' retreat

Spirited song and dance were features of the recent retreat for Sydney's Brazilian Catholic community. Former missionary in Brazil, Fr Paul Mahony, reports that over one hundred and sixty attended the weekend event at Bringelly.                   [Nov 29]

1119 Brazilians retreat 1
1119 Brazilians retreat 2 video

Champagnat group meets

Local members of the Association of St Marcellin from St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill, gathered for a Eucharistic celebration on Nov 28 in the chapel of nearby Champagnat House. The lay association numbers over nine hundred throughout Australia and plays a key role in the ongoing development of lay responsibility for Marist education.

Br Anthony D'Arbon welcomed the group to the Brothers' community who entertained their guests with a social gathering following the Mass.               [Nov 28] 

1119 Champagnat grp ee1119 Champagnat 0512 La Valla 5J ptg MC crp

Latest bulletins

From USA, Oceania and the Marist Mission Centre come their latest publications.  Download from below or at the Members' Page

Click for e-Bulletin (USA, Nov 21)   |   Today's Marist (Fall issue)   |   Oceania Province Bulletin   |   MMC newsletter                   [Nov 28]

1119 NL II e Bulletin1119 NL Todays Marist1119 NL II OMP Nov1119 NL II MMC 11119 NL II MMC 2

Marists farewelled at Gladstone

On Oct 22, Rockhampton's bishop, Most Rev Michael McCarthy, presided at a Mass for clergy and religious in Star of the Sea church, Gladstone, Qld, to begin three days of events to farewell the Marist Fathers after more than a century of service in the region.

A parish dinner and farewell liturgy will complete the weekend's events.

Pictured below: Bishop McCarthy and retiring parish priest, Fr Kevin Redmond SM, with local clergy and visiting Marists in Star of the Sea church.               [Nov 23]

1119 Gladstone Fri event 11119 Gladstone Fri event 61119 Gladstone Fri event 4

Different weather

From La Neylière, France, Australian Marist, Fr Ray Chapman, reports: 'Greetings to all in Australia! Sorry to hear of your difficulties with bushfire, extreme heat and thick smoke. Here in France the situation is quite different - as you can see from the photos taken last Sunday at La Neylière where I am living. Thinking of and praying for you all. God bless, Ray.'                  [Nov 20]

1119 La Neyliere snow 41119 La Neyliere snow 3
1119 La Neyliere snow 2

Montbel's ten years

Marist Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and laity gathered at the Australian Province's Aged Care facility, Montbel, on Nov 15 to mark its tenth anniversary. 

Montbel was opened and blessed by the late Fr Paul Cooney SM on Nov 15, 2009. The November date was chosen to honour Marist Founder, Fr Jean-Claude Colin (see below, Founder's anniversary)

1119 Montbel 10th anniv 00p1119 Montbel 10th anniv 1b
Above: Montbel today     |     The anniversary prayer leaflet (click here to download)     |      Below:  Celebrations began with a short service of prayer and thanksgiving in the Montbel chapel.   |   Deceased Montbel residents remembered   |   a 'full house' of prayer.   |   Marist Family conviviality on Montbel's eastern verandah.
1119 Montbel 10th anniv 41119 Montbel 10th anniv 31119 Montbel 10th anniv 1p
1119 Montbel 10th anniv 11p1119 Montbel 10th anniv 6
Below:  Flashback to Nov 15, 2009, with Montbel's first community superior, Fr Garry Renolds SM, speaking at the opening and Fr Paul Cooney blessing the facility.
1119 Montbel 10th anniv 1109 Montbel opening0101119 Montbel 10th anniv 1109 Montbel opening021 stitch1119 Montbel 10th anniv 1109 Montbel opening051

Founder's anniversary

Marists throughout the world are preparing to celebrate the Nov 15 anniversary of the death in 1875 of Jean-Claude Colin at La Neylière, France.

For a commemorative liturgy, click here.                           [Nov 14]

1119 jcc ann 1a Colin smiling GA 0417 1crp sepia1119 jcc ann liturgy 0a1119 jcc ann liturgy 0b1119 jcc ann liturgy 0c

Above: Photograph of Jean-Claude Colin taken at the General Chapter of 1866. Fr Colin was then 75 years old.   |   The commemorative liturgy leaflet.   Below: La Neylière in winter   |   Sunset view from Fr Colin's bedroom window.   Further below:  The original coffin used in Fr Colin's 1875 burial in the grounds of La Neylière.   |   The coffin used for re-interment in 1961.   |   Present burial place of Fr Colin, with headstone renewed in 2015.
1119 jcc ann 3a 0213 La Neyliere 11119 jcc ann 3b 0213 La Neyliere 6 view
1119 jcc ann 2a 0512 La Neyl coffin 4J1119 jcc ann 2b 0109 La Neyliere 1a Colin coffin1119 jcc ann 1b 0915 La Neyliere new tombstone 1crp

Seven Marist deacons

Three weeks after their final profession as Marists, seven young men were ordained to the diaconate in Rome on Nov 09.  The seven come from as many different countries and reflect the international character of the Society of Mary and its future.

Congratulations to our new deacons !                   [Nov 10]

1119 Diaconate 1
From left,  Samuele Tukidia (Fiji), Guy Assogoma [Cameroon], Ben D'Souza [NZ], Stev Youm [Senegal], Floyd Gatana (Bougainville), Ricardo Gutierrez [Mexico] and Leandro Martins [Brazil], pictured with the ordaining bishop and Fr Tony Kennedy (at back, with ginger beard), rector of the Marist International Theologate.

Now you see it...

... and now you don't.  Regular maintenance in the grounds of historic Villa Maria monastery, Hunters Hill, means occasional felling of dead or dying trees... like the one seen recently, below, near the mission cemetery.                   [Nov 08]

0919 VM tree felling 1e 0919 VM tree felling 2e 0919 VM tree felling 3e 0919 VM tree felling 4e 0919 VM tree felling 5e
0919 VM tree felling 7ecrp 0919 VM tree felling 8e

Sr Grace Ellul's visit

The Marist Sisters report: 'Our Congregational Leader, Sr Grace Ellul, has just completed her visitation to Australia. During her visit Grace spent time with each sister and engaged in conversation and reflection about the whole Congregation.

'The Marist Sisters in Australia were delighted to have Grace in their midst over these days. At the end of her visit sisters who were able gathered at Hunter Hill. This was an opportunity to thank Grace for her visit and to celebrate her birthday a few days in advance of the event.' 

Pictured below, Sr Grace is in the back row, fifth from right.                 [Nov 05]

1119 Sr Grace Ellul visit

Confreres remember

Pictured below: Br Charlie Randle, Frs Dylan Hatobu and Gerard Hall, at Nudgee cemetery, Brisbane, at the grave of Fr Jack Soulsby SM     |     Fr Ben McKenna (centre) with Fr Lauro Arcede SM and Marist aspirants at Davao, Philippines, at the grave of Australian missionary, Fr Philip Callaghan SM.                       [Nov 04]

1119 SMs at cemeteries 11119 SMs at cemeteries 21119 SMs at cemeteries 3

From Rome

Except for a short summer break, Marists throughout the world hear weekly from their headquarters in Rome. At the beginning of each month Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, sends a personal reflection on topical issues, while at other times the weekly 'SM Bullletin' provides updates on Marist happenings across the globe.

Both bulletins are available to Marists on the Members page.                    [Nov 03]

1119 SG SMB1119 SG SMB 1019 ARC I 41119 SG SMB 2

Europe and Pacific news

For the latest newsletters, click below:

1119 NL Euroinfo 11119 NL Euroinfo 21119 NL OMP 11119 NL OMP 2

Holy Souls prayer

Download a simple prayer leaflet for Nov 02's Commemoration of the Holy Souls. Click here

1119 Nov 02 prayer1119 Nov 02 prayer 21119 Nov 02 prayer 3

Provincial Circular

Latest issue available at Members' page.                  [Nov 01]

1119 Prov Circ2