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Montbel farewell

Luncehon on Christmas Day at Montbel, Hunters Hill, was the occasion to bid a temporary farewell to community leader, Fr Paul Mahony SM, who leaves on Dec 28 for sabbatical leave in Europe and Asia.

Fr John Worthington spoke on behalf of the Montbel community and Christmas Day guests.   A feature of Fr Paul's leave will be Colinian Renewal Program at La Neylière, France, led by fellow Australian, Fr Ray Chapman.

During his absence Fr Paul's place will be taken by Fr Brian Wilson.                  [Dec 25] 

1219 Montbel 1009 CR0041219 Montbel Xmas PMahony 7

1219 Montbel Xmas PMahony 3 stitch

Vigil at Villa Maria

The now-customary large congregation of families of Holy Name of Mary parish, Hunters Hill, enjoyed the annual open-air vigil liturgy on Dec 24 despite threatening storm clouds.

Parish priest, Fr Kevin Bates, presided at a well-prepared and colourful liturgy in the Villa Maria monastery grounds. Joseph, Mary and donkey were also in attendance.                  [Dec 24]

1219 VM Xmas Vigil Mass 2p
1219 VM Xmas Vigil Mass 11219 VM Xmas Vigil Mass 3

Pacific news

For the final issue for 2019 of the Oceania Marist Bulletin, click here.                  [Dec 24]

1219 OMP NL 11219 OMP NL 2

African ordination

From Yaoundé, Cameroon, comes this report on the ordination of Fr Kenneth Akua Njong, graduate of the Marist International Theologate, Rome:

'On Sunday 1 December our confrère, Kenneth Akua Njong SM, from the Marist District of Africa was ordained to the priesthood. Marist confrères including Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, parishioners, family and friends rejoiced during a beautiful celebration in the parish church of St Anne d’Obili, Yaoundé.

'For this coming year Fr Kenneth has been appointed to the pastoral care of the youth in this parish, located in the university area of the city.'

Congratulations, Fr Kenneth!                      [Dec 19]

Pictuted below: Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, at the laying on of hands   |   Fr Kenneth with proud parents   |   Fr John visiting St Peter Chanel's formation community in Yaoundé.

1219 Africa 2 ord JL1219 Africa 1 Dad Keneth Mom
1219 Africa 4 JL Visit MSPC

Novices' news

From Davao, Philippines, comes the latest Bulletin from the Marist International Novitiate, 14 pages of illustrated news and reflections from the novices and formation staff. The final retreat for the novices commenced on Dec 13. Spare a prayer for them, please!

Click for:   pages 1-3     |     pages 4-6     |     pages 7-9     |     pages 10-12     |     *** pages 13-14                   [Dec 15].

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1219 Nov Bulletin 11219 Nov Bulletin 21219 Nov Bulletin 3

Fr Hoppy's Christmas package

From the Misioneros Maristas, Tarija, Bolivia, Fr John Hopkinson sends his latest circular letter, Christmas card and mission calendar for 2020. Thanks Fr Hoppy!

To download click:   Christmas letter   |   Christmas card   |   Calendar for 2020                   [Dec 14]

1219 Hoppy 3 letter1219 Hoppy 2 xcard1219 Hoppy 1 calendar

Provincial Circular

Last issue for 2019. Go to Members' Page

1219 Prov circular

 Advent reflection

This month Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, reflects on Marists and Advent. Go to Members' page.                   [Dec 07]

1219 NL SG1219 NL JLarsen 1019 Final professions 7

Marist news from Europe

For the latest issue of Euroinfo, click here.                   [Dec 07] 

1219 NL Euroinfo 11219 NL Euroinfo 2

Montbel wiggles

With foot-tapping shanties and soulful melodies 'Wiggles' star, Anthony Field, and companions entertained the community of Montbel Aged Care facility, Hunters Hill, on Dec 05.

Marist Sisters and Brothers from local communities joined in the afternoon's music, now a regular feature of life at Montbel.                  [Dec 06]

1219 Montbel music 1p
1219 Montbel music 21219 Montbel music 51219 Montbel music 3

Rain, hail or shine

St Patrick's Young Adults group invites Sydneysiders to the annual Christmas Carols Walk from Hyde Park (near St Mary's cathedral) to the downtown shrine of St Patrick's, the Rocks, on Sat, Dec 14, 6.30 pm, rain, hail or shine.                   [Dec  03]

1219 StPats Carol Walk ad1219 StPats Carol Walk 2018

Nara group's pilgrimage

Marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Fr Tony Glynn SM, eight members of the Catholic communities of Nara and Tomigaoka, Japan, have visited Sydney. Highlight of their pilgrimage was a commemorative Mass celebrated by Fr Paul Glynn followed by prayers in the mission cemetery of Villa Maria, Hunters Hill, where ashes of Fr Tony are interred.                 [Dec 01]

1219 Nara group 21219 Nara group 11219 Nara group 3
Above: Fr Paul Glynn welcoming the Nara pilgrims at Sydney airport on Nov 29   |   Commemorative Mass in the chapel of Montbel, Hunters Hill, on Fr Tony Glynn's anniversary, Dec 01. Below: Prayers at the mission cemetery, Villa Maria monastery grounds, Hunters Hill.   |   Fr Paul Glynn with the pilgrims   |    Frs Paul and Tony Glynn in their mission days at Nara, Japan.
1219 Nara group 41219 Nara group 6arrow
1219 Nara group 71219 Nara group 8arrow
1219 Nara group 121219 Nara group 0 Glynn Paul Tony

Camp Runamuck

Villa Maria's sixth annual overnight camp for happened on Nov 30-Dec 01.

With 'Camp Runamuck' (a.k.a. 'Runamok') a sea of tents appears, then disappears, in the usually-serene and picturesque grounds of the monastery at Hunters Hill.

The camp has been part of the parish's 'Building Relationships' program originally billed as 'an opportunity to campout in the forest, to have some quality time with dad and to have lots of fun with friends'.

Feature of the camp was an open-air Vigil Eucharist, celebrated by parish priest, Fr Kevin Bates, near the historic chapel of St Joseph in the monastery grounds.                 [Dec 01]

1219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 31219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 2
1219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 4
1219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 61219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 5