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1219 Montbel 1009 CR0041219 Montbel Xmas PMahony 7

Montbel farewell

Sabbatical break for Fr Paul Mahony

December news



1219 VM Xmas Vigil Mass 11219 VM Xmas Vigil Mass 3

Vigil at Villa Maria

Joseph and Mary in attendance

December news



1219 Light amid doom blog

Light amid gloom

Fr Jim Carty's reflection on the 'chiaroscuro' of Christmas

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1219 OMP NL 11219 OMP NL 2

Pacific news

Final Oceania Bulletin for 2019

December news



1219 Africa 2 ord JL

African ordination

Congratulations, Fr Kenneth

December news



1219 Centro Hispano Marista

Formula for hope

Atlanta Marists' Centre for Hispanics

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1219 Nov Bulletin 11219 Nov Bulletin 3

Novices' news

Marist International Novitiate, Davao

December news



1219 Hoppy 1 calendar

Fr Hoppy's Christmas package

Calendar, card and circular

December news



1219 Prov circular

Provincial Circular

Last issue for 2019

December news and Members page



1219 Pope Mary

The way of peace

Pope Francis: Mary

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1219 NL SG1219 NL JLarsen 1019 Final professions 7

Advent reflection

Fr John Larsen's December message

December news and Members page



1219 NL Euroinfo 11219 NL Euroinfo 2

Marist news from Europe

Latest Euroinfo

December news


1219 Prison Digos

Gemma and the Digos prison

Lay Marist's music ministry

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1219 Montbel music 1p

Montbel wiggles

Entertainment for senior Marists

December news



1219 StPats Carol Walk ad1219 StPats Carol Walk 2018

Rain, hail or shine

Carols walk on soon

December news



1219 Nara group 41219 Nara group 7

Nara group's pilgrimage

Fr Tony Glynn's 25th anniversary

December news



1219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 31219 Runamuck 1119 Runamuck 2

Camp Runamuck

Sixth sleep-out for Villa Maria families

December news




1119 Brazilians retreat 2 video

Brazilians' retreat

Spirited song and dance at Bringelly

November news



1119 Champagnat grp ee1119 Champagnat 0512 La Valla 5J ptg MC crp

Champagnat group meets

Association of St Marcellin at St Joseph's College

November news



1119 NL II e Bulletin1119 NL Todays Marist1119 NL II OMP Nov1119 NL II MMC 11119 NL II MMC 2

Latest bulletins

Marist news from USA, Oceania and MMC Australia

November news



1119 Blog Reach for Excellence1119 Reach for Exc 3 0219

Excellence for Brandon

Marist Atlanta's program success

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1119 Ranong AIDS

HIV care - Marists at Ranong

Fr Gil Casio with Thailand's migrant workers

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1119 Hoppy 0718 41119 Hoppy 0919 1

Letter from Bolivia

Fr Hoppy writes after government overthrow




1119 Gladstone Fri event 4

Marists farewelled at Gladstone

Over a century of service at Star of the Sea

November news



1119 La Neyliere snow 4

Different weather

Fr Ray Chapman at La Neylière under snow

November news 



1119 Montbel 10th anniv 00p1119 Montbel 10th anniv 1b

Montbel's ten years

Anniversary celebrations

November news 



1119 jcc ann 1a Colin smiling GA 0417 1crp sepia1119 jcc ann 3a 0213 La Neyliere 1

Founder's anniversary

Jean-Claude Colin's death in 1875

November news



1119 Sat sandwich 11119 Sat sandwich 3

Saturday sandwich

Downtown ministry to London's homeless

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1119 Diaconate 1

Seven Marist deacons

... from as many countries

November news



0919 VM tree felling 8e

Now you see it...

... and now you don't. Monastery tree maintenance

November news



1119 Sr Grace Ellul visit

Sr Grace Ellul's visit

Marist Sisters gather

November news



1119 SMs at cemeteries 11119 SMs at cemeteries 2  

Confreres remember

Cemetery visits

November news



1019 SMNZ

Marists and our common home

Draft Sustainability Policy launched

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1119 SG SMB1119 SG SMB 1019 ARC I 41119 SG SMB 2

From Rome

Something every week

November news and Members



1119 NL Euroinfo 11119 NL Euroinfo 21119 NL OMP 11119 NL OMP 2

Europe and Pacific news

Latest bulletins

November news



1119 Nov 02 prayer 21119 Nov 02 prayer 3

Holy Souls prayer

Leaflet for Nov 02

November news



1119 Prov Circ2

Provincial Circular

At Members' page




1019 Oct 29 BNE 3p

Brisbane celebration

Cerdon event recalled

October news



0718 Francis Hsa Ku 1 familye0919 Eh Ta Tu grp 0919 19e

Francis and the Catholic Dormitory of Ee Tu Hta

Internally Displaced youngsters

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1019 Oct 29 0714 Cerdon 651019 Oct 29 0714 Cerdon 44

'SM has begun!'

Cerdon anniversary

October news



1019 ARC V

Consultation concludes

Annual Marist review ends in Rome 

October news



1019 Cristian 21019 Cristian 1

Border birth

Cristian and the bridge

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1019 ARC IV 31019 ARC IV 4

Session on Founder's Cause

ARC members updated 

October news



1019 ARC III 111019 ARC III 161019 ARC III 5

Reports from all over

ARC concludes first week 

October news



1019 Final professions 7

Final professions

Seven young Marists from five countries 

October news



1019 Marian Procession 2

Fatima procession to St Pat's

Five young adult groups combine 

October news



1019 ARC II 1b1019 ARC II 1a

ARC workshop at Nemi

Four-day focus 

October news



1019 NL Africa 11019 NL Africa 2

Africa newsletter

Updates on Marists in Cameroon and Senegal 

October news



1019 Yaounde SPC 2

Maison Saint Pierre Chanel

New students for Marist formation in Cameroon 

October news



1019 ARC I 11019 ARC I 4

ARC underway

Annual Review begins in Rome 

October news



0919 One flag missing OCEAN 1 0919 One flag missing OCEAN 3

One flag missing

Wilai and the plight of the stateless

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1019 MCC pilg 10b 0512 Fourviere ext 3J1019 MCC pilg 10 Fourviere stairs

MCC pilgrims in France

Charism and Culture group exploring Marist origins

October news



1019 Web of life Kivi0819 D Kivi J Carty

Web of life

Fr Donato on environmental care across all boundaries

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1019 Arbuckle book 11019 Arbuckle book 2 0517 Arbuckle launch award 2

New Arbuckle book

Refounding after abuse

October news



1019 Three OMP provs in Rome

Oceania provincial trio

Past and present leaders in Rome

October news



1019 NLL e bulletin1019 NLL Familia Marista1019 NLL SG

Marist news from all over

Bullletins from abroad

October news



1019 USA new website 1

New website for US Marists

A year in the making, launched Oct 07

October news



1019 MCC pilgrims Aus SM Pilgrims to SM Places 190929e1019 MCC 0409 Rome 13b Monteverde


Aussie pilgrims in Rome

School leaders visit Marists

October news



0919 Bugey Brazil 1 0919 Bugey Brazil 5

Bugey in Brazil

Marists in Bahia

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1019 Euroinfo 11019 Euroinfo 2

Marist news from Europe

Latest Euroinfo

October news and Members



0919 Paddington Sep 24 3crp2 0919 Paddington Sep 24 8

Rome via Brisbane

Hayden Powick returns for studies

September news



0919 Jubilarian event 6


Brothers specially honoured at annual celebration

September news



0919 Prov retreat 10919 Prov retreat 2

Provincial retreat

Fr Brendan Byrne at Montbel

September news



0919 Ranong chn

Crack-down at Ranong

Critical times for Marist mission

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0919 Hoppy NL 7 0919 Hoppy NL 6

Fr Hoppy's latest

Letter from Bolivia

September news



0919 Sep 24 Chapelle Capuciniere a0919 Sep 24 1836e

First Marist professions

1836 anniversary

September news



0919 Ukulele grp 5b

Massed ukuleles

Fr Aliki's groups combine

September news



0919 MLA meeting 5crp 0919 MLA meeting 6

Laity report from Dublin

Local Marist Laity addressed

September news



0919 Messenger NZ 3 0318 Kevin Head 1acrp0919 Messenger NZ 20919 Messenger NZ 1b

Messenger awards

NZ Marist magazine's ACPA success

September news



0919 Caring 0 cttee 0618 JPICC 2 stitch0919 Caring 5 sweepers

Beginning at home

Ideas for caring for our planet

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0919 MMC NL 10919 MMC NL 20919 MMC NL 30919 MMC NL 4

MMC spring newsletter

Marist mission projects in Asia-Pacific

September news



0919 Adrian Drane 1 0115 MCC 10919 Adrian Drane 4 0919 MCC pilg Kim Evans 1

Passing of Adrian Drane

Marist Regional College principal and Marist Charism and Cullture leader.

September news



0919 HNM event Montbel 6

Montbel soirée for HNM

Marist Family's veranda celebration

September news



 0919 HNM icon 1111 JCC icon 3 Mb crp

Feast day greetings  -  the Most Holy Name of Mary



0919 Season of Creation prayer

Creation prayer

JPIC blog from Rome

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0919 Montbel singalong 1p

Mozart and melodies

Gordon from Gladesville at Montbel

September news



0919 Bougainville retreat 50919 Bougainville retreat 1

Retreat at Hahela

PNG & Bougainvillean Marists with Fr Andrew Murray

September news



0919 Sr Philo 70th pa 20919 Sr Philo 70th pa 3

Sr Philo's seventy years

Marist Sister's celebration

September news



0319 JLarsen MMC 5crpe0919 SG reflection 1

Superior-General's reflection

Monthly message from Fr John Larsen

Members' Page



0919 HNM Mass 3 cover0919 HNM Paraliturgy 3 cover

Preparing for Holy Name of Mary

Resources for Marist patronal feast

September news



0919 Ray Chapman 10919 Ray Chapman 4 0512 La Neyl dist 7J

Aussie joins La Neylière team

Fr Ray Chapman in France

September news



0919 Formators Rome

Formators' gathering

Rome meeting concludes

September news



0919 Season of Creation

Season of Creation, ctd

JPIC blog from Rome

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0919 Season of Creation 4 0919 Season of Creation 3  

Season of Creation

Responsibility for our planet

JPIC and September news



0819 Euroinfo 10819 OMP NL 1  

Marist news from Europe and the Pacific

Latest bulletins

September news



0819 Economy or people 0819 Economy or people 1

Economy or people?

Australia's Pacific shame

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0819 JMC 1a 0213 Belley 8a Chavoin ptg crp ps0819 JMC 2a 0714 Coutouvre Mass 17

Happy feast day, Sisters

Jeanne-Marie Chavoin anniversary

August news



0819 Prov Circ

Provincial Circular

Latest issue

Members page



0819 Sr Teri OBrien 10819 Sr Teri OBrien 2

Welcome, Sister Teri!

Canadian Marist en route to NZ

August news



0819 William AWS 6 0819 AWSe0819 William AWS 11pdf

Loss for Karen people

Passing of William Aung Win Shwe

August news



0819 Paul Cooney Headstone0819 Paul Cooney headstone 2

Headstone blessed

Fr Paul Cooney's first anniversary

August news



0819 Bp Unabali 1crpe

Passing of Bishop Unabali

Bougainville's bishop dies in Philippines

August news



0819 T Kennedy leaving0819 D Kivi J Carty

All roads...

En route to Rome

August news



0819 JCC new site 1

New site for Fr Colin updated

August news



0819 Colin liturgy 1

Birthday preps

Liturgy and leaflet for Fr Colin

August news



0819 JThornhill farewell 20819 JThornhill farewell 8  

Farewell to Fr John Thornhill

Message from Australian bishops

August news



0819 Eco retreat 10819 Eco retreat 2

Fr Ben's eco-retreat

Green experience on the Emerald Isle

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0819 Euoinfo 10819 Euoinfo 2

Marist news from Europe

Latest Euroinfo

August news and Members



0719 Thornhill John 12ee

Passing of Fr John Thornhill

Marists mourn theologian and confrere

July news



0719 Int Nov NL 10719 Int Nov NL 20719 Int Nov NL 3

International novitiate newsletter

Reflections from Davao community

July news



0719 Paul Murphy

Saint of Talad Thai

Dora in the markets of Pathumthani

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0719 Sr Margaret Purcell 1bdre 04190719 Sr Margaret Purcell 4 0619 SM Sisters jubilees 9

Passing of Sr Margaret Purcell SM

Former Superior-General of Marist Sisters

July news



0512 Fourviere int 2J
'... for the greater glory of God and the honour of Mary the mother of the Lord Jesus,
we make known our sincere intention and firm will of consecrating ourselves, as soon as ever it is opportune,
to founding the most holy congregation of Mariists.'
(from the Pledge of Fourvière, Jul 23, 1816)



0719 Fourviere event 10

Fourvière Pledge remembered

Marist Family gathers

July news



0719 Dylan H PMahony 1

Fr Dylan's visit

Oceanian educationalist in Sydney

July news



0719 Chris Ketsore farewell 40719 Chris Ketsore farewell 9

Farewell, Fr Chris

Bougainvillean Marist's Brisbane experience

July news



0719 Fourviere A5 cover0719 Fourviere bookmarks 2bdr

Fourvière preps

Getting ready for Jul 23 anniversary

July news



0719 Mexican border 10719 Mexican border 2

The plot thickens

Fr Tony O'Connor from the Mexican border

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0719 Ben McKenna Coolock JHannan JoeR

Dublin sighting

Fr Ben McKenna visiting

July news



0719 NL OMP 30719 NL OMP 40719 NL USA 3


Pacific, USA Marist news

Latest bulletins

July news



0719 Steve Morelli0719 Steve Morelli 0413 Macksville incl JHannan 02

Congrats, Br Steve

National award for indigenous language work

July news and JPIC



0719 Ranong dialogue 3

Commitment to dialogue

Marist inter-religious exchange

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0719 Todays Marist 10719 Todays Marist 2

Today's Marist

Spring edition from USA

July news and Members' Page



0719 CDM NL 10719 CDM NL 20719 CDM NL 4

Theologate news

Life at Casa Di Maria

July news



0719 SG reflection 2 05140719 SG reflection 1

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's thoughts for July

July news and Members' Page



0719 Tony Kennedy DC10719 Tony Kennedy DC30719 Tony Kennedy DC4

Interesting discoveries

Fr Tony Kennedy in Washington

July news



0719 Donato aquac 2

A new way of fishing

Aquaculture in Fiji

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0719 Ed Keel 10719 Ed Keel book

Passing of Fr Ed Keel

American Marist, historian, teacher and pastor

July news



0719 Fourviere ad

Fourvière invitation

Marist pledge commemoration

July news



0719 NL Euro 10719 NL FamMarista 10719 NL MMC 10719 NL OMP 10719 NL OMP Salu 10719 NL SMB0719 NL USA 1

News from all over

Latest Marist bulletins

July news



0619 Prov Circ banner

Provincial Circular

Latest issue ay Members Page

June news



0619 Digos prison

'I was in prison...'

Marists' gaol ministry in Digos

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0619 Chris Ganzon 1 c JCC e0619 Chris Ganzon 2 c Gavin Foster e

Fr Chris in Sydney

Asia District leader visits

June news



0619 GH refugees 1

Refugees at General House

Young Syrians welcomed at Monteverde

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0619 Refugee Day 30619 Refugee Day 1e

World Refugee Day

Pope Francis' 4-minute message




0619 MAP Samoa 2

MAP in Samoa

Marist Asia-Pacific leaders meet

June news



0619 AMS 10th anniv 7pe2

AMS 10th anniversary

Marist Brothers celebrate

June news


0619 Chris G Lauro BNE 1

Apia bound

Asia Marists en route for MAP meeting

June news



0619 Marist Lay event 2

Marist Lay commitment

Brisbane ceremony

June news



0619 Colours 1 0619 VM SPChapel 20619 Colours 2 0619 VM sky

Late autumn

Colours in the backyard

June news



0619 Refugee week 2

Refugee Week 2019

Share a meal invitation

June news or JPIC



0619 Tanna 30619 Tanna 5

Beneath Mt Yasur

Tanna Marists on Vanuatu

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0619 SM Sisters jubilees 99 0619 VM 130619 SM Sisters jubilees 4

Sisters' Jubilees

Three hundred years celebrated

June news



0619 Davao workshop 1

Davao workshop

Marists funding inservice in Philippines

June news



0619 VN blog e IMG 4806e0619 VN blog e IMG 4899e

Quan Khue remembers

Surprise email to Fr Jim Carty.

0119 BLOG banner crp




0619 SG reflection0619 NLL Euroinfo 10619 NLL OMP0619 NLL SM Bulletin

Latest bulletins

Marist news from all over

June news



0619 MMC Report 1

Mission Centre annual report

MMC 'sustaining hope' in 2018

June news



0619 Terry Heinrich memorial 4

Br Terry Heinrich remembered

Moving ceremony in Cambodia

June news



0519 MLA Rosalie 1ee

Marist Laity events

Coming soon in Brisbane

May news



Living Water Br Paul Students aMind body 2

Different Marist styles

Education initiatives in Thailand and USA.

0119 BLOG banner crp




0519 ACU grad BP ers 3

Graduations in Thailand

Fruits of the Bridge Program and Marist Mission

May news



0519 Chris Austin passingebdr

Passing of Fr Chris Austin

'Gentle, good-humoured and uncomplaining' Marist goes to God

May news



0519 Ormiston retreat 0a0519 Ormiston retreat 7b

Ormiston retreat

Picturesque prayer

May news



0519 ACU grad BP ers 4b grp x40519 ACU grad invitation e

BP-ers' invitation

ACU graduation on Thai-Myanmar border

May news and JPIC



0519 NL African 10519 NL USA

Marist news from Africa and USA

Latest Marist newsletters

May news and Members



0519 JThornhill 90th

Fr John Thornhill's 90th

Theologian celebrates

May news



0519 Monteverde trees 70519 Monteverde trees 9 0610 Rome 5b Gen House from roof

The greening of Rome

Monteverde's community initiative

May news and JPIC



0519 Longs visit 04 0519 11b0519 Longs visit 04 0519 5

Fr Long Down Under

Filipino Marist's Sydney visit

May news



0519 Centro Hispana 1

Second chance for education

Also St Patrick's breakfast for the homeless.0119 BLOG banner crp




0519 SG 20319 JLarsen MMC 11vcrp0519 SG 1

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's thoughts for May

Members' Page



0519 MMC 70th 5

70 years of MMC

Mission Centre celebrates 'a trinity of parts'

May news



0519 Prov circ2

Provincial Circular

Latest issue at Members' Page



0419 Euroinfo 10419 Euroinfo 2

Euroinfo for April

Marist news from Europe

April news and Members page



0404 Tutu sunset 1 red22

On whatever distant shore...

Anniversary of Marist approval

April news



0419 SPC novena cover

St Peter Chanel

Feast Day of 'the man with the good heart'.  New: 'Short prayer service'

April news




0419 Br Colin 1e0419 Br Colin 2e

Happy 97th, Br Colin!

Province's oldest Marist celebrates

April news



0419 Ranong dialogue 3

Dialogue at Ranong

Marists, Buddhists and Muslims

April news



0419 JPIC Healy b2ap3 large whatever it takes common dreams 19041 20190418 153101 10119 Pete Healy blog 1

Ecological conversion

Fr Peter Healy on serious world decisions0119 BLOG banner crp




0419 Hopkinson J 1212

Fr Hoppy's Easter letter

Update from Bolivia

April news



0419 Anzac 01 Fr Lionel in his cap0419 Anzac 08 OTR066

A taste of Anzac

Marist wartime memories

April news



0419 Jack Soulsby cd 2

Passing of Fr Jack Soulsby

Charismatic Marist missioner in ninely countries

April news


0613 Winter solstice sunset Childers


0419 Stations of Cross 10419 Stations of Cross 8

Way of the Cross

Combined churches' walk to Villa Maria

April news



0419 St Dympna 0518 St Dympna0419 St Dympna 0518 St Dympna 0318 StPats ext 7ps

St Dympna, for victims of abuse

Downtown pastoral initiative0119 BLOG banner crp




0419 Novena 0410 SPC medal blur 110419 Novena SPC 1

St Peter Chanel novena

Nine days of prayer for vocations

April news



0419 VM tree gone a1 0119 1 stitchcrp Copy0419 VM tree gone a2 1

Now you see it...

... and now you don't. Monastery eucalypt gone.

April news



0419 Easter eggs 50419 Easter eggs 2

Shopping for good

Getting the right Easter eggs

April news or JPIC




0419 NL OMP0419 NL USA0419 NL USA 2

Pacific and USA bulletins

Latest Marist newsletters

April news



0419 SJC Philippines 2

Joeys' boys in Davao

Philippines immersion experience

April news



0419 VM chapel palms e2 



0419 Sattahip 5

Our Living Water at Sattahip

Br Paul Murphy's work with Burmese migrant children0119 BLOG banner crp




0419 Bp Tino ord 2

Bishop Tino

New bishop of Wallis-Futuna

April news



0419 PPP blog 4 People planet peace prosperity

Peace, people, planet...

Pope Francis addresses international gathering0119 BLOG banner crp




0319 JLarsen MMC 5crpe0319 JLarsen refl 0419

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen: our Holy Saturday experiences

April news and members page



0319 Fullness of Life 1 banner

Fullness of Life

Website redeveloped for Perth agency

March news



0319 Dakar street kids 6

New life for Dakar's street boys

Fr Christian Abongbung's ministry in Senegal0119 BLOG banner crp




0319 MMC NL 20319 OMP NL0319 SMBulletin

Newsletters & bulletins

Local and international Marist updates

March news



0319 SM Srs Woolwich event 30319 SM Srs Woolwich event 11

Woolwich Marist Sisters honoured

110 years of educational service

March news



0319 JLarsen MMC 100319 JLarsen MMC 12v

Superior-General at Mission Centre

70th anniversary preps.

March news



0319 JPIC BP 001c 0916 MAQ grp 11 x7 jumping

The BP story

Higher education for young refugees0119 BLOG banner crp




0319 TKennedy Yaounde 1

Fr Tony Kennedy in Cameroon

Theologate rector visits Africa District

March news



0319 Familia Marista 10319 Familia Marista 20319 Familia Marista 3

'To the ends of the world'

Pacific featured in Spanish Marist publication

March news



0319 Africa eco 70319 Africa eco 5

Veggies in the forest

Cameroon Marists' eco project0119 BLOG banner crp




0319 NLL US 10319 NLL US 2

e-Bulletins USA

Vocations Week and World Youth Day

March news



0319 MCC 1pan

Marist Charism & Culture

Latest immersion experience

March news



 0319 SG reflection

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's Lenten message

March news and members page



0319 Prov Circ No 1

Provincial Circular

Latest issue

March news and members page



0319 Lent meat cattle 03190319 Lent Graph

Lent, meat and our planet

How eating meat affects the planet0119 BLOG banner crp




0218 ConstnAnniv 6 GA docs 90

The telegram from Rome

Advise La Neylière immediately!

March news



0219 Paddington 1

Paddington update

New faces at 'House of Welcome'

February news



0219 Brophy bees 4 Bees 20219 Brophy bees 1 1109 Vocations dinner 10b Pat Brophy

Beekeeping and our Common Home

Fr Pat Brophy and latest Blog from Rome 0119 BLOG banner crp




0219 Ukuleles 240219 Ukuleles 5

Fr Aliki's ukuleles

Tongan strumming at Villa Maria

February news



0219 CDM NL 10219 CDM NL 50219 CDM NL 40219 CDM NL 3

'The Source'

Casa di Maria newsletter

February news



0219 Reach for Exc 4b0219 Reach for Exc 2

Reaching for Excellence

Initiative for Atlanta's Marist students

0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC



0219 OMP NL 1

Oceania news

Latest bulletin from Pacific Marists

February news and Members



0219 Bob Barber 3 leaving0219 Bob Barber 4

Seven Fountains retreat for Fr Bob

30-day exercises at Chiang Mai

February news



0219 JPICBLOG Raising Awareness about human trafficking and slavery ps

ACRATH in action

Sr Noelene Simmons and latest JPIC blog from Rome

0119 BLOG banner crpJPIC



0219 HtooHtoo grad 04a 0312 ACU exam day walking Mular0219 HtooHtoo grad 06b

Bridging the gap

Htoo Htoo's journey to graduation

February news and JPIC



0219 Fullness of Life 20219 Fullness of Life 1

Fullness of Life workshops

Perth Centre's 2019 program

February news



0219 Int Nov NL 1

International novitiate bulletin

Novices' experiences in Davao

February news



0219 Brownsville 003a Young Detainees Posada 18 a

On the Mexican border

Latest JPIC blog from Rome

0119 BLOG banner crpFebruary news and JPIC



0219 NLL Euroinfo 10219 NLL e bulletin

Europe & USA bulletins

Marist international news

February news and members page



 0219 SG Reflection 10219 SG 0119 Guatemala 1a JL Oz

Superior-General's reflection

Guatemala experience of Marist youth

February news and members page



0219 Prov handove 50219 Prov handove 10

Provincial installation

Packed chapel at Montbel ceremony 

February news



0119 Hoppy 30119 Hoppy 1

Bolivia bound

Fr Hoppy's mini-sabbatical ends 

January news



0119 Pete Healy blog c20119 Pete Healy blog 1

'Blessed unrest'

This week's JPIC blog: Fr Peter Healy on 'Ecological conversion' 

0119 BLOG banner crpJanuary news or JPIC



0119 VM Fallen ttee 70119 VM Fallen ttee 3pan0119 VM Fallen ttee 8

Crash !

Trespassers, beware

January news



0119 OAM 1 Pidcock Paul0119 OAM 3 0514 Sir KKerley 60119 OAM 2 Bates Kevin 2

Two Marists OAM

Australia Day awards to Frs Paul Pidcock and Kevin Bates

January news



0119 Rameau page 10119 Rameau page 20119 Rameau page 8

Le Rameau

Seminarians' colourful newsletter from Africa

January news



0119 SM Srs prof annb

Sisters' jubilees

70 and 60 Marist years for Sr Margaret Purcell and Sr Marie Berise

January news



0119 Guatemala II YP 30119 Guatemala II 04 JL 23

Final Mass at Guatemala

Marist youth celebrate

January news



0119 BLOG banner crp0119 BLOG 1

International blog launched

Interactive JPIC site up-and-running 

January news or JPIC



0119 Novitiate starts 6a crp

Novitiate begins

In Davao, Philippines, international group prepares for Marist commitment 

January news



0119 Guatemala 1a JL Oz0119 Guatemala 1c HK

Weaving life

Marist youth in Guatemala

January news



0119 MFV Fbk video

Vocations video

Marists on Facebook

Vocations page or January news



0119 Chapman Ray 1116 camino 040119 Ray C 0615 LN Exterior 03

Fr Ray Chapman to lead Colinian course

2020 program at La Neylière

January news



0119 Oceania OK 0704 Tutu view 31 vg

Anniversary of mission entrustment

1836 event

January news



0119 Salusalu 4


Oceania seminarians' colourful newsletter

January news


0119 Euroinfo 1

Marist news from Europe

Community ideas for 2019

January news



0119 SG 3

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's New Year message

January news and members page



0119 Montbel event 7 pan

Montbel soirée

New Year balcony celebration

January news



0119 Prov vicar 1a

New leadership duo

Fr Tony Corcoran takes office; Fr Peter McMurrich continues

January news



0119 NY