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Euroinfo for April

Download the latest Marist news from Europe: click here                  [Apr 30]

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On whatever distant shore...

On Apr 29, 1836, a parchment document was signed in Rome giving official approval to the Society of Mary.

Three weeks later, in Belley, France, a delighted Jean-Claude Colin with his pioneer Marist confrères received the letter with due ceremony and great joy.

Not long before, when the suggestion was made that the fledgeling group should undertake the missions of the south-west Pacific, Fr Colin had responded 'We will work on whatever distant shore.''  (Click here for leaflet)

The document meant that the Marists were now official. It was signed on behalf of Pope Gregory XVI, who, as Prefect of the Congregation 'Propaganda Fide' (then Cardinal Mauro Cappellari) had shown himself a vigorous promoter of the missions.

Marists today offer Mass for God's blessing on the Society of Mary.                           [Apr 29]                   

0404 Tutu sunset 1 red22

St Peter Chanel

On the south-west Pacific's distant isle of Futuna on April 28, 1841, the Society of Mary and the vast world of Oceania received their first martyr: Fr Peter Chanel SM.

Two small resources about St Peter Chanel are available here... . Click on the following:   'A short prayer service'    |    'Life of St Peter Chanel'.                  [Apr 28]

 0419 SPC novena cover0419 SPC prayer DL cover0419 SPC DL outside0419 SPC DL inside

Happy 97th, Br Colin !

The oldest member of the Society of Mary's Australian province is Br Colin Campbell SM, who turned ninety-seven on Apr 27.  

After joining the Marists in 1951, Cessnock-born Br Colin left Australia in 1960 for four decades of missionary life in Oceania, returning in 1998 and eventually taking up residence at the Maryvale/Montbel community, Hunters Hill.

Below: Br Colin outside Montbel, awaiting a lift to a birthday luncheon.  Happy 97th, Brother !               [Apr 27]  

0419 Br Colin 1e0419 Br Colin 2e

Dialogue at Ranong

From Rome, SM Bulletin reports on the meeting of the Marist Commission on Inter-Religious dialogue at Ranong, Thailand:

'The members of the Committee are Frs. Larry Sabud (chairman), Kevin Medilo, Michael Jacques and Gerry Hall (theological adviser). The Superior General introduced the meeting, proposing directions for the work of the group and suggesting its scope and boundaries. The group was the then led in a theological reflection by Fr. Gerry Hall.

'The group dialogued with local Muslim and Buddhist leaders at a mosque and temple. Time was dedicated to setting future directions for the Commission. The time in Ranong included meeting with the Marist community and also local migrant people from Myanmar, mostly Buddhists, who have benefitted from the mission of Marists among them over the last fifteen years.

'The new Marist community house in Ranong provided a welcome home for prayer and hospitality.'                   [Apr 27]

0419 Ranong dialogue 50419 Ranong dialogue 3
 Above: Committee members with Fr John Larsen, from left, Frs. Kevin Medilo, Larry Sabud (chairman), John Larsen (Superior-General), Gerry Hall (theological adviser) and Michael Jacques.
0419 Ranong dialogue 10419 Ranong dialogue 2

Fr Hoppy's Easter letter

From Tarija, Bolivia, and the Misioneros Maristas comes an Easter message from Australian missionary, Fr John ('Hoppy') Hopkinson SMClick here.                     [Apr 26]

0419 Hopkinson J 1212

A taste of Anzac

Anzac Day this year falls only days before the Marist Mission Centre celebrates its 70th anniversary. 

MMC's foundation is intimately connected with the drama of World War II and the plight on Australian, New Zealand and other allied prisoners-of-war and their experience of forced labour on the Thai-Burma railway.

On May 01, MMC's 70th celebrations at Hunters Hill will include a pictorial presentation of its history and origins through the ministry of wartime chaplain, Fr Lionel Marsden SM. Some of the images are pictured below.... 

For MMC website, click here.               [Apr 25]

0419 Anzac 01 Fr Lionel in his cap0419 Anzac 02 MMC 70th origins 1e0419 Anzac 03 MMC 70th origins 19c
 Above: Fr Lionel ('Sam') Marsden SM in the days before the fall of Singapore   |    Japanese POW camp in Thailand 
Below: Construction of the notorious Thai-Burma railway
0419 Anzac 04 MMC 70th origins 170419 Anzac 05 MMC 70th origins 19e0419 Anzac 06 MMC 70th origins 18
 0419 Anzac 07b TB 0699 2e1crp10419 Anzac 07a Hellfire 0610 OTR023
 Above: The River Kwai near Kanchanaburi, Thailand.
Below: Members of MMC's first 'The Other Half' journey at Hellfire Pass, Thailand
0419 Anzac 11 HFP 0610 OTR0480419 Anzac 12 HFP 0610 OTR0580419 Anzac 10 HFP 0200 7aiv HFP

 Below: Allied war cemetery, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
0419 Anzac 08 OTR0660419 Anzac 09 OTR014

Passing of Fr Jack Soulsby

Marists and myriads of laity in over ninety countries will mourn the passing of Fr Jack Soulsby SM, who died peacefully at St Vincent's Hospital, Brisbane, on Easter Monday, Apr 22.

In the world of Charismatic Renewal, Cornish-born, energetic and faith-filled Fr Jack ministered on most continents of the globe. He died just four days short of his golden jubilee of priesthood.

For a profile of Fr Jack's life, click here.  May he rest in well-deserved peace.                   [Apr 22]

0419 Jack Soulsby cd 2

Way of the Cross

Good Friday saw the now well-established combined churches' Way of the Cross concluding in the grounds of Villa Maria monastery, Hunters Hill.

A final station, the burial of Jesus, was enacted at the chapel of St Peter Chanel, and followed by morning tea on the monastery steps.                     [Apr 19]

0419 Stations of Cross 1 0419 Stations of Cross 2
 0419 Stations of Cross 5pan
0419 Stations of Cross 70419 Stations of Cross 8

St Peter Chanel novena

From Rome, Marist Youth International has provided this year's novena for vocations leading up to the Feast of St Peter Chanel SM (Apr 28).

For the novena, click here                   [Apr 19]

0419 Novena 0410 SPC medal blur 110419 Novena SPC 10419 Novena SPC 20419 Novena SPC 3

Now you see it...

..and now you don't. The wounded eucalypt (see January news) in the grounds of Villa Maria monastery has been removed.

A giant limb from the ageing gum outside Woodbury Hall mysteriously fell on Australia Day. Only the stump remains. Visitors, mind your toes.                 [Apr 17]


0419 VM tree gone a1 0119 1 stitchcrp Copy0419 VM tree gone a2 10419 VM tree gone b1 0119 80419 VM tree gone b2 2ae

Shopping for good

From Sydney Archdiocese's Justice & Peace Office, comes this reminder:

It's time to start thinking about where to source your ethical Easter eggs for 2019!

Fortunately, there are a bunch of different options fair trade options which means they are made without modern slavery in their supply chains. For example, the Moser Roth mini Easter eggs (available from ALDI) are fair trade. Alternatively Oxfam stocks fair trade Easter eggs as well as a range of fair trade chocolate products. The Fairtrade website has a list of several brands that sell certified fair trade chocolate available from a range of online and in-store retailers—however pay attention while buying as not necessarily all products from the listed brands are fair trade. To be sure look for the fair trade mark! For more ways that you can shop ethically visit the Sydney Archdiocese Anti-Slavery Taskforce’s “Shop for Good” website. You can also check out our printable poster here.

Please spread the word about purchasing ethical Easter eggs among your family, friends, parish and community.                    [Apr 16]

0419 Easter eggs 50419 Easter eggs 20419 Easter eggs 30419 Easter eggs 40419 Easter eggs 1 jplogo

0419 VM chapel palms e2

Pacific and USA bulletins

Latest bulletins from the Marist provinces of Oceania and USA are now available at Members page or click here: Oceania bulletin     |     USA e-Bulletin Apr 05     |     USA e-Bulletin Apr 12 

[Apr 13]

0419 NL OMP0419 NL USA0419 NL USA 2

Joeys' boys in Davao

A dozen students of St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill, NSW, have commenced a two-week immersion experience in Mindanao, southern Philippines.

Accompanied by College staff including chaplain, Fr Gavin Foster SM, the lads were welcomed at Davao airport by youngsters of Balay Pasilungan Centre for street kids whose director, Fr Lionel ('Long') Mechavez SM, will be in Sydney next month for the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Marist Mission Centre.

Meanwhile, the Joeys' students have already commenced work constructing a concrete basketball court for Balay Pasilungan.                  [Apr 10]

0419 SJC Philippines 70419 SJC Philippines 6
0419 SJC Philippines 50419 SJC Philippines 4
0419 SJC Philippines 20419 SJC Philippines 1

Bishop Tino

In a colourful ceremony on Mar 24 in the cathedral of Mata’Utu, Bishop Susitino Sionepoe SM, was ordained to become the bishop of Wallis-Futuna.

The main celebrant was Noumea's Archbishop Michel Calvet SM assisted by Bishop John Bosco Baremes SM (Port-Vila),  Bishop Ghislain de Rasilly SM (Bishop emeritus of Wallis-Futuna) and several other bishops.

SM Bulletin reports: 'A special delegation of two hundred people came from New Caledonia, where Bishop Tino served for more than fifteen years in the parish and where he left a big impact on the local community. The solemn Mass was followed by a great feast, showing the Polynesian way of hosting guests, celebrating and rejoicing. On Monday 25 March, on the feast of the Annunciation, bishop Tino gave his thanksgiving mass at Hihifo.'

In 2014, Bishop Tino was part of the 'Spirituality and Lifestyle' program at Villa Maria, Sydney.                    [Photos, courtesy Fr François Grossin SM]                           [Apr 06]

0419 Bp Tino ord 60419 Bp Tino ord 1
0419 Bp Tino ord 50419 Bp Tino ord 20419 Bp Tino ord 4
0419 Bp Tino ord 70419 Bp Tino ord 3

Superior-General's reflection

This month's reflection from Fr John Larsen.... See Members page.                   [Apr 04].

0319 JLarsen MMC 5crpe0319 JLarsen refl 0419