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Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation

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web links:
Marist JPIC International Blog     |     Global Catholic Climate Movement     |     Marist European JP blog     |     ACRATH - Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans     |     CLRI (NSW) Publications - 'Just in Time', 'Watermark'      |     Edmund Rice - Pacific Calling Partnership      |     Pacific Climate Watch      |     [Marist Family Justice & Peace group - 'Both Ends of the Gun' seminar]      |     Wilai Foundation

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 'Caring for our planet' 
Sustainability Covenant


Transformative action

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Kiwi Marist and member of the Society of Mary's International Ecology Commission, Fr Peter Healy, suggesting practical means of responding to the call to care for our common home. Go to the Blog: click here.                                [Dec 06]

1221 Blog Healy0119 BLOG banner crp

Dismantling racism

This week’s JPIC blog comes from Our Lady of the Assumption Marist parish, Atlanta, USA, about their journey 'to dismantle the communal sin of racism in our church, our school, our parish, and our community'. Go to the Blog: click here.                                 [Nov 29]

1121 Blog racism0119 BLOG banner crp 

An Edible Forest
This week's JPIC Blog comes from Mexico City and the Marist-founded Franco-Ingles Colegio where staff and students have pioneered an exciting ecological initiative. Go to the Blog: click here.                                [Nov 22]
1121 Blog edible forest0119 BLOG banner crp

The Founder speaks - about prayer

This week's JPIC Blog continues the series on Marist Contemplative Prayer, with the words of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin, on prayer. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Nov 15]

1121 JC Colin 0920 Ben McK e 0119 BLOG banner crp

New Hope for Creation

Fr Kevin Bates reflects on the Glasgow COP26 summit and the future of the planet. Click here.                               [Nov 13]

0121 Bates Kevin 2

Aboriginal spirituality

This week's JPIC Blog is drawn from Fr Paul Sullivan's contribution to a recent session of the Marist Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue. For many years Fr Paul ministered amongst the indigenous people of NSW's Northern Rivers. Go to the Blog: click here.                             [Nov 08]

 1121 Indigenous art Townsville 0593a0119 BLOG banner crp

Think globally, act locally

Marist Laity Australia extends an invitation to participate in the latest of their online prayer sessions 'Think Globallly, act locally' on Sat, Nov 06, at 7.00 pm (EADT). To register go the MLA website or click here.                               [Nov 04]

1121 MLA Think Globally

Letting go or taking away?

This week's JPIC Blog features refreshing common sense from Australian Marist, Fr Kevin Bates, on the issues surrounding 'voluntary assisted dying'. Go to the Blog: click here.                               [Nov 01]

 0121 Bates Kevin 20119 BLOG banner crp

The Earthshot Prize

On the eve of COP 26, this week’s JPIC Blog, prompted by Fr Justin Taylor SM, offers signs of hope: the Earthshop Awards for those caring for our common home, Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Oct 25]

1021 Blog Earthshot0119 BLOG banner crp

God needs dry wood

Continuing the Marist Contemplative Life series, this week's JPIC Blog is from Fr Frank Bird SM. Go to the Blog: click here.                                   [Oct 18]

 1021 Blog Dry wood0119 BLOG banner crp

Mary, support of the Church

This week JPIC Blog focusses on a fundamental Marist theme, Mary as the support of the Church. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Oct 11] 

1021 Blog support of the church0119 BLOG banner crp

Christian-Muslim marriage

This week's JPIC Blog reports on the experience of Fr Damien Diouf SM in preparing couples for Christian-Muslim marriage, as recorded in a recent Inter-Religious Dialogue meeting.  Go to the Blog: click here.                            [Oct 04]

1021 Blog I C marriage0119 BLOG banner crp

Can of worms

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Tony O'Connor reporting on the plight of Haitian refugees at Del Rio on the US/Mexican border. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Sep 27]  

0921 Blog Del Rio0119 BLOG banner crp

World Day of Migrants & Refugees

The last Sunday of September (Sep 26 this year) is designated as World Day of Migrants & Refugees. For excerpts from the address of Pope Francis and comments from El Paso's Bishop Mark Speitz, click here and scroll. or click here to go direct to YouTube.                            [Sep 25]

0921 WDMR 1
0921 WDMR 20921 WDMR 3


This week's JPIC Blog is from Atlanta Marist teacher, Brendan Murphy, who speaks of programs of social and political love, themes of Pope Francis, which include these aspects in Marist Education. Go to the Blog:  click here.                          [Sep 21]

0921 Blog Peace by piece0119 BLOG banner crp

Buddhist retreat

This week's JPIC Blog features Fr Kevin Duffy's experience as a Marist making a Buddhist retreat. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Sep 13]

0921 Blog Marist Buddhism0119 BLOG banner crp

Season of Creation

The Laudato Si' Movement office reports on Pope Francis' involvement with the beginning of 2021's Season of Creation: 'More than a hundred Laudato Si’ animators from Italy gave His Holiness a handmade 'Abraham’s tent' on Sep 01 World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, to mark the start of the ecumenical Season of Creation.

'Following Pope Francis’ general audience, the animators presented Pope Francis with the tent, a symbol of the 2021 Season of Creation, as communities around the world united around the season’s theme, 'A home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God.'

For Pope Francis' address, click here.                                [Sep 02]

0921 Season of Creation 30921 Season of Creation 20921 Season of Creation 1

Special Needs and Consolation

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Mrs Chwefung Anastasia Sama writing from the Our Lady of Consolation Care Centre for Children with Special Needs, a Marist project in Bambili, Cameroon. Go to the Blog: click here                                [Aug 30]

0821 Blog Chldren0119 BLOG banner crp

Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

The Australian Bishops' Conference has issued an important statement, 'Cry of the Poor, Cry of the Earth', for Social Justice Sunday, Aug 29, 2021.Click for : For Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor   |   Prayer Card     |     Video                               [Aug 28]  

 0821 SJ statement 10821 SJ prayer dc 10821 SJ prayer cd 21

Myanmar solidarity

Eighty Australian religious gathered by Zoom on Aug 24 for an hour of prayer and reflection in solidarity with the people of Burma/Myanmar. Organised by Catholic Religious Australia, the session included sharings by Australian religious born in Myanmar and was led by CRA's president, Br Peter Carroll FMS.  A moving reflection by Yangon's Cardinal Charles Maung Bo was read by Sr Geraldine Kearney SGS.

Images of the Zoom are pictured below.                             [Aug 25]

0821 CRA Zoom for Myanmar 10821 CRA Zoom for Myanmar 3
0821 CRA Zoom for Myanmar 40821 CRA Zoom for Myanmar 70821 CRA Zoom for Myanmar 8
0821 CRA Zoom for Myanmar 5

Code Red for Planet Home

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Peter Healy SM (NZ / Aotearoa) on the recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change. Go to the Blog: click here                                 [Aug 23]

0821 Blog Code Red0119 BLOG banner crp

Marist Contemplative Living

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr David Kennerley, reflecting on Mary in the midst of the Church, a key Marist theme and timely as we celebrate the Assumption of Mary. Go to the Blog: click here.                               [Aug 17].

0821 Blog Kennerley David 10821 Blog Kennerley David 20119 BLOG banner crp

Pandemic and People of God

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Gerald Arbuckle SM, giving a summary overview of his forthcoming book,'The Pandemic and the People of God'. Go to the Blog: click here.                                [Aug 09]

 0821 Blog Arbuckle0119 BLOG banner crp

Name change for GCCM

Tomas Insua, executive director of the former Global Catholic Climate Movement, announces a change of name for the worldwide ecological organisation to Laudato Si' Movement. Tomas (pictured below with Pope Francis) comments: 'Together, with Laudato Si’ Animators, member organizations, Catholics across the globe and Church leaders, we rejoice in the blessings this movement has received during the past six years and are excited about what awaits us!'

For Laudato Si' Movement's (lengthy) video annoucng the name change click here.                          [Aug 04]

0821 Laudato Si new name 10821 Laudato Si new name 3
0821 Laudato Si new name 2

Living Cry of Hope 

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Hemi Ropata SM, Marist seminarian from Aoteaoro -NZ , It is relevant to Pope Francis' Laudato Si, and the UN World Day for Indigenous People, and our Marist Contribution. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Aug 02]

0821 Blog Hemi0119 BLOG banner crp

Dialogue in Japan

This week's JPIC Blog is from Australian Marist, Fr Michael Jacques, reporting on inter-religious dialogue in Japan. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Jul 26]

 0721 Blog Japan0119 BLOG banner crp

A Synodal Church

This week's JPIC Blog, 'A Synodal Church', is the work of Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv, of Parramatta, NSW, where the Marists are in the process of establishing an international 'Omnes Gentes' community. Go to the Blog: click here                               [Jul 19]

 0721 Bp Long0721 Bp Long cartoon

Marist contemplative living 

This week’s JPIC Blog, on Marist contemplative living, comes from Fr Paul Walsh SM, Toulon, France, sharing the wisdom of living in the present moment. Go the Blog: click here.                             [Jul 12]

0721 BLOG Contemplation0119 BLOG banner crp

Ranong report

From Ranong, Thailand, Fr Frank Bird SM sends a six-monthly report on the Marist Asia Foundation, supporting the educational, health and other needs of Burmese migrant people. 

Fr Frank adds: 'We hope you may enjoy seeing some stories and smiles from the Thai Burma Border in Ranong. There have been ups and downs, the challenges continue with Covid and the Military Coup, but we keep going. We are joyful and humbly proud of the blessings that come from the Marist Centre and Team in the middle of the Migrant Community in Ranong. Thanks for being part of the compassion in action!'

The Ranong mission has been assisted by Australia's Marist Mission Centre since it began in 2006. For the report click here                           [Jul 09]

 0721 Ranong 10721 Ranong 20721 Ranong 3
0721 Ranong 40721 Ranong 5 0721 Ranong 6

Tutu: providing a future

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Petero Matairatu SM, director of Rural Training Centre, Tutu, Taveuni, Fiji, drawn from their five-year strategic plan. Go to the Blog: click here.                             [Jul 05]

 0721 BLOG Tutu0119 BLOG banner crp


Jul 04-11 is NAIDOC Week with the 2021 theme  of 'Heal Country!', encouraging First Australians to continue to seek greater protections for their lands, waters, sacred sites and cultural heritage from exploitation, desecration, and destruction. For more on this theme, click here.                                [Jul 04] 

0721 naidoc 2021 poster0721 naidoc heal our country

Share the Journey

This week's JPIC Blog follows the recent UN World Refugee Day and comes from Marist School Atlanta, USA, sharing their contribution to the care of migrants and refugees. Go to the Blog: click here.                            [Jun 28]

0621 Blog Share journey0119 BLOG banner crp

He comforts us... 

 This week's JPIC Blog comes from Sr Carlotta Calle SMSM, in Peru, on the work of her prison chaplaincy team. Go to the Blog: click here.                         [Jun 22] 

0621 Blog Peru prison0119 BLOG banner crp

Refugee week 2021

Amongst activities planned for this year's Refugee week Sun, Jun 20 to Sat, Jun 26) is an initiative of Holy Name of Mary parish Social Justice group and the Jesuit Refugee Service.

An information evening promoting awareness of refugees will be held on Jun 22 at the Hunters Hill parish hall in which guest speaker, Magdalene, from Sierra Leone will share her lived experience of seeking asylum. A sports journalist, Magdalene came to Australia seeking asylum in 2018 after facing danger and death threats because of her activism against female oppression in her home country of Sierra Leone. In Australia, Magdalene continues to use her journalism skills and passion to advocate for the rights of her community.

The function will include light refreshments, an evening of information, Q&A and reflection. Click here for full details.

For more on Refugee week click here and for the Refugee Council of Australia click here.                              [Jun 19]

0621 Refugee week0621 Refugee week 2

Contemplation: renewing society

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Rev Ross Flint, ordained Anglican and Marist Associate, who shares his experience of the need for contemplation as a basis for social action.  Go to the Blog: click here                              [Jun 15]

0621 Blog RossFlint0119 BLOG banner crp

Interreligious dialogue: a Marist's journey

This week’s blog, from Fr Gerard Hall SM, Australian Marist, highlights a few impact moments of his journey of interreligious dialogue. Go to the Blog:  click here                             [Jun 10]

0621 Blog GHall0119 BLOG banner crp

Food insecurity awareness

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Notre Dame Preparatory and Marist Academy in Pontiac Michigan, USA, whose students are engaged in advocacy and stewardship, with food insecurity as a practical example. Go to the Blog: click here                              [May 31[

 0521 Blog NDame0119 BLOG banner crp

Connections - earth and poor

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Tony O’Connor SM on the Mexico/USA border. As the world is celebrating ‘Laudato Si’ week – the 6th Anniversary of Pope Francis’ Encyclical – Fr Tony links the Cry of the Poor with the Cry of the Earth. Go to the Blog: click here.                               [May 24]

 0521 Blog TOConnor0119 BLOG banner crp

Laudato Si week

In announcing a series of live sessions during Laudato Si week, executive director of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, Tomás Insua, reports: 'On Sunday, Pope Francis started the 10-day celebration with his Papal Angelus, a beautiful way to invite the Holy Spirit into the crowning event of the Laudato Si Special Anniversary Year. This week we’re diving into how we can create change for our sisters and brothers around the world ahead of two vital meetings: the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) and the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).'

For 'everything you need to know about Laudato Si week': click here.                            [May 17]

0521 Laudato Si week 10521 Laudato Si week 0
0521 Laudato Si week 2 0521 Laudato Si week 3
 0521 Laudato Si week 40521 Laudato Si week 5

Contemplative journey

In this week's JPIC Blog Australian Marist, Fr Michael Whelan SM, describes his journey of contemplation. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [May 17]

0621 Blog MWhelanjpg0119 BLOG banner crp

Myanmar coup - a Marist view

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Ranong, Thailand, where Fr Frank Bird SM gives first-hand accounts of the impact of the Myanmar coup on Burmese migrants in the care of the Marist Mission. Go to the Blog: click here                              [May 10] 

0521 Blog FBird0119 BLOG banner crp

Marian integral ecology

Entering the month of Mary, our JPIC Blog comes from Kiwi Marist, Fr Peter Healy, a member of the Marist Ecology Commission, drawing on the work of Fr Donato Kivi and his doctoral thesis on a Marian Ecological Spirituality. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [May 03]

0521 Blog Healy Marian Ecol0119 BLOG banner crp

Marists and inter-religious dialogue

This week’s JPIC blog is the outline of a video conference presentation by Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, to the Marist Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue.  Go to the Blog: click here..                             [Apr 26]

0421 Blog I R dialoguee Zoom0119 BLOG banner crp

Remember and pray

For Fr Kevin Bates' Anzac reflection, click here.                          [Apr 23]

0121 Bates Kevin 20420 Anzac SYD Jan 27 sunrise Anzac Br 0107

Marist contemplative living

This week's JPIC Blog continues the theme of Marist Contemplative Living, this time authored by Fr Ted Keating SM, USA. Go to the blog: click here.                               [Apr 20]

 0421 Blog Contemplation0119 BLOG banner crp

Aussie camino for Wilai

The Wilai Foundation announces its Australian Camino, Walk for Wilai 2021, from Portland, Vic, to Penola, S.A. in September.  In 2017 Fr Jim Carty SM (then 78 years of age) walked a rugged 740 km camino through the south-west of France to raise funds for the Foundation and its work on behalf of stateless children in S-E Asia. At 82, he plans to be part of the 200km-plus Australian camino. 

For details of the walk: click here                                [Apr 16]  

0421 Wilai Camino 20421 Wilai Camino 10421 Wilai Camino 3

Mary's Grove.

This week's JPIC Blog reports on the transformation of the shrine of Our Lady Mother of God and of Humanity at Monte Alto, Brazil. Go to the Blog: click here.                             [Apr 12]

 0421 Blog Marys Grove0119 BLOG banner crp

Deep Resurrection 

This week’s JPIC Blog is a short reflection on the Paschal Mystery from where we are in space and time. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Apr 05]

 0421 Blog Easter0119 BLOG banner crp

Laudato Si & Marists in Africa

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Luigi Savoldelli SM and his Laudato Si project with the people of Nkoloman, Cameroon. The Paschal Mystery of this Holy Week is coming to life in many real ways here. Go to the Blog: click here.                            [Mar 29]

0321 Blog P Luigi0119 BLOG banner crp

What is truth?

For Fr Kevin Bates' reflection on the iconic question of Pilate, click here.                              [Mar 27]

0121 Bates Kevin 20321 K Bates Truth

Marists and Myanmar 

This week's JPIC Blog is about Fr Peter Nawt Lawt as he returns to his people in Myanmar, and about the first Marist mission to that place. Go to the Blog: click here.

Fr Peter is pictured below, seated, with members of the Villa Santa Maria community, Rome, including Superior-General, Fr John Larsen SM, second from right, who led the Marist mission in Myanmar.                          [Mar 22]

0321 Marists Myanmar Fr Peter GA0119 BLOG banner crp

Contemplative Marist living

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Fritz Arnold, SM, and the contemplative Marist community of Furstenzell, Germany. Go to the Blog: click here                              [Mar 15]

Below: Fr Fritz Arnold SM    |    Bernini's 'The Ectasy of St Teresa of Avila'

 0321 Blog Contemplation 2 Fritz0321 Blog Contemplation 1

You took care...

This week's JPIC Blog from the Solidarity Commission of the European Province.  The focus is on caring for the Sick and the Elderly – who themselves are participating in the redeeming and transfiguring work of Christ:         Go to the Blog: click here.                             [Mar 08] 

 0321 Blog Sick and care crp0119 BLOG banner crp

Laudato Si action plan 

This week's JPIC Blog comes from New Zealand and Fr Peter Healy SM, reflecting on the recent roll-out of Laudato Si's 7-year plan. Go to the Blog: click here.                            [Mar 02]

0321 Blog Healey0119 BLOG banner crp

Seven-year action platform

This week's JPIC Blog follows the recent webinar (see below) focussing on the seven-year action platform for developing Laudato Si strategies worldwide. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Feb 23]

0221 7 year plan0119 BLOG banner crp

Marist Laudato Si webinar

Marists from all over the world and representing all branches of the Marist Family connected on Feb 11 with Fr Joshtrom Kureethadam for a webinar on Laudato Si's 7-year planning. Fr Joshtorm is Coordinator of the Sector of “Ecology and Creation” at the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

The webinar, facilitated by Marist Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna SM, provided its almost a hundred participants with opportunities for questions and comments to Fr Joshtrom.

For a glimpse of most of the presentation's slides: click here.                             [Feb 17]

0221 LS webinar 1a grp0221 LS webinar 2e FrJosh0221 LS webinar slide 1
0221 LS webinar slide 10 20221 LS webinar slide 2 2
0221 LS webinar slide 12

Laudato Si Lent

The Global Catholic Climate Movement invites all to participate in a Laudato Si Lent. For the Lenten calendar and a host of Lenten ideas go to the website: click here.                                 [Feb 17]

 0221 LaudatoSi Lent 1a0221 GCCM logo Copy0221 Laudato Si Lent 1c

Contemplative Marist Living

In this week's JPIC Blog Fr Justin Taylor SM writes of contemplation as the energy source, 'the mystical heart' of Marist mission.. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Feb 15]

0221 Contemplation treasure the thought0119 BLOG banner crp

Myanmar's Cardinal speaks out

Archbishop of Yangon and leader amongst Asian bishops, Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, has written powerfully about the recent events in Myanmar. In his letter he addresses the people of Myanmar, the military coup leaders, the democratically elected leaders and the international community.

For Cardinal Bo's letter, click here.                           [Feb 08] 

0221 Card Bo 10221 Card Bo 2 ASSK crp0221 Card Bo 3

Ride on, Br Charlie !
This week's JPIC Blog features Brisbane-born Br Charles Randle SM and his contribution to the work of the Marist Mission Centre through 'Cycling fior Children'. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Feb 08] 
Br Charlie 2012 Br Charlies 80th birthdayBr Charlie with MMC riders in 2006
Above: Br Charlie on his Colnago racer     |     Celebrating his 80th birthday in Nov 2020.     |    With MMC riders in 2006.   Below:  Relaxing during a week-long ride in rural NSW.     |     Co-rider in Rome, Marist seminarian, Cameron Mota SM.
Br Charlie relaxing on a long rideCameron Mota bike 02210119 BLOG banner crp

Border recycling

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Tony O'Connor SM at Brownsville on the USA-Mexican border, recycling for a better life. Go to the Blog: click here                               [Feb 02] 

0221 Blog recycling0119 BLOG banner crp

One and free

For Fr Kevin Bates' reflection following Australia Day 2021, click here.                                   [Jan 29]

0121 Bates Kevin 20121 Australia Day 0 0120

Marists, refugees and migrants

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Br Ivan Vodopicec SM and the SM Solidarity Committee, Europe: as the first of four leaflets to reflect on our lives and mission. The theme is Refugees and Migrants, and draws on Marist experience and sources. Go to the Blog: click here.                               [Jan 20]  

0121 Refugees0119 BLOG banner crp

Ranong report

From Ranong, southern Thailand, Fr Frank Bird SM sends the annual report of the Marist Asia Foundation. Its thirty pages offer a comprehensive summary of a challenging year spent among Burmese migrant workers and their families during the pandemic. Fr Frank gratefully notes the presence of Australian Marist, Fr Kevin Redmond, (pictured below surrounded by Ranong students and with Fr Frank) whose extended stay will shortly end as he returns to Australia for the start of the new mission venture at Marayong, NSW. 

For the MAF report: click here.                            [Jan 15)

0121 Ranong KRedmond FBird et al0121 Ranong report

Marists and Sustainability 

Superior-General, Fr John Larsen's first reflection for 2021 focuses on practical issues of sustainability. Speaking of 'ecological conversion' it is accompanied by a 'Sustainability Covenant' developed by the Marist Ecological Commission and adopted by the General Council of the Society of Mary as a model for Marist communities worldwide.

Click for:   Superior-General's reflection     |     Sustainability Covenant      For other languages (Spanish, Italian and French), go to the JPIC Blog: click here.

For earlier reflections by Fr John Larsen, go to the Superior-General's page: click here.                            [Jan 09]

1120 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0121 SG 10121 SG 2 Sust Cov0119 BLOG banner crp


New Year contemplation

From Rome Fr Ben McKenna introduces this week's JPIC Blog: 'Our blog this week is an invitation to begin our Journey into 2021 with a contemplative heart, one with God, to play our part in healing our wounded world.' Go to the Blog: click here.                               [Jan 05]

 0121 Contemplation0119 BLOG banner crp

Dadirri - the deep spring

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Australian indigenous woman, Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, who offers a listening experience for Christmas.  Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Dec 22]

1220 Abor Xmas 0119 BLOG banner crp

World, Church and Marists

This week's JPIC Blog follows a recent gathering in Rome of a Laudato Si circleFr Ben McKenna was there. Go to the Blog: click here.                               [Dec 14]

1220 Laudato Si Mass0119 BLOG banner crp

Ranong graduations

This week's JPIC Blog features the recent ACU graduation of immigrant youth at the Marist mission, Ranong, Thailand. Go to the Blog: click here.                       [Dec 07]

1220 Ranong graduation 6 grp0119 BLOG banner crp

Māori dialogue

In this week's JPIC Blog Fr Phil Cody SM reflects on years of dialogue with the Māori people of Aotearea/New Zealand. Go to the Blog: click here                                   [Nov 30]

1120 Maori0119 BLOG banner crp

Border update

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Brownsville, Texas, where Fr Tony O'Connor SM gives an update, 'Which soul of the nation?',  on life, ministry and COVID-19 on the Mexican border. Go to the Blog: click here.                                 [Nov 23]

1120 Tony OConnor team0119 BLOG banner crp

Oceania legacy

From Rome, Assistant-General, Fr Ben NcKenna SM, sends the weekly JPIC Blog with this comment: 'The blog is going up on 15th November: the anniversary of Françoise Perreton, a pioneer of the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary (SMSM) leaving France for Oceania in 1845. Thirty years later, on 15th November 1875, Jean-Claude Colin, Marist Founder, went to his eternal reward. Their legacy lives on...' Go to the Blog: click here                                    [Nov 16]

1120 Perroton0119 BLOG banner crp

Laudato Si in action

This week's JPIC Blog is from Fr Jim Duffy SM who reports on the initiatives of Our Lady of the Assumption parish, Atlanta, USA. Go to the Blog: click here.                                   [Nov 09]

1120 Atlanta garden0119 BLOG banner crp

Fr Olivier's dialogue with Islam

This week's JPIC Blog comes again from Toulon, France, where Fr Paddy O'Hare reports on the work of Fr Olivier Laurent with Christian-Islamic dialogue. Go the Blog: click here.                                [Nov 03]

1120 OLaurent dialogue0119 BLOG banner crp

Ecological education at Toulon

This week’s JPIC Blog comes from Fr Paul Walsh SM, Toulon, France, about the crucial role of education of young people in ecological awareness and practices. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Oct 27]

1020 Toulon ecoproject0119 BLOG banner crp

Marist ecology at Tutu

Fr Petero Matairatu SM is the director of the Marist Training Centre, Tutu, Taveuni, Fiji, In this week's JPIC Blog he describes the ecologically-sensitive developments amongst the young farfmers and failies of Tutu. Go the the Blog: click here.                                [Oct 19]

1020 Tutu ecol0119 BLOG banner crp

Caring for the Cooks

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Bishop Paul Donogbue SM, Rarotonga, Cook Is, about the people's response to Laudato Si.  Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Oct 12]

1020 Cook Is0119 BLOG banner crp

Sin is in the air

Fr Kevin Bates' weekly reflection for Holy Name of Mary parish is a perceptive look at modern world trends, corporate and human behaviour. Click here.                             [Oct 10]

0220 bushfires Bates Kevin 2

Peace through inter-religious encounter

From Rome Fr Kevin Medilo SM shares his experience of inter-religious dialogue in this week's JPIC Blog.  Go to the Blog: click here.                                  [Oct 06]

1020 KMedilo monks0119 BLOG banner crp

Street boys' pandemic studies

From Davao, southern Philippines, Fr Lionel ('Long') Mechavez SM reports in this week's JPIC Blog on Balay Pasilungan's street kids studying through the pandemic. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Sep 29]

0920 Balay P pandemic0119 BLOG banner crp

A second creation

This week's JPIC Blog is educationalist Fr 'Aisake Vaisima's reflection on Marist education as a 'second creation', according to the mind of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin. Go to the Blog: click here                                [Sep 21] 

0920 second creation0119 BLOG banner crp

Pandemic in Bolivia

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr John Hopkison's 75th birthday letter reflecting on living through the pandemic in Bolivia. Go to the Blog: click here.                        [Sep 15]

0920 Hoppy masked0119 BLOG banner crp

Marist education , 'a new creation'

This week's JPIC Blog features the insights of Fr Cyr Avaligbe SM, former manager of the Institution Mariste Jean-Claude Colin de Ndiakhirate, Dakar, Senegal. Go to the Blog: click here.                             [Sep 07]

0920 Senegal education0119 BLOG banner crp

Respect for the planet's resources

In a short but moving video, Pope Francis forcefully speaks out against acts of “looting” against God’s creation and calls on all people to take action to protect God’s gifts “today, not tomorrow, today.”  For the video, click here                              [Sep 04]

0920 Popes video 50920 Popes video 2
0920 Popes video 40920 Popes video 3
0920 Popes video 6 0920 Popes video 1a

Season of Creation

In the spirit of Pope Francis' Laudato Si and from the Global Catholic Climate Movement, program manager for Asia Pacific, Cheryl Dugan, encourages worldwide participation in the five-week Season of Creation commencing today. Download the handy guide: click here.                               [Sep 01]

 0920 Season of Creation banner0920 Season of Creation program

Hope facing no hope

This week's JPIC Blog, from Fr Tony O'Connor SM, Brownsville, Texas, is the moving story of asylum seeker, Rodrigo. Go the the Blog: click here.                        [Aug 31]

0820 Rodrigo0119 BLOG banner crp

 Australia's dodos

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Jim Carty, commenting on Australia's increasing loss of biodiveristy.. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Aug 24]

0820 Dead as Dodo0119 BLOG banner crp

COVID initiatives in Africa

In this week's JPIC Blog, from Yaoundé, Cameroon, and the Marist Mission District of Africa, Fr Albert Kabala reports on a range of creative initiatives during the pandemic. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Aug 17]

0820 Sanitisers0119 BLOG banner crp

Give it a go

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Browsville, Texas, and Fr Tony O'Connor SM, with the experience of the pandemic on the USA-Mexico border. Go to the Blog: click here.                                [Aug 12]

0820 Give it a go0119 BLOG banner crp

This Fragile Globe

Following the Beirut explosion and in the midst of the COVID pandemic, Fr Kevin Bates' reflects on the fragile state of our world. Click here                                     [Aug 07]

0820 bushfires Bates Kevin0820 Fragile globe2

From Hope Cathedral

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Norway, where a friend of the Marists, Elisabeth Golding, reflects on Pope Francis' Laudato Si letter on World Environment Day. She speaks from Oslo's 'Cathedral of Hope', itself constructed from waste materials collected on Norway's shores. Go to the Blog: click here.                          [Jul 27]

0720 Hope Cathedral Interior080119 BLOG banner crp

Tutu's tradition

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Isaia Wairoga SM, director of the Marist Rural Training Centre, Tutu, Fiji, maintaining a long tradiion of empowering the young farmers and families of Taveuni . Go to the Blog: click here.                          [Jul 20] 

0720 Tutu RTC20119 BLOG banner crp

Black lives matter: Australia-Pacific

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Marist Associate, Rev Ross Flint, Tasmania. Go to the Blog: click here.                         [Jul 06]

0720 Black lives matter A P0119 BLOG banner crp

Senegal's street kids

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Dakar, Senegal, reporting on the ministry to street kids of Fr Roger Kasiama SM, director of the Marist Ministry of Family and Social Reintegration for Children in Street Situations.  Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Jun 29]

0620 Senegal street kids0119 BLOG banner crp

Saturday sandwiches

This week's JPIC Blog is from Br Ivan Vodopivec SM, a member of the Marist community of Notre Dame de France, Leicester Square, London. He describes their outreach to provide simple meals for the homeless on Saturdays - and Fridays, too. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Jun 23[  

0620 NDF Sandwiches0119 BLOG banner crp

Refugee Week

For the range of events during Refugee Week during the Year of Welcome 2020, click here

0620 Refugee Week 1

Home ecology

This week's JPIC Blog features the continuing environmental work of Fr Donato Kivi SM, rector of Marist College, Suva, Fiji. Go to the Blog: click here.                            [Jun 16]

0620 Donato Kivi0119 BLOG banner crp

Rosemary's Way

At its recent meeting the Marist Family Committee for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation moved to promote the award-nomnated documentary, 'Rosemary's Way', depicting the extraordinary assimilation ministry of Rosemary Kariuki amongst migrant and refugee women in Australia and their welcome by Australian communities. Former Marist Laity leader, Maria Baden, (pictured below, far right) features in some parts of the documentary which is currently part of the Sydney Film Festival.

Go to the website: click here.    View trailer:  click here.                                 [Jun 15]

0620 Rosemary 20620 Rosemary 40620 Rosemary 3
0620 Rosemary 1

Prison and COVID

In this week’s JPIC Blog Sr Carlotta Calle Remaicuna, SMSM, describes from Peru how the COVID-19  pandemic has added to the problems that prisoners face. Go to the Blog: click here.                            [Jun 08] 

0620 Peru prison Covid0119 BLOG banner crp

Reconciliation, AUS-USA, a common need

In the wake of violence in Minneapolis, USA, and during Reconciliation Week in Australia, Fr Jim Carty, in this week's JPIC Blog, reflectis on the common need for reconciliation in both Australia and USA. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Jun 01] 

0620 Minneapolis burns0119 BLOG banner crp

Laudato Si and the 8-year plan

This week's JPIC Blog from Rome links to resources for an 8 year plan inspired by Laudato Si.  Fr Ben McKenna says: 'I would recommend a slow, reflective read, which will flow into practical plans: personal, communal, and institutional.' 

Go to the Blog: click here.                             [May 29]

0520 Laudato Si plans0520 Laudato Si plans 20119 BLOG banner crp

Reconciliation week, 2020

Wed, May 27, is National Sorry Day, remembering the landmark declaration towards reconciliation. For details of this year's Reconciliation Week and opportunities to participate, click here.  

0520 Sorry Day 20520 Sorry Day 30520 Sorry Day 1

Global prayer at noon

As a climax to the Laudato Si 5th anniversary week, Catholics across the globe will be united in spirit and bring solidarity to the world in a shared moment of prayer at noon local time on May 24. Participants may register here and click here to download the Common Prayer.                            [May 23]

0520 Prayer Day May 24 20520 Prayer Day May 24

A story I don't want to tell

From Brownsville , USA, Fr Tony O'Connor SM sends this story...

Mike Seifert has lived in Texas border communities since 1989. In 2017 he became Border Advocacy Strategist for the ACLU of Texas. Here is the story he did not want to tell. click here.                           [May 19]

0520 MSeifert 20520 MSeifert

Practical ideas for Laudato Si week

In this week's JPIC Blog Sr Catherine Jones SMSM writes from Notre Dame de France, London, with practical ideas on how to observe Laudato Si week. Go to the Blog: click here.                        [May 18]

0520 Laudato Si week0119 BLOG banner crp

Laudato Si week

Pope Francis invites us to mark the fifth anniversay of his monumental letter on the care for our planet, 'Laudato Si' with a week of special prayer and reflection, May 16-24. 

For the comprehensive program suggested by the Australian Jesuits, click here and here.  For Pope Francis' video message, click here.                       [May 15]

0520 Laudato Si week 40520 Laudato Si week 3
0520 Laudato Si week 10520 Laudato Si week 20520 Laudato Si week 5

Faith bigger than fear

This week's Monday JPICC Blog from Rome is from Fr Tony O'Connor SM on the USA-Mexican border. Facebook and food bank during COVID times.   Go to the Blog: click here.                           [May 12]

0520 Faith bigger than fear Tony OC0520 Faith bigger than fear Tony OC 20119 BLOG banner crp

Post-COVID, a new normal?

In this week's JPIC Blog, Rev Ross Flint ponders what a new normal might be after the pandemic. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [May 05]

0520 COVID Ross Flint0119 BLOG banner crp

A hunger pandemic

In this week's JPIC Blog, Fr Jim Carty points to the pandemic of hunger paralleling the COVID-19 outbreak. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Apr 28] 

0420 Hunger Yemeni chn0119 BLOG banner crp

Earth Day's 50th anniversary

Pope Francis has devoted his weekly audience on Apr 22 to marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  Go to the text: click here.                         [Apr 23]

0420 Pope Francis Earth Day 50th0420 Pope Francis Earth Day 50th 30420 Pope Francis Earth Day 50th 2

Pope's pandemic commission

This week’s JPIC Blog records Pope Francis' latest initiative to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Go to the Blog: click here                        [Apr 21] 

0420 COVID Pope Francis0119 BLOG banner crp

Border Triduum

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Tony O'Connor SM on the USA/Mexican border. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Apr 14]

0420 Triduum Mex border0119 BLOG banner crp

Street kids' response

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Davao, Philippines: the response of Balay Pasilungan's youngsters. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Apr 08]

0420 Blog BalayPasilungan0119 BLOG banner crp

Pope Francis prays for the world

This week's JPIC Blog is the Holy Father's recent 'Urbi et Orbi' message. Go to the Blog: click here.                             [Mar 30]

0320 Pope Francis0119 BLOG banner crp

Jaime's rooftop garden

During Rome's pandemic lock-down, Mexican Marist seminarian, Jaime Perez Martinez SM, has used time to restore abandoned garden plants and reflect on their new lease of life. Indeed, Jaime, a student at Casa di Maria, the Marist International Theologate, points to how much life can flow from these restricted times.  Good on you, Jaime!  A fine use of lock-down time.

For Jaime's reflection, 'Principles of Death, Principles of Life'click here.                        [Mar 28]

0320 Jaime Perez eejpg0320 Jaime Perez 20320 Jaime Perez 3
0320 Jaime Perez 50320 Jaime Perez 4

Corona and climate

From New Zealand, in this week's Monday Blog, Fr Peter Healy SM shares about Maori culture and the connections between corona and climate. Go to the Blog: click here.                            [Mar 23]

0320 COVID Maori stones0119 BLOG banner crp

Pandemic - poems and prayers

With the spread of COVID-19, thoughtful reflections, poems and prayers, are emerging as well.

Click below for:

0320 COVID Poem0320 COVID Ungar0320 COVID Pandemic prayer 1

Lenten carbon fast

Catholic Religious Australia's calendar for the Lenten carbon fast is available, click here. (Apologies to CRI for the late uploading.)                               [Mar 10] 

0320 Carbon calendar 10320 Carbon calendar 2

Coronavirus - a faith response

In this week's JPIC Blog from Rome, Fr Ben McKenna reflects on the current crisis through the eyes of faith. Go to the blog: click here.                           [Mar 09]

0320 Blog coronavirus0119 BLOG banner crp

JPICC meets

The Marist Family Committee for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation held its first meeting for 2020 on Mar 07. The Hunters Hill session heard reports on activities including ecological programs, immersion experiences, use of social media, support for homeless, refugees and stateless children.

The committee continues to support the Marist Father's JPIC 2018 initiative to establish a world-wide Blog, a recent item of which featured Fr Jim Carty's reflections on the bushires of Australia.

Below from left: Fr Jim Carty, Andrew Dumas (Marist Laity Australia), Fr Kevin Stewart and Sr Ruth Davis SM (Fr Ron Nissen not pictured). Other Committee members are Sr Margaret Tisch SMSM, Br Paul Murphy FMS and Frs Kevin Bates and Paul Mahony.                          [Mar 07]

0320 JPICC mtg 10320 JPICC mtg 2

Down Under under attack

This week's JPIC Blog is Australian Marist, Fr Jim Carty's, sober comment on the ecology and climate of his homeland. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Mar 02]

0320 Aust ecol JCarty0119 BLOG banner crp


Br Paul's letter from Thailand

This week's JPIC Blog is a letter from Marist Brother Paul Murphy FMS working with undocumented migrant children in Thailand. Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Feb 26]

0220 Paul Murphy chn0119 BLOG banner crp

After the fires

In two of his regular weekend reflections, Fr Kevin Bates SM, officers thoughtful challenges in the aftermath of recent fires and floods. Click for: After the fires, unfinished business and Too much excess.                             [Feb 22]

0220 bushfires Bates Kevin 20220 bushfires e0220 bushfires flood

Beloved Amazon

This week's JPIC Blog from Rome taps into Pope Francis' post-synodial exhortation, 'Querida Amazonia - Beloved Amazon'.  Go the Blog: click here,  For the full text of 'Beloved Amazon', click here.                               [Feb 18]

0220 Blog Amazon e0119 BLOG banner crp

BP20 under way

The latest in the ongoing series of 'Bridge Programs' commenced in early February. Twelve young adult 'BP-ers' from various parts of Myanmar and Thailand have begun a twenty-week journey of D.I.Y. assignments geared to prepare them for entrée to higher education and employment.

BP began in 2011 as a consequence of the Marist Mission Centre's involvement with Burmese refugee camp hostels and the establishment of Australia Catholic Universty's online diploma course.on the Thai-Myanmar border.

The Bridge Program is led by a team of former-BP-ers who upload assignments to the BP website and coordinate many of the program's activities including regular Skype video sessions.                        [Feb 14]

0220 BP20 20220 BP20 1

Above: Participants in BP20     |    Masthead of the Bridge Program website.

Below: Skype video sessions are integral to the Bridge Program in developing English language skills.     |    BP's signature image of a refugee youngster crossing a camp bridge into the future.     |    The Coordinating Team of BP20.

0220 BP20 5 0120 BP20 SVC 10220 BP20 4 0706 Maera Moo camp views 8 bridge lad
0220 BP20 3


In this week's JPIC Blog, Fr Larry Sabud SM prepares for World Inter-Faith Harmony Week.   Go to the Blog: click here.                           [Feb 11] 

0220 Blog interfaith0119 BLOG banner crp

Caring for the green mountain

'Villa Santa Maria', the General House of the Society of Mary, is located in the 'Monteverde' ('green mountain') district of Rome. The Marist community keeps an active ecological eye on the grounds and its groves of fruit trees, terraces and lawns.

Assistant-General, Fr Ben Mc Kenna, (pictured below, watering can in hand), took photos of the recent tree-lopping at 'Monteverde' on the heights overlooking the city of Rome.

See also 'The greening of Rome' (May 2019): click here                                 [Feb 06]

0220 Monteverde trees 10220 Monteverde trees 40220 Monteverde trees 8 0409 Rome 13b Monteverde 0519
0220 Monteverde trees 7 05190220 Monteverde trees 20220 Monteverde trees 5
0220 Monteverde trees 9 0610 Rome 5b Gen House from roof 0519

Fr Luigi's well

In this week's JPIC Blog, from Cameroon, Africa, Marist missionary, Fr Luigi Savoldelli SM, describes a life-giving initiative . Click here.                             [Feb 04]

0220 Blog Africa well 10220 Blog Africa well 20119 BLOG banner crp

Unusual kindness

In this week's JPIC Blog from Rome, Fr Tony O'Connor shares moving stories of the experiences of his flock on the US-Mexican border. Go to the Blog: click here.                        [Jan 28]

0120 Blog Brownsville0119 BLOG banner crp

Laudato Si and the Marist Family

This week's JPICC Blog from Rome features the Marist Family's planning for 2020's events surrounding Laudato Si. Go to the Blog: click here.                         [Jan 17]

0120 Blog SMFamily
0119 BLOG banner crp

Timo's story

Timothy Ehklokweh ('Timo' to his friends) is now an Australian citizen. Born in Karen State, Myanmar, in 1988, Timo's story reflects the success of the Marist Mission Centre's sowing seeds of hope, education and development along the Thai-Burma border for over twenty years.

Following his citizenship ceremony on Dec 18 in Brunswick, Melbourne, Timo commented: 'I especially want to thank MMC for being such a great support when we had nothing to live on or study with in the refugee camp. MMC offered great influences to me and helped a lot of young Karen to grow up with faith and education. Thank you, thank you!'

The images below tell something of Timo's story....                               [Jan 02] 

0120 Timo 01 1219 Timo citizenship 10120 Timo 02 1219 Timo citizenship 3

Above: A smiling Timo becomes an 'Aussie'   |   .... with his wife, Su Su.

Below: Timo as a 15-yr-old at MMC Hostel, Maera Moo refugee camp on the Tha-Burma border, 2004. Sent by anxious parents from his home village in Karen State, Myanmar, to the safety of Maera Moo, Timo began primary school at the camp, moving to high school during his MMC Hostel years.   |   ...with his sister, Lu Lu Paw, at MMC Hostel, 2005   |   ... learning music from Hostel carer, Paul Heh Htoo Moo, himself a product of MMC's Leadership & Management program at Mae La refugee camp. MMC funded several L&M centres in the border camps of Mae La, Mae Khong Kha, Mae La Oon and Mae Hong Son.

0120 Timo 03 0603 8h0120 Timo 04a 1204 MMoo Timothy Lu Lu Paw0120 Timo 04b 1205 TOH Maera Moo Xmas daynight 073
0120 Timo 05 0705 MMoo schol 5 LaSay Timothy0120 Timo 07 1205 TOH 5j sessions Xword 2 Timo KHMoo0120 Timo 08 1205 TOH 5h Maera Moo MAQ 023

Above: Timo with fellow hostel students during MMC's scholarship program 2005. The refugee youth could choose English language, music or art skill development.    |    Hostel students (Timo, second from left) helping MMC's 'The Other Half' program visitors at Maera Moo camp.

Below: Timo and hostellers with TOH 2004.   |   MMC's 'Chanel House' project in Maesot, Thailand, 2006, saw Timo (front centre) in an initiative encouraging self-study and online research. All 'Chanelians' are now resettled in Australia, Canada and USA. 

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Below: Timo arrives in Australia at Sydney airport, Oct 2013.   |   His wedding to Su Su, Melbourne, Dec 2013
0120 Timo 10 1013 Timothy arr 20120 Timo 11 1213 Timo SuSu wedding 10