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Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation


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 'Caring for our planet' 
Sustainability Covenant


Cohesive Societies 

This week's JPIC Blog reports on the presence of Marists, Frs Hermes (Larry) Sabud and Kevin Medilo, at the Singapore conference on Cohesive Societies. Go to the Blog:  click here.                                [May 29]

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Catholic Climate Covenant has initiated a program where young people can make a difference to mother earth. Supported by the Marist Family Laudato Si group, Wholemakers is an integral ecology curriculum for young adults available for free download and use.

The ten-session curriculum has been created by young adults for young adults, weaving the latest in climate science with insights from Catholic tradition and equiping participants to be, as Pope Francis describes, faithful protagonists of transformation the world so urgently needs.

For Wholemakers, click here. For Catholic Climate Covenant, click here.                                [May 24]

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The feasts of Ascension and Pentecost recall the gift of the Holy Spirit, the giver of breath and life to all creation. This week's JPIC Blog is the work of Duane Bowers, in a presentation to the SM USA Province in March on 'Meditation - physical & emotional impacts'. Go to the Blog: click here.                                      [May 23]

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Easter fish

This week's JPIC comes from Fr Luigi Savoldelli SM and the agricultural program inn Cameroon, a fine example of sustainable development in the spirit of Laudato Si'.  Go to the Blog: click here.                                  [May 15]

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This week's JPIC Blog is a commentary from Marist Associate, Ross Flint, on Prof Bill Rees' dire assessment of depletion of earth's resources. Go to the Blog: click here.                                [May 08]

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Africa's Ecology

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Marist seminarian, Simon Pierre Akono, Yaoundé, Cameroon, calling fellow Africans to right relationships, including with our common home.  

Go to the Blog: click here.                       [May 01]

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Laudato Si' and Marist Oceania

This week's JPIC Blog is from Fijian Marist, Fr Samuele Tukidia SM, on Laudato Si' and its applications and implications for the Marists of Oceania. 

Go to the Blog: click here                              [Apr 24]

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Marist Mission to the Deaf

This week’s JPIC blog was submitted by Fr Michael O’Connor SM on the Marist project in the Solomon Islands of a school for the deaf. Go to the Blog: click here.                               [Apr 17]

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No-Dig Gardening, ctd 

This week's JPIC Blog continues No-Dig Gardening, appropriate for Holy Week since life began in the Garden of Eden, and the resolution of our destiny was determined in the Garden of Olives. We recall also Pope St John Paul II's quote, 'God did not put us on earth to guard a museum, but to tend a beautiful garden.'   Go to the Blog: click here.                         [Apr 03] 

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No-Dig Gardening 

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Marist Associate, Ross Flint, Tasmania, Australia, with tips on soil care in a healthy environment. Go to the Blog, click here.                            [Mar 27]

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Become an animator

This week’s JPIC Blog offers an opportunity for formation as a Laudato Si animator. This was recommended by the Society of Mary's Superior-General and Council in 2022 as a concrete way to support a major call of Pope Francis in our day. Go to the Blog: click here.                          [Mar 20]

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Anei's witness

This week's JPIC Blog has been submitted by Br Ivan Vodopivec SM at the request of Anei, a South-Sudanese refugee, who made it to England. Anei asked to have his story told. Go to the Blog: click here.                            [Mar 13]

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Care for our Oceans

This week's JPIC Blog is week is the work of Fr Donato Kivi SM in his presentation to the Federation of Catholic Bishops Conferences of Oceania in their recent gathering in Suva. Go to the Blog: click here.                             [Mar 06]

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This week's JPIC Blog comes from Cameroonian Marist seminarian, Philippe Essomba, experiencing 'interculturality' at close quarters. Go to the Blog (French & English): click here.                             [Feb 27] 

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Our common home

This week's JPIC Blog is a resource recommended by Fr Petero Matairatu SM, Director of Marist Training Centre, Tutu, Fiji.

The fruit of a common endeavor between the Vatican Dicastery of Integral Human Development and the Stockholm Environment Institute, it is useful for groups, parishes, schools in addressing current issues in ‘Our Common Home’.

To download the resource in English, click here.  For multiple languages of the resource on the website of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development  click here. To go to the Blog (English and French), click here.                               [Feb 20]

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Youth and Technology

This week's JPIC Blog is written by a Marist seminarian, Didier Binidi, from St Peter Chanel Formation House, Yaoundé, Cameroon. It has been published in the community's journal and typifies the interest of young Marists in JPIC issues. Go to the Blog: click here.                       [Feb 13]

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Sacrifice Zones and Green Lies

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Peter Healy SM, a sobering commentary on contemporary movements in ecology. Go to the Blog: click here.                             [Jan 30] 

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Protecting biodiversity

This week's JPIC Blog features the recent COP 15 Landmark Biodiversity Agreement on protecting biodiversity. Go to the Blog: click here.                              [Jan 24]

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Benedict XVI: social teachings

This week's JPIC Blog is a PowerPoint prepared by Fr Vincent Anes CMF on the social teaching of Pope Benedict XVI. He comments: 'We thank God for the gift of this Pope to the Church. Along with his significant life and mission, he has made distinctive contributions to the social teachings of the Church'.  A summary of his encyclicals Deus Caritas Est and Caritas in Veritate, the PowerPoint is also available in French, Italian and Spanish.  To download English version, click here.                                  [Jan 16]

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Child labour: now and then

This week's JPIC Blog comes from Fr Jim Carty SM, a sober reflection on modern links with an age-old crime. Go to the Blog: click here.                         [Jan 09]

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In darkness, a light

The Marist International JPIC Blog is coordinated weekly by Fr Ben McKenna with French translations by Fr Jean-Bernard Jolly. In their Christmas-New Year message, they say 'The light comes upon us, as we see war, injustice, and violence against the humble all over this world. Blessings on you, your family, and your community for the Christmas time and the approaching New Year.'

Their greeting includes a prayer and image from New Zealand and Australian Marists, Frs Peter Healy and Jim Carty:  click here..                               [Jan 02, 2023] 

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