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'Ave Maria!'

Visitors to historic Villa Maria monastery grounds can now see the 'Ave Maria' ('Hail Mary') greeting which once welcomed pioneer parishioners coming to Mass at Hunters Hill. 19th century access to the church was mostly by boat to a wharf at Tarban Creek, off Parramatta River. Decades of growth of a climbing fig vine had obscured the one hundred and fifty-year-old stone engraving,

Climbing the flagstone path from the river, early parishioners would be greeted by two statues of the Blessed Virgin. One, on the dome of Holy Name of Mary church, still faces east, while the other on a plinth in the monastery grounds has since been revered.  The 'Ave Maria' inscription remains, recently cleared by an earnest groundsman.            [Jul 28]


0718 VM Statue hedge trimming 10718 VM Statue hedge trimming 20718 VM Statue hedge trimming 3acrp0718 VM Statue 1014 VM grounds 4
Above: A groundsman at Villa Maria clears the climbing fig vine from the 'Ave Maria' inscription.    |   The statues of the Blessed Virgin now face each other!   Below:  Stone path leading from Tarban Creek to Holy Name of Mary church   |    Our Lady, atop the church, still facing east 
0718 VM Statue 0613 VM grounds paths 020718 VM Statue 0613 VM grounds paths 060718 VM Statue 0613 VM grounds paths 050718 VM church roof statue 1
0718 VM Statue hedge trimming 70718 VM Statue hedge trimming 6pps

Hoppy takes a break

Arriving recently from the Misioneros Maristas, Tarija, Bolivia, Brisbane-born Fr John ('Hoppy') Hopkinson SM, is back in Australia for a well-earned break.

After visiting family and friends in Sydney, northern NSW and Brisbane, Fr Hoppy will spend an extended time in N-W Tasmania as part of a sabbatical experience. He has spent forty-two years working in Central and South America, and is a leader in the development of Basic Ecclesial Communities ('CEB's) in the region.

Enjoy your break, Hoppy! 

For Fr Hoppy's latest newsletter, click here.                  [Jul 25]

0718 Hoppy 4ps0718 Hoppy 5 NL

Happy 90th, KK !

Veteran Pacific missionary, Fr Kevin Kerley SM, OAM, turned ninety on Jul 23. He has the distinction of sharing this date with the key Marist anniversary of the Fourvière pledge (1816).

In 2014, Gympie-born Fr Kevin ('KK' to his confreres) was invested with the OAM (medal in the general division of the Order of Australia) for 'service to the international community through humanitarian roles in Papua-New Guinea'.

Happy 90th, KK !                [Jul 24]

Below: Fr Kevin presented with a 90th birthday cake by Montbel community leader, Fr Paul Mahony   |   Flashback to Fr Kevin's 2014 OAM investiture.

 0718 KK 0114 Mahony Kerley 05 CRP0718 KKerley 90thbd0718 KK 0514 Sir KKerley 2

Funeral of Fr John Jago

Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill, was the scene of a moving farewell for former Superior-General of the Marists, Fr John Jago SM, on Jul 23,.

Presiding at the Requiem Eucharist and representing the present Superior-General was Fr Ben McKenna, presently on visitation of the Australian province.  He was assisted by Fr Bob Barber (Australian provincial) and Fr David Kennerley (NZ provincial), with Marists and diocesan priests concelebrating, and with Fr John's family members and many friends.               [Jul 23]

 0718 Jago funeral 2

0718 Jago funeral 30718 Jago funeral 50718 Jago funeral 10
 Above, from left: Frs Bob Barber, Ben McKenna and David Kennerley    |    Fr John Worthington shares family memories on behalf of Fr John's family    |   Homilist, Fr Tom Ryan, speaking of Fr John's 'men of fire' of Fourvière.  Below: Family members, and Frs David Kennerley and Garry Reynolds.
0718 Jago funeral 60718 Jago funeral 70718 Jago funeral 8 0718 Jago funeral 11
 0718 Jago funeral 15
 0718 Jago funeral 170718 Jago funeral 19
 Below: Fr John is laid to rest at Macquarie Park cemetery, North Ryde, in a simple ceremony led by Fr Paul Mahony.
0718 Jago funeral 20

Fourvière 2018

This year's Fourvière celebration at Hunters Hill on Jul 22 was hosted by the Marist Sisters at a Mass and social gathering for members of the Marist Family branches.

The event recalled the promise to form Mary's Society made by young Marist aspirants at the shrine of Our Lady of Fourvière at Lyons, France, on Jul 23, 1816.

For a short history of the Fourvière pledge: click here.   For Fr Gerard Hall's Paraliturgy for Fourvière: click here.               [Jul 23]

0718 Fourviere event 50718 Fourviere event 10718 Fourviere event 3
 Above: Marist Family members in Holy Name of Mary church.   |    Welcome by Marist Sisters' sector leader, Sr Cath Lacey SM   |    Fr Peter McMurrich SM presides at the Eucharist.
0718 Fourviere event 8 0718 Fourviere event 2
 0718 Fourviere event 150718 Fourviere event 11
 Above: Representations of the Fourvière heart, originally in the ancient chapel of the Blessed Virgin, Fourvière, Lyons, France, brought in procession by representatives of the Marist branches.   Below: Afternoon tea in Villa Maria parish hall.
 0718 Fourviere event 18

Laity retreat

Marist Laity Australia held a weekend retreat at Hunters Hill, Jul 20-22, led by Fr Ray Chapman SM.

Sessions included reflections on Pope Francis' 'Laudato Si' , 'Balance and harmony in our lives' and a guided contemplation, 'Inner balance and harmony'.

The retreat concluded with participation in the annual Fourvière celebrations. (see above).               [Jul 22]

0718 MLA retreat 1p
 Above: Marist Laity gathered in prayer for a guided meditation.   Below:  Marist literature was available for paricipants  |   A smiling retreat group in Woodbury Hall.
0718 MLA retreat 2 0718 MLA retreat 3

WYD flashback

It's ten years since Jul 20, 2008, the official 'World Youth Day', held in Sydney over a week of celebration, prayer, teaching and sight-seeing.

The Marist Family was heavily involved, especially in events at St Patrick's, Church Hill, and Villa Maria, Hunters Hill.  Pictured below are some memories of Marists and WYD 2008...      [Jul 20]

0718 WYD ann 1 0708 Randwick Mass 14 AKL guys0718 WYD ann 2 0708 WYD SM 02 team  
 Above: Foreground - Auckland Marist contingent, background - Pope Benedict XVI   |   Marist Family team members in the 'Marist tent' at St Patrick's    Below: At St Patrick's, Oceania Marists and Asia-Pacific youth   |    Crypt devotions with the relics of St Peter Chanel and St Marcellin Champagnat    |    Fr Kevin Medilo SM (right) with Filipino youth  
0718 WYD ann 4 0708 WYD SM 09c courtyard grp0718 WYD ann 3 0708 WYD SM 10 crypt relics0718 WYD ann 5 0708 WYD SM 31a Filipino grp nr crypt  
 0718 WYD ann 6 0708 WYD DB lads arrival airport 50718 WYD ann 7 0708 WYD Fourviere 2 French SPC chapel  
Above: Bangladeshi youth arriving from Don Bosco Hostel, Dhaka, sponsored by Marists for WYD   |   French youth at Villa Maria, accompanied by Fr Pascal Boidin SM   Below: Provincial, Fr Paul Cooney, with Oceania Marists and visiting youth, Colin Library, Hunters Hill.  
 0718 WYD ann 8 0708 WYD Fourviere 15 grp dancing AMagara  

SM Bulletin - Fr John Jago

 From Rome, a special issue of the weekly SM Bulletin honours former Superior-General, Fr John Jago SM, who died earlier this week. (see below) 

To download SM Bulletinclick here .   Fr John is pictured below at the time of his election as Superior-General in Sep 1985.                [Jul 19]

 0718 SM Bulletin Jul19 JagoJago J 0985 0614 Rome GH 27

Passing of Fr John Jago

Marists throughout the world mourn the passing of Fr John Jago SM, who died peacefully on Jul 17, aged 85, a Marist priest for fifty years.

Fr John had led Australian Marists as provincial before his election in 1985 as Superior-General of the Society of Mary.

A barrister before his entering St Peter Chanel's seminary at Toongabbie, NSW, in 1961, Fr John brought dignity and graciousness to his ministry and leadership, including throughout the years of his retirement and final illness. May he rest in well-deserved peace. 

Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated for Fr John at 10.30 am, Monday, Jul 23, at Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill, followed by interment at Macquarie Park cemetery, 

For a profile of his life click here.               [Jul 17]


Jago J ps0718cc


Fourvière invitation

This year's Marist Family celebration of the Fourvière Pledge is being hosted by the Marist Sisters on Jul 22 at Hunters Hill.

Beginning with the Eucharist at 2 pm in Holy Name of Mary church, the event commemorates the promise to form the Society of Mary made on Jul 23, 1816, in the ancient chapel of the Blessed Virgin, Lyon, France.

The group of young men climbing the hill of Fourvière on that morning included Marist founders, Ven Jean-Claude Colin and St Marcellin Champagnat.

For details of the invitation click here. (Apologies for the late posting of this invitation... past the official RSVP date.  Blame the webmaster.  :(  )               [Jul 16]

0718 Fourviere inv 10718 Fourviere inv 2 0213 Fourviere 30718 Fourviere inv 3 0213 St Patrick restored 5
Above: Invitation from the Marist Sisters   |   The ancient chapel of the Blessed Virgin at Fourvière    |    Venue for this year's celebration, Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill.

Proclaim 2018

This year the Archdiocese of Brisbane, in collaboration with the ACBC’s National Centre for Evangelisation, is hosting Proclaim 2018, a national conference engaging parishes and faith communities in a conversation focusing on five key areas: Leadership, Culture Change, Young People, Belonging and Evangelisation. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Make your home in me” (Jn 15:4)

With capacity bookings and running across three days from 12-14 July, this year's Proclaim is being held at the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre (St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane).

Brisbane's Archbishop Mark Coleridge.comments: 'Proclaim 2018 will inspire Catholics to explore new ways of contemplating the face of Christ in community and so empower them to set out on the new paths of mission which the Holy Spirit is tracing for us at this crucial time'.

Conference speakers include Cardinal John Dew (Archdiocese of Wellington, New Zealand), Ron Huntley (Divine Renovation – Canada), Ms Lana Turvey-Collins (Plenary Council 2020 Facilitator), Karolina Gunsser (Community Leader - Citipointe Church), Mons Enrique Fiqaredo SJ (Cambodia) and host of Proclaim, 2018 Archbishop Mark Coleridge (Archdiocese of Brisbane).                [Jul 14]

0718 Proclaim 5 stage0718 Proclaim 2 session
Above: Scenes from Proclaim 2018 at the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre.   Below: St Laurence’s College's spacious facilities   |   Marist House of Welcome's Paulo Rejende with Archbishop Coleridge and Christchurch's Marist bishop, Paul Martin.   |     Group of Marists at Proclaim.
0718 Proclaim 3 outdoors0718 Proclaim 4 PR AbpMC0718 Proclaim 1 PR BpPM
0718 Proclaim 6 grp

SM Bulletin

Includes election of Australian Provincial and Oceania's Council of the Province.

Go to Members page               [Jul 13]

 0718 SM Bulletin Jul13

Chanel anniversaries

July was a big month for the Chanel family. On Jul 12, 1804, in the hamlet of La Potière, near Montrevel-en-Bresse, France, Peter Chanel was born to Claude-François Chanel and Marie-Anne Sibellas, their fifth child. Three more siblings were to come.

A few days later, Jul 16, in the main parish church of Montrevel, baby Peter was baptised. 

In 1827, on Jul 15, Peter Chanel was ordained priest in the provincial city of Bourg-en-Bresse, soon to join the infant Society of Mary and become one of its first missionaries -- and its first martryr and saint. 

For a short history of St Peter Chanel, click here.               [Jul 12]

 0718 SPC ann 1 0714 Cuet 09.10718 SPC ann 2 0715 La Potiere 3
 Above: Statue of St Peter Chanel at the church of Cuet, a few kilometres from the birthplace of Peter Chanel (right) at La Potière.   Below:  Baptismal font and church at Montrevel   |   Monastery of Brou, Bourg-en-Bresse, where Peter Chanel was ordained priest in July 1827   |   Banner depicting Peter Chanel, prepared for World Youth Day, Sydney, July 2008.
0718 SPC ann 3 0714 Montrevel 110718 SPC ann 4 0714 Montrevel 030718 SPC ann 5 0714 Brou 10718 SPC ann 6 0708 WYD SM 11 poster SPC.1

CitySilence at St Pat's

Sydney's downtown St. Patrick's Young Adults reports:

'With great delight, and together with Sydney Catholic Youth, we invite all of you to join us for CitySilence.

'Yes, you heard it right... CitySilence has finally made it comeback for 2018. Starting the Jul 10, CitySilence will be held on every 2nd Tuesday at St. Patrick's Church Hill.

'The evening starts at 6.30 pm with a pizza in the crypt of St. Patrick's (enter via the gate from Grosvenor St) followed by Holy Hour and Adoration at 7pm in the church.' 

Further details, click here             [Jun 10].

0718 CitySilence 1b0718 CitySilence 0318 StPats ext 7ps

The life work of John Thornhill

A new web site now provides a wealth of teachings of Marist theologian, Fr John Thornhill SM.

' The life work of John Thornhill' is described as a treasure bringing together a life time of work from one of Australia's greatest theologians in an accessible way.'

At www.johnthornhill.org visitors can access the complete range of articles, books and video teaching sessions developed by Fr John over half a century and kincludes the complete 'Emmaus' video series .                 [Jul 09]

0718 John Thornhill from web 4
0718 John Thornhill from web 22
0718 John Thornhill from web 11 Emmaus banner
0718 John Thornhill from web 230718 John Thornhill from web 16

Assistant-General meets with JPICC

On Jul 05, following the second session of the Marist Extraordinary Provincial Chapter, the province's Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation committee met with Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, who is currently in Australia for visitation of the province.

Discussion focussed on a proposed international survey of existing JPIC works throughout the Marist world, and the establishment of regular news and sharing facilities using electronic and social media.              [Jul 06]

0718 JPICC c Ben McKenna

Superior-General's reflection

From Rome, Fr John Larsen's monthly reflection: click here.   Also Members page.               [Jul 06]


Note re Members page:  After log-in and password (as per Provincial Circular), go again to the 'Members' tab for a drop-down 'Members content' tab.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We hope to fix this clumsy bit before long...     Webmaster

0718 SG reflection

Fr Tony Corcoran provincial-elect

In its final session, on Jul 5, the Extraordinary Provincial Chapter of Australian Marist Fathers elected Fr Anthony Corcoran as their next provincial.

Fr Tony is presently concluding a 12-year period as Secretary-General of the Society of Mary and is well-equipped to address contemporary issues of governance and future planning in the province. He will take office on Jan 01, 2019.

After the voting result had been announced present provincial, Fr Bob Barber, with his vicar, Fr Peter McMurrich, led a prayer of blessing for the provincial-elect. (click here)

In his communique to the province, Fr Bob wrote:

'On behalf of all members of the Province, I offer Tony our congratulations, and our gratitude for his generosity in allowing his name to go forward. Our thanks, too, go to Ray Chapman and Kevin Bates similarly for their generosity and openness for election.'

Thank you from us all, Fr Tony !                            [Jul 05]

0718 Chapter electing Corcoran 0610 Rome 1b Tony Corcoran roof
Above: Fr Tony Corcoran atop the Marist General House, Monteverde, Rome.   Below: Chapter delegates cast their vote into the 'Moses basket'.   |     Present provincial, Fr Bob Barber, with vicar, Fr Peter McMurrich (second from right), leads a prayer of blessing for the provincial-elect.
0718 Chapter electing 2crpp
0718 Chapter electing 7p

Yellow figures in the night

The Marist Australian Provincial Circular reports:

'Some community members at Villa Maria were a little disconcerted on the evening of June 25 to observe flood lights playing on the Colin Library building, with figures in yellow wet-weather gear scaling ladders and crawling around on the roof.

'Nothing to be alarmed about, fortunately. The local State Emergency Services unit had spotted the unused building and asked permission to use it as the focus of a training drill. In the morning they were gone, merely a fading memory for those community members who had spotted the visitors.'

They cleaned the guttering, too.  Thank you, SES !               [Jul 05]

0718 SES Colin Library 1
Above: SES nocturnal training at Villa Maria's Colin Library.    Below: Pristine Colin Library by day.
0718 SES 0408 Buildings035 crp

Casa di Maria newsletter

From the Marist International Theologate, Casa di Maria, Rome, comes their latest newsletter.

To download, click here, 13 pages, interesting and pictorial, of student life in Rome and beyond.               [Jul 04]

0718 CasaDiMaria NL 10718 CasaDiMaria NL 20718 CasaDiMaria NL 30718 CasaDiMaria NL 4

Election Chapter under way

Jul 04 saw the commencement of the second session of the Extraordinary Provincial Chapter called to dscern future governance of the Marist Fathers in Australia. The first session, in March, proposed a special election chapter to choose a provincial for 2019-2021, following province-wide and international leadership consultation.

The Chapter commenced with Mass of the Holy Spirit in the parish hall, Hunters Hill, NSW, to begin a prayerful discernment of selecting from a final list of three candidates. The morning period was devoted to a time of reflection, group sharing on the qualities needed in the new provincial, and an opportunity for one to one conversations. The day's sessions ended mid-afternoon with the singing of the Salve Regina.

Sr Therese Caroll RSJ is facilitator for the Chapter which will reconvene on Jul 05 for a definitive vote to elect the new provincal.                 [Jul 04]

0718 Chapter opening 5p
 Above: Provincial, Fr Bob Barber, leads an opening Mass of the Holy Spirit:    Below, right: Fr Paul Sullivan (Chapter president), Sr Therese Carroll SJ (facilitator) and Fr Ben McKenna (Assistant-General, Rome).  
0718 Chapter opening 60718 Chapter opening 7

Australian visitation begins

One of the Society of Mary's Assistants-General, Fr Ben Mc Kenna SM, arrived in Sydney on Jul 02 to commence visitation of the province

Tasmanian-born Fr Ben has just completed several weeks in the Marist Mission District of Asia, visiting communities in Davao, Philippines, and Ranong, Thailand.

This week he will attend the second sesson of the Australian Provincial Chapter in Sydney, during which a new provincial wll be elected to take office in 2019.

Welcome, Fr Ben.               [Jul 02]

0718 Ben McKenna arriving

Passing of Fr Brian Conaghan

Marists of the Australian Province and friends mourn the passing of Fr Brian Conaghan SM, aged 86.

Former parish priest of Holy Name of Mary, Hunters Hill/Woolwich, Fr Brian died peacefully on Jul 02, after recent months in Aged Care facilities at Marsfield, NSW.

He is remembered especially for his gentle and courteous presence and ministry in parishes in urban and rural New South Wales, and during his years of retirement.  For a profile of his life, click here.

Mass of Christian Burial for Fr Brian will be celebrated at Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill, commencing at 10.30 am on Fri, Jul 06, with burial at Macquarie Park cemetery, Delhi Rd, North Ryde.

Rest in peace, Fr Brian... 'Connie' to his Marist confreres,               [Jul 02]

0718 Conaghan Brian 1114 16crpblr

Marist news from Europe

From Paris, Fr Joaquin Fernandez SM sends his final bulletin as Secretary of the Marist European Province. Thank you, Fr Joaquin, for your faithful ministry of communicating throughout the Marist world.   

Click here to download Euroinfo.           [Jul 02] 

 0718 Euroinfo 10718 Euroinfo 2