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Rome via Brisbane

Brisbane's House of Welcome was host to Kiwi Marist seminarian, Hayden Powick, during his recent return to Rome after holidays in New Zealand.

Hayden is a member of the Casa di Maria community, the Marist International Theologogate, Rome ,where Aussie Fr Tony Kennedy is the rector. 

Pictured below: Hayden with the House of Werlome community and Brazilian friends     |    Farewell good wishes from Fr Gerard Hall.                   [Sep 29] 

0919 Paddington Sep 24 3crp2 0919 Paddington Sep 24 7 0919 Paddington Sep 24 8


Only one of several Marist jubilarians was present at the annual Mass and dinner at Hunters Hill on Sep 27.

Celebrating sixty years of religious life, Br Terry Garrett SM was honoured, as were several absent jubilarians including Br Kevin Jackson (sixty years professed) suddenly hospitalised on the day and Fr Ray Chapman (forty years ordained) presently at La Neylière, France.

Presiding at a Eucharistic celebration in Holy Name of Mary church, provincial Fr Tony Corcoran spoke of the powerful witness of Brothers in the Society of Mary, a theme echoed by speakers at the jubilee dinner following at nearby Montbel.                [Sep 28]

0919 Jubilarian event 6
Above: Fr Michael Whelan honours the jubilarians.   Below: from left: Br Terry Garrett, and speakers, Frs Paul Mahony, Michael Whelan and Bob Barber. |  The jubilee Mass at Holy Name of Mary church.
0919 Jubilarian event 3 0919 Jubilarian event 1 0919 Jubilarian event 5 0919 Jubilarian event 2
0919 Jubilarian event 4

Provincial retreat

The second retreat for Marists of the Australian Province is being held this week (Sep 22-27) at Montbel, Hunters Hill.  The retreat is being led by Pauline scripture ascholar, Fr Brendan Byrne SJ, with talks held in the chapel of Montbel.

The earlier retreat was held at Ormiston, Qld, in May: click here.                    [Sep 26]

0919 Prov retreat 10919 Prov retreat 2

Fr Hoppy's latest

From Missioneros Maristas in Tarija diocese, Bolivia, Australian Marist, Fr John ('Hoppy') Hopkinson, sends his latest newsletter (click here) and photos of life in and around the mission. 

The newsletter features updates on Fr Hoppy's extensive ministry establishing and supporting numerous 'Basic Ecclesial Communities' (CEBs) throughout the diocese and beyond.                  [Sep 24]

0919 Hoppy NL 7 0919 Hoppy NL 2 0919 Hoppy NL 6
0919 Hoppy NL 8 0919 Hoppy NL 5

First Marist professions

Sep 24 marks one hundred and eighty-three years since the religious profession of the first Marists in 1836 in the chapel of La Capucinière, Belley, France.  Amongst the nineteen signatories were Jean-Claude ColinMarcellin Champagnat and Peter Chanel.

The event followed the approval of the priests' branch of the Society of Mary by the mission-minded Pope Gregory XVI. On the same day a reluctant Jean-Claude Colin was elected superior-general.                   [Sep 24]

0919 Sep 24 Chapelle Capuciniere a0919 Sep 24 Colin 2 ps0919 Sep 24 La Capuciniere 0213 13cps
0919 Sep 24 1836e

Massed ukuleles

Four members of the ukulele group of Star of the Sea parish, Gladstone, Qld, joined their counterparts in Holy Name of Mary parish, Hunters Hill, over the weekend of Sep 21-22 for combined events. Both groups were formed by Tongan Marist of the Australian province, Fr Aliki Langi SM

Highlights of the visit included accompanying the Saturday morning Mass at HNM church and a concert in the evening, pictured below. The Gladstone visitors and several of the local group also particpated in the Marist Laity meeting (see item, below)                [Sep 23]

0919 Ukulele grp 3p20919 Ukulele grp 2
Above: Entertainment from the Star of the Sea ukulele group members led by Fr Aliki at the Saturday evening concert.  Below: The 'massed ukeleles'.  |   Blessing from parish priest, Fr Kevin Bates.
0919 Ukulele grp 5b
0919 Ukulele grp 3p10919 Ukulele grp 6d 0919 Ukulele grp 8 blessing
0919 Ukulele grp 4b dance 0919 Ukulele grp 4e dance0919 Ukulele grp 4c dance
Above: Dancers, junior and senior, from Tonga, Philippines and Australia.  Below:  Massed ukuleles at Saturday morning's parish Eucharist.   |   Gladstone guests, Jim, Judy, Flor and Fay.
0919 Ukulele grp 0p Mass0919 Ukulele grp 1 Gladstone grp JimJudy FlorFay

Laity report from Dublin

On Sep 21 members of the Hunters Hill Marist Laity group were given a report on the recent Worldwide Marist Laity Coordination gathering in Dublin.

Leader of Marist Laity Australia, Margaret Woods, spoke of the rich agenda for the coming years, including a more regional organisation and the formation of a new executive team: Bev McDonald (NZ), David Sanz de Diego (Europe), Elisabeth Piper (USA) and Jorge Lopez (Mexico). 

During the meeting local leader, Josianne Espinosa, welcomed four members of the visiting ukulele group from Star of the Sea parish, Gladstone. (See later report).                  [Sep 21]

0919 MLA meeting 5crp 0919 MLA meeting 2p
Above: Margaret Woods' presentation.   Below:  Reflection and sharing   |   Margaret Woods (far right), Josianne Espinosa (third from right) with leaders, past and present. 
0919 MLA meeting 4 0919 MLA meeting 6
0919 MLA meeting 1

Messenger awards

Congratulations to Fr Kevin Head SM and his staff of the NZ Marist Messenger on three awards from the Australian Catholic Press Association announced at its conference dinner in Bathurst, NSW, on Sep 12. Messenger's awards are 'Best Print Magazine', 'Best original photograph' (Jonathan Pearce, March 2019) and 'Best headline' ('A Very Modern Model of a Marist Seminarian', October 2018).                   [Sep 20] 

Below: Fr Kevin Head in Sydney in 2018   |   Jonathan Pearce's award-winning cover photograph in Messenger's Lenten issue this year   |   Winning headline for Ben D'souza's article on life as a Marist seminarian.

0919 Messenger NZ 3 0318 Kevin Head 1acrp0919 Messenger NZ 20919 Messenger NZ 1b

MMC spring newsletter

For the latest issue click here                   [Sep 18]

0919 MMC NL 10919 MMC NL 20919 MMC NL 30919 MMC NL 4

Passing of Adrian Drane

Marists of the Australian Province join with the family and friends of Adrian Drane, principal of Marist Regional College, Burnie, in mourning his passing on Sep 16., after a brief but courageous battle against cancer of the pancreas diagnosed in April.

Adrian was a valued and enthusiastic member of the Marist Charism and Culure committee and is pictured below with the committee and one of its early pilgrimages for Marist school leaders to Rome and the Marist places in France. May he rest in peace.                    [Sep 16]

0919 Adrian Drane 1 0115 MCC 10919 Adrian Drane 3 0117 MCC
0919 Adrian Drane 2 0115 MCC 7 0919 Adrian Drane 4 0919 MCC pilg Kim Evans 1

Montbel soirée for HNM

Marist Family members joined the community of Montbel, Hunters Hill, on the evening of Sep 12 to quietly celebrate the Holy Name of Mary feast.  The Aged Care facility's eastern veranda proved an ideal setting for conviviality and snacking, with views of Sydney's city skyline and the grounds of Villa Maria monastery..                   [Sep 12]

0919 HNM event 99 1109 Montbel sign0919 HNM event Montbel 4
0919 HNM event Montbel 50919 HNM event Montbel 6

Happy feast day  -  the Most Holy name of Mary, Sep 12
0919 HNM icon 1111 JCC icon 3 Mb crp

Mozart and melodies

The community of Montbel, Hunters Hill, was treated to a singalong hour on Sep 09, courtesy 'Gordon from Gladesville'. Montbel's baby grand resounded to wartime favourites and other jaunty melodies, interspersed with sonatas from Mozart and friends. Guests included the Marist Brothers from nearby Champagnat House.

Big thanks to 'Gordon from Gladesville!                [Sep 10]

0919 Montbel singalong 1p  

Retreat at Hahela

Marists from Bougainville and PNG gathered recently at Hahela, Bougainville, for their annual retreat which was led by Australian Marist, Fr Andrew Murray SM.

Sector leader, Fr Wesley Manu, reports: 'The retreat drew on the Second Book of Isaiah and encouraged our prophetic role as Christians in the world of today. We followed the process of Lection Divina (lectio, meditatio, oratio and contemplatio) with themes including the Need for Salvation, Creation, Mission, Salvation and Redemption in Christ. It was a deepening and awakening our conviction of the active living presence of God on our communities today. Thank you, Fr Andy.'                    [Sep 09]

0919 Bougainville retreat 50919 Bougainville retreat 20919 Bougainville retreat 1
Above: Daily Eucharist in the community chapel of Hahela.    Below: View of Buka passage from the Marist house at Hahela   |    Relaxing over an evening 'bowl'.    |    Fr Andrew with confreres at nearby Buka airport.
0919 Bougainville retreat 9 0606 Hahela 29 view from Bps house0919 Bougainville retreat 80919 Bougainville retreat 6

Sr Philo's seventy years

On Sep 08, 1949, a youthful Margaret Hall took her vows as a Marist Sister and the religious name of Sister Philomena ('Philo' to her friends).  Many years of Sr Philo's ministry in remote parts of the Fiji Islands, New Zealand and Australia were acknowledged as she marks seventy years of Marist life.

A recent Mass for Sr Philo in the chapel of St Anne's Nursing Home, Hunters Hill, was followed by a celebratory morning tea and 70th anniversary cake with several of her fellow Marist Sisters and members of St Anne's staff.

Congratulations, Sr Philo!                    [Sep 08]

0919 Sr Philo 70th pa 20919 Sr Philo 70th pa 3

Superior-General's reflection

For Fr John Larsen's monthly reflection, go to Members' Page..                   [Sep 07]

0319 JLarsen MMC 5crpe0919 SG reflection 1

Preparing for Holy Name of Mary

Two resources are available to prepare for the forthcoming commemoration of the Holy Name of Mary, Sep 12, patronal feast of the Society of Mary

Download Mass leaflet or simple paraliturgy here:    Mass     |     Paraliturgy.                    [Sep 06]

0919 HNM Mass 3 cover0919 HNM Mass 10919 HNM Mass 2
0919 HNM Paraliturgy 3 cover0919 HNM Paraliturgy 10919 HNM Paraliturgy 2

Aussie joins La Neylière team

Fr Ray Chapman, has arrived at La Neylière, France, to begin a three-year appointment to the community. The team welcomes continuous groups of pilgrims, retreatants and other visitors to the historic Marist house, resting place of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin

Fr Ray comments: 'I’ve received a wonderfully warm welcome from the confreres and staff here at La Neylière when I arrived and I am slowly settling in.  Catching up on my French has been exciting!  Being a member of an international Marist community is a great pleasure.  I am looking forward to spending my time here in France and I hope to make a contribution to the very significant Marist ministry of hospitality that takes place here.  I look forward to welcoming all who can visit us here at La Neylière.'                   [Sep 05]

Below: Fr Ray at La Neylière   |   The historic buildings with the village of Pomeys in the background   |   Fr Ray with the others of La Neylière's team, Frs Jimmy McElroy, Jan Hulshof and Paul Labouresse

0919 Ray Chapman 10919 Ray Chapman 4 0512 La Neyl dist 7J0919 Ray Chapman 2

Formators' gathering

Australian Marist, Fr Tony Kennedy, was among the formators gathered in Rome for a month-long meeting-workshop recently.

Pictured below with members of the Marist General Administration are formators from Africa, Brazil, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, Oceania and the Philippines. Fr Tony (front row, third from left) is rector of the Marist International Theologate, Rome.                   [Sep 04]

0919 Formators Rome

Season of Creation

Inspired by Pope Francis' pressing letter on the environment, 'Laudato Si', Christian groups throughout the world have dedicated the first five weeks of spring (in the Southern Hemisphere!) as the 'Season of Creation'

A wealth of practical aids is available to inspire and facilitate practical intitiaves in taking fuller responsibility for the planet on which we live.

Principal resource is the Season of Creation website and its Celebration Guide and One-page overview. A major contributor to the Season of  Creation is the Global Catholic Climate Movement.  See also in our recommended websites (above) Pacific Calling Partnership and Pacific Climate Watch.                       [Sep 02]

0919 Season of Creation 1 0919 Season of Creation 3
0919 Season of Creation 4 0919 Season of Creation 2

Marist news from Europe and the Pacific

Click for latest issues of Euroinfo and Oceania Marist Bulletin.                         [Sep 01]

0819 Euroinfo 10819 Euroinfo 20819 OMP NL 10819 OMP NL 2