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Jubilarians celebrate

Six Marist Fathers were honoured in jubilee celebrations at Hunters Hill on Sep 27.

This year's jubilarians are Frs Gerald Arbuckle (60 years ordained), Kevin Stewart (50 years),  Stephen Truscott (40 years), Paul Pearce (25 years) and Ben McKenna (General-Assistant, Rome) and recently-deceased Paul Cooney (both 40 years).

A Eucharistic celebration in Holy Name of Mary church was followed by reunions, pre-prandials and dinner at nearby Montbel.                [Sep 28]

0918 Jubilarians Mass 10918 Jubilarians Mass 9
Pictured, moments in the Jubilee Mass at Holy Name of Mary church. Fr Paul Pearce presides at the Eucharist, accompanied by Frs Gerry Arbuckle (above left), Kevin Stewart (right) and Pius Jones (far right). Below: Fr Michael Carroll   |   After Mass, Frs Paul Pearce, Gerry Arbuckle and Kevin Stewart.
0918 Jubilarians Mass 60918 Jubilarians Mass 130918 Jubilarians Mass 14
0918 Jubilarians dinner 140918 Jubilarians dinner 50918 Jubilarians dinner 10918 Jubilarians dinner 4
Above:  Reunions and pre-prandials at Montbel, and...  Below: ... a tasty jubilee dinner
0918 Jubilarians dinner 22 0918 Jubilarians dinner 24
Below: Jubilarian, Fr Stephen Truscott   |   Fr Gerry Hall honouring the jubilarians   |   M.C., Fr Gavin Foster  
0918 Jubilarians dinner 33 0918 Jubilarians dinner 300918 Jubilarians dinner 19

Provincial Assembly

The Australian province of Marist Fathers engaged in a three-day assembly (Sep 25~27) addressing issues raised by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The assembly opened with the sharing of an adult survivor of clerical sexual abuse, setting a mood of empathetic listening in the sessions that followed. Expert speakers led reflections on pastoral, cultural and legal issues. They included Hon Neville Owen and Dame Kathleen McCormack, both with experience of membership of the Papal Commission for the Protection of Minors

The assembly concluded by identifying elements of a provincial response to the Royal Commission issues and with a liturgy including Fr Kevin Bates' 'To Dympna' and a moving Closing Prayer (click on links)               [Sep 27]

 0918 Prov Assembly 5p
                  Above: The assembly addressed by Hon Neville Owen. Below: Dame Kathleen McCormack and Commission journalist, Stephen Crittenden.
0918 Prov Assembly 30918 Prov Assembly 6 0918 Prov Assembly 1bcrp
 0918 Prov Assembly 2b0918 Prov Assembly 7

Pioneer anniversary

On Sep 24 the Society of Mary recalls the religious profession of the first Marists in 1836 and the election of Jean-Claude Colin as its first superior-general.

The event, taking place in the chapel of La Capucinière, Belley, France, followed the approval of the priests' branch of the Society of Mary by the mission-minded Pope Gregory XVI

On Sep 30, 2018, the present successor to Fr Colin, Fr John Larsen SM, will conclude his first year as superior-general.

0918 ann GA docs 02 Sep 24 1836 ps0918 ann Batch 2 Pic 2 Belley La Capuciniere 0213 13cps
Above: The chapel of La Capucinière, Belley, and the signatures of the first Marists, amongst which are those of Jean-Claude ColinMarcellin Champagnat and Peter Chanel
Below:  The sanctuary steps on which the first Marists knelt on Sep 24, 1836   |    The chapel of La Capucinière in recent times..
0918 ann 0213 Belley La Capuciniere 06 crp1b
 0918 ann 0213 Belley La Capuciniere 010918 ann 0213 Belley La Capuciniere 10 ps

Australian launch of Colin biography

In the twilight of Australia's spring equinox Fr Justin Taylor's biography of Marist Founder, Fr Jean-Claude Colin, was launched.

Marist Family members gathered at Villa Maria monastery, Hunters Hill, for the Sep 21 event. Sr Noelene Simmons SM hosted proceedings and invited Fr Tom Ryan to introduce his life-long confrere and biography author, Fr Justin Taylor. (Click here for Fr Tom's introduction) 

For a copy of the book contact ATF Press, 08 8232 2093. Marists contact the Provincial Office, 02 9844 2222 in office hours.                          [Sep 22]

0918 JCC biio launch 9a0918 JCC biio launch 1
 Above: Marist historian and scholar, Fr Justin Taylor SM, speaking at the Hunters Hill launch of the biography of Jean-Claude Colin. 
Below: The twilight event was attended by over thirty members of the Marist Family   |   Fr Tom Ryan SM introducing the author   |   Publisher, Mr Hilary Regan, of ATF Press, Adelaide.
0918 JCC biio launch 80918 JCC biio launch 70918 JCC biio launch 13
0918 JCC biio launch 5
0918 JCC bio 160918 JCC bio 100918 JCC bio 11

Above:  The biography features an easy-to-follow index for each of its twenty-nine chapters and over seventy pages of illustrations. 
Below: Author, Fr Justin Taylor signs a copy of the biography for Fr Michael Rego SM

0918 JCC biio launch 140918 JCC bio 8

Seminarians' stopover

Returning from holidays and en route to Rome, Marist seminarians, Samuele Tukidia (Fiji) and Ben D'Souza (NZ), spent several days in Sydney meeting up with Marists and exploring the sights.

Sam and Ben are third-year theology students at the Angelicum University and members of the Marist International Theologate community, Casa di Maria.

During their Sydney stopover (Aug 15~20) they participated in the Marist sesquicentenary celebrations at St Patrick's, visited Marist communities (including senior confreres at Marsfield) and took in the sights of Sydney.

Both Sam and Ben hope to make final vows and receive diaconate during 2019.               [Sep 20]

0918 Ben Sam 10918 Ben Sam 3a0918 Ben Sam 4a
Above: Ben D'Souza (left) and Samuele Tukidia arriving in Sydney   |    Guess where?    |    Attending the solemn Mass celebrating 150 years of Marist presence at St Patrick's, Church Hill.  Below: Visiting senior Marists at Southern Cross Aged Care, Marsfield: Fr Tony King and Fr Jim Esler. Fr Jim is a faithful correspondent of young Marists in formation.
0918 Ben Samu TKing 20918 Ben Samu JEsler 5p
Below: Sam and Ben at St Joseph's Hostel, Hunters Hill, delighting in the assurance of prayer support from the Sisters and residents   |   Sam with a pre-launch sneak-preview of the Colin biography.
0918 Ben Samu Josephite chapel0918 Ben Samu 5 Sam book

The Davis Courtyard

As a fitting adjunct to the recent anniversaries celebrated at St Patrick's, Church Hill, Sydney, the courtyard of the church was named the 'Davis Courtyard'.

On Sep 16 a plaque was unveiled, recounting the pioneering place of William and Catherine Davis in the preservation of the Blessed Sacrament in the colony and the provision of land for the building of St Patrick's. The plaque's inscription is taken from 'The Harmonising Influence of Religion - St Patrick's Church, 1840 to the Present', by Marist historian, Fr Peter McMurrich SM.                     [Sep 18]

 0918 St Pats courtyard 1 150th plaques 120918 St Pats courtyard 3a 150th plaques 21pp
 0918 St Pats courtyard 1a 150th plaques 150918 St Pats courtyard 1b 150th plaques 140918 St Pats courtyard 1c 150th plaques 18
Above: Descendants of one of the brothers of William Davis were present at the unveiling, as were hundreds of parishioners and Marist friends attending the sesquicentenary of Marist presence at The Rocks (see below 'Celebrations continue') Below: The Davis Courtyard nestles amidst the towers of the CBD in the historic Rocks area of Sydney. 
0918 St Pats courtyard 2a 150th plaques 19pp 0918 St Pats courtyard 2c 150th plaques 160918 St Pats courtyard 2b 150th plaques 7p
 0918 St Pats courtyard 3b 150th plaques 1p

Celebrations continue

Sydney's Archbishop, Anthony Fisher OP, presided at the public celebration of the Marist Fathers' 150-year-long care of St Patrick's, Church Hill. [See also, below, '150 years of Marists downtown']

The event recalls Archdeacon John McEnroe's request in 1868 that the Marists come to work at the downtown shrine in 'The Rocks' area of Sydney.

A packed church gathered for the midday Eucharist on Sep 16, enhanced by the choir of St Patrick's and an orchestra of brass and string.

Archbishop Fisher unveiled a commemorative plaque near the Grosvenor St entrance to the church and joined the large congregation in the church's crypt for an informal lunch.              [Sep 17]

0918 St Pats 01 ext 7ppcombo
 Above: Historic St Patrick's church, Church Hill, in Sydney's 'Rocks' district, with its new commemorative plaque marking 150 years of Marist pastoral presence.  Below: Marists, visiting priests and the Archbishop process before the midday Eucharist. 
0918 St Pats 01aa 150th Mass 30918 St Pats 01b 150th Mass 6
0918 St Pats 02a 150th Mass 28
Above and below: Full house at St Patrick's for the celebration Mass. 
0918 St Pats 02b 150th Mass 30
0918 St Pats 03a 150th Mass 240918 St Pats 03b 150th Mass 17
 Above: Archbishop Fisher with concelebrants..... and a congregation of young and old, and great ethnic diversity.   Below: Musicians-eye view of St Patrick's
0918 St Pats 04a 150th Mass 90918 St Pats 04b 150th Mass 23crp2
0918 St Pats 11 150th Mass 38
 Above:  Smiling for the camera of the Catholic Weekly, successor of the 'Freeman's Journal' with which Archdeacon McEnroe was so closely connected. Below: Luncheon in the crypt. (Spot the Archbishop). 

0918 St Pats 12 150th Mass 39

150 years of Marists downtown

In 1868 the Marist Fathers were asked to take on the care of Sydney's inner-city shrine of St Patrick's. Sesquicentenary celebrations began on Fri, Sep 14, with local and visiting Marists gathering in the crypt of the historic church before reunions and convivialities in the presbytery nearby.

Special guests included visiting Marist provincials,  Frs Setefano Mataele (Oceania) and David Kennerley (NZ), Fr Kevin Conroy (parish priest, St Mary of the Angels, Wellington, NZ) and Colin biography author, Fr Justin Taylor.

On Sunday, Sep 16 Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP will continue the celebrations with the popular midday Eucharist at St Patrick's.               [Sep 15]

 0918 StPats 150th I7 stitchps2
Above: Marists view one of five video documentaries produced about St Patrick's for the sesquicentenary. 
Below: Pausing before the evening's convivialities (St Patrick's parish priest, Fr Michael Whelan, at back left)..
0918 StPats 150th I21 0918 StPats 150th I11
0918 StPats 150th I13 stitch 0918 StPats 150th I12
 Above: Pre-prandials in the presbytery lounge room.   |    Fr Justin Taylor's first look at his book, released from its Adelaide publisher this week. 
Below: Celebration meal in the presbytery dining room.
 0918 StPats 150th I16 stitch

Colin biography delivered

The long-awaited, definitive biography of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin, was handed over to the Marists in Rome on Sep 12.

In a ceremony at the General House of the Marist Sisters, copies of the book were presented to the Superiors-General of the Marist branches, in the presence of publisher, Mr Hilary Regan, ATF publications.

The book, 'Jean-Claude Colin, Reluctant Founder, 1790~1875', will be a significant resource in the Beatification process for Fr Colin now underway.  

A Sydney launch will be held on Friday, Sep 21, at Villa Maria monastery, Hunters Hill.  For details, click here

0918 JCC bio 17 Rome launch0918 JCC bio 80918 JCC bio 18
 Above: Superiors-General of the Marist branches with their copy of the biography: Br Ernesto Sanchez FMS, Sr Grace Ellul SM, Sr Georgeanne Donovan SMSM and Fr John Larsen SM   |   Author, Fr Justin Taylor SM   Below: The biography features an easy-to-follow index for each of its twenty-nine chapters and over seventy pages of illustrations.
0918 JCC bio 160918 JCC bio 10detail0918 JCC bio 110918 JCC bio 18 Syd launchClick for Sydney launch s

Under Mary's name

On Sep 12 the Society of Mary celebrates its patronal feast day: the Holy Name of Mary.

Marists live 'under Mary's name' ('sub Mariae nomine') recalling the inspiration of a young man kneeling before the shrine of Our Blessed Mother at Le Puy, France, in early19th century.

Happy Feast Day, Marists !               [Sep 12]

0918 HNM 1111 JCC icon 3 Mb0918 HNM a1111 JCC icon 3 Mb
 Above: Detail and full image of the icon of Mary, Jesus and Jean-Claude Colin    Below: The cathedral sanctuary of Le Puy, where a youthful Jean-Claude Courveille, healed of blindness after praying to the Blessed Virgin, heard her words that a new congregation be formed bearing her name. Its members would be known as 'Marists'. Further below: The town of Le Puy today
0918 HNM 0512 Le Puy candle 6J
0512 Le Puy dist 11JO

MMC newsletter

For the spring newsletter of the Marist Mission Centre, click here                 [Sep 11]

0918 MMC NL 10918 MMC NL 20918 MMC NL 30918 MMC NL 4

Parish marks Holy Name of Mary

Anticipating its patronal feast day (Sep 12), Holy Name of Mary parishioners' 10 am Mass was celebrated in the grounds of Villa Maria monastery on Sep 09.

Parish priest, Fr Kevin Bates, presided at the outdoor Mass on a sunny but brisk spring morning.   Happy feast day, parish!                    [Sep 09]

0918 HNM Mass Villa Maria 1pcrp

Our Lady's feast days

For Marists, two feast days of the Blessed Virgin Mary follow in quick succession.

Sep 08 commemorates the Birth of the Blessed Virgin, while Sep 12 celebrates the ancient feast of the Holy Name of Mary, the patronal feast of the Society of Mary.

For a simple liturgy for the Holy Name of Mary, click here                   [Sep 08]

0918 HNM 10918 HNM 3a0918 HNM 3b

Myanmar mission appeal

During a brief stay in Sydney, Fr Lucas Tha Ling Sum is the guest of the Villa Maria community at Hunters Hill.

Chancellor of Hakha diocese, Chin State, Myanmar, Fr Lucas is in Australia at the invitation of the Catholic Mission office and will assist with mission appeals in several states over coming weeks. 'I want to thank the Catholic people of Australia who have supported our diocese so generously', said Fr Lucas.

Pictured below: Fr Lucas (left) with Burmese-born local Marist, Fr Michael Rego SM.

0918 Fr Lucas MRego

Brother Colin's secret

Resident of the Marist Aged Care Facility, 'Montbel', Hunters Hill, and senior member of the Australian Marist province, Br Colin Campbell SM, 96, has revealed the secret of his years: porridge!

As well as being a veteran of World War II (PNG & Bougainville) and half a century in the missionary province of Oceania (Solomons and Fiji), Br Colin is also a veteran porridge-eater. 'I've been having it for breakfast for ninety years', he says proudly.

Aware of modern health fads and longevity programs, Br Colin remarks 'I've seen them come and go'.

For more on Br Colin's life, click here.                   [Sep 05]

0918 Br Colin porridge 4
In the dining room of Montbel, a 6 am ritual sees Br Colin carefully preparing his daily porridge: take rolled oats, moisten slightly, microwave briefly, add milk and yoghurt. Then eat. 
Br Colin supplements his porridge with a banana and apple.
0918 Br Colin porridge 20918 Br Colin porridge 30918 Br Colin porridge 50918 Br Colin porridge 60918 Br Colin porridge 7
0918 Br Colin porridge 100918 Br Colin porridge 11

New acolyte for St Pat's

From St Patrick's city-centre shrine, Young Adults event coordinator, Jonathan Alvin, was among over forty acolytes commissioned at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, on Sep 02. The ceremony was set in the solemnity of Mass celebrated by Archbishop Anthony Fisher to mark the 90th anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral.

The 26-yr-old robotics engineer, 'Jono' to his friends, is a familiar face at St Patrick's through his presence as an extraordinary minister of Eucharist and Young Adults ministry, recently establishing a monthly 'CitySilence' prayer and Reconciliation at the inner-city centre.

Below: Scenes from the Cathedral Mass and acolyte commissioning.  

0918 Acol Jono 110918 Acol Jono 2a tv 
0918 Acol Jono 6p 
0918 Acol Jono 4a0918 Acol Jono 9c c arrow 0918 Acol Jono 9b

Ecology and dialogue 

From Rome, SM Bulletin announces:

'The Superior General has established the Marist Commission for Ecology and the Marist Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue.

The foundation members of the first commission are Frs Donato Kivi (Oceania) (chair) and Peter Healy (NZ). The foundation members of the second commission are Frs Hermes “Larry” Sabud (Asia) (chair), Oscar Ichiba (Australia-Japan), Michael Jacques (Australia-Japan) and Kevin Medilo (Asia).

The overall goals of the two commissions are:

• “To strive for a higher level of professionalism in missionary involvement through further education, research, teaching, publishing and advocacy” (cf GC 2017, n. 9b.)

• To contribute to local life by offering on-going formation, education, seminars and awareness-raising exercises for the local people in the respective areas of the commissions.

• To contribute to the living of the Marist missionary vocation more authentically by working within the Society of Mary to help everyone respond well as Marists and Marist communities with the leadership of the respective Commissions.

The first steps in the work of the two commissions are due to be on the agenda of Annual Review Consultation in October. The plan is to establish later two other commissions, one for Youth and one for Migrants.

The hope is that over time the commissions will expand throughout the Marist world.'

Fr Donato is involved in a practical ecological initiative at Marist College, Suva, Fiji. For his report, Another Way for an Ecological Conversion at Marist College Suva, click here..                    [Sep 01]

Below: Fr Donato Kivi (left) and Fr Larry Hermes Sabud (right)

0918 Ecol Dial Donato Kivi 0816 crp0918 Ecol Dail LSabud crp

Marist news from Europe

For the latest issue of Euroinfo, click here               [Sep 01]

0918 Euroinfo 1