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Fr Bob Barber's ashes interred

In a simple ceremony on Mar 29 the ashes of Fr Robert Barber SM were laid to rest in the mission cemetery of Villa Maria, Hunters Hill, acknowledging his years as a missionary in Africa with both the Marist Brothers and Marist Fathers. Fr Bob's cremation followed the Requiem Mass at St Joseph's College. on Mar 05.                      [Mar 30]

0321 Bobs ashes 10321 Bobs ashes 6
Above: The ashes resting in the chapel of the Villa Maria community.     |     Provincial, Fr Anthony Corcoran SM, with confreres and friends of Fr Bob at the mission cemetery.  Below: Fr Paul Mahony renders 'Danny Boy' in farewell as the ashes are interred. 
0321 Bobs ashes 100321 Bobs ashes 11

Oceania Bulletin

For news of Marists in the Pacific go to the latest issue of the Oceania News Bulletin: click here or go to Members' Page.                                [Mar 29]

0321 OMP 2 10321 OMP 2 2

Let's pray for Myanmar

This week's SM Bulletin points to the long-standing links between Marists and Myanmar, and calls for prayer for its people in the face of miitary violece. Click here or go to Members' Page                               [Mar 27]

0321 SMB Mar 26

Mission bulletins

Latest newsletters from the Marist Mission Centre Australia and the International Novitiate in the Marist Mission District of Africa are available here: MMC Newsletter (4 pp)      |    Novitiate newsletter (13 pp)                            [Mar 27]

0321 NL MMC 10321 NL MMC 20321 NL Cerdon Nov 10321 NL Cerdon Nov 20321 NL Cerdon Nov 3

Calendars - at last

From Davao, in the southern Philippines, Fr Lauro Arcede SM reports that the packages containing copies of the Colin calendar for 2021 have finally arrived. Victims of COVID restrictions along the way, the parcels were airmailed from Sydney in late October 2020 and delivered in Mindanao four months later!

This year's calendar features illustrations and a brief history of the pioneer Marist missions in the mountains of France, with monthly quotes from the Marist Constitutions and various Marist anniversaries, including the institution of each province and mission district.

Below: Fr Lauro's community of Marist Interested College Students ('MICS') with their calendars and other literature about Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin.                             [Mar 26] 

 0321 MICS 2a0321 Calendar cover for report

SM Bulletin

From Rome, updates on the lock-down in Rome, new staff member for finance and webiste's latest features. Click here or go to Members' Page.                            [Mar 19]

0321 SMB Mar 19

0321 St Patricks Day

Fr Dylan leads Somare memorial

Bougainvillean Marist and member of the Brisbane's House of Welcome community, Fr Dylan Hatobu SM, presided at the memorial Mass for the late Sir Michael Somare at St Stephen's Cathedral on Mar 14.

The Mass was attended by a large congregation which included many PNG nationals and other Pacificans. 

Photos, courtesy of House of Welcome's Steven Hoyos, pictured below at right with Fr Dylan and Bougainvillean friends.                                [Mar 16]

0321 Somare Mass Dylan 20321 Somare Mass Dylan 30321 Somare Mass Dylan 1
0321 Somare Mass Dylan 40321 Somare Mass Dylan 5

Familia Marista

From Spain and the Marist European Province, Fr Rafael Ramila SM sends the latest issue of Familia Marista. It's in Spanish, but many of the pictures tell their own story. 

This 24-page edition highlights the Beatification Cause of Marist founder, Jean-Claude Colin and the Spanish Marists martyred in 1936. Click here.                              [Mar 16]

 0321 NL Familia Marista 10321 NL Familia Marista 20321 NL Familia Marista 3


This month's Euroinfo, with Marist news from Europe, includes reports on the Beatification Cause of Fr Jean-Claude Colin, Solidarity ministry and yoiuth baptisms. Click here                                    [Mar 13]

0321 NL Euroinfo 1 0321 NL Euroinfo 2

SM Bulletin

This week's SM Bulletin from Rome points to new resources for the Year of St Joseph and includes a report on the Australian Provincial Chapter.   Click here or go the Members' Page.                                 [Mar 13]

 0321 SMB

Indigenous cross blessed

In a simple ceremony on Mar 11 an indigenous cross was blessed by Fr Paul Glynn SM in the grounds of Villa Maria monastery, Hunters Hill. The cross is an initiative of Holy Name of Mary parishioner, Maryanne Knoblanche, who for thirty years has accompanied members of the indigenous Catholic community at Mt Druitt in Sydney's outer west. 

Maryanne invited artist, Jade Jackson, from the Mr Druitt community to paint the cross depicting the four seasons and which would remind Villa Maria's visitors of the original dwellers of the land.

Those attending the ceremony included members of the Maryvale/Montbel Marist community. the indigenous community of Mt Druitt and other friends.                             [Mar 11]

0321 Indig cross blessing 7e crp0321 Indig cross blessing 5e0321 Indig cross blessing 11e
Above: Fr Paul Glynn with artist, Jade Jackson, and visitors during the blessing.     |      Jade with the four seasons indigenous cross.   Below: Jade with Maryanne Knoblanche.     |      View of Villa Maria grounds showing the location of the indigenous cross.
0321 Indig cross blessing 9e 4x60321 Indig cross blessing 17

A word of encouragement

On Mar 09, 1822, the Marist pioneers received a letter of encouragement from Pope Pius VII, a letter of encouragement. On behalf of his fellow aspirants, Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin, had been hard at work doing the groundwork for the eventual approval of the Society of Mary.

In the sixth chapter of his biography 'Jean-Claude Colin, Reluctant Founder', ('Attempts to establish the Society of Mary') Fr Justin Taylor describes in detail the events leading up to the letter and its eventual arrival, including the delight of the Colin brothers when they received the Pope's message: 'The letter from Rome arrived at the presbytery at Cerdon. Pierre Colin tells us how he and his brother received it. Filled with joy they went to the church to give thanks to God.' 

Whilst Pope Pius' letter was not an official approval, nevertheless is came as a boost to the spirits of the early Marists, making Mar 09 a special date in the Marist calendar.                         [Mar 09]

 0321 Pope Pius vii engraved0321 PopePius VII GA docs 3

Provincial Circular

The latest Provincial Circular is available at the Members' Page.                           [Mar 06]

01 Prov Circ Feb 2021

St Joseph's four dreams

In his monthly reflection Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, invites Marists to consider how St Joseph's four dreams can enrich their vision and life. For the reflection: click here or go to Superior-General's Page.                                 [Mar 06]

 0321 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0321 SG 1

Farewell to Fr Bob

Family, friends and members of all branches of the Marist Family gatherered on Mar 05 in the chapel of St Joseph's College, Hunters Hll, NSW, to farewell Fr Robert (Bob) Barber SM. The Requiem Mass was led by provincial, Fr Anthony Corcoran, while Fr Bob's former vicar-provincial, Fr Peter McMurrich, gave the eulogy speaking of Fr Bob's special love for the Marist Brothers and the appropriateness of his farewell liturgy being held at the College. For extracts from the eulogy: click here.

The funeral Mass was followed by cremation at Macquarie Park. Fr Bob's ashes will later be interred in the mission cemetery of Villa Maria monastery, Hunters Hill.

For a pictorial memorial of Fr Bob: click here.  For more on his life: click here

May he rest in peace.                               [Mar 05] 

0321 Bob Barber funeral 5p0321 Bob Barber funeral 7
Above: Marists and other concelebrating priests enter the chapel of St Joseph's College for the Requiem liturgy.      Below: Frs Anthony Corcoran, Garry Reynolds (Gospel) and Peter McMurrich (eulogy).
0321 Bob Barber funeral 140321 Bob Barber funeral 130321 Bob Barber funeral 9 e 2
0321 Bob Barber funeral 150321 Bob Barber funeral 180321 Bob Barber funeral 19
Above: Representatives of St Paul's College, Bellambi, and St John's College, Lismore, lead the intercessory prayers. Fr Bob had taught at both of these schools.   |   Lifelong friends, Jim and Mary O'Brien, present the offertory gifts.     |     Fr Bob's family and close friends attended from Newcastle and regional  NSW.   Below: Final moments of the Requiem liturgy and farewell.     |     The simple ceremony at Macquarie Park crematorium.
0321 Bob Barber funeral 20p
 0321 Bob Barber funeral 220321 Bob Barber funeral 27p0321 Bob Barber funeral 31
 0321 Bob Barber funeral 32

Marist news: Laity and Oceania

In their recent e-Newsletter Marist Laity Australia announces many new resources on the MLA website: click here. Also available is the latest Oceania News Bulletin: click here or go to Members' Page.                              [Mar 01]

0321 MLA 10321 OMP 10321 OMP 2

The telegram from Rome

On Mar 01, 1873 a telegram arrived in Lyon, France, for the Superior-General of the Society of Mary, Fr Julien Favre. Sent from Rome by Fr Ferdinand Vitte SM, the message read:  'Definitive approval given last evening. Send the news immediately to La Neylière. Details (following) by letter.'

The previous day, Feb 28, the constitutions of the Society of Mary had received their official approval by the Holy See.  At a weekly meeting with cardinals, Pope Pius IX cut through Vatican red tape to give immediate approval to the Marist document after its chequered history spanning several decades.

Fr Vitte was anxious that the news be passed on without delay to Marist Founder, Fr Jean-Claude Colin, who had worked on the constitutions since his early days in the village of Cerdon, France, until the years of retirement at La Neylière. At the Marist General Chapter of 1872 the final form of the constitutions was accepted and then sent for approval in Rome.

On Feb 28 each year, Marists throughout the world are encouraged to offer Mass for God's blessing on the Society of Mary.

Following the Second Vatican Council the constitutions were revised and gained further approval on Sep 12, 1987.                              [Mar 01]

0321 ConstnAnniv 6 GA docs 90 bdr