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The nod from Rome

On Apr 29, 1836, mission-minded Pope Gregory XVI gave his official approval to the establishment of the Society of Mary.

Ending a twenty-year journey of preparation and emerging leadership, Fr Jean-Claude Colin accepted the Pope's invitation for the fledging Marist group to undertake the missions of the south-west Pacific.   Happy 182nd anniversary, Marists !              [Apr 29]

 0418 Nod 0512 Propaganda Greg XVI bust 1J0418 Nod Colin smiling GA 0417 1crp0418 Nod 0704 Tutu cross palms 4

Superior-General's reflection

This month's reflection from Fr John Larsen mentions the opening of the Marist 'Camino' community in Spain -- and the significance of St Peter Chanel.  See Members page.           [Apr 28] 

0418 SG reflection

St Peter Chanel feast

On Apr 28, 1841, the young Marist missionary, Fr Peter Chanel SM, was clubbed to death on the island of Futuna in the south-west Pacific, becoming the first martyr and saint of Oceania -- and of the Society of Mary.

For the 6-page cartoon life of St Peter Chanel, first published in Harvest magazine in 1970, click the following page numbers:  1   2   3   4    5   6  

For a short Life of St Peter Chanelclick here             [Apr 28]

SPC cartoon story p10410 SPC medal blurred 1.10418 SPC 1
Below:  Peter Chanel's name is one of the first inscribed on the silken scroll of Fourvière. The names of all Marist missionaries departing for the Oceania mission are contained in the gilded heart originally hanging on the statue of Madonna and Child in the ancient chapel shrine in Lyon, France. 
0715 Fourviere heart 01 0715 Fourviere heart 03

Thai Redemptorists visit

Three members of the Redemptorist province of Thailand spent some days in Sydney recently, en route to visiting their students in Melbourne.

Frs Puwania Tantikun, Davidjieng Ketsu and Mathee Srivorakul were welcomed by Marists at Villa Maria, Hunters Hill, recognising a forty year tradition of hospitality offered by Redemptorists to Marist and other religious passing through Bangkok.

While in Sydney the three priests called on their confreres at Kogarah, before moving to Melbourne to visit two Thai students currently studying theology at YTU.          [Apr 27]

 0418 Thai Reds 2 Woolwich
 Above:  Frs Davidjieng, Mathee and Puwanai at Woolwich, Sydney.  ('R.I.S.', by the way, reflects their connection with the Redemptorist-run Ruamrudee International School at Minburi, Bangkok.)   Below: Visiting Sydney's sights  |   ...  with Redemptorists at Kogarah   |     ... and Thai CSsR students in Melbourne 
0418 Thai Reds 4 Op House0418 Thai Reds 5 Kogarah Reds rn0418 Thai Reds 6 Melbourne c students

Vocation Sunday

Click here for Pope Francis' message.           [Apr 22]

 0418 Voc Sunday Pope Franci0418 Voc Sunday

Chanel novena

Each year Marists across the world pray for new members to the Society of Mary through the intercession of their first Saint, Peter Chanel SM, leading to his feast day, Apr 28..

For the Nov 19-27 novena, click here     |     For a short Life of St Peter Chanel, click here          [Nov 19]

0418 SPC 0 St Peter Chanel  0418 SPC 10418 SPC 2

Bishop Paul and 'a sea of possibilities'

Marist bishop of Rarotonga, Bishop Paul Donoghue SM, passed through Sydney this week en route to Port Moresby, PNG, and the meeting of the Federation of the Catholic Bishops Conferences of Oceania.

Theme of the week-long conference (Apr 11 - 17) is 'Care for our common home of Oceania: a sea of possibilities'.

.As well as his pastoral role in the far-flung Cook Islands, Bishop Paul heads up CEPAC (the episcopal conference of the Pacific).

He is pictured below, presiding at the Eucharist with the Maryvale/Montbel community, Hunters Hill, during his brief Sydney stopover.         [Apr 12]

0418 PDonoghue visit 2a 05110418 PDonoghue 2
0418 PDonoghue confce

Fiji gold !

From the Gold Coast, Qld, and the Comonwealth Games, Fr Ekuasi Manu SM reports on the success of one of his former pupils at St John's College, Cawaci, Fiji.  18 yr old Levuka-born, Eileen Cikamatana, set a new Games record in the 90kg women's weightlifting event on Apr 09.

Fr Ekuasi relates: 'It's a proud moment for Eileen who lifted 130 kg in the clean and jerk to win the gold medal for Fiji. We were pretty vocal here at the venue!'  Congratulations, Eileen -- and Fiji !          

Pictured below: Eileen  with Fr Ekuasi     |    ...and other Pacific well-wishers              [Apr 10]

0418 Fiji gold medal 20418 Fiji gold medal 1

Bishop Joel Konzen ordination

From Rome, SM Bulletin reports:

'On Tuesday 3 April the episcopal ordination of Fr Joel Konzen took place at the cathedral of Christ the King in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Georgia, USA by Archbishop Wilton Gregory.

'At the ceremony were present also the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Christophe PierreFr John Harhager representing the Superior General, Fr Paul Frechette, provincial of the Marist province of the USA, and many other confreres and friends, clergy and bishops.

'Bishop Joel chose as motto “Miserere Gaudens”, which can be translated as “Be Merciful and with a Cheerful Heart”.

On Monday evening solemn vespers took place in the presence of the Archbishop, Marist confreres, Bishop Joel’s family and many friends. You can watch the video of the ceremonies and of bishop Joel’s press conference here: www.livestream.com/archatl                  [Apr 07]

0418 Konzen 2 crozier0418 JoelKonzen 0218
Above: Bishop Joel Konzen receiving the crozier from Archbishop Gregory.   Below:  The new bishop's crest and its motto 'Be mericful with a cheerful heart'   |   Bishop Joel after his ordination, with friends including Marist vicar-general, Fr John Harhager SM (far left) and US Marist priovincial, Fr Paul Frechette SM (left, front)
0418 Konzen 1 crest0418 Konzen 3 SMs

'Reluctant Founder' coming soon

The definitive biography of Marist Founder, Ven Jean-Claude Colin, is moving towards completion.The 1,000-page book,'Jean-Claude Colin, Reluctant Founder, 1790~1875',  contains twenty-nine chapters and scores of colour and black and white illustrations, promising to be an engaging and attractive tome for Marist and other readers alike.

Author, Fr Justin Taylor SM, and publisher ATM's Hilary Regan met in Sydney on Apr 04 to finalise details of publication, expected in several months.        [Apr 06]

Pictured below: Probable design for the book's dust jacket     |     hard copy of the draft text     |     Hilary Regan and Fr Justin Taylor at Villa Maria, Hunters Hill

 0418 Jacket cover 20418 Biog JTaylor HRegan 4

0418 Biog JTaylor HRegan 3a 0418 Biog JTaylor HRegan 1

Social Justice diary

From the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council publications, we draw another month of the Social Justice Diary.  Click here for April.          [Apr 01]

0318 SJ diarySJ Diary 01 Jan ML King0418 SJD 0200 4aiii

 Marist news from Europe

Latest Euroinfo includes the new Marist ministry offering welcome to pilgrims on the Camino to Compostela, Spain.   Download here             [Apr 01]

 0418 Euroinfo 10418 Euroinfo 20418 Euroinfo 3