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Writings of Fr Colin

Thanks to the work of German Marist writer and historian, Fr Alois Greiler SM, an extensive compilation of literature concerning Ven Jean-Claude Colin is now readily accessible. 

A new page on the Colin website provides links to the writings of Fr Colin hmself, as well as to numerous articles about the Founder and his Cause for Beatification. To go to the new page, click here

Fr Alois is editor of the Marist online publication, Forum Novum, embracing a wealth of Marist writings, including those of and about Fr Colin. To go to Forum Novum page on the Society of Mary's international website, click here.                                [Jul 29]

0720 Colin writings Colin smiling GA 0417 1crp sepia0720 Colin writings 1013 La Neyliere 050720 Colin writings 1018 Bio Greiler Alois 0814 crp

Marist Asia newsletter

From the Marist Mission District of Asia, Fr Christopher Ganzon sends their bulletin for the first half of a challenging 2020. The 6-page newsletter has reports from the District's missions in Davao and Digos (Philippines) and Ranong (Thailand). Thank you, Fr Chris. 

For the newsletter, click here.                    [Jul 27]

0720 NL Asia 10720 NL Asia 20720 NL Asia 3 0619 Chris Ganzon 2 c Gavin Foster e

Colin Cause advances

The Cause for Beatification of Marist Founder, Ven Jean-Claude Colin, took a step forward recently as an historical investigation concluded. Experts in the Archiodcese of Lyon, France, began the study in Jan 2017 after the Cause had been re-opened. Their report was received in France by Vice-Postulator, Fr Bernard Thomasset SM, and will now be handed on to appropriate church authories in Rome by the Postulator of the Cause, Fr Carlo-Maria Schianchi SM.

Fr Colin's Cause was first introduced in 1893 and has followed a chequered path. For a Chronology of the Cause and other articles, go to the Colin website's Cause page: click here.,                        [Jul 24] 

0720 Cause 10720 Cause Thomasset Bernard 01130720 Cause Schianchi 0513 0213 C MSchianchi 3
Above:   Colin website's Cause page.      |     Vice-Postulator, Fr Bernard Thomasset.     |     Postulator, Fr Carlo-Maria Schianchi.

Fourvière Day

The pledge to found the Society of Mary was made on Jul 23, 1816, by twelve young priests and seminarians in the city of Lyon, France. Climbing the hill of Fourvière, overlooking the city and in the shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Marist aspirants made a promise which was to bring about a new family in the Church -- the Marist Family.  ....

Marist priests, sisters, brothers and laity mark Fourvière day as the beginning of the Marist Family. For the story of the pledge, 'Vision and Promise', click here.                           [Jul 23]

0720 Fourv Day 0512 Fourviere ext 8J0720 Fourv Day 0714 Fourviere int 150720 Fourv Day 0715 Fourviere ext 14crp
Above: Tower of the chapel of Fourvière, added decades after the 1816 Pledge.     |     Sanctuary of the chapel.     |     Chapel tower and basilica dominating the skyline of Lyon. 
 0720 Fourv Day 0512 Fourviere Lyon view 1Jp
Above:  View of Lyon from Fourvière.   Below:  The chapel today.     |     Heart containing scrolled names of Marist Pacific missionaries. 
 0720 Fourv Day 0714 Fourviere ext 200720 Fourv Day 0715 Fourviere heart 03

Young Marist at Fourvière

From Lyon, France, Marist seminarian, Christian Ngoura, sends a reflection on the Fourvière event and pastoral experience in Lyon: From Cameroon, Africa, Christian is a member of the Marist International Theologate community, Casa di Maria, Rome. 

For his reflection, click here.  Thank you, Christian!                               [Jul 22]

0720 C Ngoura Fourviere 3ec0720 C Ngoura Fourviere 20720 C Ngoura Fourviere 10720 C Ngoura 1

Above:   Christian Ngoura at the basilica of Fourvière.     |     The steps to Fourvière.     |     View from the Saône River of the Shrine of Our Lady at Fourvière (left) dwarfed by the basilica.     |     Christian at the tomb of Marist Founder, Ven Jean-Claude Colin, at La Neylière. 

Aussies in Rome

Fr Ray Chapman SM reports on a convivial catch-up in Rome with fellow Australians, Frs Ben McKenna and Tony Kennedy. Fr Ray has just completed the leadership of the Colinian Renewal Program at La Neylière, France. Fr Ben is Assistant-General for the Society of Mary and Fr Tony, rector of the Marist International Theologate, Casa di Maria, Rome. 

They are pictured near 'Domus Australia' in Rome.                         [Jul 20]

0720 Three Aussie

Sr Mariana's Pacific missions role

The Marist Sisters report on the appointment of Sister Mariana Maramanicava SM as the new National Director of Pontifical Mission Societies for the Pacific Islands.

The appointment, made by the Conference of Bishops of the Pacific, is described by the Sisters: 'It is a responsible work, forwarding the mission of Jesus in collaboration with many groups throughout the Pacific Islands. It could be overhwelming, but in his 2020 message to the PMS Directors all over the world Pope Francis reminded them to have the attitude of Mary, to have her readiness, and to act - not as the main protagonist - but as the servant of the One who is the only protagonist of the mission.

'So, blessings upon you, Mariana, as you set out in Mary's name on a new adventure - allowing Jesus within you to reach out to all those whom you encounter along the way. We, your Sisters, are accompanying you with our prayer.'                           [Jul 18]

0720 Sr Mariana 1

CLOCs begin

Because of the COVID pandemic the Annual Review Consultation (ARC) of Marist Unit provincials and district superiors meeting with the General Council has been replaced by a series of online Zoom sessions, Combined Leaders' Online Consultation (CLOC).

The first CLOC was held on Jul 13-14, spanning time zones across the Marist world. CLOCs will continue in coming months.                     [Jul 18]

Below: Members of the Marist General Administration in Rome....   |    .... with Unit leaders on Zoom.

0720 CLOC 1 0720 CLOC 2a

Preparing for Fourvière

All branches of the Marist Family recall Jul 23, 1816, as a foundational moment, when twelve young aspirants climbed the hill of Fourvière, Lyons, France, to the ancient shrine of the Blessed Virgin. Here they would pledge to form the Society of Mary as soon as they could.  

Click for the following resources:   Remembering Fourvière in three acts     |      Fourvière Liturgy     |     Fourvière Paraliturgy     |     Vision & Promise (the story of Fourvière)     |     The Fourvière Pledge (in twenty-seven languages)

Available also at the Colin website, Fourvière page.                            [Jul 14]

0720 Fourviere preps 10720 Fourviere preps 20720 Fourviere preps 30720 Fourviere preps 40720 Fourviere preps 5
0720 Fourviere book 08crp0720 Fourviere ext 0512 9J from distance crp
                           Above:   The chapel of Fourvière as it was at the time of the Pledge.     |      Today, dwarfed by the basilica of Fourvière.

COVID updates

From Villa Santa Maria, the General House of the Society of Mary in Rome, comes another set of updates from Marists around the world as they cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

For reports from Rome, Fiji, Norway and Russia*  click here.     (* for a link to Moscow's French Catholic choir singing on Zoom during the pandemic, click here )                              [Jul 11]

0720 NL Covid 0409 Rome 13c Monteverde0720 NL Covid 7 10720 NL Covid 7 20720 NL Covid 7 3

Larissa's election

Fr Gerard Hall reports on a simple ceremony in Paddington, Brisbane, on Jul 05 when Larissa Sansone Ferreira da Cruz, a member of the Brazilian community and friend of the Marist House of Welcome, was elected as a catechumen. Larissa's journey will reach a highpoint in August with Baptism, Communion and Confirmation.

The ceremony, held in the chapel of the Marist Brothers, was led by parish priest, Fr Gerry Kalinowski, and attended by local Marists and members of the House of Welcome community.                           [Jul 10]

0720 Rosalie Larissa 10720 Rosalie Larissa 30720 Rosalie Larissa 2
Above: Larissa with Fr Gerry Kalinowski and House of Welcome community members.     |     Larissa with her teacher, Fr Dylan Hatobu.     |    With the Marist Brothers.

Three Marist bulletins

From the Marist Oceania Province, Casa di Maria (Marist International Theologate, Rome) and the Marist European Province come three colourful and informative newsletters. 

Click to download: Oceania Bulletin     |      Casa di Maria, 'La Sorgente' ('the source'):   pp 1~7     |     pp 8~14      |     Euroinfo                               [Jul 09]

0720 NL OMP0720 NL CDM0720 NL Eurinfo

Superior-General's message

Fr John Larsen's message for July follows his visit to La Neylière, France, for the closing of the Colinian Renewal Program (see below) and renewal of vows at the shrine of Our Lady of Fourvière. Click here or go to Superior-General's reflections.                          [Jul 04]

070 NL SG Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0720 NL SG 1

Marist Voices

From International Marist Laity comes the first edition of Marist Voicesa 28-page informative and colourful online booklet-bulletin in several languages. 

Developed from the Marist Laity conference in Ireland in 2019 and edited by Jorge and Monica Lopez, Mexico, Marist Voices replaces the WMLC newsletter, itself an initiative from the earlier conference in Madrid. 

For the English version (1.6 Mb): click here.  For French and Spanish versions (24 Mb), go to Marist Laity NZ: click here                            [Jul 03]

0720 Marist Voices 10720 Marist Voices 20720 Marist Voices 30720 Marist Voices 4

Colinian program ends

From La Neylière, France, Fr Ray Chapman SM reports on the ending of a very successful Colinian Renewal Program:

'The Colinian Renewal 2020 program came to a fitting conclusion lon 26th June with a number of special activities.  The participants of the Renewal, together with Frs John Larsen, SM, Jan Hulshof, SM and Jimmy McElroy, SM, undertook a 'meditation walk' up the 800 steps of Fourvière in order to spend some time in reflection and prayer in the chapel of the Blessed Virgin prior to renewing their vows in the presence of the Superior General during the celebration of the Eucharist.   

'Each of those present received their own Marist Mission Cross.  It was a wonderful moment and a fitting climax to five months of study, contemplation and prayerful reflection.  Following the Eucharist, a number of the confreres visited Puylata before returning to La Neylière for pre-dinner drinks and a superb, formal dinner that was marked by joyful celebration and a deep spirit of gratitude for the blessings received.   

'As we look back over the period of the Renewal, we are deeply aware that despite the extreme challenges posed by COVID 19 and its potential to disrupt the entire program, the Renewal has been a wonderful experience.  In fact, it has been a resounding success.  Among other things, each of the participants has grown in his understanding of the "gracious choice" of his Marist Vocation, developed a deeper relationship with Jean-Claude Colin, come to a deeper understanding of his personal and individual gifts, is more committed to the mission of the Society, and enjoyed the company of his confreres and experienced the pleasure of living an intense community life.  Throughout the entire Renewal, a spirit of energy, enthusiasm  and fraternal concern was always evident.

'We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the success of the Renewal, especially the Superior General, Fr John Larsen, Fr Ben McKenna, the local Marist community of La Neylière (Frs Jimmy McElroy, Jan Hulshof and Paul Loubaresse - deceased), all the presenters and contributors, Agnes Dupeyron, Sophie Kespy and the staff of La Neylière and our confreres who have supported us through their prayers and encouragement.  Thank you."                             [Jul 03]

0720 La Neyliere ending 30720 La Neyliere ending 1
Above: Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, with course participants and team at the shrine of Fourvère, Lyon.   |    The group with Sr Teri O'Brien SM on the track of La Coria near Cerdon.   Below: Australian Fr Michael Jacques near the tomb of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin.... and relaxing with confreres at La Neylière. 
0720 La Neyliere ending 20720 La Neyliere ending 4