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Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen SM speaks about the forthcoming Council of the Society which will review Marist life and mission since the 2017 General Chapter and plan for the Chapter of 2025. Click here or go to Superior-General's page.                           [Sep 30]

0922 NL SG Larsen John 03190922 NL SG CS20220922 NL SG

Mass for Fr Joe Rooney

A memorial Eucharist was celebrated in the parish church of St Brendan's, Coolock Village, Dublin, on Sep 24 for the repose of the soul of Fr Joseph Rooney SM who died on Sep 19 (see below).

The eulogy was presented by fellow former Japanese missioner, Fr Paddy O'Hare SM, and the Mass live-streamed for the benefit of Fr Joe's confreres and many other friends throughout the world. Fr Paddy spoke of Fr Joe's living God's Word in ministries with L'Arche in Cork and Dublin, in London and Walsingham, England, the Philippines and Japan. He relayed messages from Australian confrere, Fr Jim Carty, who had worked with Fr Joe in Japan, and from the bishop of Kyoto expressing condolences and thanks from the people of the diocese.                                    [Sep 24]

0922 Joe Rooney Mass 020922 Joe Rooney Mass 030922 Joe Rooney Mass 04
Above: Superior of the Coolock community, Fr Edwin McCallion, introducing the Mass and Fr Paddy O'Hare.    |   Fr Joe's sisters and concelebrants during the Liturgy of the Word.   |   Fr Paddy O'Hare delivering the homily/eulogy. Below: Frs Paddy O'Hare and Edwin McCallion with (at right) Acting Provincial of the Marist European Province, Fr Declan Marmion.   |    Photo, stoles and favourite icons of Fr Joe.   |   Other scenes from the Mass concelebrated by Marist confreres and visiting clergy.
0922 Joe Rooney Mass 05c0922 Joe Rooney Mass 01
0922 Joe Rooney Mass 060922 Joe Rooney Mass 07

First Professions

On Sep 24 the Society of Mary recalls the religious profession in 1836 of the first Marists and the election of Jean-Claude Colin as its first Superior-General. The event, taking place in the chapel of La Capucinière, Belley, France, followed the approval of the priests' branch of the Society of Mary by the mission-minded Pope Gregory XVI.                                 [Sep 24] 

0922_ann_0213-Belley-La-Capuciniere-10-ps.jpg0922 ann Batch 2 Pic 2 Belley La Capuciniere 0213 13cps0922 ann Ch27 28 Pic 1 Colin 2 ps
Above:  The chapel of La Capucinière today.     |     Ven Jean-Claude Colin, pictured in 1866, thirty years after his election as Superior-General of the newly-approved Society of Mary.

SM Bulletin

This week's SM Bulletin reports on the distribution of 2023 Colin calendars, Ongoing Formation and Marist Studies in 2023, peace commemorations at Balay Pasilungan in Davao and Marist Laity gatherings in Italy.

For SM Bulletin, click here or go to Members' Page.                               [Sep 23]

0922 NL SMB Sep 230922 Cover

Transition to District

The Australia Province of the Society of Mary has adopted a new governance structure, transitioning to the status of a 'District' of the Society of Mary. Provincial (now District Superior), Fr Tony Corcoran, presided at the transition event on Sep 23 in the context of the annual Mass for Jubilarians live-streamed from Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill. This coincided with the conclusion of a provincial retreat led by Fr Michael Whelan SM

Fr Tony spoke of the history and ministry of the Marist Fathers in Australia, the first having arrived almost one hundred and eighty years ago when Sydney became a base for the missions of Oceania. Then followed a close association with the New Zealand Marist province with a separate province of Australia being established on Sep 20, 1938. 

A celebratory dinner at Montbel followed the Mass, honouring jubilarians Frs Allan Connors (70 years ordained), Lou Molloy (65 years), Jim Hargraves (60 years), and Kevin Bates, Michael Whelan and Brian Wilson, (50 years)..                                    [Sep 23]

0922 Sep 23 event 30922 Sep 23 event 40922 Sep 23 event 5
Above: Jubilarians, Frs Michael Whelan and Brian Wilson, with Fr Tony Corcoran at their celebratory Eucharist in Holy Name of Mary church, Hunters Hill.  Below: Fr Tony reading the decree of erection of the Marist District of Australia.   |     Statue of Our Lady and Child above the sanctuary before which the gathered Marists sang the Salve Regina to conclude the Eucharistic event.   
0922 Sep 23 event 60922 Sep 23 event 7
Below: Celebratory luncheon at Montbel.   |   District Superior, Fr Tony, congratulating the jubilarians.   |   Fr Kevin Bates in response, and dressed in anticipation of the morrow's AFL grand final.
0922 Sep 23 event 80922 Sep 23 event 90922 Sep 23 event 12

Passing of Fr Joe Rooney

Marists throughout the world mourn the passing of Fr Joseph Rooney SM, 89, who died in Dublin, Ireland, on Sep 19. Fr Joe had been a member of the Australian Province's mission in Nara prefecture, Japan, in the 1980s (pictured below, third from right in the back row) and in more recent years a member of the Marist International Novitiate community in Davao, Philippines, before retirement in his native Ireland.

Fr Joe ministered extensively in L'Arche communities and was well known and loved for his gentle humour and commitment to the disabled and to fellow Marists.

 May he rest in peace.                             [Sep 19]

0922 Rooney Joe 1120 10922 Rooney Joe MMC 70th origins 1981 1 7e

SM Bulletin

From Rome this week's SM Bulletin reports on new portfolios for members of the international leadership team, including the appointment of Australian, Fr Ben McKenna, (pictured below) as Secretary-General. Other reports are the ordination of Fr Sefo Amuri (see below), Deacon Jaime Perez Martinez' book, Our Father is a Gardener, and an updated Sustainability Covenant.

For SM Bulletin, click here or go to Members' Page.                                    [Sep 17]

0922 NL SMB Sep 160922 McKenna Ben 1211 crp

Twenty years of 'Festiprim'

From Tarija, Bolivia, Australian Marist missionary, Fr John ('Hoppy') Hopkinson SM, reports on Marian festivities at La Mamora: 

'Here we celebrated in grand style the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. Some 22 years ago when we started the new mission of La Mamora, with the youth of our Base Church Communities we inaugurated a folk festival called "FESTIPRIM" in homage to the Most Holy Name of Mary. The new quasi-parish  bears that name and as of 2021 it celebrated the occasion, beginning with the folk festival on the night of the 11th and then on the morning of the 12th with Eucharist, followed by a luncheon. In the afternoon, the various CEBs( Basic Ecclesial Communities) throughout the region present numbers in the form of song, dances and games....and the evening given over to further professional musical groups that come from the city and surrounding towns and the North of Argentina.   It has become a famous cultural event in the Bolivian Calendar .

'As we now live in Tarija City and circulated throughout the diocese as an itinerant missionary team accompanying the process of CEBs, we still participate there in La Mamora and this year we were special guests at "Festiprim" and honoured as it was its 20th anniversary.' 

Pictured below, Fr Hoppy at the La Mamora celebrations for the Holy Name of Mary feast.                                 [Sep 17]

0922 Hoppy festiprim 10922 Hoppy festiprim 2

1111 JCC icon 3 Mb

Sep 12: Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary

Fr Iosefo Amuri SM

Congratulations to our newest Marist priest, Fr Iosefo Amuri, ordained on Sep 11 by Archbishop Peter Loy Chong in Suva's Sacred Heart Cathedral. Fr Iosefo is a former student of the Pacific Regional Seminary, Suva, and the Marist International Theologate, Rome..

Pictured below are scenes from the ordination ceremony. Ad multos annos, Fr Iosefo !                          [Sep 11]

0922 Sefo Amuri ord 80922 Sefo Amuri ord 70922 Sefo Amuri ord 9
0922-Sefo-Amuri-ord-001a.jpg0922 Sefo Amuri ord 10922 Sefo Amuri ord 6
0922 Sefo Amuri ord 50922 Sefo Amuri ord 4


The September issue of Euroinfo is the first one under the new administration of the Marist European Province and introduces the new team. Click here or go to Members' Page.                                 [Sep 11]

0922 Euroinfo 10922 Euroinfo 2

Passing of Br Sean Sammon

The Marist Family is saddened by the death on Sep 09 of Marist Brother Sean Sammon FMS, aged 74, former Superior-General of the Marist Brothers, author and educator.    . 

One tribute observes: 'As the world mourns the loss of the Queen for an outstanding life well lived in the service of others, the Marist world too now mourns the loss of a giant. Br Sean was an outstanding brother to so many who lived simply the values of simplicity, humility and modesty as a little brother of Mary and son of Champagnat whom he loved so much.'
May he rest in peace.                            [Sep 10]
0922 Br Sean Sammon

SM Bulletin

The latest SM Bulletin reports on Australia's move from province to district, interfaith dialogue in Singapore, Fr Tony Kennedy's extended role as Theologate director. Click here or go to Members' Page.                              [Sep 09]

0922 NL SMB Sep 09

Safeguarding Sunday

To conclude National Child Protection Week, Safeguarding Sunday will be held this year on Sunday, Sep 11 seeking to acknowledge the damage caused by the sexual abuse of children and adults at risk, by clergy, religious and lay people within Catholic contexts. 
Each year the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference prepares a suite of resources to help mark the day. To access these, click here.                            [Sep 07] 

0922 Safeguarding week

MMC Newsletter

The spring issue of the Marist Mission Centre Newsletter reports on projects in the Solomon Islands and Bougainville: click here. For all of this year's MMC Newsletters click here.                               [Sep 06]

0922 NL MMC

Preparing for Sep 12

As their patronal Feast of the Holy Name of Mary approaches, Marists can draw from a variety of resources to assist their focus and celebration. Among these are a suggested Eucharistic Liturgy and Paraliturgy as well as other items on the Colin website's resource pages.

The Marist Way leaflet with its 'Twelves faces of the Marist spirit' is available in a number of languages and now in large print (English only).                                   [Sep 06]

0922 HNM Mass 1 09210922 HNM Paraliturgy 10922 Marist Way EN 1 cover

Superior-General's message

In his September message, Superior-General, Fr John Larsen SM, reflects on his recent visit to Norway and on how Mary' s name and spirit are now being shared. For the message, click here or go to Superior-General's page.                         [Sep 02]

0222 NL SG Larsen John 03190922 NL SG

New Marist icon
An icon of three Marists was displayed recently at St Mary of the Angel's, Wellington, NZ, as the church commemorates its centenary year. Written at the studio of John the Baptist, Takapuna, Auckland, by sacred artist and iconographer, Michael Pervan, the icon features Oceania's first martyr, St Peter Chanel, with fellow-Marists at either side, St Marcellin Champagnat and Venerable Jean-Claude Colin

Michael Pervan is well-known to Marists worldwide for his icon of Jean-Claude Colin with Mary and Child (click here). The new icon is now housed at the Marist Seminary, Auckland, surmounting a relic of St Peter Chanel.                        [Sep 01]

0822 SPC icon AKL 20822 SPC icon AKL 10822 SPC icon AKL 3

Planning for St Patrick's

Following extensive consideration of the Australian Marist Fathers' future capacity to provide administration of the inner-city shrine of St Patrick's, Archbishop Anthony Fisher has announced that at the end of 2025 the Marists will be relinquishing the care of the Church Hill church and parish. The announcement was made on Aug 21 at the St Patrick’s midday Sunday Mass. 

St Patrick's has been in the care of the Marist Fathers since 1868, following the death of its first parish priest, Archdeacon John McEncroe, and is known for its availability of Reconcilation and the Eucharist for Sydney-siders and people from regional New South Wales.

For the recent statement of parish priest, Fr Michael Whelan SM, click here. For comprehensive details of the history of St Patrick's, click here.                       [Sep 01]   

0318 StPats ext 7ps