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SM Bulletin

This week's SM Bulletin reports on Cameron Mota's diaconate ordination in Suva, Burundi visit, guests at Samsun and Moscow visitation by Nuncio. To download click here or go to Members' Page.                              [May 17]

0524 NL SMB May 17

King of the Dance

With links to Tongan royalty, Fr 'Aliki Langi SM, was called upon to lead traditional Tongan dancing at a recent Sydney fund-raiser. Over a thousand people attended the Bonnyrigg event to raise funds for the Hihifo Community Centre, Western Samoa. 

A surprise guest was Tonga's Prince Ata. His father, the King, will turn to the first sod of the project on Jul 02. Features of the multi-purpose facility will include an evacuation centre for natural disaster incidents for which the island nation is the world's the third most vulnerable country.                              [May 16]

0424 Marist Hihifo event 20424 Marist Hihifo event 4
Above:  Fr 'Aliki Langi SM, 'King of the Dance'   |   Fr 'Aliki's grandniece, Helu Pongi, performing a traditional Tongan dance.   
Below: Tonga's Prince Ata at the dinner.   |   Fr 'Aliki leads the combined dancers.
0424 Marist Hihifo event 30424 Marist Hihifo event 10424 Marist Hihifo event 6

SM Bulletin

This week's SM Bulletin reports on the Annual Review Consultations as leaders of Marist Provinces and Districts (pictured below) conclude their annual gathering at the Society of Mary's General House, Monteverde, Rome. 

To download click here or go to Members' Page.                           [May 10] 

0524 NL SMB May 10 00524 NL SMB May 10
Front row: Frs John Harhager (Vicar General), Albert Kabala (General Councillor), John Larsen (Superior-General), Kevin Medilo (Asia), Joaquín Fernández (Mexico), Tony Corcoran (Australia) and Juan Carlos Piña (General Councillor). 
Middle row: Br Joe McKee (facilitator), Frs Setefano Mataele (General Councillor), Joe Hindelang (USA), Ben McKenna (General Councillor) and Kevin Duffy (Europe).
Back row: Ms Frances Heery (facilitator), Frs Tim Duckworth (NZ), Chris Ganzon (Asia), Miguel Contreras (S. America) and Kiade Rayalu (Oceania).

Like Mary, Bearers of Hope

As the leaders of the various Provinces and Districts of the Marist Fathers gather to meet in Rome, Superior-General, Fr John Larsen SM, sends a Circular Letter, 'Like Mary, Bearers of Hope', to all members of the Society of Mary.

Fr John comments, 'I hope it will also assist us in our conversations over this week of Annual  Review Consultations here in Monteverde.

'I offer it in the spirit of the liturgical season … Mary and Disciples working together to fathom the meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus and waiting for guidance from the Spirit for our directions in mission.'

To download click here or go to Superior-General's page.                               [May 06]

0524 Like Mary Bearers of Hope