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Brisbane celebration

Recalling the event of Oct 29, 1824 (see below, 'SM has begun!'), Brisbane couple, Kevin and Trish McGrory, opened their Stafford home once again to local Marists for a simple celebration.

The McGrorys have themselves visited the village and presbytery at Cerdon, France, and have hosted the Brisbane celebration for over ten years.                  [Oct 30]

1019 Oct 29 BNE 3p1019 Oct 29 BNE 11019 Oct 29 BNE 5

'SM has begun!'

 On Oct 29, 1824, a third Marist aspirant, Fr Etienne Declas, arrived at the presbytery of Cerdon in the Bugey mountains of France.

This event, as Fr Declas joined Frs Pierre and Jean-Claude Colin, meant the formation of the first community of the Society of Mary. 

That very day Fr Pierre Colin wrote to the bishop, Alexander Devie: 'Today the Society of Mary has begun.'                   [Oct 29]

1019 Oct 29 0714 Cerdon 651019 Oct 29 0714 Cerdon 411019 Oct 29 0714 Cerdon 44

Consultation concludes

Mass at the tomb of St Peter marked the beginning of the final week of the Annual Review Consultation which ended in Rome on Oct 27.

After the initial week of workshop and reports, the unit superiors met individually with the Superior-General, General Assistants and with each other. Plenary sessions focused on current issues including vocations, formation, various meetings, laity, structures, mission and finance. It was decided to hold the next Council of the Society in Mexico.                    [Oct 29]

1019 ARC V

Session on Founder's Cause

On Oct 22, the Annual Review Consultation enjoyed a presentation by Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, on the Beatification Cause of Marist Founder, Ven Jean-Claude Colin.

Fr Ben distribution packs of update information to participants and displayed the refurbished Colin website live on-screen.

To download some of the resources, click below:

1019 ARC IV 31019 ARC IV 4
Above: Fr Ben McKenna during the Cause presentation     |     With their Cause resource packs, from left, Frs Juan-Carlos Pina (Assistant-General), Alejandro Munoz (Mexico), Chrisopher Ganzon (District of Asia) and Yvan Mathieu (Canada).   Below: Some of the Cause resources. All are accesssible on the Colin website: www.jeanclaudecolin.org 
1019 ARC IV 51019 ARC IV 71019 ARC IV 81019 ARC IV 6

Reports from all over

The Annual Review Consultation (ARC) ended its first week with reports from the leaders of Society of Mary's provinces and mission districts.

Twenty-minute slots allowed each speaker to give a summary of his unit with photos and graphics and questions from confrères. ARC continues now into its second week.

Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, has sent photos (below). Thanks Fr Ben!                    [Oct 21]

1019 ARC III 11019 ARC III 4
Above: ARC in session.   Below: Unit leaders' reports, from left, Frs Chrisopher Ganzon (District of Asia), Roberto Furtuoso (District of South America), Albert Kabala (District of Africa), David Kennerley and Tim Duckworth (Province of New Zealand).
1019 ARC III 71019 ARC III 61019 ARC III 51019 ARC III 18
1019 ARC III 171019 ARC III 161019 ARC III 13
Above: Frs Paul Frechette (Province of USA), Setefano Mataele (Province of Oceania) and Tony Corcoran (Province of Australia).  Below: Frs Martin McAnaney (Province of Europe), Alejandro Munoz (Province of Mexico) and Yvan Mathieu (Province of Canada).
1019 ARC III 111019 ARC III 121019 ARC III 8
Below: Inbetween moments, from left, Facilitator, Sr Judith Moore SMSM and Fr Martin McAnaney  |  Frs Pat Devlin (Secretary-General) and Paul Frechette  |  Fr Tony Corcoran making an extra point  |  Frs Juan-Carlos Pina (Assistant-General), Roberto Furtuoso and Alejandro Munoz.
1019 ARC III 201019 ARC III 211019 ARC III 221019 ARC III 23

Final professions

Seven young men from as many countries took their perpetual vows as Marists in a simple ceremony in Rome on Oct 19.

The Marist seminarians belong to the community of Casa di Maria, the International Theologate of the Society of Mary, Rome, and are from Cameroon, Mexico, New Zealand, Oceania, Senegal and South America. Superior General, Fr John Larsen, presided at the profession Mass and received the vows of the young men who are due to be ordained deacons on Nov 09.

1019 Final professions 7
Above: Fr John Larsen with the finally-professed seminarians, from left, Samuele Tukidia (Fiji), Guy Assogoma [Africa], Ben D'Souza [NZ], Stev Youm [Africa], Floyd Gatana (Bougainville), Leandro Martins [Brazil] and Ricardo Gutierrez [Mexico].  Below: Oceania provincial, Fr Setefano Mataele, with the two Pacific Marists finally-professed, Samuele Tukidia and Floyd Gatana and other Oceanian Marists with former provinicial, Fr Ben McKenna.  Congatulations to each of them!                 [Oct 20]
1019 Final professions 5

Fatima procession to St Pat's

Five groups, mostly of young adult Sydney Catholics, combined on Oct 19 for a twilight procession from St Mary's cathedral to the inner-city shrine of St Patrick's, Church Hill. The procession celebrated the month of Rosary and the message of Our Lady of Fatima.

Fijian Marist, Fr Pio Fong SM, spoke on the cathedral steps before the procession wound its way through the city streets and Botanical Gardens, ending with a Vigil Eucharist and supper at St Patrick's.                  [Oct 20]

1019 Marian Procession 1a1019 Marian Procession 1b
1019 Marian Procession 2
1019 Marian Procession 3
1019 Marian Procession 51019 Marian procession 6 st patrick at night6 PKervin

ARC workshop at Nemi

Fr Ben McKenna reports on the opening days of the Annual Review Consultation at Nemi (near Rome):

'Our four-day workshop is to equip us to live more fruitfully in our inter-cultural communities and ministries, both now, and increasingly in the future. Fr Tim Norton SVD began with the topic of 'Interculturality - concepts and sensitivities', folllowed by Sr Miriam SSpS exploring Personality and Culture. '

ARC will continue in Rome at the General House of the Marist Fathers.                    [Oct 19]

1019 ARC II 1a1019 ARC II 1b
1019 ARC group

Africa newsletter

Superior of the Marist District of Africa, Fr Albert Kabala, sends the latest news from the district. The five-page, bilingual (French and English) bulletin gives updates on each of the District's missions in Cameroon and Senegal.

Click here to download.:                     [Oct 17]

1019 NL Africa 11019 NL Africa 2

Maison Saint Pierre Chanel

From Yaoundé, Cameroon, newly-appointed formation leader, Fr Christian Abongbung SM, reports of new students and the start of another academic year...

'We officially started the formation year on 22 September with holy Mass during which four new students made their official entry into the formation house as postulants. Prior to that, we had three days of retreat reflecting on the theme of "vocation".

'The community is made up of twenty-two seminarians and four formators from different rationalities (Burundi, Cameroon, Canada and France). The students will start the first semester of philosophy studies in Saint Joseph Mukasa Philosophy Institute on 30 September.

'This house a special link with the Marist province of Australia through Fr John Worthington who was superior and did great extensive work to improve on the living conditions of the seminarians.'

Thanks, Fr Christian! Blessings on St Peter Chanel's.                       [Oct 15]

1019 Yaounde SPC 21019 Yaounde SPC 3
Above: St Peter Chanel's opening Mass for the academic year with the reception of four new students.  Below: The community of 'Maison Saint Pierre Chanel'     |     Fr Christian during studies as a formator in Rome.
1019 Yaounde SPC 11019 Yaounde SPC 0614 Chris Abongbung Rome misc 31

ARC underway

The Annual Review Consultation gathering of Marist provincials and district leaders has commenced in Rome.

Australian Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna, has sent the first photos of the gathering which commenced on Oct 13 with Mass in the chapel of the Marist General House, Villa Santa Maria, and an initial address by Superior-General, Fr John Larsen, taking the theme of Nazareth:  Jesus returning there, led by the Spirit, coming home to his own people, and proclaiming his Mission.

The meeting is being facilitated by Sr Judith Moore SMSM.                  [Oct 14]

1019 ARC I 11019 ARC I 21019 ARC I 31019 ARC I 4
Above: During the opening Mass, from left, Frs Tony Corcoran (Australia), Roberto Furtuoso (S America), Paul Frechette (USA) and John Larsen (Superior-General).  Below: Facilitator, Sr Judith Moore SMSM  |  Fr John Larsen giving the opening address.
1019 ARC I 51019 ARC I 6

MCC pilgrims in France

Australia's group of school leaders and staff making the Marist Charism and Culture pilgrimage are well into their exploration of the places of Marist origins in France.

Thanks to Rod Treymane and fellow pilgrims we have glimpses, below, of their first visits.                   [Oct 12]
1019 MCC pilg 10b 0512 Fourviere ext 3J1019 MCC pilg 10 Fourviere stairs1019 MCC pilg 9 Fourviere lunch
1019 MCC pilg 7 Belley college1019 MCC pilg 11 Le Puy
Top: Pilgrims climb the steps to the chapel of Our Lady of Fourvière, Lyon, relaxing with a snack afterwards,   Above: By the statue of St Peter Chanel in the college of Belley, first school cared for by the Marist Fathers  |  Fr Ray Chapman in the cathedral of Le Puy.   Below, visits to the Marist Sisters' special places:  Concelebrated Mass in the church of Coutouvre, birthplace of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, Foundress of the Marist Sisters   |    lunch at Coutouvre (?)   |   In the grounds of Bon Repos, Belley, first Mother House of the Marist Sisters..
1019 MCC pilg 5 Coutouvre Mass1019 MCC pilg 4 Coutouvre lunch1019 MCC pilg 2 Bon Repos grp

New Arbuckle book

Author and anthropolist, Fr Gerard Arbuckle SM, has focussed on strategies to address the sexual abuse crisis in his latest book. 'Abuse and Cover-up. Refounding the Catholic Church in Trauma'.

One reviewer comments: '... the book offers a comprehensive guide to the abuse crisis  -  not just an analysis of the phenomenon of abuse and cover-up, but also the action plans and strategies needed for refounding the church.'  The book is published by Orbis, New York.                    [Oct 11]

1019 Arbuckle book 11019 Arbuckle book 2 0517 Arbuckle launch award 2

Oceania provincial trio

From Rome, Fr Ben McKenna sends this photo of three Oceania Marist provincials, past and present, pictured in front of the icon of Jean-Claude Colin in the chapel of the Marist General House, Monteverde.

Below, from left: Bishop Paul Donoghue SM (bishop of Cook Islands, in Rome with the CEPAC bishops' group), present provincial, Fr Setefano Mataele SM (attending the Annual Review Consutation next week) and Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna (who lives there!).                 [Oct 10]

1019 Three OMP provs in Rome

Marist news from all over

Click for the latest:

1019 NLL e bulletin1019 NLL Familia Marista1019 NLL SG

New website for US Marists

Provincial, Fr Paul Frechette SM, has announced a new website for the Marist Province of USA.

The attractive, bilingual site, launched on the Feast of the Rosary, Oct 07, has been a year in the making and features a wide range of Marist-related interests and ministries locally and internationally. 

Check out the new website at www.societyofmaryusa.org                       [Oct 08]

1019 USA new website 01019 USA new website 2
1019 USA new website 31019 USA new website 1

Aussie pilgrims in Rome

While in Rome recently the latest Marist Charism and Culture pilgrim group called for Mass an d a cuppa at Monteverde, the Marist Fathers' General House.

En route to France, teachers and staff of several Australian Marist schools have already visited the places in Rome connected with Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin.

They are now in France exploring the places of Marist origins in the regions surrounding the city of Lyons.                      [Oct 04]

1019 MCC pilgrims Aus SM Pilgrims to SM Places 190929e1019 MCC 0409 Rome 13b Monteverde
Above:  MCC pilgrims with members of the Monteverde community, including Australian Assistant-General, Fr Ben McKenna (front row, at right).

Marist news from Europe

Click for latest issue of Euroinfo.                         [Oct 01]

1019 Euroinfo 11019 Euroinfo 2