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Updated: Feb 18, 2020


0220 Blog Amazon e

Beloved Amazon

Pope Francis' post-synodal exhortation

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0220 Novices DVO 2

Novices at the market

Street kids' Charity Bake

February news 

0220 BP20 5 0120 BP20 SVC 10220 BP20 2

BP20 under way

Online learning for young Burmese

February news and JPIC

0220 VM fallen tree 60220 VM fallen tree 5

Tree fall

Tumbling near historic path

February news 

0220 Blog interfaith


Inter-faith harmony, coming soon

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0220 Euroinfo 30220 Euroinfo 1

New look Euroinfo

From Marist Europe

February news and Members' Page

0220 Kevin Redmond DVO 20220 Kevin Redmond DVO 1 MICs

Welcome to Asia

Fr Kevin Redmond in Davao

February news

0220 Monteverde trees 10220 Monteverde trees 9 0610 Rome 5b Gen House from roof 0519

Caring for the green mountain

Tree-lopping at Montverde

February news and JPIC

0220 Blog Africa well 1

Fr Luigi's well

Water in Cameroon

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0220 Kevin Redmond 10220 Kevin Redmond 2

Cross-cultural experience 

Fr Kevin Redmond preparing for international mission

February news

0220 SG Refln 10220 SG Refln 2

Superior-General's reflection 

Fr John :Larsen's February message

February news

0120 OMP 10120 OMP 2

Pacific news 

Marist Oceania Bulletin

January news or Members' Page

0120 Blog Brownsville

Unusual kindness

Fr Tony O'Connor on the US-Mexican border

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0120 La Neyliere 0 0512 La Neyl dist 3J0120 La Neyliere 6

CPR begins 

Australians at renewal program

January news

0120 Australia Day 4 0806 Uluru sunset 140120 Australia Day 0b 0116 Aust Day 3 lunch

Beauty rich and rare 

Our land abounds with nature's gifts. Happy Australia Day!

January news

0120 Peter McM testimonial 130120 Peter McM testimonial 18

Testimonial for Fr Peter McMurrich 

Long-serving vicar honoured

January news

0120 VM orienteering 1e0120 VM orienteering 5pe

Monastery runaround 

Orienteering at Villa Maria

January news

0120 Aged Care bklt 10120 Aged Care bklt 2

Aged Care booklet online

Marists' tablet resource

January news and Members' Page

0120 Blog SMFamily

Laudato Si and the Marist Family

Planning in Rome for 2020 events

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0210 S G page Larsen John at MMC 0319 5crpe0210 S G page 2

New page for Superior-General

Fr John Larsen's monthly reflections

January news

0120 Jan10 anniv 0918 JCC bio 8crpps0120 Jan10 anniv 0407 Tutu sunset 1 ps

The Breakthrough

Mission anniversary

January news

0210 Profession 1

Five new Marists

Profession ceremony in Davao

January news

0120 Euro 10120 Euro 2

Marist news from Europe

Euroinfo to look to future events

January news and Members' Page

0120 Marsfield JE WR TK Ben McK 70120 Marsfield JE WR TK Ben McK 4

Fr Jim's 'new evangelisation'

Ministry by the aged

January news

0120 SG 1a

Superior-General's reflection

Fr John Larsen's monthly message: 'a different way'

January news and Members' Page

0120 Timo 06 1204 TOH MMoo group with Hostel grp 10120 Timo 01 1219 Timo citizenship 1

Timo's story

MMC's seeds of hope

January news and JPIC