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Colin calendar 2020

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Calendar update

The Colin calendar for 2020 has received a mid-year update. Extra anniversaries were added during the planning of the 2021 edition including establishment dates of provinces and mission districts throughout the Society of Mary. The present calendar is illustrated with scenes familiar to Marist Founder, Ven Jean-Claude Colin.

Another change is the availability of the calendar online with links from the Home Page and monthly news pages - or click here.

The 2021 calendar, in several languages, will be online with links from the Colin website. It will aso be available in hard copy for wall or desk.                         [Aug 14]

0820 calendar 10820 calendar 3
0820 calendar 2

Marist news from Europe and Oceania 

For the latest bulletins from the Marist provinces of Europe and Oceania, click here:     Euroinfo   |   Oceania Bulletin                                     [Aug 10]

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Passing of Fr Syd Nugent

Veteran member of the Marist mission in Japan, Fr Sydney Nugent SM, 92, died peacefully on Aug 08 at St Anne's Nursing Home, Hunters Hill, NSW. For a summary of his life, click here.  May he rest in well-deserved peace.                              [Aug 08]

0820 Syd Nugent Sid 1108e0820 Syd Nugent 0305 Suzaku 11 SNugent Mass e0820 Syd Nugent S 1213e 0820 Syd Nugent Sid 00 Historic pic 1015 Copy
Above: Fr Syd Nugent .     |     Celebrating Mass at Santa Maria Home, Suzaku, Japan.     |     Mobile days at Montbel.     |     A young Syd (far right) with fellow seminarians at St Peter Chanel's Scholasticate, Toonabbie, NSW.

St Mary of the Cross, a prayer

On this Solemnity of Australia's own Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, let us pray…

 Loving God, friend of children and the poor, be with us as we try each day to be messengers of your good news.

Through the prayers and example of Jesus and Mary MacKillop, help us to make a difference in our world by being aware of those who are most in need of care and support.

May we be generous in sharing what we have and being a friend to those who are alone.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen

 1110 MMcK card

Fr Colin's birthday

Founder of the Society of Mary, Jean-Claude Colin, was born in the hamlet of Barbery, France, on Aug 07, 1790. Several new resources are now available to assist Marists in celebrating this anniversary..

Two 'flipbooks' depicting the life of Fr Colin are now on the Colin website.   Pictorial life of Jean-Claude Colin   |   The Story of Jean-Claude Colin (for children).

There are also leaflets with liturgy and paraliturgy texts:   Liturgy leaflet   |   A moment of prayer     For more on Jean-Claude Colin go to the Colin website.                        [Aug 06]

0820 Colin life flkbk0820 Colin Chn flkbk
0820 Colin Mass DL 1 0820 Colin Mass DL 20820 Colin Mass DL 3
0820 Colin prayer DL 10820 Colin prayer DL 20820 Colin prayer DL 3

Leaving the normal behind

From the Misioneros Maristas, Bolivia, Australian Marist, Fr John Hopkinson SM, shares the team's latest radio broadcast, suggesting a new normal after the style of the 'Sumak kawsay' ('well-being, good living') model of indigenous peoples.

Fr Hoppy says: 'Hola Fellow Marists!  We want to share our recent program, 'Leaving the normal behind', which will hopefully be a contribution to helping us respond to the current situation on a global basis.'

For an English transcript of the program, click here.                 [Aug 05]

0820 Hopkinson John 0718 4